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Responsible Pizza Reflection

Introduction to the project Primarily, in the beginning of the unit, we were introduced to the facts of meat and the process they go through before landing on our table. However, after this, we were to design a pizza that is responsible in several ways, for instance, we were to create specifications such as the pizza has to be ethical, seasonal and local. This was done in groups so we all could combine our ideas together to eventually create a pizza that is unique, original which we wont regret eating.

Problem: We are faced with a problem of creating a pizza that is responsible in various ways. We have to create a pizza that we wont regret eating. This implies that we have to create a pizza with specifications that all of our ingredients will contain.

Original design for pizza

Final Pizza

As you can see our original design for the pizza and final pizza look fairly alike! This implies that we have achieved our goal by following the design that we drew to the pizza that we baked.

Specifications: 1. 2. 3. 4. Organic (grown naturally) Ethical (morally right) Seasonal (grown in limited to specific times of the year) Vegetarian (does not include meat)

Organic, ethical, seasonal, vegetarian sugar.

Organic, ethical, seasonal, vegetarian whole weat flour.

Organic, ethical, vegetarian and seasonal bell pepper and corn.

Local, organic and vegetarian mushrooms. Organic olives.

Organic, ethical, vegetarian and seasonal mozzarella cheese.

Seasonal, organic vegetarian and local salt.

Vegetarian and seasonal yeast.

Organic, ethical, vegetarian and seasonal sweet basil.

Cost for sauce:

Cost for pizza: Mushroom- 59 --> 20baht Tomato= 69 --> 103 baht Yeast- 20-1 baht Oregano= 49 --> 0.5 baht Salt- 8 --> 10 satang Oil= 4 58 --> 20 baht Flour-159--> 38 baht Onion=50 --> 20 baht Olive- 95--> 32 Garlic= 40 --> 5 baht

Green bell pepper- 49 --> 25

Sweet basil= 25 --> 12 baht Mozzarella- 250 *2- ->400 Baking soda= 18 --> 2 baht Sweet basil- 25 baht-->25 Black pepper= 121 --> 2 baht Sugar-65 baht--> 0.5 baht Salt- 8 --> 1 baht Corn-48 baht-->24 baht

Cost for overall pizza:

The overall cost of our pizza is 731.38 baht. Even though, I personally believe that it may be rather expensive, however, by watching and learning from the videos in food technology, I believe that it is worth the price to pay for the food.

What I learned throughout this project: Throughout this project I initially learnt about the processing of meat. An astonishing fact that I had learnt was that Chicken industries has set a motto for the integration of production processing and the marketing of the products that other industries are now following because of the way they have achieved a tremendous economy. However, I wonder why they set a motto for the entire world that is done by cruel deeds. I believe that they should find a way that compensates with everybody and that is fair to others including farmers, the animals and the consumers. Another surprising fact that I had leant is that birds are now raised and slaughtered in half the time they were 50 years ago but now they are twice as big due to the hormones injected into the chickens. This is only due to the fact that they earn more money by carrying this method out. However, why cant they find a way that is sustainable, for instance not injecting hormones into the chickens which will compensate everybody.

The video changes my perspective of meat entirely, however, not to such an extent that I will stop consuming it. I believe that companies that do not slaughter or kill the animal in a hurtful or cruel method, should be recognized throughout the entire world, and should set a motto. Therefore, I believe that buying and consuming meat from corporations that treat the animals the way they should be treated is fine. I personally would also want to encourage other people to be aware of this fact and perhaps they would be able to make a difference, by simply buying organic products or by doing numerous other things. However, when I went to the supermarket, I never actually realized that it would be rather difficult to find organic or responsible food, as its said you cant judge a book by its cover. On the other hand, I also learnt that it is worth to buy more expensive but responsible (organic, ethical etc.) ingredients or food than rather pay the hospital bills if you get sick.

What I learnt from making the pizza:

Through the process of making the responsible pizza had taught me various things. I have made pizza before however; taking into account the ingredients that has to be responsible certainly made it more interesting, however, harder to decide the toppings. I learnt that actually preparing the ingredients takes rather a lot of research to find the exact ingredients that are compensates with our specifications. I have also learnt that it takes time to prepare one pizza, for instance, making the dough, as we have to knead the dough and wait for it to prove. Before making the pizza in school, I thought that why would we need the entire lesson to create the pizza, however, when we started to make it, I realized the time it would take as there are many steps or the process of making the pizza is rather long. I believe that we met our goal as accurately as possible as we considered a range of specifications which we carried out rather well, we wont regret eating the pizza. We also put a lot of effort for the final result of the pizza which makes me proud of the pizza we created as a group. Our ideas combined created a rather good pizza overall. By this unit, I believe that restaurants should also adapt the idea of buying there ingredients against few specifications, even though it may be expensive therefore making the dish expensive overall, but I believe that people would not mind paying the price for good deeds.

How does this relate to the IB leaner profiles? In my perspective I believe that this relates to a range of IB learner profiles, specifically open minded and caring. Primarily, this relates to open minded as we were receptive to ideas, the pizza was carefully thought out not only to the narrow picture, of buying ingredients faster. However we thought of the bigger picture, of how we could make something that we wont feel remorse while eating it. We took into account various things, not only a specific amount

This then leads to how our out pizza was caring. Since we had specifications that we followed, we only included ethical, organic, vegetarian and seasonal ingredients in or on our pizza. This implies that this is considerate concerning the animals and the healthy food that we, consumers, eat.

However, as an overall project, I believe that this would clearly end into the balanced category of the IB learner profile. As its said, balancing your life between sports, studies appropriate food is crucial. This unit had informed me the appropriate foods we should eat for instance, not including pesticides. Therefore, in conclusion I believe that it is vital to know what is better for our health, as being healthy is what will help us succeed throughout our entire life. Hence, I believe that this unit was rather fun, however at the same time, it has informed us useful teaching of healthy foods and the process of animals, which will therefore help us make the right choices.