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Speech: Parliamentarian Spring 2012 Hello. I am talking to you today to convince you to vote for me for parliamentarian. duh.

So, we all know what a parliamentarian is and what a parliamentarian does. What you have to decide today is who should be parliamentarian. So, I ask you what qualities should a parliamentarian have. Well they should know parliamentary procedure thats for sure. But I want to take that I step further and say that they should like parliamentary procedure, a lot. Who likes parliamentary procedure a lot? Parliamentary nerds. Nerds who are nerdy about parliamentary procedure. So, the person you should elect should be a parliamentary nerd. I believe that I am that nerd. I have wanted to be a parliamentarian ever since I was thirteen and in 8th grade. In social studies class we did a project where we modeled the second continental congress. I represented the state of Virginia and I went full on nerd. I was amending resolutions, and objecting to the consideration of motions and rising to points of order. It was awesome. But thats not all the experience I have with parliamentary procedure. I have started three separate clubs just to use parli pro. I know the order of precedence of motions. I know the rules that apply to those motions. And just this week, instead of enjoying a full night of sleep, I stayed up went to the website of the National Association of Parliamentarians, the largest organization of parliamentarians in the world, I went on their website and I took their practice accreditation exam, the exam that you take to become a registered parliamentarian, I took it and I scored an 89%. 70% is required to be a registered parliamentarian. In other words, If I pay the $250 exam fee I could be a registered parliamentarian. This is something that I actually want to do at some point in my life. Now as far as what I would actually do if elected, I know that being parliamentarian isnt all fun and games. I know that I will rarely be called upon to settle a question of parliamentary procedure. I have spoken to Brandon about . But I am still excited by the prospect of serving as your parliamentarian. So, you may be thinking that if we elect this crazy nerd he is going to try and shake things up and change the way we operate. NO. no no no no I dont have a problem with the way we operate. If I recall correctly, we got an award for how well we use parliamentary procedure. So, we dont really need to change. So, in conclusion: 1. The position of parliamentarian should be held by a parliamentary nerd. 2. I am a parliamentary nerd. 3. Vote for me. its parliamentary my dear watson