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Barcelona City Council

Barcelona Activa
We make Barcelona grow
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Barcelona City Council

Barcelona, an outstanding environment for businesses Barcelona Activas blended model to suport entrepreneurs An international benchmark in local development


The setting, Barcelona

Barcelona, attractive for business, ideal for life

A thriving city with 1,615,908 inhabitants Part of the dynamic Barcelona Lyon European economic axis Capital of Catalonia, that generates 19.7% of the Spanish GDP With a 19.1%* unemployment rate and a employment rate of 64.7%* 84% of the work force employed in a highly diversified service sector 175,000 companies (95% of them SMEs & micro businesses)

50,000 jobs in the IT sector (6% of total employment)

13% of the jobs in Creative Industries in the Barcelona metro area 233,538 students in the 8 universities of the Barcelona Area** 15.5 Million yearly tourist overnights*** (100,000 jobs and 10% GDP)

Mobile World Capital until 2018

Ranked 1st European City in quality of life for the workers (ECM 2011)

* Data from the 3rd Term 2012 Active Population Survey (E.P.A). ** Data of the academic year 2009 2010 *** Last available data (2011)

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Barcelona Activa

What is Barcelona Activa?

We are the executive tool of the Economic Development policies of the Barcelona City Council, being part of its Area of Economy, Enterprise and Employment, For 25 years, Barcelona Activa has promoted the economic growth of Barcelona and its influence area, fostering businesses, entrepreneurship and employment, while promoting the city internationally and its strategic sectors, while keeping the proximity to the territory.


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Barcelona Activa

Barcelona Activas fields of activity & network of Specialised Facilities

Enterprise Entrepreneurship Employment & Skills Development Training

City Promotion Strategic Sectors Promotion Tourism & Events Promotion Territory & Commerce Promotion


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The Blended Model

Economic Promotion Sector

An effective blended model of services to promote entrepreneurship in Barcelona

Coaching entrepreneurs from their business ideas to the setting up of their companies, fostering entrepreneurship to position Barcelona as a model of enterprising city.
On line contents
Generation and assessment of business ideas Business project feasibility assessment
2011 Grand Jurys Prize European Enterprise Awards

Technical coaching

Training activities

Start up Pre-incubation programme

Tailor-made Programmes

Enablers + Platform + Impact + Cost Efficiency



The Blended Model

The key elements of the model

A public - private partnership tool
Collaboration with multiple city stakeholders, becoming a true cooperation platform

Public sector tool as enabler, creating the conditions and the momentum.
Able to serve a sufficient critical mass of entrepreneurs and feasible business projects Universal model with ad hoc schemes focused on the needs of specific target groups & strategic sectors Providing a fast response to the entrepreneurial needs: client-oriented

Services professionalization and standardization of the processes

A continuous service improvement based in the measurement of the impact on clients Providing services covering the entire value chain of the entrepreneurial process: from the idea, through the start up to the global take off of businesses.

Establishing a group welcome activity that acts as a channel : the gateway to the service.
Training in technical issues and entrepreneurial skills Defining clearly the objectives of each service.

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Blended Model: the facilities

Economic Promotion Sector

Glries & Convent de St. Agust Entrepreneurship Centres

The 2 centres provide co-working spaces for entrepreneurs, a wide range of services, daily training activities, digital tools and a team of expert advisors to coach the business ideas into feasible business projects, while fostering cooperation. The entrepreneurship centres were used by 13,843 entrepreneurs and coached 2,453 business projects in 2011 (with a 69% business creation rate), the projects raised 2.9 Million Euros of private funding in 2011.

Glories Business Incubator Almogvers Business Factory (ABF)

Two incubators, fitted with cutting-edge infrastructures and services provide location and support for some 100 highly innovative start ups for an incubation period of 3 years. The Incubators provide permanent services of specialised advice, training and coaching to the incubated companies and grant them access to business cooperation networks. ABF Incubator is operated by an innovative public-private pool of 8 incubation entities.


Blended Model: the services

Welcome sessions for entrepreneurs

Daily 120 minutes welcome sessions to present Barcelona Activas programmes, activities and resources to coach the entrepreneurs business ideas into feasible business projects. Around 1,000 enterpreneus attend these sessions monthly in which a first approach is made to the different legal procedures, as well as the existing funding and subsidies for entrepreneurs. Attendees are also given username and password to use the online entrepreneurship tools. Sessions are also offered in English for foreign entrepreneurs which also have access to on line welcome sessions if they havent landed yet in Barcelona (Programme Do it in Barcelona)

Training in entrepreneurship basics & entrepreneurial skills

Some 70 monthly sessions in which entrepreneurs are offered training in those aspects that are essential for the management of a new company and can provide competitive advantages in the current business environment: areas such as legal formats and procedures, market research, financial plans, entrepreneurial skills, corporate communication, and others, in order to lead and manage business projects successfully.


Blended Model: the services & digital tools

Advice and assessment Online tools for entrepreneurs

A technical advisory team answers the enquiries of the entrepreneurs, assesses the feasibility of their business projects and coaches them to suitable funding In-depth reports and articles covering the different issues related to business creation are also available at www.bcn.cat/empresa, the entrepreneurship website, along with orientation workshops for fundraising and personalised advice.

An effective set of online tools to produce SWOT analysis of business ideas, well structured business plans, self-assessment of key entrepreneurial skills and key information about legal procedures and access to funding


Blended Model: the tailor made programmes

Programmes for specific target groups & Strategic Economic Sectors
Women Entrepreneurs School Inclusive Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship programmes

Tailor made programmes for sectors in process of restructuration

Bio entrepreneur XXI

Entrepreneur XXI Digital

Eco entrepreneur XXI



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Blended Model: resources for enterprises

One Stop Shop for businesses (OAE)

PAIT: Coaching and incorporation procedures starting point Information, coaching, and on line processing of the incorporation of Express Private Limited Companies,(SLNE) Private Limited Companies (SL) and Self employed Helpdesk on municipal taxes and procedures Information and resolution of municipal procedures affecting local companies: municipal licences and taxes. On line incorporation procedures for Private Limited Companies

Municipal taxes & procedures

Business premises search Support in the search of suitable business premises available in the city and its metropolitan area (commercial premises, business centres and offices) and information on procedures to obtain the due municipal licences

Funding one stop shop Personalised coaching to foster the access of local enterprises to any available private or public source of funding . Processing of public grants & subsidies

Funding & subsidies

Information Coaching Processing

Premise search & Licenses

Recruit talent for your company Access to the professional profiles of the digital platform EnterpriseEmployment and coaching in the recruiting and labour intermediation for the recruitment of talent

EnterpriseEmployment Service

Public procurement calls Calls for proposals and public procurement Coaching for local SMEs to foster their access to public procurement calls



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Economic enterprises Blended Model: programmes & resources forPromotion Sector

Barcelona Nord Technology Park

An innovation environment for technology-based SMEs oriented towards innovation, featuring advanced infrastructures for collaborative work and formal and operative relations with institutions that promote knowledge transfer. Currently the BCNord Tech Park provides location and advanced services for 47 tech-based SMEs (most of them advanced engineering firms)

Competitiveness improvement Programmes & tools:


Programmes promoting relations with tractor companies:


2,322 microbusinesses coached (784 of them with intensive coaching for growth) 47 tech-based companies based at the Barcelona Nord Technology Park (with an average yearly turnover of 674,500, 54% presence in international markets and rising 23.2 Million Euros of private funding in 2011 1,549 companies members of the Barcelona Connecta 2.0 networking platform



Measuring results and impact High critical mass of users (figures 2011)
13,843 persons coached in the entrepreneurship programmes 2,453 business projects coached 139 innovative start-ups based in the 2 Incubators and the Tech Park 1,549 companies members of the Barcelona Connecta 2.0 networking platform 798 companies intensively coached in business growth programs

Clear impact in the citys economy

69% business creation rate = 1,700 companies created 1.9 employees per created company = 3,200 jobs created 25% of coached entrepreneurs are foreign 79,4% business survival rate of the incubated companies by the 4th year 9 workers per incubated company by the 4th year

674,500 average turnover of tech-based companies located at the Tech Park

Barcelona Activa
3. An international benchmark in support to entrepreneurship & SMEs
The blended model, its digital tools and methodologies to foster entrepreneurship & enterprises developed by Barcelona Activa has been transferred to other environment such as Casablanca (Morocco) , Cape Town (South Africa) , Brazil, Santiago de Chile (Chile), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Montevideo (Uruguay), Bogot & Medelln (Colombia), Quito (Ecuador), Mexico and Rome (Italy) among others


Barcelona Activa, an International Benchmark

3. An international reference in local development

2012 e-Inclusion Award of the European Commission for the IT Literacy & Skills Acquisition Centre Cibernrium Grand Jurys Prize of the European Enterprise Awards 2011 (European Commission) for the Barcelona Activa s Entrepreneurship Centre Territoria Europe Award 2011 for LIVE, Logistic platform for the deployment of electric vehicles Eurocities Award 2010 in the category innovation for the talent attraction programme Do It in Barcelona Labelled as City of Science and Innovation by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (2010) EBN Euroleaders Best Tools Awards 2009 for the tool Strategic Growth Plan and Crea Media (Tailor Made Programme to coach the creation of Businesses in the Creative Industries Sector)

One of the best practices in business incubation by the World Bank in the New Delhi Summit in 2004

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