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UNGA 67: UK: Third Committee Poem Thank you Mr Chair for giving me the floor before everyone

runs for the door When I took on this human rights position I was handed the mantel of this time honoured tradition Of reciting a little UK ditty To mark the end of Third Committee So as this is my first time Id beg indulgence of my little rhyme They say bad luck comes in three And what other number for this committee could it be In 2012 we had fire, wind and snow But the show must go on, was our motto Upon hearing the fire drill we were dismayed To learn the High Commissioners dialogue would be delayed Some delegations only under duress departed So committed were they to the work they had started Others of you for the exit may have fleed But to name and shame there is no need For, that we all support human rights we can concur But alas not on whether it is wherever, whenever or however they may occur Then second came a tropical storm Such problems were far from the norm The hurricane left many IDDs Internally Displaced Delegates, even me The Committee banded together as one With one Canadian even giving shelter to some And finally just as power to Manhattan returned By snowy elements we were spurned These events may have tried to set as back But delegates found ways to get back on track I understand the cofacilitaors of Programme 20 thought the answer Was to promise, as an incentive, a belly dancer The plenary had many events of note Poor Guatemala and Guinea nearly couldnt vote And to those who must give rights of reply Everyone did roll their eyes and sigh It appeared France had taken too literally the title of their text Or didnt realize enforced disappearances was next

For when the Chair called on France to introduce No delegate could they produce And it would be wrong for this poem not to feature A mention of Monzer, our rules of procedure teacher But for this undoubted expertise The Committee would surely have been on its knees Then today we decided to carry on without interpretation So that we might have cessation But wait (!) for a minute we werent sure wed have fruition When Stelios said explanation of vote rather than position After all these trials and tribulations We certainly all deserve some celebrations But Mr Chair I know you like to keep to time So I will end my little rhyme From all the women and girlchilds, men and boychilds of the UK team We assure all our 3rd committee colleagues of our highest esteem And extend our thanks to the Bureau, Secretary and you, Mr Chair For conducting us all with such efficiency and flair Thank you