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Charles Dyer aka JULY4PATRIOT From Janet Dyer missquilt42@yahoo.com To nancy mystc4star@aol.com Thu, Nov 29, 2012 10:08 am LETTER TO THE PATRIOT COMMUNITY I will only put out one letter because I know there are those that will pick it apart and make it something that it is not. !. Money collected through paypal and the spending thereof. The statement was made that we should put out an apology to all those who have d onated. I am not sure what exactly that we are supposed to apologize for but if you thin k we need to consider it done. The money collected has gone for: a. Attorneys (that is pleural). Federal Charges: $10,000 State Charges: $20,000, $8,000, $25,000 (+2 handmade quilts) Transcripts: $750, $1,500 Bond: $15,000 (nonrefundable) Clothes for court: $260 (after fire for replacement another $170) Expert witnesses for first trial: $4,500 (court denied at hearing) $3,500 (dec ided not able to do it but no refund as said it was used for research) $650, $3 50 for one that testified. Plane tickets to bring witnesses in paid for by his family. b. Commissary funds Cannot say just how much was put on Charles account in the last 3 years between t he incarceration for the Federal Charges before he was found not guilty and for the time he has spent in the county and now DOC so he could have phone cards and contact with the family or to buy an occasi onal candy bar but not cheap. c. After incarceration in DOC he was able to have a few personal things. We re ceived the list and filled the box with: 3 white T-shirts (white, no pockets), 3 wife beater shirts (white), tennis shoes , 3 pair underwear, 1 pair shower shoes, 1 watch, 3 pencils, 1 pen, 1 writing ta blet (no wires), 1 deodorant, 1 package envelopes, 1 book of stamps, 1 towel, 1 washrag, 3 bars of soap, 1 soap container, 1 toothb rush and holder, 1 tube toothpaste, 1 plastic bowl with lid, 1 plastic cup with lid, 1 spork, 1 hot pot, 1 am/fm radio with earphones (CD players are not allowed, nor are earphone extensions), 1 electric razor, 1 p air small fingernail clippers. We did get permission to send his Marine Corp Bible and that went in the box als o. This was not an inexpensive box to fill. We have now sent 2 more sets of ea rphones to replace the ones that broke. d. Ink We have to get mail it . Have and paper been working on his appeal and have typed, retyped, retyped again trying exactly what he wants. He handwrites it, mails it to me, I type it and back. He makes corrections, mails it to me, I redo it and mail it back so far gone through at least 8 ink cartridges and at least 10 packs of p

rinting paper plus postage. Have not kept up with the exact costs but at least $10-$15/week in postage if no t more. Copied court cases for case law Charles asked for and some were 30-40 p ages long. The money that comes in on paypal goes directly to our checking account. I know people have said that we waste the money and dont use it for Charles and didnt us e it for the attorneys. All comes out of our account for all these things. I d o not have envelopes of money at home with where it should go written on them. I put it in the account and then write checks for what I need. Look at the payp al chipin and see what has come in and what I have listed for what has gone out. See if I am wasting the money as it is claimed. There is a lot more that has been spent for incidentals as gas to get to and fro m court (to many times to count), loss of work (if I dont work I dont get paid and I work 5-6 days/week doing transcription and get paid by the lines typed. No t ype, no money. I start checking for reports at 7 a.m. and stop at 10 p.m.)

2. Help: During the trials there have been many people who have helped. I also know ther e is a question about my life being run by others who are evil. Let me explain how this works: Charles says he needs something, I am working and dont have time to sit in front of the computer and hunt for things 10-12 hours a day. I asked for help with th e research. Instead of them sending it to Charles it was e-mailed to me so I could keep up w ith what was being sent to keep from duplication. I have sent so much that the guards where Charles is told me that when he is moved it will take a truck to mo ve him. He needed a book that was supposedly in a prison library but they didnt have time to get it to him. His sister bought it on line and had it shipped to him for r esearch. I was told (and I will not get into names and personalities as I do not play tha t game) to fire the attorney, get the money back and put it toward the U.S. Obse rver. #1 they are not attorneys. #2 they do not give legal advice. #3 they are an investigative organization. We were told to file common law motions. In the State of Oklahoma common law is not recognized. In fact, there is a sign on the window of the Court Clerks offi ce that says they will receive no common law filings.

300 attorneys were researched for me and the information given to me to use as I wished. Attorneys were called for me (I work during the hours their offices ar e open. I work Sunday through Thursday giving me only 1 day a week to make call s) and I called the ones that would even talk about the case. Hoch was the only one that took an interest. And, when I talked to him he never told me he was a Marine. I found out about h is military background by seeing him wearing a Marine Corp tie the first day of the first trial (the prosecutorial misconduct mistrial). I asked Charles about

that on the phone that night and Charles said he knew about it but didnt think to say anything as we were discussing other things during our 15 minute allotted calls. He did not charge us $30,000. He charged $25,000. I paid him $24,000 and made 2 quilts for him valued at $1,000 each. I made the decision on my own to hire o r not hire. I could not have gone through all these attorneys on my own. I ask ed others to help but was only told we didnt need one. They had an opportunity to help choose an attorney but refused to do so. And, o ne more thing. As for Mr. Hoch (pronounced as hoke) not having any awards, get on the Oklahoma Criminal Defense Attorneys website and research the Clarence Dar row Award and you will see him listed as receiving it in 1998. I did that befor e I talked to him. The information being propogated through the internet is nothing but negativity and there is nothing positive that will help Charles case. There is a lot of he s aid, she said and that is not going to do anything but keep the ones who would be of real assistance away. Nobody wants to get in the middle of a family feud and that is what it seem this is trying to be turned into. If anyone wants to really know what has happened I will try to explain but I will not get into arguments. I know in my heart that Charles was set up and by whom, but I have no hard evide nce and will not make rash claims. If I cannot prove it then you will not hear it. Slinging mud does not clean up a situation. I may be 70 years old but I am not deaf, dumb, blind or stupid. I will not have someone telling me how to run my life or what I can or cannot do . I spent 4 months in bed prior to Charles birth, have lost one son at 3 days ol d prior to that and will protect any member of my family with my dying breath. God gave them to me and I will protect them. My e-mail is missquilt42@yahoo.com

Charles address is Charles Dyer 659682 122 SOUTH Main Frederick, OK 73542 Contact either of us if you have questions. Please give us time to answer as I work and Charles is completing his brief. Th ere are a lot of things that will come out with the brief and we cannot put them out at this point. Some things have been addressed but there are many things that have not. The things that have been addressed as the DNA evidence that shows it did not ha ppen, the computer evidence that shows preplanning, the refusal to allow complet ion of a polygraph (and to this date I have never been able to find out why as t he judges office says we have to get that information from the attorney and the a ttorney says he has never been told either) and the inconsistencies in statement

s from the stand. Thank you for reading my information and please, if you can do nothing else, kee p us in your prayers as God can go where we cant and touch hearts before decision s are made.