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1. Install the leveling bolt on each leg. A flat washer and nut should be used on each side. This will allow the frame to be leveled once it is installed.

2. Stand up the legs and bolt on the J channel and the angle as shown. Note that the angle is below the J channel. The angle and channel have slots in them for adjustability. Center the bolts on the slots as you assemble and it will make it much easier to adjust the table in future instructions. A level can be used on each leg in both directions to be sure they are plum. Before tightening the bolts between the J channel and angle. Use a tape measure to measure diagonally across the frame to check for squareness. Once the same dimension is measured achieved, the frame is square, and the remaining bolts can be tightened to lock it in place.

3. On the 4X8 model, the center legs can now be installed. You will need to adjust the leveling bolt to match the corner legs.

4. A U channel is also required on the 4X8 frame. It is installed between the center legs and prevents the side channels from twisting. It also helps support a water bed.

5. Remove the end caps of the side tubes to access the nuts in the tubes. Install the tubes as shown. If the holes dont line up, you will need to loosen the frame bolts to allow for an adjustment in the slots. If the frame was assembled with the bolts in the center of the slots, this should not be necessary.

6. Install the carriages on the rails. The single wheels with the eccentric adjustment will need to be removed and reinstalled. Using a 9/16 wrench, adjust the eccentric to take up all of the clearance between the bearings and tubing. Test to be sure the carriages run smoothly. If not, the adjustment should be loosened.

7. Install the gantry on the side carriages. Slide the carriages against the frame to keep them square. Center the gantry between the carriages and tighten the (4) bolts to hold it in place. Roll the gantry down to the opposite side of the table. If the gantry binds, the rails are not parallel. To correct this issue, loosen the bolts on the frame on the opposite end of where you installed the gantry. Roll the gantry to the loosened end of the frame, and retighten the bolts on the frame. The gantry will move the frame to the correct dimension.

8. Install the Z axis carriage using the same procedure as the side carriages. Install the Z axis. You will need to remove the front plate of the Z to have access to the mounting bolts.

9. Install the cable tracks using the supplied hardware. (optional)

10. Install 1/8 x 3.5 hot rolled steel slats (as shown) or water bed. Note: The 4x4 frame is a square so the rails can be installed on either side. The table shown is set up to slide the material on from the side. If you want to slide the material on from the front, the slats should be set up to run at 90 degrees from the picture shown.

Motor Tuning: X and Y Steps per inch nylon gear 1273.24 Steps per inch steel gear 1018.59 Velocity 500 Acceleration 35 Z Steps per inch 10000 Velocity 100 Acceleration 35