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Revocation of Power of Attorney

Know All Sentient Beings by These Presents That: I, Roy Vinner, also known by my full appellation as Roy Julian Vinner, the Undersigned, alleged by foreign agents to be a trustee of the Ontario constructive trust territory, allegedly abiding from time to time, within the alleged boundaries of the Ontario constructive trust territory, but in fact a dweller within the boundaries of the Sovereign country of Ontario (Republic), being of sound mind, hereby revoke, rescind and make void ab initio, all powers of attorney in fact or otherwise, implied by law, public policy, or otherwise, signed, or otherwise, either by me or anyone else as it pertains to my birth certificate, permanent resident card, Immigration Canada Form IMM1000 or IMM1442, social insurance number, drivers license, certificate(s) of title, provincial health insurance card, Canadian passport, marriage license, provincial Identification card (I.D. card), and any and all other licenses, permits, and/or certificates of any kind, whatever, issued by any and all governmental/quasi governmental, corporate, or public corporate entities and/or persons, due to use of the various elements and badges of fraud by the aforementioned governmental, corporate, or public corporate entities, titles of nobility an/or honour, and/or persons to subjugate and enslave me, and deprive me of my primary Province Citizenship, and the Rights, Privileges, Appurtenances, and Immunities attendant thereof. I hereby waive, cancel, repudiate and refuse to knowingly accept any benefit and/or gratuity attached to the above mentioned items. Furthermore, I do hereby revoke and rescind all powers of attorney, in fact or otherwise, signed by me or otherwise, with or without my consent and/or knowledge, as it pertains to any and all property, real and Personal (not to be construed as personal, i.e. pertaining to a person), corporal, corporeal or incorporeal obtained in the past, present or future. Without recourse to other remedies, and without prejudice to my unalienable Natural Rights, I retain exclusive power of attorney over my Name, my Time, and all other property, without claim of a title of nobility or honour. I am the sole and absolute legal and lawful owner and possess allodial title to any and all such property.

Dated:. Signed:. Roy Vinner, sui juris sovereign living soul, one of We the people Inhabitant of the land known as Ontario With full responsibility for my actions with a postal address of; C/O 29 Spadina road East apt 9 Kitchener, Ontario, POSTAL CODE EXEMPT

_______________________ Witness

________________________________ Witness

Notice: Using witnesses on this document should not be construed as their agreement with the contents of the document, it is merely to attest the fact of signing of this document done in front of their eyes and with full awareness of the fact. The purpose is for verification and identification only and not for entrance into any foreign jurisdiction.

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Ontario Waterloo County ) ) ) Subscribed, Sworn, Sealed

As a Commissioner for Oaths, and an officer of the Court, I hereby certify that Roy Vinner, who is known to me, appeared before me and being duly sworn, he executed the foregoing Solemn Revocation of Power of Attorney on this _________________________ day of _____________, in the year Two Thousand and Twelve.

_____________________________ Commissioner

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