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Korean Autoparts Plaza, a Trade Show Featuring Leading Korean Autoparts Companie s to be Held at Pune, India on 4th &

5th Dec 2012 * Seeking tie-ups and alliances with Indian Automobile companies. Venue: Hotel I sta, Nagar Road, Pune. Mumbai, India, November 30, 2012 -- Leading Autoparts manufacturing companies fr om the Worlds fifth largest Automobile manufacturing country, Korea are taking p art in Korea Autoparts Plaza ( http://www.KTCmumbai.org ), a Trade fair being orga nized by Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency (kotra) at Pune, India s Auto cap ital on 4th & 5th December 2012. The Korean companies shall be displaying cuttin g edge products and technologies and are seeking tie-ups, joint ventures and all iances with Indian companies. About 18 exhibitors are displaying world class automotive technologies and produ cts including Power Trains, Body/Exterior systems, Electrical & Electronic Syste ms, Batteries/HVAC, Interior & Safety features, Chassis and Machinery. In additi on to the Exhibition, there will be prearranged B2B meetings and Discussion on P roduct Supply, Technology Transfer, Joint Ventures etc. The trade show is co-par tnered by Tata Motors and Mahratta Chamber Of Commerce Industries & Agriculture (MCCIA). This trade show is ideal for OEM/third-party manufacturers, Component manufactur ers. Managers from Planning, Quality, Design dept, Production, Capital purchase, Procurement, New Projects heads, Maintenance, R & D dept. heads, Engineers from the assembly line, Technology managers etc. Trade between India & Korea in the automobile sector is expected to grow exponen tially as Indian Auto companies seek out the best technology products from acro ss the globe. Korea s Autoparts Industry is known for its price and quality compet itiveness. The Korea Autoparts Plaza ( http://www.KTCmumbai.org ) thus offers a Wi n-Win Strategy for Indian Auto Manufacturers and Korean Auto-component companies . The companies which are exhibiting are Daewoo IS - Car Audio and AVN (Audio, Vid eo, Navigation)), DAS Car Seat and Seat Structure, DESCO Engineering Plastics, Po lyamides, Dgenx - Exhaust Muffler System, Dongin Thermo Refrigeration unit for Truck / Van, ENA Industry Co., Ltd - Engine Mount, Natural Rubber, Plastic, Igni tion Cable Set and Wire-harness parts for automobiles, GMB Korea Water Pump, Val ve Spool, Hwashin Tech Tool & Die for car body, JS Tech Thermo Plastics, Polyur ethane Resin, KB Autotech Thermal Control Systems for cars, buses, Korea Delphi - Brake Systems, Automotive Compressors, EGR System, Mando Advanced Materials Engineering Plastics, Master Korea - Design & Mold, NVH Korea - Headliner, Floor Carpet, Luggage Trim, Floor Mat, Dash Inner Insulator, Sanil Tech Plastic Injection (PBT, POM, Nylon, Phenol) for automotive fuel handling, Thermal Master - Truck Refrigeration Unit and Parts, Woojin Plaimm - Plastic Injection Mold ing Machine, Yushin Precision - Automatic Transmission Parts, Engine Parts. There are no fees for attending the show and the organizers have made arrangemen ts for Korean English Translators for smooth business functioning. For Registratio n or further details log onto http://www.KTCmumbai.org or contact : Hemant Agga rwal, Senior Manager Trade & Investment, KOTRA - Korea Trade-Investment Promoti on Agency on 91-22-6631 5416 or on hemant@kotra.or.kr. Press & Media Contact: Mitesh M Kapadia Sentinel Public Relations Pvt Ltd / Sentinel Advertising Services Kandivli (W), Mumbai 400 067. INDIA Tel: (91 22) 28625131/32 Cel: +91 98205 03876

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