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APPENDIX: (UNSUCCESSFUL) LESSON PLAN (ENGLISH FORM 1) Date: 23.07.2010 (Friday) Form: 1 Rigel Theme: Environment No.

of students: 51 Topic: Heir Conditioning (Poem) Time: 09.55-10.35 (40 Minutes) Proficiency level: Intermediate Lesson summary: Teacher greets the class. Teacher tells the class that they will learn about Heir Conditioning. Learning outcomes: 1. Present information to different audiences Level: 1

Objectives: At the end of the lesson, students should be able to: 1. Discuss the messages that can be identified in the poem. 2. Write a dialogue based from the explicit information given in the poem. 3. Describe the differences between living in a village and in the city. Content: Vocabulary Students previous knowledge: Simple tense, WH questions. Teaching aid(s): Task sheets, Microsoft PowerPoint, A bottle of Hair Conditioner. Moral Values: Cooperation, appreciation Thinking skills: Generating ideas. Future studies: Students might get interested to read the other poems, with emotions. Procedures: Thinking skills/Moral Notes: values: Set Induction 1. Teacher greets the class. Respect 2. Teacher shows a bottle of shampoo to students and explains the concept of conditioning. Love, Self-Reliance, 3. Then, teacher informs students that they Generating ideas. will learn about the poem Heir Conditioning by M. Shanmughalingam. Activity 1 1. Teacher asks students to read the poem silently. 2. Teacher distributes Task Sheet 1 which requires students to fill in the blank. 3. Teacher discusses the answer with students. Activity 2 1. Teacher asks students to find a partner for the next activity. 2. Teacher instructs all pairs to create a dialogue of at least 10 lines between a grandparent and a grandchild based from the information given in the poem. 3. Teacher asks students to present their dialogue through role play activity. Closure

1. Teacher restates the moral values, and ends the lesson. Follow-up activity: Students are given Task Sheet 2 and are asked to submit the task in the next class. The following text summarizes the messages of the poem. Fill in the blanks with the correct words below.

Materialistic Problems Compares Live

Air conditioning Younger Modern Dialogue

The poem is about the differences between two generations. It takes the form of a (1) ________ between the grandparents and their grandchild in a family. It (2) _________ the differences between the older generation and the (3) __________ generation. The older generation did not enjoy many of the (4) __________ facilities available now but they still lived a happy life. The grandchild questions what life was like when there was no (5) __________ to keep them cool on hot days, for example. The grandchild was curious to know how grandma could stand the hot weather with only her (6) __________ . The grandchild also wonders how they could (7) __________ without faxes and telephones. Basic necessities were not easily available in the grandparents time. However, the grandparents think the younger generation has to face many (8) _________ such as pollution, stress and traffic jams. According to the grandparents, the younger generation has become (9) __________ and that money is their main (10) __________.

Task Sheet 2 You have just spent your one-week holiday break at your grandparents house in the village. Based from your experience, write a diary entry describing the

differences between living in the village than living in the city. Your diary entry should not be lesser than 120 words.