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As many of you have noticed, there is much work and demolition taking place in the former Barrier's building. What you may not kno is what the developers plan to put in that space. It has come to our very recent attention that the new owners of the building plan to p in a sports bar that will be open 7 days a week from 2:00 p.m. until 2:0Da.m. The duplex directly north of Citizens Bank of Kansas be demolished, as well as the duplex directly behind the Barrier's building (formerly Barrier's Too) to make "ancillary parking" lots.

The proposed project has occurred at lightning speed~the building was sold on Wednesday, October 31st. The proposed developme plan was placed on the District Advisory Board agenda on Monday, November 5th-a mere 3 business days from the time of the sale the property. A sign was placed in the yard of the duplex (115 N. Gfendate) less than 3 hours before the DAB meeting was held on 11/5/12 stating thatthe property was to be made into ancillary parking. Afew of the concerned neighbors were abletoattend that meeting where they learned that the proposal was on the agenda and the DAB had slated it for approval. Because these vigilant neighbors attended the DAB meeting, they were allowed to be put on the agenda for the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission meeting mat was held on Thursday, November 15th.

At the MAPC meeting, there were about a half dozen Crown Heights residents (including myself) that were allowedtospeak out ab how this will impact our neighborhood. We fear that some of the following potential problems may disrupt our lovely, quiet neighborhood:

1. Traffic congestion problems at Douglas and Oliver. For those of you who travel this route, you already know howtightand congested this intersection can be! throughout the day. 2. Increased crime and violence in our neighborhood. 3. This type of establishment can be a safety hazardforour neighborhood children walking home after school because of the potent of increased drunk drivers traveling our streets. 4. Lowering of property and home values. 5. Forcing some residents out & turning owner occupied homes into rental properties. 6. Pride of ownership and upkeep will decrease as properties that were previously owner/occupied become rentals. 7. Quiet ambiance of our neighborhood will be diminished and stripped away from residents. 8. Noisefactor-drinkingpatrons leaving at 2 a.m. and later out of our neighborhood. Trash dumpsters clanging after the bar closes fo disposal of trash. 9. Heavier traffic (and especially drivers that have consumed alcohol) on side streets in ordertoavoid main streetstoleave our neighborhood. 10. Bright security lights all over on both sides of 100 block of North Glendafe. 11. Possibility of increased flooding problems as properties are removedtomake way for large parking lots. 12. Increase of trash, public urination, etc. as patrons leave the bar late at night (and in the wee hours of the morning). These are just some of the potential problems mat will take place if this type of venue is allowed to be developed. We all are aware the problems that are occurring each weekend in O Town-are wetolook forwardtothis same type of activity and criminal element W our neighborhood? *'

The manner mat this project has been handled and the speed in which it has been pushed through leads a persontobelieve that th developers/investors did not want the neighbors to know what was planned so there would not be any opposition with which to contend. Here are a few examples of how this process has been handled:

1. The notification was for ancillary parking, not a zone change. Ittedresidentstoassume it was just for some additional parking. N one suspected it was for the demolishment of a duplex (one of thetenantshas rented for over 10 years and is a professor at WSU) an would be turned into commercial parking without the site even being re-zoned. The sign requiredtobe put in the yard of the propert was only put in a couple of hours before the DAB 11/5/12 hearing. 2. The meeting the residents of North Gfendate were advisedtoattend was the November 15th planning commission. If none of the residents had attended the DAB meeting (and they had on their agenda, "Approve con2012-00044") theresidentswould have only attended the MAPC 11/15 meeting only to find out this had already been recommended. 3. The City wrote and approved a staff report approving this case on the day of or even before the Barrier's property sale had been closed on. Why is this case being pushed through so quickly? (Have you ever known any type of bureaucracy to approve an item w such lightning speed?) 4. At the MAPC meeting-Mr. Morrie Sheets (member of the MAPC) said that the property owner at 121 North Gfendate ' was excite about tearing down that building (115 North Glendale) because it has been a problem with crack heads and drugs". The owner of th

property at 121 North Glendale never made that statement to Mr. Sheets (and has signed a document to that effect). Mr. Sheets h recanted saying that he ever made that statement However, in the city's recording of the meeting that statement is on record. 5. At the MAPC meeting it was amended that the bar could occupy no more than 4399 square feet. However in the Planning department letter of November 19th(five days later), they state the sports bar was approved in the meeting to occupy 5092 square f (Who authorized that change?) The bans slated to have an occupancy of 156 patrons at the 4399 sq. ft. The increase of up to 50 sq. feet would increase the number of occupants exponentially.

The whole project has been cloaked in deception, lightning speed approval and has not been made transparent to the public. This raises some suspicion that the developers did not think the residents would be happy with this type of business being placed in ou neighborhood. When looking at other sports bars throughout Wichita, you won't find one located in an area such as Crown Heigh There have been attempts at comparing this sports bar with Mike's Wine Dive. That is like comparing apples to oranges. Mike's W dive is an upscale restaurant, not a sports bar. il Vicino occupancy rate is 58 which gives you an indication of how large this venu encompass.

Why did the developers not try to purchase the commercial buildings along the 100 block of North Oliver for demolition for their ancillary parking? Very likely, they are trying to go the "cheaper" route by purchasing residential property to be demolished. Once t occurs, what will stop mem from zoning mis area for commercial use and continue to encroach into our neighborhood?

Twenty of the thirty property owners within 200 feet of the proposed development have signed protest petitions. Those who have n signed have not been able to be reached to sign a protest petition. The question posed to each of our Crown Heights residents i "Would you want to live next door to a parking lot for a sports bar that will be open 7 days a week from 2 p.m. until 2 a.m.?" If I w answer that question, I would emphatically answer " O ! Why can this development not be made somewhere else? The Central a N *! Oliver area is zoned commercial and would be a better option so mat residential property does not have to be destroyed.

I believe that all of us are anxious for another wonderful business to occupy the former Barrier's property. Another upscale restaura or retailer would be a welcome additiontoCrown Heights. However after talking to numerous neighbors, the consensus is that this proposed project is not a good fit for our neighborhood.

our last opportunitytospeak before the issue is heard by the City Council. Our City Councilman, Pete Meitzner, has stated that he favor of this proposal (though I don't think he would like a sports bar/parking lot built next to his home) and needstohear from his constituents that voted him into this office. You can email him at pmefener@wichita.gov. Better yet plan to attend this meeting a
let our DAB members know how we feel.

There will be a District Advisory Board Meeting on Monday. December 3rd at 6:30 o.m. at 2255 South Greenwich Road. Th

I would like thank the neighbors in the 100 block of North Glendale for being so vigilant in their fight to protect our neighborhood. If you have questions concerning this important issue, please email me at: melinda.foley@gmail.com or I can be reached at 683-8804 RegardsMelinda Foley President Crown Heights Neighborhood Association