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the words from the box. Do not use any word or phrase more than once. words or the left with the correct definitions.

Computers and the internet

surf the web phones chat room search engine software provider (ISP) screen internet service crashesdownload home page cursor broadband phone line mobile website

My family and I are struggling to keep up with the current technological revolution in communication. We can text each other regularly, using our 1)__________, and now that we are on 2) , we can 3) f_ilPs much faster from the internet and make phone calls at the same time. But we still find that the 4) in our remote village is unreliable and needs repairing every so often. Fortunately we have an excellent 5) _______, which gives us unlimited access to the internet for a very reasonable monthly payment this means we can 6) ________at leisure. Researching all sorts of subjects has become so much easier now that you can ask a powerful 7) to do the hard work for you, although it can be distracting when brightly coloured advertisements flash up on a website's 8)________. What really infuriates me is when the computer 9) __________just as I'm making a purchase online. The 10)___________is hovering over 'Confirm payment' and then the 11)_________simply freezes. If this keeps happening, I get the feeling I'll have to upgrade the 12) or even the PC itself!

1 keyboard 2 attachment 3 program 4 password ` 5 menu fiL virus 7 mouse 8 laptop 8 scanner 10 printer 11. icon 12 webcam

A a machine connected to a computer which produces writing or images on paper B a list of choices on a computer screen C a device which you use to move the cursor on the computer screen D a computer which is small enough to be carried around easily E a camera which films events and shows them on the internet as they happen F a secret word you need for entering parts of a computer system C a document joined to an email H a device for transferring a text or image into a computer system I a series of instructions used to make a computer do things J a program which is intended to prevent other computers from working K a set of buttons that you press to work a computer L a small picture or symbol on a computer screen


d from the pair in brackets to complete the sentences.

___________to quit the site. (double click/log off) 2 Unfortunately 1 hadn't ___________my work when we had a power cut, so 1 lost everything I'd done and had to try to remember it. (printed/ saved) 3 That paragraph would be better at the beginning than the end. Just ___________it to the right place. (pull/drag) 4 Sorry, I'll be with you in a second. T'm ________ at the moment, checking my em ails. (online/ongoing)) 5 When he came back from holiday, my brother created his own __________ so that friends and family all round the world could see the photos he'd taken. (file/website) 6 Once you've typed out your article, you can___________it to the magazine's web address. (download/upload) 7 Pete's got a mouse___________that he bought in Egypt. It's got a picture of the Pyramids on it. (mat/rug) 8 In a___________vou can post a message for other members to read and respond to. (chat room/newsgroup) 9 Unwanted or junk emails are known as._____________. (spam/jam)
10 My computer isn't working, so I'll have to send you an answer by 1 When you've finished booking the plane tickets, don't forget to

__________ (snail mailiwebmail) abbreviations address book forward sentences copy capitals reply subject smileys Most people avoid using 1) _________for emphasis, because they can be rather annoying. For people in a hurry, 2) are popular, such as fyi (for your information), btw (by the way), or wbw (with best wishes). If you want to express your feelings, you can use punctuation marks called emoticons or 3) , like :-) which means happy, or :-( which means

sad. You should always say what the 4) __________of your email is, to avoid confusion; people have short memories and won't necessarily ords to complete the text about using email. Do not use any remember what you last emailed them about! For informal emails there is no need to write complete 5)________: the tone can be conversational. One advantage of email is that it's very easy to 6) in anybody you think should see what you've written. But be careful you don't send the same email to everybod.y in your 7) _ by accident! If you receive an email meant for someone else, or you'd like someone else to see

han once. There is one extra word which you do not need.


you can simply 8)__________it to them.

1 What are the advantages and disadvantages of email? 2 How much time do you spend emailing and using the internet every day? Would you like to spend more or less time doing these things? 3 What do you use a computer for? flow useful is it a) for your studies? b) for your work? c) for Your leisure interests? 4 Do you think computers have been beneficial to society, or do you wish they had never been invented? 5 How do you think email and the internet will develop in future?

e questions as fully as you can, in conversation or writing.


K KEY ib 4a 5c 3 smileys 4 subject 4 application 5 curriculum vitae 6 employer 7 experience 8 Personnel Manager 9 interview 10 promotion 11 training 1 12 salary 1D 2E 3F 4C 5H 6B 7A 8G C 1 resign 2 sack 3 pension 4 redundant, job 5 salary B lEb 2Ge 3Ag 4Ff 5Ba 6Cd 7Dc C lb 2a 3c 4c 5a


3d 6d D 1D 2C 3B 4E 5A 61

Unit 44 5 sentences

A 1 pentathlon 6 copy C 1 forward to 4 come off 2 7 address book athlete 2 get 5 went 3 8 forward freestyle 4 equestrian 3 up 6 came 7J 8G 9F 10H 5 cross-country 7 look 8 stands 9 across 10 seeing 11 take 6 Competitors 7 score 8 handicap 9 finishing line 10 gold medal 11 spectators 12 opponents

1 up 3 at

2 into 4 came 5 on 6 walked/went

F 113 2A 3C 4B 5D 6C 7A 8A 9D 10B

Unit 43
A 1 mobile phones 2 broadband 3 download 4 phone line 5 internet service provider (ISP) 6 surf the web 7 search engine home page 9 crashes 10 cursor 11 screen 1 12 software 6 upload C 1 log off mat 2 saved 1 K 2 G 7 3 1 4 F 5 B 6 J 7C 8D 9H 10A 1.1.1_, S newsgroup 3 drag 9 spam 4 online 12E 5 website 10 snail mail

Unit 47
A I compulsory 7 state 2 primary 8 private 3 secondary 9 fees 4 exams 5 marks 6 reports 1 education 2 training 3 career 4 studies 5 university 6 subject 7 degree loan 10 boarding 11 term

Unit 45
A 1 author/publisher 2 bookshop 3 mail order 4 catalogue(s) 5 bestsellers 6 reviews 7 chapter 8 title 9 out of print 10 paperback 11 secondhand 12 copies B 1D 2,1 3G 4L SC 61 7A 8F 9K 10H 11E 12B

9 graduate

Unit 48
A lc 2d 3a 4d 5b 6c
7 7a 82 Ob 10c

1 ins tructions

2 attachment
3 applications 4 reasonable 5 complaint 6 unsatisfactory 7 beneficial 8 information 9 dismissal 10 suitable

c a p i t a l s 2 abbreviations

Unit 46
A 1 vacancies 2 applicants 3 post