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History of Medicine 201314


Overleaf: 1960s Portrait Of Medical Nurse Mary Evans/Classic Stock/H. Armstrong Roberts
Welcome to our History of Medicine
catalogue, 201314
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Dear Academic,
Im delighted to present our History of Medicine catalogue.
Our new publishing in this area continues our commitment
to innovative scholarship across the discipline, from the
social history of medicine and health, to histories of both
mental and physical illness and medical science in theory
and in practice.
The Studies for the Society for the Social History of
Medicine series celebrates a wealth of new titles on a wide
range of topics. Highlights include A Medical History of
Skin (p.3) and Disabled Children (p.5).
We are also very pleased to be publishing titles which
approach the history of particular health issues from a
cultural angle, such as Age and Identity in Eighteenth-
Century England (p.6), Picturing Womens Health (p.8)
and Breast Cancer in the Eighteenth Century (p.8).
Of particular interest among our new primary source
collections will be Depression and Melancholy,
16601800 (p.10) and The History of Suicide in England,
16501850 (p.10)
I welcome new proposals for monographs, essay
collections, and primary source collections on any topic in
the history of medicine, so do please get in touch to discuss
your research and project ideas.
Ruth Ireland
Commissioning Editor, History
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Anatomy and the
Organization of
Knowledge, i,oois,o
Edited by Matthew Landers
and Brian Muoz
Number 9
Tnv Bov, Gvxv .x Cuiruv
Number 8
Disabled Children
Edited by Anne Borsay
and Pamela Dale
Sruivs ro rnv Socivrv ro rnv Soci.i Iisrov or Mvicixv
Narratives of
An Vleugels
Number 25
Ivsvvcrivvs ix Ecoxoxic .x Soci.i Iisrov
Breast Cancer in the
Eighteenth Century
Marjo Kaartinen
Sruivs ro rnv Ixrvx.riox.i Socivrv ro Cuiru.i Iisrov
Toxicants, Health and
Regulation since 1945
Editors: Soraya Boudia and
Nathalie Jas
The number of substances potentially
dangerous to our health and
environment is constantly increasing.
Though governments have inroduced
measures to protect us from this
rising threat, the growth in industry
and new developments in science and
technology mean that we are at greater
risk of exposure to toxic materials
than at any other time in history. The
papers in this volume examine the
concurrent rise of pollutants and the
regulations designed to police their
Emmanuel Henry, Michelle Murphy,
Christopher Sellers, Didier Torny and
Sezin Topu
c.256pp: 234x156: February 2013
HB 978 1 84893 403 0: 60/$99
e 978 1 78144 035 3
A Medical History of Skin:
Scratching the Surface
Editors: Jonathan Reinarz and
Kevin Siena
With obvious and sometimes repellant
outward signs of malady, diseases
of the skin are often perceived to
be highly contagious, as well as
synonymous with immorality. This
collection of essays uses case studies
to chart the history of skin from the
eighteenth to the twentieth century.
Gemma Angel, Mechthild Fend, David
Gentilcore, Matthew Newsom Kerr, Anne
Kviem Lie, Richard A McKay, Adrien
Minard, James Moran, Linda Payne, James
F Stark, Kathleen Vongsathorn and Philip
K Wilson
c.256pp: 234x156: April 2013
HB 978 1 84893 413 9: 60/$99
e 978 1 78144 040 7
The Care of Older People:
England and Japan, A Comparative Study
Mayumi Hayashi
Across the globe, populations are
getting older. Britain and Japan
are examples of two rapidly ageing
societies, and their governments face
increasing challenges in how to deal
with this situation. Based on extensive
archival research and oral testimony,
Hayashi sets policy and practice at
the national, regional and local levels
in their historical contexts, offering a
unique comparison of the evolution
of modern residential care in England
and Japan.
Hayashi has written the frst
comparative study of the urgent issue
of the residential care of older people
in Britain and Japan. ... she valuably
dispels the deeply entrenched belief that
older people are much more respected
and cared for in Asian countries such as
Japan, than in western countries such
as Britain. Pat Thane, Kings College
c.256pp: 234x156: June 2013
HB 978 1 84893 417 7: 60/$99
e 978 1 78144 043 8
Child Guidance in Britain,
John Stewart
Stewart presents a history of child
guidance in Britain from its origins
in the years after the First World War
until the consolidation of the Welfare
State. Concepts widely used in this
guidance also played a part in broader
social and cultural perceptions of what
constituted a childs healthy emotional
and psychological development. This
is the frst study of child guidance in
this period and makes a signifcant
contribution to the historiography.
c.256pp: 234x156: June 2013
HB 978 1 84893 429 0: 60/$99
e 978 1 78144 054 4
Human Heredity in the
Twentieth Century
Editors: Bernd Gausemeier,
Staffan Mller-Wille and
Edmund Ramsden
This collection of essays looks at how
human heredity was understood
between 1900 and the late 1970s.
Developments are explored across
three themed sections; concepts,
practices and institutions. The
contributors explore the interaction
of science, medicine and society in
determining how heredity was viewed
across the world during the politically
turbulent years of the twentieth
Jenny Bangham, Ana Barahona, Francesco
Cassata, Nathaniel Comfort, Anne
Cottebrune, Soraya de Chadarevian,
Judith E Friedman, Pascal Germann,
Susan Lindee, Veronika Lipphardt, Diane
Paul, Stephen Pemberton, Mara Jess
Santesmases, Edna Surez, Alexander
von Schwerin, Paul Weindling and Philip
c.256pp: 234x156: July 2013
HB 978 1 84893 426 9: 60/$99
e 978 1 78144 051 3
Studies for the
Society for the
Social History of
Series Editors: David Cantor and
Keir Waddington
The series is concerned with all
aspects of health, illness and
medicine, from antiquity to the
present, in all parts of the globe.
It is a collaboration between
Pickering & Chatto and the Society
for the Social History of Medicine
Biologics, A History of Agents
Made From Living Organisms
in the Twentieth Century
Editors: Alexander von Schwerin,
Heiko Stoff and Bettina Wahrig
The use of biologics drugs made
from living organisms has raised
specifc scientifc, industrial, medical
and legal issues. Examining the
history of biologics necessitates the
study of the pharmaceutical industry
from a commercial and scientifc
perspective. The essays contained in
this collection each deal with a case
study of a biologic substance, or group
of biologics, and its use in a European
location during the twentieth century.
Beat Bchi, Sven Bergmann, Sophie
Chauveau, Jean Paul Gaudillire, Christoph
Gradmann, Lea Haller, Axel Helmstdter,
Pim Huijnen, Agata Ignaciuk, Teresa Ortiz-
Gmez, Jonathan Simon and Ulrike Thoms
c.256pp: 234x156: August 2013
HB 978 1 84893 430 6: 60/$99
e 978 1 78144 055 1
Modern German Midwifery,
Lynne A Fallwell
Between the late eighteenth and
the early twentieth century, the
industrialized world experienced a
transition in birth practices from
the holistic wise woman midwife to
the male medical specialist. While
in many countries this gendered
struggle led to a separation of
midwifery from the rest of modern
medicine, in Germany new standards
of healthcare were embraced, leading
to a more integrated system in which
midwives remained an essential part
of childbirth. Fallwells study explores
this transition and sets it in its wider
socio-historical context, including the
role of print culture and the changes
that occurred before, during and after
the Nazi regime.
c.256pp: 234x156: August 2013
HB 978 1 84893 428 3: 60/$99
e 978 1 78144 053 7
Bacteria in Britain,
Rosemary Wall
Focusing on the years between the
identifcation of bacteria and the
production of antibiotic medicine,
Wall presents a study into how
bacteriology has affected both clinical
practice and public knowledge. A
series of case studies are used to
demonstrate how physicians began to
use bacteriology as a diagnostic tool
and how the public was compensated
for outbreaks of disease. Anthrax and
typhoid are examined in detail and
issues of sanitation, local politics and
public health are addressed.
c.256pp: 234x156: September 2013
HB 978 1 84893 427 6: 60/$99
e 978 1 78144 052 0
The Politics of Hospital
Provision in Early Twentieth-
Century Britain
Barry M Doyle
Focusing on Leeds, Middlesborough
and Sheffeld in the early years of the
twentieth century, Doyle examines
the role of local and national politics
on hospitals. In the years before
the formation of the Welfare State,
access to hospital care was limited
by economic and social factors which
varied from place to place. Ultimately,
Doyle argues that social and economic
diversity created a number of models
for future health care which rested
on a combination of voluntary and
municipal provision.
c.256pp: 234x156: September 2013
HB 978 1 84893 433 7: 60/$99
e 978 1 78144 058 2
Western Maternity and
Medicine, 18801990
Editors: Linda Bryder and
Janet Greenless
The contributors to this edited
collection look into the experiences
of women in the western world going
through pregnancy and birth over the
last hundred years. Essays explore the
impact of the professionalization of
the medical services, the factors that
infuenced womens decisions over
their choice of healthcare and whether
childbirth was seen as a natural or a
medical event.
Salim Al-Gailani, Angela Davis, Lindsey
Earner-Byrne, Cynthia Edmonds-Cady,
Madonna Grehan, Allison Hepler and
Alison Nuttall
c.256pp: 234x156: October 2013
HB 978 1 84893 434 4: 60/$99
e 978 1 78144 059 9
Institutionalizing the Insane
in Nineteenth-Century
Anna Shepherd
The nineteenth century brought
an increased awareness of mental
disorder, epitomized in the Asylum
Acts of 1808 and 1845. The desire to
contain or cure the afficted led to an
unprecedented growth of asylums
across England and Wales. Shepherd
looks at two very different institutions
to provide a nuanced account of the
nineteenth-century mental health
system. Issues explored include the
patient population, staff, treatment
and therapeutic outcomes, as well as
an interrogation of the accepted roles
of class and gender.
c.256pp: 234x156: December 2013
HB 978 1 84893 431 3: 60/$99
e 978 1 78144 056 8
Disabled Children:
Contested Caring, 18501979
Editors: Anne Borsay and
Pamela Dale
This volume of essays explores the
varied, but distinctive, experiences of
disabled children. The essays follow
a chronological progression while
focusing on practice in a number of
different countries.
an impressively wide-ranging
volume ... It signifcantly adds to our
understanding of the complex history of
the care of disabled children
John Stewart, Glasgow
Caledonian University
Mara Jos Bguena, Rosa Ballester, Staffan
Frhammar, Corrine Manning, Mike
Mantin, Jos Martnez-Prez, Lee-Ann
Monk, Marie C Nelson, Mara Isabel Porras,
Amy Rebok Rosenthal, Matthew Smith, Pat
Starkey, Steven Thompson, Angela Turner
and Sue Wheatcroft
256pp: 234x156: 2012
HB 978 1 84893 361 3: 60/$99
e 978 1 78144 008 7
Desperate Housewives,
Neuroses and the Domestic
Environment, 19451970
Ali Haggett
Many recent studies have seen
womens mental health issues in the
aftermath of the Second World War as
being a direct consequence of a lack
of opportunity and the banality of a
domestic lifestyle. Haggett suggests
that many women in the 1950s and
1960s led satisfying lives and that
gender roles, while very different, were
often seen as equal.
richly contextualized and rigorously
researched Hilary Marland,
University of Warwick
[a] scholarly and provocative book
Mark Jackson, University of Exeter
256pp: 234x156: 2012
HB 978 1 84893 310 1: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 311 8
Nervous Disease in Late
Eighteenth-Century Britain:
The Reality of a Fashionable Disorder
Heather R Beatty
This study, based on extensive use
of eighteenth-century newspapers,
hospital registers and case notes,
examines the experience of suffering
from nervous disease a supposedly
upper-class malady. Beatty concludes
that, far from the stereotyped
portrayal of nervous patients in
contemporary fction, nervousness
was a legitimate medical diagnosis
with a frm basis in eighteenth-century
medical theory.
256pp: 234x156: 2011
HB 978 1 84893 308 8: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 309 5
War and the Militarization
of British Army Medicine,
Catherine Kelly
During the French Revolutionary and
Napoleonic Wars, British doctors
travelled in unprecedented numbers
to foreign locations where they were
confronted with battlefeld injuries,
virulent and mysterious diseases, and
complex military politics that few had
encountered before. This study places
development of the military medical
offcer within the broader context of
changes to British medicine during the
frst half of the nineteenth century.
an ambitious study Annals of Science
a most valuable addition to a
bourgeoning area of medical historical
scholarship Social History of
236pp: 234x156: 2011
HB 978 1 84893 183 1: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 184 8
A Modern History of the
Stomach: Gastric Illness, Medicine
and British Society, 18001950
Ian Miller
Miller presents the frst exploration
of the complex relationship between
the abdomen and modern British
society. He traces the management of
gastric conditions by various, often
competing, members of the medical
profession, detailing confict between
the ideas and values of surgeons,
physicians, psychologists and
208pp: 234x156: 2011
HB 978 1 84893 181 7: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 182 4
Medicine in the Remote and
Rural North, 18002000
Editors: J T H Connor and
Stephan Curtis
This volume of essays focuses on the
health and treatment of the peoples of
northern Europe and North America
over the course of the nineteenth and
twentieth centuries.
deserves to succeed in its aim to open
up the history of medical practice in
the sparsely populated regions of the
extreme north as a subject worthy of
the attention of historians. Annals of
[an] excellent collection Social
History of Medicine
Astri Andresen, Steven Cherry, Megan
J Davies, Marguerite Dupree, Sren
Edvinsson, Marianne Junila, Linda Kealey,
Francis King, ivind Larsen, Sasha Mullally,
Mette Rnsager and Teemu Ryymin
320pp: 234x156: 2011
HB 978 1 84893 157 2: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 158 9
Locating Health: Historical and
Anthropological Investigations of Place
and Health
Editors: Erika Dyck and
Christopher Fletcher
The essays in this collection focus on
the dynamic relationship between
health and place. Through diverse
examples and perspectives, the
contributions offer new conceptual
and methodological insights.
an important starting point for
what will doubtless be an ongoing
interdisciplinary debate on the role of
place in health and medicine, and it has
much to commend it. Social History
of Medicine
Erika Dyck, Hugo DeBurgos, Alvin Finkel,
Christopher Fletcher, Maureen Lux, Stephen
Mawdsley, Sasha Mullally, Liza Piper,
Jonathan Reinarz, Matthew Smith, Susan
Smith, Helen Vallianatos and Marko Zivkovic
272pp: 234x156: 2010
HB 978 1 84893 149 7: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 150 3
Meat, Medicine and Human
Health in the Twentieth
Editors: David Cantor, Christian
Bonah and Matthias Drries
These essays explore some of the
complex relations between meat
and human health. Subjects include
the relationship between the meat
and the pharmaceutical industries,
the slaughterhouse and the rise of
endocrinology, the therapeutic benefts
of meat extracts and the short-lived
fate of liver ice-cream in the treatment
of pernicious anaemia.
a fascinating collection of essays ...
an excellent addition to the medical
historiography Social History of
Rima D Apple, Christian Bonah, Michael
J Broadway, David Cantor, Jean-Paul
Gaudillire, Susan Lederer, Ilana Lowy,
Naomi Pfeffer, Jeffrey M Pilcher, Donald
D Stull, Ulrike Thoms and Keir Waddington
272pp: 234x156: 2010
HB 978 1 84893 103 9: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 104 6
Age and Identity in
Eighteenth-Century England
Helen Yallop
Aging is a fundamental aspect of the
human condition, yet different eras
have understood it in very different
ways and suggested very different
means of defning, measuring and
improving it. Yallop looks at how
people in eighteenth-century England
understood the lifelong process of
growing older, in order to reconstruct
a set of ideas about age, bodies,
identity and change. Advances in
science and medicine at this time
meant that scholars and doctors could
investigate why the body got older,
how aging was experienced and what
the aging body signifed in society.
The Body, Gender and Culture
c.256pp: 234x156: March 2013
HB 978 1 84893 401 6: 60/$99
e 978 1 78144 033 9
The Study of Anatomy in
Britain, 17001900
Fiona Hutton
Before the 1832 Anatomy Act the
only legal source of cadavers for
medical use was the bodies of executed
murderers. As anatomy became the
dominant medical discipline of the
nineteenth century, the need for
bodies as a teaching tool increased
exponentially. Hutton looks at
Manchester and Oxford to provide
a comparative history of anatomical
The Body, Gender and Culture
c.256pp: 234x156: May 2013
HB 978 1 84893 421 4: 60/$99
e 978 1 78144 047 6
The Politics of Reproduction
in Ottoman Society,
Glhan Balsoy
Epidemics, migration and territorial
losses led to population decline in
early nineteenth-century Turkey.
In response, Ottoman elites began
a programme of population growth,
based on increased birth rate and
reduced infant mortality. Three
policies were initiated to achieve this:
the professionalization of midwives, a
ban on abortion and greater medical
care during pregnancy. Balsoy uses
previously untapped archival sources
to examine these developments,
arguing that these changes caused
reproduction to become a political
The Body, Gender and Culture
c.256pp: 234x156: June 2013
HB 978 1 84893 325 5: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 326 2
Sex, Identity and
Hermaphrodites in Iberia,
Richard Cleminson and
Francisco Vzquez Garca
Early modern European thought held
that men and women were essentially
the same, with social forces creating
their differences. Such a view made
the existence of hermaphrodites easy
to accept. During the seventeenth
century, medical and legal arguments
began to turn against this one sex
model, with hermaphroditism seen
as a medieval superstition. This
book traces this change in Iberia in
comparison to the earlier shift in
thought in northern Europe, and with
concurrent ideas in Latin America.
The Body, Gender and Culture
c.256pp: 234x156: November 2013
HB 978 1 84893 302 6: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 303 3
The Body,
Gender and
Series Editor: Lynn Botelho
Examines the body, gender and
culture across a wide geographical
area and draws on a long
chronological span up to the early
twentieth century.
Anatomy and the
Organization of Knowledge,
Editors: Matthew Landers and
Brian Muoz
Across early modern Europe,
the growing scientifc practice
of dissection prompted new and
insightful ideas about the human body.
This collection of essays explores the
impact of anatomical knowledge on
wider issues of learning and culture.
Kevin L Cope, Nick Davis, Touba Ghadessi,
Jrme Goffette, Craig Ashley Hanson,
Hisao Ishizuka, Filippo Pierpaolo Marino,
Sarah Parker, Jonathan Simon, Mauro
Spicci, Ionut Untea, Amy Witherbee and
Charles T Wolfe
The Body, Gender and Culture: 9
272pp: 234x156: 2012
HB 978 1 84893 321 7: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 322 4
Blake, Gender and Culture
Editors: Helen P Bruder and
Tristanne J Connolly
Blakes combination of verse and
design invites interdisciplinary study.
The essays in this collection approach
his work from a variety of perspectives
including masculinity, performance,
plant biology, empire, politics and
sexuality. Particular strengths running
through the essays are a fascination
with religion, spirituality and the
relationship between the body and
the soul, and rich attention to Blakes
visual art.
Elizabeth Bernath, Luisa Cal, Steve Clark,
Mark Crosby, Keri Davies, Elizabeth
Effnger, David Fallon, Catherine L
McClenahan, Peter Otto, G A Rosso,
Marsha Keith Schuchard and Bethan
The Body, Gender and Culture: 10
272pp: 234x156: 2012
HB 978 1 84893 304 0: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 305 7
Stays and Body Image in
London: The Staymaking Trade,
Lynn Sorge-English
Stays were the most important article
of womens clothing in eighteenth-
century life. Worn from infancy, stays
were designed to reshape the female
body into an accepted aesthetic ideal.
Sorge-English tells the story of stays,
their makers and their wearers.
The Body, Gender and Culture: 6
304pp: 234x156: 2011
HB 978 1 84893 089 6: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 090 2
The Life of Madame Necker:
Sin, Redemption and the Parisian Salon
Sonja Boon
Boon breaks new ground by examining
the profoundly corporeal nature
of Madame Neckers life her
debilitating, decades-long psychic
and somatic suffering and subsequent
curious death.
The Body, Gender and Culture: 5
192pp: 234x156: 2011
HB 978 1 84893 056 8: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 057 5
Old Age and Disease in Early
Modern Medicine
Daniel Schfer
Schfer looks at the historical roots of
the debate surrounding old age and
disease. He examines over 160 Latin
texts from Europe and America to
challenge medical conceptions of old
age during the early modern period.
The strength of this book is in its
impressive synthesis of a very broad
topic and here it makes a very valuable
contribution to the already crowded
historiography of old age. British
Journal for the History of Science
The Body, Gender and Culture: 4
304pp: 234x156: 2011
HB 978 1 84893 020 9: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 021 6
The Prostitutes Body: Rewriting
Prostitution in Victorian Britain
Nina Attwood
Attwood argues for a multifaceted
representation amongst Victorian
observers, demonstrated using
political, medical, feminist, literary
and pornographic sources. The
Victorian society that emerges is
complex and fuid.
The Body, Gender and Culture: 3
224pp: 234x156: 2010
HB 978 1 84893 006 3: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 007 0
Paracelsuss Theory of
Embodiment: Conception and
Gestation in Early Modern Europe
Amy Eisen Cislo
During his lifetime Paracelsus
produced a signifcant body of work
that includes ruminations about
alchemy, health, healing, mineralogy,
theology and nature. Cislo focuses
on conception and gestation and
explores how Paracelsuss theological
and medical interests overlapped,
intertwined and converged.
The Body, Gender and Culture: 2
192pp: 234x156: 2010
HB 978 1 85196 995 1: 60/$99
e 978 1 85196 587 8
The Body, Gender and
Culture 110
Series Editor: Lynn Botelho
Contains: Courtly Indian
Women in Late Imperial
India; Paracelsuss Theory of
Embodiment; The Prostitutes
Body; Old Age and Disease in
Early Modern Medicine; The
Life of Madame Necker; Stays
and Body Image in London;
Prostitution and Eighteenth-
Century Culture; The Aboriginal
Male in the Enlightenment World;
Anatomy and the Organization
of Knowledge, 15001850; Blake,
Gender and Culture
10 Volume Set
2536pp: 234x156: 2012
978 1 84893 381 1: 500/$840
Save 100/$150 on the
individual volume price
Picturing Womens Health
Editors: Kate Scarth, Francesca
Scott and Ji Won Chung
Womens lives changed considerably
over the course of the long nineteenth
century. As new roles and behaviours
became available to them, the ways
in which they were represented also
increased. The essays in this collection
examine women in diverse roles;
mother, socialite, prostitute, celebrity,
medical practitioner and patient. The
wide range of commentators allows
a diverse picture of womens health
in this period. Findings are discussed
within the historical, medical,
sociological, literary and art historical
contexts of the period to make a truly
interdisciplinary study.
Claire Brock, Chrisy Dennis, Katherine
Ford, Alexandra Lewis, Hilary Marland,
Andrew McInnes, Joe Morrissey, Sarah
Richardson, Tabitha Sparks and Susannah
Warwick Series in the Humanities
c.256pp: 234x156: February 2014
HB 978 1 84893 424 5: 60/$99
e 978 1 78144 049 0
Narratives of Drunkenness:
Belgium, 18301914
An Vleugels
Focusing on Belgium from the mid-
nineteenth century until the First
World War, Vleugels presents a study
of the drunkard in society. Shifting
attitudes and medical debates are
documented and analysed within the
context of wider social and political
the most comprehensive portrait of
drinking, its advocates and critics
among all social classes and in the
colonies, that has been written for any
modern European nation. W Scott
Haine, University of Maryland
University College
Perspectives in Economic and Social History: 25
256pp: 234x156: January 2013
HB 978 1 84893 332 3: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 333 0
Residential Institutions in
Britain, 17251970:
Inmates and Environments
Editors: Jane Hamlett, Lesley
Hoskins and Rebecca Preston
The essays in this collection explore
both organizational intentions and
inhabitants experiences in a diverse
range of British residential institutions
during a period when such provision
was dramatically increasing.
John Black, Jeremy Boulton, Fiona Fisher,
Clare Hickman, Louise Hide, Michelle
Johansen, Mary Clare Martin, Matthew
Newsom Kerr, Krisztina Robert, Stephen
Soanes and William Whyte
Perspectives in Economic and Social History
c.256pp: 234x156: June 2013
HB 978 1 84893 366 8: 60/$99
e 978 1 78144 011 7
Policing Prostitution,
18561886: Deviance, Surveillance
and Morality
Catherine Lee
Prostitution was rife in the cities of
Victorian Britain. Focusing on the
ports, dockyards and garrison towns
of Kent, this study examines the social
and economic factors that could cause
a woman to turn to prostitution, and
how such women were policed. Lee
demonstrates that nineteenth-century
prostitution is best understood as part
of the wider context of policing and
urban control.
Perspectives in Economic and Social History: 24
224pp: 234x156: 2012
HB 978 1 84893 274 6: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 275 3
Welfare and Old Age in
Europe and North America:
The Development of Social Insurance
Editor: Bernard Harris
Over the last twenty years, historians
have become increasingly interested
in the role of non-state organizations
in the development of welfare services.
This study is particularly focused on
the role of friendly societies and other
insurance bodies in the provision of
aid for the elderly and the sick.
This excellent collection shows how
workers of all skill levels across Europe
and North America formed sophisticated
insurance operations that infuence
the way we insure against these same
risks today John E Murray, Rhodes
John Benson, Nicholas Broten, J C Herbert
Emery, Martin Gorsky, Timothy W
Guinnane, Aravinda Guntupalli, Andrew
Hinde, Tobias A Jopp, Pilar Len-Sanz,
Jernia Pons Pons, Danile Rigter,
Margarita Vilar Rodrguez, Jochen Streb,
Paolo Tedeschi and Robert A A Vonk
Perspectives in Economic and Social History: 21
288pp: 234x156: 2012
HB 978 1 84893 189 3: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 190 9
Breast Cancer in the
Eighteenth Century
Marjo Kaartinen
Early modern physicians and surgeons
tried desperately to understand
breast cancer, testing new medicines
and radically improving operating
techniques. In this study, the frst
of its kind, Kaartinen explores the
emotional responses of patients and
their families to the disease in the long
eighteenth century.
Studies for the International Society for Cultural
c.256pp: 234x156: May 2013
HB 978 1 84893 364 4: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 365 1
Typhoid in Uppingham:
Analysis of a Victorian Town and School
in Crisis, 18757
Nigel Richardson
Richardson explores public health
strategy and central-local government
relations during the mid-nineteenth-
century, using Uppingham as a case
study. The study illuminates wider
themes in Victorian public medicine,
including the diffculty of diagnosing
typhoid before breakthroughs in
bacteriological research, the problems
faced in implementing reform and the
length of time it took London ideas
and practice to flter into rural areas.
manages to illuminate the wider picture
of medicine and public health in rural
England in the mid-Victorian period.
Victorian Studies
an extremely creditable contribution to
the wider literature on public health in
Victorian Britain. ISIS
Science and Culture in the Nineteenth Century: 5
288pp: 234x156: 2008
HB 978 1 85196 991 3: 60/$99
e 978 1 85196 583 0
Medicine and Modernism:
A Biography of Henry Head
L S Jacyna
This is the frst in-depth study of the
English neurologist and polymath
Sir Henry Head (18611940). Head
bridged the gap between science and
the arts. He was a published poet who
had close links with such fgures as
Thomas Hardy and Siegfried Sassoon,
whilst his research into the nervous
system and the relationship between
language and the brain broke new
ground. Jacyna argues that these
advances must be contextualised
within wider Modernist debates about
perception and language.
will captivate doctors, medical
historians and anyone interested in
the shift from Victorian to twentieth
century Medical History
Jacynas seminal portrait of ... Henry
Head reinvents medical biography and
positions it at the cutting edge of several
rejuvenated historiographies. British
Journal for the History of Science
Science and Culture in the Nineteenth Century: 6
353pp: 234x156: 2008
HB 978 1 85196 907 4: 60/$99
e 978 1 85196 581 6
Monstrous Births and Visual
Culture in Sixteenth-Century
Jennifer Spinks
Physically deformed children and
animals were a source of fascination
and fear in early modern Europe. This
study is an examination of printed
representations of monstrous births
in German-speaking Europe from the
end of the ffteenth and through the
sixteenth century.
shows the range and power of
monstrous births in early modern
German writing and illustration
Canadian Journal of History
Lavishly illustrated, beautifully
produced and written Times Literary
Religious Cultures in the Early Modern World: 5
224pp: 234x156: 2009
HB 978 1 85196 630 1: 60/$99
e 978 1 85196 695 0
Liberating Medicine,
Editors: Tristanne Connolly and
Steve Clark
During the eighteenth century
medicine became an autonomous
discipline and practice. Surgeons
justifed themselves as skilled
practitioners and set themselves
apart from the unspecialized, hack
barber-surgeons of early modernity.
The essays in this collection focus on
a range of medical narratives: Daniel
Defoe and Richard Mead on plague;
John Browns medicine as social
paradigm; public perceptions of the
Kings mental illness.
James Robert Allard, Gavin Budge, David
Chandler, Megan Coyer, Molly Desjardins,
George C Grinnell, Hisao Ishizuka, Clark
Lawlor, Susan Matthews, Kimiyo Ogawa,
Sharon Ruston, Aris Sarafanos, Richard C
Sha and Wayne Wild
The Enlightenment World: 10
320pp: 234x156: 2009
HB 978 1 85196 632 5: 60/$99
e 978 1 85196 692 9
Rhyming Reason: The Poetry of
Romantic-Era Psychologists
Michelle Faubert
Faubert focuses on a little-known
group of psychologist-poets who grew
out of the liberal literary-medical
culture of the Scottish Enlightenment.
They used poetry as an accessible
form to communicate emerging
psychological, cultural and moral
ideas concepts echoed by so many
canonical Romantic poets that we now
think of them as distinct features of
Romantic literature.
The Enlightenment World: 9
304pp: 234x156: 2009
HB 978 1 85196 955 5: 60/$99
e 978 1 85196 697 4
Alchemists of Human Nature:
Psychological Utopianism in Gross, Jung,
Reich and Fromm
Petteri Pietikainen
This is the frst book-length study
of Modernist utopias of the mind.
Pietikainen places the utopian
impulse with the historical context
of the large, violent socio-political
narratives of the early twentieth
A fascinating historical analysis ...
extensively researched, well written,
and well documented, this will be a
valuable resource to those interested in
these four men or in utopian societies.
Highly recommended CHOICE
304pp: 234x156: 2007
HB 978 1 85196 923 4: 60/$99
e 978 1 85196 557 1
Sanitary Reform in Victorian
General Editor: Michelle Allen-
Sanitary reform was one of the great
debates of the nineteenth century.
Unprecedented urban growth
signifcantly increased the spread of
disease, presenting new challenges
to public health. This edition makes
available for the frst time a modern,
edited collection of rare nineteenth-
century documents specifcally
addressing sanitary reform. It includes
material on Glasgow, Edinburgh,
Manchester, Dublin and London,
giving a nationwide perspective on the
conditions of British urban life.
Part I covers science and medicine,
provincial reform and engineering,
whilst Part II includes material on the
issues of class, burial, town-planning,
personal and food hygiene.
Part I: 3 Volume Set
1296pp: 234x156: 2012
978 1 84893 163 3: 275/$495
Part II: 3 Volume Set
c.1280pp: 234x156: January 2013
978 1 84893 164 0: 275/$495
Depression and Melancholy,
General Editors: Leigh Wetherall
Dickson and Allan Ingram
As a psychiatric term depression
dates back only as far as the mid-
nineteenth century. Before then a wide
range of terms were used. Melancholy
carried enormous weight, culturally
and medically and was one of the
two confrmed forms of eighteenth-
century insanity. This four-volume
primary resource collection is the
frst large-scale study of depression
across an extensive period. Divided
chronologically, each volume
addresses a particular theme.
4 Volume Set
1264pp: 234x156: 2012
978 1 84893 086 5: 350/$625
The History of Suicide in
England, 16501850
Editors: Mark Robson, Paul S
Seaver, Kelly McGuire, Jeffrey
Merrick and Daryl Lee
This two-part, reset edition draws
together a range of sources from
the early modern era through to the
industrial age, to show the changes
and continuities in responses to the
social, political, legal and spiritual
problems that self-murder posed, and
to illustrate the nature of the lively and
vibrant contemporary debates about
and depictions of suicide.
Part I uses ballads, satires and
accounts from newspapers to
document suicides from the early
modern period. The Earl of Essexs
suicide in the Tower of London is
examined in-depth. Part II considers
changes and continuities in the press
accounts of the suicides of important
public fgures, such as the radical MP
Samuel Whitbread, the lawyer and
campaigner against the death penalty,
Samuel Romilly, and prime minister,
Lord Castlereagh.
Part I: 4 Volume Set
1584pp: 234x156: 2012
978 1 85196 980 7: 350/$625
Part II: 4 Volume Set
1808pp: 234x156: 2012
978 1 85196 981 4: 350/$625
Tea and the Tea-Table in
Eighteenth-Century England
General Editor: Markman Ellis
In the eighteenth century tea and
coffee were both recent arrivals to
English culture and commodities
of conspicuous and luxurious
consumption. Unlike coffee however,
tea retained its luxury status its high
cost and associated rarity making
it a favourite drink at Court. It was
condemned by the Methodist preacher
John Wesley, who saw the increase
in tea-drinking as the corrupting
infuence of consumerism on the poor,
but celebrated by many others who
endorsed the drinks benefcial effect
on health.
This four-volume, reset collection
covers: tea in natural history
and medical writing; literary
representations of tea-drinking;
tea, commerce and the East India
Company; and the politics of tea.
4 Volume Set
1424pp: 234x156: 2010
978 1 84893 025 4: 350/$625
The History of Old Age in
England, 16001800
Editors: Lynn Botelho, Susannah
R Ottaway and Anne Kugler
This eight-volume reset edition brings
together selections from medical
treatises, sermons, petitions, legal
documents, parish records, almshouse
accounts, private letters, diaries and
ballads, to investigate cultural and
medical understanding of old age in
pre-industrial England.
A clear overview of the themes and
sources, which should be accessible
even to those unfamiliar with the issue,
the period, or the English context.
Eighteenth-Century Studies
University libraries would do well to
purchase the collection, as many aspects
will be valuable for instructors who
offer research seminars in early modern
social history. Social History
Part I: 4 Volume Set
1232pp: 234x156: 2008
978 1 85196 869 5: 350/$625
Part II: 4 Volume Set
1584pp: 234x156: 2009
978 1 85196 870 1: 350/$625
Major Works
Pickering & Chattos Major Works
are made up of primary resource
documents or critical editions of rare
or unpublished material.
Scholarly apparatus usually includes
an extensive introduction, volume
introductions, headnotes, endnotes
and an index.
Eighteenth-Century British
Editor: Pam Lieske
Scholars of the British Enlightenment
who study obstetrical history
traditionally focus on the rise of
the male-midwife and competition
between the sexes. By reprinting in
facsimile primary texts on eighteenth-
century midwifery and childbirth,
this comprehensive twelve-volume
collection gives readers a much
deeper, more nuanced understanding
of midwives, midwifery students and
women in labour.
The set comprises pamphlets,
treatises, lectures for midwifery
students, texts on the establishment
of lying-in hospitals, and catalogues
of obstetrical apparatuses collected
by male-midwives. Important themes
include medical developments, freaks
of nature, womens conduct and the
legal and societal implications of birth
and motherhood.
These books should be part of every
respectable library dealing with the
history of medicine in general and of
midwifery or obstetrics in particular.
Journal of the History of Medicine
and the Allied Sciences
The materials are of an impressive and
fascinating variety ... these volumes are
rich with analysis and historiographic
context. Nursing History Review
Part I: 4 Volume Set
1600pp: 234x156: 2007
978 1 85196 842 8: 350/$625
Part II: 4 Volume Set
1632pp: 234x156: 2008
978 1 85196 843 5: 350/$625
Part III: 4 Volume Set
1968pp: 234x156: 2009
978 1 85196 874 9: 350/$625
The Correspondence of Dr
William Hunter
Editor: Helen Brock
Born in Scotland, William Hunter
pursued an extensive medical
education in Glasgow, Edinburgh,
London and Paris before settling in
London where he made his name as an
anatomist and obstetrician.
Hunters prominent position in
Londons scientifc and artistic
circles, his extensive medical and
connoisseurial contacts in Scotland
and Europe and his network of
students, make his correspondence a
unique record of the Enlightenment.
This edition presents all of his
known correspondence, drawing
upon archives around the world. The
letters are presented chronologically
and interspersed with new editorial
material to create a fascinating
narrative about this important era of
medical and scientifc discovery.
[Brocks] remorseless detective work in
tracking down letters and identifying
references in correspondence is evident
throughout these pages. Medical
historians of medicine are certain to
fnd this work of interest SciTech
Book News
The Pickering Masters
2 Volume Set
800pp: 234x156: 2008
978 1 85196 904 3: 225/$395
Famine and Disease in
Editors: Leslie Clarkson and
E Margaret Crawford
The Great Famine of 18459 remains
the great climacteric in Irish history.
Ireland without the Great Famine
would be an Ireland without an
emigrant history, without the Irish
Diaspora, without the tales of the
dispossessed, and without the myths
and realities that shape the culture of
the nation.
a magisterial production in size and
scope Economic History Review
researchers on the history of medical
statistics, sanitary reform and the
politics of medicine in Ireland will all
fnd this a useful addition to the library
shelves. Irish Economic and Social
History Journal
5 Volume Set
2416pp: 234x156: 2005
978 1 85196 791 9: 450/$795
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