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The Miracle of Chocolate I.


1.1 BACKGROUND As you walk down the streets, a warm, amber smell drifts out from a small shop and circles under your nose. A soothing, velvety voice calls to you from inside a glittering foil wrapper. Its chocolate, trying to lure you into the store. Chocolate so far is known as food that have so many negative effects. Such as damage of teeth, making fat, lead of diabetic desease, and so many other side effects. There are so many myths of consuming chocolate: Chocolate can make us becoming fat Chocolate cause a damage of teeth Chocolate cause pimples Consuming chocolate increase colesterol number of blood

Based on this myths, we are trying to inform the right information about chocolate. Because we are finding that chocolate is not also having the side effects but also having beneficial effects, escpescially for our body and health. 1.2 METHOD the methodology to analize the beneficial of chocolate is library method. It is based on book studying.



The History of Chocolate The word chocolate comes from xocoatl (the tribe of Aztec language), which means that the bitters. Aztec and Maya tribes in Mexico believe that the god of Agriculture has sent chocolate that came from heaven to them. The earliest documentation of chocolate is founded a site of chocolate processing in Puerto Escondido, Honduras about 1100-1400 BC. According to Aztec and maya tribess beliefs that chocolate was a symbol of prosperity. There was a special way to present it. in the aztec empire, aztec is the most rich place that was contain cocoa beans. For them, they used cocoa beans in a religion ritual and as a gift. In the earlier of 17 century, chocolate had been known in France, Holland, and England. In the 1765, chocolate factory was been founded in Massachusetts. About 100 years after that, there was a chocolate house to save a chocolate inventory, that was founded in 1675. In 1689, a doctor and colector named Hans Sloane, developted a kind of milk chocolate-drink in Jamaica and then it was selled by Cadbury brothers. About 19 century, Swiss started to make a chocolate with a good tasted. Then so many factory developted. Such as Lindt, Nestle, Tobler and Kohler. In 1869, Richard Cadbury launched a box of chocolate as a Valentine Present. Cadbury has been known since that years till now.

The Types of Chocolate Some types of chocolates, they are: 1. Couverture Couverture is the best quality of chocolate ever. This pure chocolate with a high cocoa fat presentation result an excelllent taste. 2. Milk Chocolate This type of chocolate is used with sugar, a melted chocolate. This is mostly consumed, and mostly liked by children because it is very sweet and can be directly eaten. 3. White chocolate This has a low Flavonol because it is white. 33 % of it, is chocolate, and the other are sugar, and milk. This type of chocolate has so many side effects such as diabetics deaseas, and teeth damage. 4. Dark Chocolate This kind of chocolate has so many positive effects to our health. It has a highest cocoa contain, 70 %, less sugar and without saturated fat or HVO. 5. Melted Chocolate

Chocolate Containt Chocolate contains of alkaloid, such as teobromin, fenetilamina, and anandamida, which have a fisological effects for our body. Beside that, cocoa bean also contains of 9 % of protein, 14 % of karbohidrat, and 31 % of fat. Protein that is contained in cocoa bean has a fenilalanin, tyrosin, asam amino tryptophan in a big number.

Contain of chocolate per 100 gram Milk chocolate Energy (kal) Protein (g) Fat (g) Calsium (mg) Posphor (mg) Vit A (SI) 381 9 35,9 200 200 30 Dark chocolate 504 5,5 52,9 98 446 60

the beneficial effects of chocolate Beneficial effect of chocolate for health 1. Chocolate can catch of a free radicals in our body Top antioxidant foods Unprocessed cocoa powder Acai berry Dark chocolate (processed) Prunes Raisins Blueberies Blackberries Strawberries Spinach Broccoli florets Oral value per 100 grams 26000 18500 13120 5770 2830 2400 2036 1540 1260 890

Red grapes


Chocolate is rich of antioxidant ; fenol and flavonoid. Antioxidant in our body use for catching free radicals. The number of antioxidant in chocolate is three times bigger than in green tea. 2. Chocolate can decrease colesterol in blood Fenol, as an antioxidant have an ability to inhibit oxidation of colesterol and fat content in chocolate with a high quality proven colesterol free. Eating dark chocolate regularly proven can decrease colesterol as much as 10 % 3. Chocolate can prevent a risk in heart attack Eating dark chocolate can decrease a risk of death caused by heart attack almost 50 % cases. It was said by a researcher from Jhon Hopkins University School, USA. Based on his research, proven that the formation of blood clot in a chocolate consumen is running slowwer than those whom not consume it. blood clots which are too large can caused a clogation of heart arteries and lead of heart attack and death. Flavanols thats contained in cocoa beans have a biocemical effects to decrease a formation of blood clots same as aspirin but have a lower effect than aspirin. 4. Chocolate can relieve cough The most contain of chocolate is theobromine. Researcher had founded that theobromine which contained in cocoa can relieve cough by affecting the sensory nerve endings of vagus nerve that runs through the airways in lung. 5. Chocolate can prevent cancer Flavonoid in chocolate protect cells from demage that caused by free radicals which can lead cancer and heart attack. Eventhought chocolate can not occur

cancer, but at least it can prevent the damage of cells that caused neoplasm growth. 6. Chocolate can reduce blood pressure and reduce insulin resistance Based on research, chocolate that is eated regulerly in a normal amount, can reduce blood pressure. Based on research in Italy by comparing 15 healthy people whom given a containing flavanols chocolate and not containing flavanols chocolate then observed within 15 days, founded that insulin resistance in the group of people who consume a flavanols chocolate, extremely reduce. So does their systolic blood pressure. 7. Chocolate can prevent stroke Epicatechin, a kind of Flavanol in chocolate is good for taking a good care of our body from the risk of stroke. 8. Chocolate as a source of nutrients and vitamins that is good for our health Chocolate contain some vitamins such as vit A, vit B1, vit C, vit D, and vit E. Beside that, chocolate also contain some of nutrients such as Fe, calium, and calsium. Cacao is a highest source of magnesium that is good for our disgestion, regulation, and nerve. 9. Chocolate can help eye organ becomin sharpen Researchers in Reading University asked 30 participants to read a colorful number that have a same color with its background. When the participants eat 35 grams of dark chocolates (about a quarter of big bar), their vision ability increase till 17 percents.

Flavonol is believed can repair our vision ability because flavonol increase nitrat ocsida production. It is good than eating carrot.


Chocolate can ease sypmtoms of pms Chocolate contains magnesium, which is known to ease symptoms of pms, calcium does too.


Chocolate can prevent the damage of teeth Theobromine in chocolate able to prevent the damage of teeth by clearing the streptococus mutants, the bactery that can be founded in mouth which cause the damage of teeth.

12. 13.

Chocolate can help a leg muscle formation Chocolate is a viable alternative energy source Researchers at the UKs university of Birmingham fed Escherchia coli bacteria a feast of waste caramel and nougat from a chocolate candy bar. The bacteria subsequently burped out hydrogen gas, which was harnessedvia fuel cell to power an electric fan. The worlds energy needs can be met with stale snickers bar.


a chocolate craving during pregnancy may indicate mild anemia Call it an early warning system. Chocolate contains iron, and this may be the pregnants bodys way of signaling that iron levels are low. So eat chocolate. Its for the good of the baby.


chocolate can stimulate brain and care of brains health

Beneficial effects of chocolate for beautiness

chocolate is not only a sweet delicacy but a natural beauty solution for various skin problems. In fact, it has become the latest craze in the beauty industries. In spa centers and beauty salons, chocolate has made a name for itslef. These days there are special packages offered by spas and salons promoting chocolates skin care beauty treatments. Chocolaty solutions are gaining popularity everyday. 1. Skin softener The skin softening properties of chocolate comes directly from its major content, the cocoa butter. Chocolate is extremely rejuvenating for your skin and refreshes the skin. It has turned out tobe an excellent beauty ingredient and is being heavily used in beauty care treatments for its skin softening ingredients. It is an exceptional natural moisturizer which makes your skin soft and supple. 2. Smooth wrinkles The antioxidant also known as anti-aging allies in dark chocolate helps to avoid and prevents the free radicals from damaging the skins elastin, collagen, and various other proteins. Therefore, chocolate is used in various beauty treatments to smooth out the wrinkles. 3. Reduces scars and stretchmarks The fat containt in cocoa butter is made of high quality lonoleic acid which gives chocolate the ability to diminish fine lines, and reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Chocolaty treatments help the skin to gradually regain its lost and aids in getting back ones youthful glow. Chocolate cures also protect the skin from the harmful effects of sun exposure and pollution.

4. Exfoliates and Nourishes Application of chocolate has amazing result. It nourishes the skin while sloughing off dead skin sells. Chocolate based beauty cures help to revitalize the skin.


CONCLUSSION 3.1 Summary So far, chocolate has known as a food that has so many negative effects. But based on research, there are so many positive effect of chocolate for our brain, body, and spirit. Such as: decreasing a stroke risk, anti cancer benefits and many others. Chocolate can be good for you if you consume it normally and regulerly, on the other hand, chocolate also can be bad for you. Counsuming chocolate wisely is needed. 3.2 Suggestion Dont be too afraid of eating chocolate because many mityhs about chocolate so far are wrong. You may consuming, wisely, if you wanna get a positive effects of chocolate.