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On Atoms & Creation

Here is an information given by an enlightened extra-terrestrial that explained what is behind atom, if we divide it to the smallest possible, so to speak, or if we explore it to its smallest and deepest
This information was given to me on February 4, 1988. It is from Vasais and it is about creation. Now, this is word-for-word and I apologize if you have trouble understanding it. This is the first time I am reading it in public. "Your scientists understand the atom to contain neutrons, protons and electrons. Combining in various ways and bonds to create the basic building blocks of your nature. From this starting point, atoms combine to form molecules and on we go up the scale to you'll reach a blue whale. But consider the atom. First, let us explain to you its properties from the standpoint of motion as we see it. Are the atom and its elements composed in a pre-determined structure, with the neutrons, protons and electrons all obediently lining up and counting off? The answer is no. What you have is a mad dance. An entirely unpredictable one. As the electrons jump from point to point, within the limits of this sphere, never stopping, never falling into any consistent pattern or ritual." "Now, consider this, Alex. The smallest, most basic unit of physical matter is one entirely unpredictable. Constantly spinning and dancing. What does this tell you about the solidity of your precious physical matter? There's an answer. But to return to your atom, where do these tiny building blocks, these minute elements, come from? Are they in fact the smallest unit of matter, or can we divide them further and further? This question is unanswerable in your scientific terms. It presupposes that the origin of all of your physical third density matter is physical matter. That stuff must come from stuff. This is not the case. Intent is the origin of physical matter. Intent. It is as if there were an invisible membrane on one side of the physical reality that you know, and on the other side is invisible machinery, the intent of the Is-ness, which makes it all possible." "Intent is the key word for you and your other teachers. Desire, if you prefer, can also be used, but it is the Is-ness whose desire and intent to explore itself in all possible manifestations that creates your physical world. That intent begins at the very smallest unit of matter. An electron then is the first hesitant physical manifestation of your intent, as it eases through the membrane into physical life and begins to joyfully dance." "There are pockets, then, gaps in that membrane which when energized with enough intent, transform that intent into a physical unit. And once an electron has been given birth, in such a manner, it calls back to the Is-ness and sends its own intent back to the Is-ness, begging for its 'playmates' to join it. So, that can create and assist you in creating a brave new world. This makes it easier for other units of matter to follow, as they are denser and therefore created by a stronger burst of intent than the electrons." Now, let's talk about that. What he's saying is that our intent to manifest in the physical creates electrons . Electrons then create and copy themselves. Okay, but what happens is they copy the original intent. Now, if you remember, I have tried to share with you their viewpoint that most of us have gotten so caught up in the idea of being in the creation, maintaining the creation, that we forgot to strive toward the creator. So, we are expending so much energy trying to keep this together, as opposed to changing it and creating something much better. Do you follow? It's so subtle. And this is how we have been controlled and manipulated . We are not seeing ourselves beyond our physical selves. Okay. Like a game of tug-o-war, the electrons send back its desire to engage in the joy of physical creation. This desire helps ease creation in to its brethren elements. Now, they talk funny and I can't help that. And so, in a wondrous exchange, not only is physical matter created out of desire of the Is-ness itself, but also the joyful song of physical matter reaches back through space and time and connects with the body of intent, and across that invisible membrane, and pulls more of itself into being. Physical matter than creates itself, but only after we originally create the intent. The exuberance of the atom. Now, just focus on your intent. The more you believe it, the further it will manifest itself because you, with your intent and your belief, will give that energy to the physical intent that you just created and allow itself to simply manifest. You create your reality, now your neighbor's. We had a three hour lecture on the words intent, wish and want. And, when you say I wish something, or I want something, you're manifesting that you don't have it. But, when you're saying I intend and attempt, you're manifesting and you have it. The word intent is a command . So, let's just say a large percentage of people say, "there will be no earthquake this year", the "chances" drop. The problem is that most people do not realize the power they have. Now, where was I? Okay, Vasais continues: "The exuberance of the atom is multiplied in the wonder of a molecule which astonishes itself in the miracle, with a single-celled organism and on and on up the ladder to these simply unimaginable, complex organisms that is you, and all of your brothers on Earth. You are all composed of uncountable such atoms and molecules. Every one of them jumping for joy to join in the partnership to create who you think you are. We emphasize that the natural state of the world is one in which love and fulfillment are the easiest

paths to follow." "It is much more work to bring yourself negative experiences that it is to deny beauty and wonder. So, don't deny the beauty and wonder of your own beings or turn deaf ears on a song of molecules that compose you, that you stray from the path of fulfillment." The Problem with Clones and Spirit "Now, the grid, your energy field, is a grid of intent. Your energy field is what keeps you together because you are literally created from your own intent. That is why Spirit can attach to us. Do you follow? If an organism or a structure is created, cloned or copied, Spirit cannot attach to it. This is the problem the Greys have with the hybrids, and this is why the human clones do not have an energy field, because Spirit can't attach to it, and this is also because there was no intent in it's creation (in terms of self-maintaining conscious- ness). There was, in your terms, no spiritual intent to create it." "The non-physical pattern of your body is composed of virtually uncountable "blocks' of intent. Each assigned a particular function, and each specifically directed toward a creation and sustenance of a particular part of your body." "As long as you restrict your inquiry only to the physical forms perceivable, you will all have questions and no answers. Just as the atom is constructed or originates out of intent, and not physical matter, so does the body find its origin in a plane quite hidden from your scientific instruments. The blueprint for the body is not contained in a genetic structure. The chromosomes simply reflect the greater origin or the intent. It is the grid-work, the structuring of intent and desire that serves as the blueprint for your bodies. And, that intent is then literally flushed out to create the shape of the body." Q: Do all organisms have a soul? A: No. Apparently they have intent, but the "chief cook and bottle washer" of all that intent is the Soul. Some lifeforms, as a group, have 'herd souls'. An example of this in practice is when you see a flock of birds all turn at the same time. These type of 'souls', however, are not like our individualized Souls. They are more like a collective consciousness.

Q:So in actuality, what is actually controlling the sustenance of the human body in the normal human is our own consciousness, projected from the 11th dimension, which is in fact us. A: Yes. You know..well, you're already having the intent because you are not vaporizing in front of us. I think the whole point in them sharing all of this with us is for us to be able to trace back where the intent is actually coming from, and for us to see ourselves for who we really are. Q: As the population increases, does that mean that there are more souls... A: There is more intent. Other beings who want to express themselves here. The soul creates the intent. The intent is you. A population increase is just more souls wanting to have intent here. According to the Andromedans, there were the same amount of Souls or Spirits in our universe until March 23,1994, when several new ones apparently stepped in. This was when the new 12th density started to create itself, because of the intent of the Is-ness.

Alex Colier on The Andromedans