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Talismanic Images

1st, one should know that all things existant are connected through a hidden Fire which permeates all things. Further, that the Images and Names used in the construction and Operation of Talismans, and how they affect the hidden Fire, comes under the Secret Knowledge of Magia, a Knowledge which is permitted by G-d to be used by very few of the living. Therefore, seek only what is permitted you by G-d Most High. Anything else, in the instance of Magia, would be dangerous and rash folly. As everyone knows, certain NAMES and IMAGES, according to the will of the Most High, have Power in this World to affect Spirits and Intelligences on other levels, in other Worlds. One should never be so arrogant to assume that one is working MAGIA by ones' own powers, as all power comes

from G-d, and G-d permits this wisdom to come to certain individuals according to His will, turning His face from the arrogant. And, He tests those whom He destines to receive the Pure Sofia of Celestial things. Therefore, Talismans can be constructed for either pure or for evil purposes, as everyone knows. And this will suffice for the wise. The construction of Talismans requires a knowledge of Cabala and Hermetic Philosophy combined.. Cabala provides the names of the Archangels, Angels, and Names of the Holy One. Hermetic Philosophy provides the knowledge of the metals of the planets, the Sigils of the spirits, the Olympic planetary spirits, and the planetary intelligences. Also, the construction of "Magical squares" attributed to the planets. The knowledge of what Talisman is to be used for a particular purpose is derived from the Hermetic application of the Heirarchical Constitution of the Worlds. The construction of a Talisman requires the mind to be tranquil, humble to G-d, and concentrated upon the purpose for which the Talisman is being constucted, without the admixture of other persistent thoughts. A preliminary prayer directed to Ha-Shem, and the performance of the Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram should be the first order of working, before one proceeds to the actual construction or formation of the Talisman, whether of virgin parchment or the various metals of the planets. If one is to use virgin parchment, the Talismans are to be constructed with colors Hermetically appropriate to that particular planet whose activity and Power concern the reason for the formation of the Talisman. If the Metals of the planets are to be used, they too, must be according to Hermetic attributions, taking special care to guard ones thoughts and concentrate on the Talismans' purpose while melting and cooling the metal. This should be sufficient for the wise. A Talisman should include most, if not all, of the following,

remembering that there is a Celestial Heirarchy to the Worlds: The appropriate NAME of G-d Archangel Angel name of planetary Intelligence name of planetary Spirit Appropriate Sigils Correct lineal figure Correct Hermetic color or metal An appropriate Psalm in Hebrew and/or other Magical images composed in a special Language. For very special occasions, Hermetically appropriate crystals or stones may be prepared according to the above. Also, one must first purify the stone with Fire of Sol, and fresh Water from the Sea, river or fresh rainfall. Under NO circumstances should one consider constructing a Talisman for an evil purpose, or a purpose contrary to the Will of the Holy One, Blessed be His Name, for that would certainly incur a very severe penalty for blaspheming His Names, and the Holiness of this knowledge. No one who is not properly prepared morally, spiritually and in every way, should undertake to perform this Work, for G-d does NOT permit Magia to be performed by the profane. Be WARNED. By Eleazar Shlomo ben Yaakov All rights reserved