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Team India

Community Transformations DTS

November 28, 2012 Team Introduction

Who are We?

Jessa Age: 19 Home: Minnesota Hobbies: Scrapbooking/Card making, Exercising, playing with kids Most Excited About: Working at the orphanage in India

Odessa Age: 18 Home: Alberta, Canada Hobbies: Painting, Spending time with people, playing the piano Most Excited About: seeing lives transformed, experiencing the Indian culture, and the prayer ministry

Jaima Age: 20 Home: Virginia Hobbies: Volleyball, Friends, playing piano Most Excited About: Becoming humble, enjoying the culture Random Fact: used to take gymnastics

Ryan Age: 21 Home: Indiana/Colorado Hobbies: Working with hands, longboarding, playing with kids Most Excited About: Culture Shock Random fact: Former Barrel racer

Jonathan Age: 29 Home: Kansas/Florida Hobbies: Working with hands, SCUBA diving, technology Most Excited About: Indian Food, life to be changed, new friends

Jennifer Age: 23 Home: Washington/Florida Hobbies: Salvage crafting, snorkeling, cooking Most Excited About: Finally going to a place God called me 10 years ago. What are all the possibilities?!


Our Fearless Leaders

Mary Age: 29 Hobbies: Spending time with family, writing fiction Home: Upstate, New York Most Excited About: Team transformation and Freedom Random Fact: Married in a double wedding with her sister. Isnt afraid of ANYTHING. Prakash Age: 38 Hobbies: Spending time with People, traveling and experiencing new cultures, spending time with wife and 2 kids Home: India Most Excited About: Revival and the beautiful weather Random Fact: Speaks 6 different Languages

A few thoughts
In the past 9 weeks of our Discipleship Training School, as we have prepared our hearts to go into a world dying to find a hope that will not disappoint, I have fallen in love with the people that I will be living with for the 3 months we are in India. The Holy Spirit has given me such an appreciation for all that they bring to the table. The strengths and weakness that exist in our team beautifully complement each other so that already I see how we work together so well. The giftings each one is blessed with encourage me so much any time we engage in fellowship. Jessa, Youve taught me to love at all times. Odessa, Youve taught me how to be EXCITED about Jesus, because Hes the BEST THING EVER! Jaima, Youve taught me how to pray with passion and zeal. Ryan, Youve taught me how to trust God walking by faith, not by sight. Jonathan, Youve taught me gentleness and selflessness. Prakash and Mary, Youve taught me how to build up and speak life into others. Its amazing to realize that even before we were born, God had chosen each one of us to be on this team. There are only INCREDIBLE things ahead of us waiting to happen in India. I cant wait