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Tyler Brehm Mr.

Borrero Defense Essay 1 December 2012 Defense Essay For the final piece of my Multi-Modal Project, I decided that an autobiography story to reveal my literacy experiences to their fullest potential. Since my time spent in middle school, my English teachers have told me my strong point in writing has been story telling. Being creative has come naturally to me so I felt using a story for my narrative would be a good matchup for relaying my literacy experiences. The only time I picked up a book was if it involved an old story to let my imagination run wild. Stories are a pastime in America. From hearing folk tales to telling your friends about the party the night before, stories for me have all been opportunities of learning.Hearing stories sometines helps you visualize someones experience and help you make life choices. I have always looked to these as way to gain common sense and prepare me for the real world. For me, common sense is more powerful than textbook knowledge. Common sense knowledge has proven itself in my life time after time from relationships, racing, and general life decisions. WE dont rely on books to make decisions. Our gut is the sole decision maker when life throws curveballs. Gut decisions is what makes the stories. Common sense is a rare knowledge and that is how I want to convey my narrative to my audience. I want them to be able to visualize my literacy experiences and be able to learn from them and my mistake I made with a communication breakdown with my family and giving up on literacy due to poor teachers. This genre has taught me a lot through my years of literacy. Mainly word choice is the key factor between telling a good story or a great story that will be passed down.

Comment [T1]: The five skills I will focus on are 1.Paragraph Flow 2.Transitions 3.Staying Topical 4.Comma use 5.Conclusions Comment [T2]: Date changed Comment [T3]: Title added

Comment [T4]: Added words for better flow Comment [T5]: Took out the word That Comment [T6]: Uncapitalized narrative

Comment [T7]: Rearranged my last sentence to become a transition and have better flow into the next paragraph

Comment [T8]: Changed the sentence completely due to poor sentence structure Comment [T9]: Reworded sentence for flow Comment [T10]: Word change

Comment [T11]: Completely overhauled to stay topical Comment [T12]: Word choice

Comment [T13]: Added to the ending for a better transition

The thing that makes a story a good story is the impact words have and how you use throughout them. The words and phrases that grab peoples attention and make them think or have a reaction. I learned that some words are more powerful than other along with combining words into phrases for a stronger story. There is really a benefit to this genre because it unlocks the readers mind and allows them to visualize it as if they were there. A limitation to it is that if a story is not told properly, they become boring and people lose interest. In a nutshell, stories have really guided me through life and thats how I want to relay my narrative to my readers. I chose this type of genre for its wide range of creativity through word choices and painting mental pictures. I also chose it due to stories were the only time I engage in literacy for a long time during my middle school and high school years.
Comment [T15]: That was changed to There Comment [T14]: Added meaning to why word choice is important in telling stories

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