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Air4Gs 3600 Extended Sales Presentation

June 2011

Confidential under NDA

Content of Air4Gs 3600 Sales Presentation

Air4Gs 3600 what is that? Optimization for USA 3.65 GHz market Air4Gs-W22 and Air4G-W24 similar but different All-in-one all-outdoor BS the benefits Antennas Product Capabilities and Differentiators MIMO

Extended Range
IP and Eth CS (VLANs) VoiceMAXe FFR Product Highlights Summary
Air4Gs (uMAX) Base Station

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Air4Gs (uMAX) 3600 What is that?

Product Category: Air Protocol: Target Markets: Micro Base Station Mobile WiMAX (IEEE802.16e) International 3.6-3.7 GHz market (Poland, Romania, Latin America) United States 3.65 GHz market Product Architecture: Max Tx power: Tx/Rx number: Channel sizes: All-in-one all-outdoor 2 * 33 dBm 2Tx 2Rx 3.5, 5, 7 and 10 MHz channels
Air4Gs (uMAX) BS

Confidential under NDA

Ideal for the USA Market and for the International Market
Air4Gs (uMAX) 3600 is a cost optimized BS Lower cost than Airspans Air4G-W24 3605 BS The antenna offering: cost-effective dual-slant antennas covering the specific band The antennas have Manual Electric Tilt (MET) mechanism Air4Gs max Tx power is much more than enough for the USA market in 3.65 GHz as FCC regulations set maximal EIRP (max Tx power plus antenna gain) values of: +37 dBm over 5 MHz channel +38 dBm over 7 MHz channel +40 dBm over 10 MHz channel

Air4Gs 3600: FCC certified for the entire 50 MHz: 3650-3700 MHz
Like Air4G0W24 (MacroMAXe) and HiperMAX Base Stations Unlike conventional FCC-certified Base Stations which are certified for 25MHz only

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Air4Gs (uMAX) Vs Air4G-W24 (MacroMAXe)

Air4Gs sector is lower cost than Air4G-W24 sector Air4Gs is smaller (thinner) than Air4G-W24 Air4Gs has lower weight
Air4Gs (uMAX) BS

Air4Gs consumes less power Air4G-W24 has superior performance and capabilities:
Better link budget
Higher max data rate Fibre interface Integrated LAN switch
Air4G-W24 (MacroMAXe) BS

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Air4Gs and Air4G-W24 - Similarities

Both Base Stations are all-in-one all-outdoor Mobile WiMAX (16e) Base Stations Basically same software features:
IP CS, Ethernet CS, VLANs Stand Alone, Hybrid, Fully Mobile modes

FFR, Long Range support


Same GPS synchronization mechanism Same Core Network Same CPEs Managed by the same Netspan EMS Same Dual Slant antennas and Omni antennas can be used but:

Air4Gs with mounting lit and GPS antenna

Same GPS antennas, cables, lightning arrestors (but different mounting kits)
Quad port antennas are not relevant for Air4Gs

Low cost dual-slant antennas are available for Air4Gs 3600

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Air4Gs Vs Air4G-W24 Performance

Air4Gs 3600 Micro BS Tx power: 2*33 dBm Air4G-W24 Compact Macro BS 2*37 dBm in 3.x GHz 2* 39 dBm in 700MHz 2*40 dBm in 2.x GHz and in 1.8 GHz Four Receivers Dual MAC/PHY (planned for Release 10.0) 3.5, 5, 7, 10 2*7, 2*10 MHz (planned for Release 10.0) Fiber and copper interfaces for backhaul connectivity Integrated LAN switch to aggregate multiple sectors to each other

Two Receivers --3.5, 5. 7. 10 MHz Copper interface for backhaul connectivity ---

Confidential under NDA

The benefits of all-in-one all-outdoor Micro BS

Lightweight equipment with a small footprint easy to install, low cost installation

No indoor shelter or air conditioning needed smaller OPEX

Only power and Ethernet cables (CAT5e) required to operate each sector and connect it to the backhaul easy to install, low cost installation

Smaller power consumption smaller OPEX

Air4Gs with GPS antenna

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Air4Gs Interoperable Interfaces

Airspan supports the open interfaces as defined in the Profile C Mobile WiMAX Network
Reference Model

Every Interface can be WiMAX Certified for Interoperability

R1: Air Interface R6: interface to the ASN GW

Reference Point R1
Protocols & procedures between MS & ASN, as defined by the air interface (MAC / PHY) specifications

R1 802.16e-2005


Reference Point R6
Control & Bearer plane protocols for communication between the BS and ASN-GW

All Round Interoperability

Confidential under NDA

Air4Gs 3600 IOT Strategy

R1 (Air Interface) Full IOT & System Integration with various CPEs utilising various chips especially the following MS/SS units USB dongles from IGI (Korea) Indoor CPEs from AWB (Taiwan) Outdoor CPEs from Gemtek (Taiwan) and AWB (Taiwan) Chips: Sequans (France), Mediatek (Taiwan), GCT (Korea)
R6 (BS to ASN-GW Interface) Full IOT and System Integration with the ASN GW of CISCO (Starent) in our sales configurator IOT with WiChorus/Tellabs AAA server solutions: Bridgewater (in our sales configurator), WiTech, Aptilo Stand Alone mode for fixed application (no need for ASN GW then) Free Radius solution for Authentication

Confidential under NDA

MiMAX Pro 3.65 GHz: outdoor CPE

Outdoor CPE (fed from an indoor PoE adapter) Tx power: 27 dBm Antenna:
Directional dual-polarization integrated antenna (supporting MIMO) 12 - 13 dBi

Field proven - massively deployed by Airspan Full IOT with the BS Supports TR69 for central remote management
Such as software upgrade

FCC certified Airspan C/N: M-Pro-V72-370


Confidential under NDA

MiMAX USB 3.65 GHz: USB Dongle

Supports simply plugging the USB dongle into any laptop or desktop PC Easy usable Tx power: 23 dBm Full IOT with the BS FCC certification on going (January 2011)

Airspan C/N: MiMAX-USB-V18-370

Confidential under NDA

MiMAX Easy Voice Indoor CPE with VoIP support

WiMAX indoor IAD 10/100Base-T LAN ports FXS VoIP port for telephony Dual Transmitters and TSD Tile Switched Diversity (TSD) technology

Friendly LED indicators for best device positioning and status information
Full IOT with the BS FCC certified Airspan C/N: M-Easy-V35-370I

Confidential under NDA

The Ultimate Future Proof Solution

Airspan developed a Base Station platform that provides a single Hardware and
Software solution flexible enough to meet all the WiMAX Base Station Challenges

PicoChip DSP Technology Multi Core Processing Tuned for Wireless Fully Soft PHY Implementation

Airspans SDR Technology based on PicoChip Joint Airspan / PicoChip PHY Highly Optimised Airspan MAC MIMO A, MIMO B support

Confidential under NDA

Air4Gs Architecture for High Performance

Wintegras multi core Network Processors are used in Air4Gs to guarantee

high performance are maintained

Confidential under NDA

Integrated BS Concept
The latest generation of Airspan WiMAX
base station adopts an all-outdoor, all-in-one concept Two transmitters to support MIMO Two Receivers 65 deg & 90 deg dual antenna for MIMO Omni antennas are also an option Integrated GPS receiver for network synchronisation
Dual transmitters and dual receivers Dual Slant Antenna

All-in-one BS concept provides:

Highest level of integration for cost optimisation Lowest operator OPEX for mast and rooftop deployments

SDR Card


Confidential under NDA

Typical BS Configuration
Most typical is a three (3) sector installation
Using 65 or 90 degree antenna Dual port antenna

Single sector installation may be useful

Lower capacity is required Small number of CPEs need to be served Rural areas, hot spot solutions, vertical applications Lower weight and space Omni antennas may be used Two Omni antennas per sector Dual Omni antenna under development

Confidential under NDA

Air4Gs 3600 Band, Channels and Size

Outline Specification
3.6-3.7 GHz band 3.5MHz, 5MHz, 7MHz, 10MHz 416 x 336 x 107 mm 12 Kg

Air4Gs with GPS antenna

Confidential under NDA

Size Matters !
Most telecom towers and prime high-site buildings are fully occupied by 2G & 3G Cellular Operators. Space on the sites is limited. This generally prevents the deployment of large beamforming arrays and multiple box solutions. These sites demand premium space rental landlords have got wise to the demand for these sites and charge accordingly.

Key Air4Gs Characteristics to avoiding roll-out delays and reduce OPEX: Smallest Possible Form Factor No Indoor Components Single Mounting Point per Sector

Confidential under NDA

Air4Gs 3600 Antennas

Dual Port antennas for MIMO Applications
60 and 90 Az Beamwidth models available High gain antennas 17dBi for 60 degrees, 16dBi for 90 degrees Manual Electric Tilt (MET)

Omni Antennas for single sector deployments

Dual Omni antenna is being developed these days
Dual Slant Antenna

Airspans catalogue numbers for the antennas:

60deg Dual Slant Antenna 90deg Dual Slant Omni Antenna SEC60X-3.65-RC-1 SEC90X-3.65-RC-1 OMNIV-3.7-RC-2

Confidential under NDA

Manual Electric Tilt (MET) Antennas

Patent Pending Technology Comparable to Fixed Tilt Performance Antenna connects to the BS
No need for physical tilting of the antenna!

Confidential under NDA

Variable Tilt Antennas

Manual Electric Tilt (MET) Antenna Rotating Nut at bottom of Antenna Threaded rod which moves in and out
showing Tilt Scale

Confidential under NDA

Variable Tilt Antennas

Tilt T0

Tilt T5

Tilt T10

Confidential under NDA

Variable Tilt Antennas

Null Fill Maintained

across the Tilt Range

Tilt Accuracy +/-0.5

Over-Lapped Elevation Patterns for T0, T5 and T10

Confidential under NDA

MIMO Matrix A and B

Enhancing Coverage (MIMO Matrix A STC - Space-Time
Coding) Single data stream replicated & transmitted over multiple antennas Improves probability of the receiver to overcome fades Enhances link budget in the DL

Increasing Capacity (MIMO Matrix B SM - Spatial

Multiplexing) Multiple data streams transmitted at the same time and in the same frequency from different BS antennas doubles capacity in the DL: 34Mbps instead of 17Mbs in 10MHz MacroMAXe: double the capacity than some competing products which fail to support MIMO Matrix B!

Airspan is implementing Dynamic MIMO which switches between Matrix A & B per MS in order to maximise throughput.
Confidential under NDA

Extended Range Support

Standard 16e Air Protocol has a limited cell range (derived by protocol issues):
Channel size 10MHz, 5MHz 7MHz, 3.5MHz Theoretical Max Cell Radius (KM) 8.4 KM 20.7 KM Some 16e products do not support such channel sizes Notes

This limited cell size is sometimes an obstacle especially for fixed applications 16d can get to 50 KM (assuming the link budget allows that)

Airspan has such deployments

Our BS supports an Extended Range (limited by link budget only):

Channel size 10MHz, 5MHz 7MHz, 3.5MHz Theoretical Max Cell Radius (KM) 37.5 KM 52.5 KM Notes 25 KM already proven in the field

Confidential under NDA

The advantages of Ethernet CS and VLANs

Mobile WiMAX defined IP CS as mandatory and Ethernet CS as optional Airspan believes that Ethernet CS should not be an option it must be included! Ethernet CS and VLANs make replacement or integration easier
Easier to replace or enhance a network based on 16d or legacy systems using MacroMAXe 16e platform Easier to replace or enhance existing wired based networks such as ADSL networks

Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) are ideal for:

The creation of de facto Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

Each VPN has is identified by a unique VLAN ID and has its own IP addresses
Traffic Engineering (TE)
VLAN IDs are mapped into MPLS labels by third party MPLS switch VLAN IDs are mapped into ATM or Frame Relay Virtual Circuits (VCs) by third party switch VLAN IDs define end-to-end levels of service (such as Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze) VLAN IDs help to distinguish between different types of service (such as VoIP, Internet Access, VPN traffic)

Confidential under NDA

Our BS Supports IP CS and Ethernet CS

The BS and many 16e CPEs support both IP CS and Ethernet CS The BS supports VLAN transfer
VLAN switch at CPE side Multiple VLANs per CPE are supported (helps beating competition!)

Even better the BS supports also VLAN tagging / untagging!

Multiple VLANs per CPE

The BS supports IP CS and Ethernet CS at the same time

IP CS for mobile / portable users using USB dongles, for example; Working with ASN GW Ethernet CS for fixed outdoor and indoor CPEs serving business customers and VPNs

Confidential under NDA

The BS Supports Stand Alone mode

The BS works with ASN GW & AAA server as defined by mobile WiMAX For fixed applications the BS also supports Stand Alone mode
No ASN GW and no AAA server to save costs Netspan is configuring the Service Flows (like it does for 16d solutions) No mobility, no seamless handover If authentication is needed add Free Radius server Radius client in the BS Netspan helps configuring the Free Radius Server

Confidential under NDA

Mobile WiMAX relies on IMS architecture for VoIP
However this is an expensive architecture

The BS supports also VoiceMAXe:

Dynamic allocation of UGS or ertPS for VoIP calls Blocking the N+1 call network busy tone Supporting emergency calls such as 911

VoiceMAXe solution:
Additional server in the network Communicates with MacroMAXe Allowing the use of any SIP client 1/2/4 POTS; WiFi; SIP/IP phone; ISDN GW Allowing the use of any third party Softswitch Supporting fixed CPEs using Ethernet CS

Confidential under NDA

Fractional Frequency Reuse (FFR): Introduction

IEEE 802.16e introduced some sophisticated PHY layer modes which allow for advanced
frequency re-use schemes

The introduction of Partial Use of Sub Channels (PUSC) allows the

network to group sub-carriers in a way that inter-cell interference can be reduced or avoided all together

Confidential under NDA

Traditional Frequency Planning

16d Networks are planned in a traditional frequency re-use pattern with multisector cells:

3 Sectored Cells typically 40% aggregate capacity reduction due to co-channel interference when using 3 channel allocations across entire network.

Confidential under NDA

Fractional Frequency Re-use (FFR) - Single Cell

A key Mobile WiMAX deployment technique is
Fractional Frequency Re-use (FFR) 1/3 Tones used per sector in PUSC region Capacity is 1/3
All Tones

FFR enables the use of all sub-carriers in Full

Re-use (FUSC) Zone Where there is sufficient SNR In FFR region BS delivers all capacity of channel size
All Tones All Tones

FFR Zone

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Top Air4Gs 3600 Product Highlights (I)

Optimized for USA 3.65 GHz market and for the international markets
Optimized performance Optimized cost structure

Highly integrated solution

Dual RF + SDR + GPS + Power Supply

Single Mounting Point

A true one-box design. No indoor components required. Resulting in lowest operator OPEX.

Flexible and Advanced Options for Antennas

Dual slat antennas with MET Omni antennas Dual Omni antenna is being developed

Confidential under NDA

Top Product Highlights (II)

Advanced MAC and PHY Capabilities 3.5 MHz, 5MHz, 7MHz, 10 MHz channels Fractional Frequency Reuse: FFR MIMO Matrix A and B Supporting Ethernet CS and IP CS Ethernet CS including VLANs for Business Fixed Customers IP CS for mobile or fixed users More than Standard 16e Cell Range Extended Ranges > 25 KM were proven. In theory more than 50 KM can be supported More than what Standard 16e Architecture Stand Alone mode for fixed application; no ASN GW required VoiceMAXe included for perfect cost-effective VoIP solution

Confidential under NDA

Air4Gs (uMAX) 3600: BS Hardware Catalogue Numbers

uMAX 3600 3.6-3.65 GHz TDD GPS Master - DC48 3.6-3.8GHz Omni Reg Compl Vertical Sector Antenna RF Jumper Cable 1.5m GPS Antenna 80cm GPS Cable RG58 TNC-TNC
Remote GPS Antenna Mounting Bracket option. To be used with 16m GPS cable 16m GPS Cable RG58 TNC-TNC for remote GPS mounting option Air4G-W24 (MacroMAXe) Surge Protection Kit for GPS Interface Type-IC DC Power Cable - 10m Type-IC DC Power Cable - 15m Type-IC DC Power Cable - 30m Type-IC DC Power Cable - 50m - special order Type-IC DC Power Cable - 75m - special order AC/DC Indoor power converter for Air4G-W24 (MacroMAXe) AC/DC Outdoor power converter for 3.xGHz Air4G-W24 (MacroMAXe) Base Station Licence Key for Encryption - AES (subject to export control) 3.6-3.7 GHz 60deg Dual Slant X-Polar Antenna 17dBi MET 3.6-3.7 GHz 90deg Dual Slant X-Polar Antenna 16dBi MET uMAX Wall Mounting Kit uMAXe Pole (&Wall) Mounting Kit for pole with 60-120mm diameter

uMAXe-3600-2R-M-DC OMNIV-3.7-RC-2 1/2-1.5-N-1 GPS-ANT-1 CBL-GPS-TNC-0.8-1

GPS-MNT-1 CBL-GPS-TNC-16-1 LPK-Air4G-W24-GPS-1 PWR-10-INST-2 PWR-15-INST-2 PWR-30-INST-2 PWR-50-INST-2 PWR-75-INST-2 AC-DC-IDU-Air4G-W24 AC-DC-ODU-Air4G-W24-3G BS-LIC-KEY-AES+DES SEC60X-3.65-RC-1 SEC90X-3.65-RC-1 uMAXe-WMK-1 uMAXe-PMK-60-120-1

Confidential under NDA