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John Stonestreet Biotechnology p.


Luddite someone who fears technology C. Ben mitchell and John F. Kilman qt.

Biotech age promises Creation of life in a lab Predetermination of the sex and appearance of children Elimination of infertility The mapping and use of your own genome

Childbearing - - 2 different words Reproduction (factory) Procreation (holy, sacred, new)

Wrongful birth (had we known our baby wouldnt be perfect would have had an abortion so doctor is responsible for not giving information)

Genetically specific drugs The ability to program human genes

Genesis II Babel Naming themselves (ownership and rebellion) Genesis 11:4 Scientism all problems are scientific in nature and therefore have scientific solutions Identifying disease genes and genetically derived cures for cancers, AIDS etc. Repair of damaged spinal cords and brain cells

Jay Button Stem Cells: a political history Firstthings.com Look up

Cloning of mammals, including humans Control of aging and obesity transgenic vegetables that will inoculate the worlds poor against disease Animals growing replacement parts for humans Trees that can grow in a few years instead of decades

Plants that can produce substitutes for raw materials Stronger materials, fibers and adhesives Wearable computers Bionics Mechanical replacements for parts of human body Biosynthetic skin, blood, bones, muscles etc. Improving human nature

Transhumanism Biotechnology The industrial use of living organisms, or the application of technique to living organisms

Challenges 1) 2) 3) Speed Breadth Depth

Bioethics right conduct in the area of biotechnology

Problem bioethics is 35 years behind biotechnology Problems of biotechnology It is being done in the context of a dangerous and false worldview We dont know what hman is

What is a human being? Psalm 135:15-18 Possible Probable Accepted Expected

When anyone sees God (or a god, idol, theirs) they immediately see themselves

If we dont know who God is, we wont know who we are Re-evaluate human

What makes humans valuable? 1) Biblical Christianity: Human = imago dei All humans are a special creation by God God has endowed all humans with significan value

2) -

All humans have purpose and value Naturalism: Human = body Humans have no intrinsic value Some have qualities that others do not We decide what qualities give humans value

Cbhd.org Tiu.ed Research

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