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S-280 C/G Shelter

A Mobile Tactical Rigid Wall Shelter for Communications and Electronic Equipment

S-280 C/G Shelter shown loaded onto 5 ton tactical truck. P/N: 50375-001 NSN: 5411-01-092-0892 Basic empty shelter, unshielded P/N: 50375-003 NSN: 5411-01-304-3069 Basic empty shelter, EMI shielded Dimensions: Exterior: 147L x 87W x 86 3/8H Interior: 138L x 81W x 77H Door: 37 x 66 Quick Release panel in door: 23 x 28 Weights: Payload: 5,000 lbs. Tare: 1,400 lbs. Gross: 6,400 lbs.

Detail of S-280 C/G Shelter.


Rev.A 7-08

S-280 C/G Shelter

Performance Standard: The AAR S-280 C/G shelter is a highly mobile, durable tactical shelter designed to function in extreme climates. It provides exceptional ease in transport flexibility using standard military mobility systems. The design of the shelter allows for easy modification using mounted racks and shelves to meet the users needs. The fully insulated shelter permits easily maintained interior environmental conditions to protect communications and electronic equipment. Specifications: Insulation: Overall U factor 0.28 BTU/hr/sq ft /F Transportability: Trucks Normally deployed on 5 ton tactical truck. Helicopter Helicopters with 8500 lb. or more hook capacity. Wheel set M832 dolly set or AAR High Speed Mobility Wheel Set (60340-008) - to properly secure S280 to HSMWS, use 60340-007 Adapter Frame Kit and 86060-082 Sling Chains. Aircraft C-130, C-141, C-5A, B-747, C-17. (With Adapter Air Cargo Pallets). Other Rail, Ship. Quality: The S-280 C/G Shelter is manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility guaranteeing the highest quality in workmanship and quality control. This shelter is also manufactured to meet the requirements of MIL-S-55286. Standard Features: Door Single door with 90-degree door stop and louver panel (kick out for emergencies) is provided. Door Closure Offset hinges with 3-point roller latch allows a resilient sponge gasket to seat against a continuous smooth frame providing a watertight seal. Panel construction Panels are 2 sandwich type with closed cell rigid polyurethane foam hot bonded between two aluminum alloy skins. Shock skids Three easily replaceable shock skids are provided to absorb impact shock. Lift/Tie Down Eyes Four lifting and four tie down eyes for lifting, towing, and tying are included. Each has 11,000 lb. service. Roof Access Three folding steps on one side of shelter provide access to the roof. A handhold is also provided on the roof. Mounting points Structural members on 22 centers for mounting shelves, equipment and racks. Options: EMI Shielding A kit for providing EMI attenuation is available to upgrade the basic, unshielded shelter. Transport Adapter Kit for interfacing shelter with transporters. (P/N Available Upon Request). Slings combination lifting/tie-down sling (P/N 50375-148). Openings available for single cable entry, power cables, HVAC ducting and other accessories anywhere in shelter with minimal affect on structural integrity. Other HVAC, lighting, racks, cable panels, raceways, power outlets, air ducts, work benches, louvers, false floors/ceilings and total system integration.

Rev.A 8-09

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