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1. What does IEFBR14 utility is used for? 2.

You have mentioned the copylib in JCL program but the copy book is not expanded in the program what is the possible error you get? 3. Why should we go for generations in GDG when the members in PDS can do the same work? 4. If condition is given in job step, what about first step, whether the condition is checked for it or not? If checked then with which return code is it compared? 5. How to execute a four steps in a reverse order ? 6. How to override EXEC PGM in a PROC thru JCL ? 7. If the DISP parameter for a dataset is DISP=(NEW,PASS,CATLG), What will happen when the JCL is run? The first time? The second time? 8. How will you pass a parameter from JCL to COBOL without using param and sysin? 9. How to Run same steps in a jcl 'n' number of time without repeating the steps n times? 10. How do you concatenate odd/even generations in GDG's? 11. How to send a Mainframe file to a mailbox using a JCL? Mailbox could be any? What parameters need to be passed in the JCL like - Host address, mail address, etc..? 12. There are 100 steps in a job card.If we want to execute 100th step,what to do? and but remaining 99 steps should not execute 13. what is an SDSF? 14. Which spool command is used to release a job that has been submitted with HOLD option? 15. how did you compress a pds? explain in detail? 16. What is meant by multithreading in JCL? 17. How to update a particular row in a file using JCL? 18. What are the keywords associated with DCB? How can you specify DCB information? What is the OS precedence 19. What is difference between addressing mode and residential mode? 20. How can i search a character string in all the generations of a GDG dataset at once.Any code,utility will do? 21. What is sysda? 22. What is the use of syscat 23. Why should BLKSIZE be in multiples of LRECL or less than it? 24. What is the difference between variable length & fixed block datasets? 25. If file is having space parm as SPACE=(CYL,(10,10)) i.e. 10 primary, 10 secondary. So how much cylinders totally it will take before dataset filled till end? 26. How will you change the dataset name in PROC without altering it? 27. What is the difference between PS and PDS ? If a PS file is almost equal to member of a PDS. Then what is the neccerasy to use a PS file.? 28. .//jclsmt dd =SYSOUT (*,intdr) says what? 29. What happens when we give disp=(new,catlg,catlg) and the job is terminated? 30. What is a GDG? How is it referenced? How is it defined? What is a MODELDSCB? GDG stands for generation 31. Difference between SYSOUT and SYSPRINT 32. what is jes?explain in detail about jes?what is the difference between jes2 and jes3? 33. What is the in stream data ? 34. What is the basic programme logic in JCl that will help to compile most of COBOL programmes in Z/OS?

35. How many jobs(maximum) can we give in one member to submit?How many steps(maximum)
can we give in one

36. When a Step has ended with JCL error the data sets WOULD BE allocated? 37. How to create a PDS file using JCL 38. How to by pass the step without cond parameter? 39. Describe the DD statement, its meaning, syntax and keywords? 40. What are the advantages of GDG?What is the diffrence between a GDG and a File? 41. Can we concatenate two Datasets having different LRECL? If yes, then how? 42. What is a PROC? What is the difference between an instream and a catalogued PROC? 43. What is AMP parameter and its use e.g. AMP='BUFNI=10,BUFND=10' means what? 44. Can we copy the data of two input files to two output files using SORT utility with the data as
'SORT FIELDS=COPY' in the same step?

45. The step contains more than 3273 DD statements then what will happen the job if I submit..? 46. Explain the probable cause of an Sx13 and Sx37 abend. 47. How to restart a job from the step of a cataloged procedure? 48. Diff between CEEDUMP and SYSUDUMP 49. How do you convert negative packed decimal number to positive PD using JCL? 50. What is the purpose and meaning of the REGION keyword and what JCL statement is it
associated with? 51. What is the purpose and meaning of the TIME keyword and what JCL statement is it associated with? 52. What is the SORT CARD pertaining to the following statements:SD SORT-FILE.01 SORT REC. 05 NAME PIC X(10). 05 FILLER PIC X(45). 05 DEPIT PIC X(15). 05 AGE PIC 9(3). 05 SALARY PIC 9(6)V99 53. How to solve abend s322 54. How can you rectify the SOC7 value 55. How is the keyword DUMMY used in JCL? 56. How pass a value through parm parameter which is greater than 100 bytes? 57. What is the use of ICETOOL Utility? 58. What is positional parameter and keyword parameter and what is the difference between them? 59. What does the statement //sysout dd sysout=* means?one sysout comes in the ddname's place and the other in the opearand field!so what is the difference between the two? 60. What is checkpoint restart option in jcl? 61. What is difference between JOBLIB and JCLLIB? 62. Describe the EXEC statement, its meaning, syntax and keywords? 63. What is the advantage of coding RECFM=F over RECFM=FB why not F. 64. What is checkpoint restart option in jcl? 65. What is refer back condition in JCL? How this condition used?