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Peter News
St. Peter Lutheran Church, Bassett, NE Pastors John & Melody Brink jbrink-ne@hotmail.com

December 2012

You are the salt of the earth; but if salt has lost its taste, how can its saltiness be restored? It is no longer good for anything, but is thrown out and trampled under foot. You are the light of the world. A city built on a hill cannot be hidden. No one after lighting a lamp puts it under the bushel basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:13-16 (NRSV) It is that time of year again. The time when we see wreaths adorning not only front doors, but also lamp posts and street lights. Its the time of year when Christmas tree lights sparkle in front windows and in the yard. Its the time of year when we hear Christmas music not only on the radio, but also in any and every store we walk into. Its a time of year that some people love because of the warmth and good feelings that Christmas brings. Its also a time of year that some people hate because of shopping and large crowds among other things. We know why Christmas exists. We also know that society mostly seems to celebrate Christmas in order to sell or buy gifts to give to others. We know that in many ways, it seems that Christmas has become nothing more than a commercial holiday. It sometimes may seem that Jesus no longer has anything to do with it. Christmas trees, Santa Claus, wreaths, stockings, candy canes, and gifts seem to be the reason for the season. But Christmas does NOT exist for Santa, trees, wreaths, stockings, candy canes, gifts, or anything else. We

celebrate Christmas for one reason and one reason only: we celebrate Jesus: God with us, Emmanuel, Messiah, Son of God, Lord of All, Savior of the World. We celebrate that God incarnate was born into this world as a defenseless baby to a poor carpenter and a poor girl, both from a town that was not special or known for any reason. We give thanks for that gift to us. So how will that change our Christmas celebrations this year? How will that affect our own lives? How will we live for others in a new way? What can you do to make a difference in someone elses life? In other words, in what ways are you the salt of the earth? There are so many ways that we can help, and those ways practically fall into our laps at this time of year. Everyone wishes for good will at Christmas time. But we are not just a Christmas people. What can you do differently in your life now at Christmas and then continue to do throughout the year? Can you go and visit a neighbor that you dont see much once a month? Can you donate food and/or money every month to the food pantry? Can you spend the winter months shoveling a neighbors driveway and then help mow their lawn in the spring and summer and rake leaves in the fall? Can you offer free babysitting services to someone who is sorely in need? Can you donate time volunteering at a school? How can your life be changed by following Jesus? How can you change the lives of others? The possibilities are endless. Go and be savory salt season-ing others with the love, grace, mercy, kindness, and peace that are possible only through Jesus. Merry Christmas! In Gods Peace and Love, Pastor Melody

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Newsletter 1

Reminder: Service times for the months of December, January and February will be at 11am. Fellowship will begin at 10am.

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Sunday School Christmas Programs

Change in Sunday School Beginning in January, Sunday School will no longer be held separate from the worship service. We will begin worship as normal, the kids and Sunday School teachers for that day will be part of the service through the Childrens Sermon. After completion of the Childrens Sermon, the kids and teacher will go downstairs for their Sunday School lesson. Sunday School will be completed by the end of the worship service. If it is communion day (1st & 3rd Sundays), everyone will be back upstairs in time to take part in communion with their families. This will obviously shorten our lesson time some, so kids will be expected to be on their best behavior! There will not be time allowed for the kids to eat a snack before Sunday School as they have been doing in the past. This is a trial run only. This change is not necessarily permanent. We are hoping there will be a few good things that come of this change first of all, we hope to quiet the church a little during worship, we hope we encourage more parent attendance during worship & for the parents of Sunday School kids, we hope that by having your kids taken care of during worship, you will be able to listen more intently and perhaps get more meaning out of the message for the day.

The Sunday School classes will be presenting their Christmas program during worship at 11:00 AM, Sunday, December 16th.

Remember to get your donations for the 2nd Grade class at He Dog School. A list of items needed can be found in last months newsletter or on the box in the foyer at the church. Cash donations can also be made to All Gods Children. Contact Di McNutt with any questions.

Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship Services

St. Johns Lutheran Church 5:00 PM St. Peter Lutheran Church 5:00 PM

Newsletter 2

Thank You!!!! To all who helped in any way for the German Fest, we Thank You! While fewer people were served this year, we were still able to make about $1500 to put toward savings. It takes a community of people to bring together an event such as this. The German Fest has always been a huge success for St. Peter. A special thanks to Kim Shaw, Ev Armstrong & Leanne Fox for making this happen! *Note* If you brought food for the German Fest or recent funerals, please remember to stop by and pick up your bowls. There are several that have been put out on a table in the foyer.

Please keep the following people in your prayers: Karen Anderson, Rick Stolcpart, Carol Trout, Conrad Anderson, Ruby Cook, Gary Harris, Marion Bauman, Alice Dunn, Barb Morlang, Suzie Allen, Jeannie Shankland, Marcella Maurer, Bailey Salers, Sam Rutten, June Kelly, Jayne David, Steve Johnson, Joyce May, Loree Hansen-Haugen, Judy Johnson, Shantelle Baker, Rod Stolcpart, Jane Evans, Mona Mangum, Ray Herrington, Aletha Sands, Garneta Johnson, Military men & Women: Chris & Jenn Magnussen, Matt Magnussen, Kelly Peterson, Doug Harlan, Josh Bravo, Nick Brooks, Monica Olson, Corey Novotny, Pat Brooks, Paul Carpenter, Tim Dodge, Brennen Frerichs, John Brink Jr, Matt Brink, Spencer Jenkins, Justin Imm

.25 Cent Store St. Peter will once again be doing the .25cent store. If you have something you would like to donate, please bring it to the church. Candles, decorations, knick knacks, etc usually go over really well. No furniture or clothing items are accepted. We could also use donations of gift wrap, gift bags, tape, etc. All proceeds will be donated to Hurricane Sandy relief. We are also still in need of workers. The store will be open Saturdays, December 8th & 15th. There are time slots for each of these days. If you are able to help out, please contact Jan Foster to sign up. Also, during the week of December 1-7, we will need to clean the basement, set up tables and put out things for sale. If you have some time and are able to help with any of this, please contact Jan Foster.

We are still looking for some more willing volunteers to help out when food or services are needed for funeral dinners, luncheons, etc. Talk to Kim Shaw if you are willing to be added to the list.

After the German Fest, a brown coat with Frontier Motor keys was left in the foyer is it yours???

We will be practicing for the Sunday School Christmas program at 10am on Sunday, December 2 and December 9. We may also need to add in a Wednesday afternoon practice or two, after school so stay tuned for more information related to practice schedule.

St. Peter Council will meet at 6:30 p.m., December 4th. Joint council meeting with St. John's will follow at 7:30 p.m.

We will be decorating the church on December 5th at 4:30 pm. If you are able, please come help put up decorations.

Newsletter 3

Happy Birthday!!! THE U IN JESUS Thanks Susan Tracy for sharing! Kathy Magnussen Gary Bussinger Joan Brown Alyza Ammon Arianna Bussinger Wendy Harms Naomi Frizzell Jamie Lee Turpin Walker Shaw Jayme Hansen Mike Foster Dee Wiebe Lacey Hoffman Cathy Knorr Jacob Maurer Doug Stanton Danita Shaw Anya Brink Leah Hagan Tim Hinkhouse Maci Herrington Wade Hollenbeck Marcella Maurer Rod Wagoner Megan Frizzell Bryson Bussinger 5-Dec 5-Dec 6-Dec 7-Dec 7-Dec 7-Dec 9-Dec 9-Dec 10-Dec 12-Dec 12-Dec 13-Dec 16-Dec 17-Dec 19-Dec 19-Dec 20-Dec 23-Dec 23-Dec 24-Dec 26-Dec 27-Dec 27-Dec 29-Dec 30-Dec 31-Dec

Before U were thought of or time had begun, God stuck U in the name of His Son. And each time U pray, you'll see it's true, You can't spell out JesUs and not include U. You're a pretty big part of His wonderful name, For U, He was born; that's why He came. And His great love for U is the reason He died. It even takes U to spell crUcified.. Isn't it thrilling and splendidly grand He rose from the dead, with U in His plan? The stones split away, the gold trUmpet blew, And this word resUrrection is spelled with a U. When JesUs left earth at His Upward ascension, He felt there was one thing He just had to mention. "Go into the world and tell them it's true That I love them all - Just like I love U."

Happy Anniversary!!! Keith & Donna Wright Shannon & Natalie Heyden Terry & Mary Foxworthy Clay & Kayla Fischer Acolyte Ben Beard Jayden Bussinger Gareth Giles Jayde Shankland Kylie Beard Riley Bussinger Rod Stolcpart Tim Hinkhouse 19-Dec 27-Dec 30-Dec 31-Dec Communion Server Larry Fischer

Lay Workers for December 2012 Date 12-2-12 12-9-12 12-16-12 12-23-12 12-24-12 12-30-12 Reader Ev Armstrong Jim Shaw Gary Bussinger Leanne Fox Shelly Herrington Leah Hagan Ushers Duane & Mary Keim Jim & Nancy Carley JT & Kim Shaw Bill & Di McNutt Brad & Laurie Witte Tim Hinkhouse & Gary Bussinger

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