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A scanner for all the ins and outs of todays business.

Just push the button and organise your paperwork easily.

The new robust and exible Kodak ScanMate i1120 Desktop Scanner transforms your paper documents into high-quality digital images that can be managed, sent, led, and found easily. One push of a button puts you in control of your documents and organises your information.

Its smart, reliable, and it multitasks.

The Kodak ScanMate i1120 Scanner is ready to scan right out of the box with intuitive bundled software: NewSoft PRESTO! BizCard5 helps you to organise business cards fast and accurately into a contact database, to be shared with e-mail or CRM applications. Avoid the lengthy process of keying in business cards. Nuance Scansoft PaperPort 11 speed up working with both paper and electronic documents. Send documents to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or by e-mail. With powerful functions for viewing and editing. The Kodak smart touch feature enables you to scan to up to nine destinations at the simple touch of a button. Create the le formats you need: PDF, TIFF, JPEG, RTF, and searchable PDF. Scan anything one- or two sided from a business card to DIN A4 and more, in colour, greyscale, black and white. Kodak Perfect Page image processing technology can make scanned images look better than the originals. At a price thats just where you want it.

ScanMate i1120 Scanner

Small footprint with a big payback.

Your office will benet with:
Reliable paper handling to minimise rescans Automatic document feeding for quick processing Versatility to handle many types of documents Bundled software that adds real value Plug and play simplicity and ease of use High-quality imaging for accuracy and legibility A price that makes it all very affordable Thats the new Kodak ScanMate i1120 Scanner. One small footprint that helps you take one giant leap toward a well-organised office.

ScanMate i1120 Scanner

Recommended Daily Volume Throughput Speeds (portrait, letter size) Optical Resolution Maximum Document Size Minimum Document Size Feeder Connectivity Bundled Software Imaging Features (in the scanner) Up to 1,000 pages per day Bitonal/greyscale/colour: Up to 20 ppm/40 ipm at 200 dpi (Throughput speeds may vary depending on your choice of driver, application software, operating system and PC.) 600 dpi 215 mm x 863 mm Single-sheet feeding: 50 mm x 63.5 mm Multiple-sheet feeding: 63.5 mm x 125 mm ADF: Up to 50 sheets of 80 g/m2 paper USB 2.0 TWAIN, STI and WIA drivers, Nuance Scansoft PaperPort 11, Nuance Scansoft OmniPage 15, Presto!BizCard 5 Perfect Page Scanning, iThresholding, adaptive threshold processing, smart touch scanning, automatic image straightening (deskew), automatic border removal (autocrop), relative cropping, aggressive cropping, image rotation, electronic colour dropout, dual stream scanning, image edge ll, blank page removal, interactive colour adjustment, brightness and contrast adjustment Single and multi-page TIFF, JPEG, RTF, PDF, searchable PDF 3-year warranty Advanced Unit Replacement (next business day) 36 months on-site, next business day response, parts, labour and travel included, Scanner Hotline Support 100-240 V (International); 50-60 Hz Windows Vista (32-bit), Windows XP SP2, Windows 2000 Professional SP4 Height: 147.5 mm not including trays, Width: 300.6 mm, Depth: 157.3 mm not including trays, Weight: 2.7 kg

NEW best-in-class Warranty

3 for free: the scanner comes with a 3 years Warranty with Advanced Unit Replacement (AUR) in one business day with no extra costs. You can upgrade your warranty to a 3 years Warranty Enhancement with next business day on-site service. Contact the Kodak Scanner Hotline for technical support, available in major European languages from 9:00 to 17:00 (CET).

File Format Outputs Warranty* Warranty Enhancement* Electrical Requirements Supported Operating Systems Dimensions

*There may be geographical limitations to the availability of Services. For full details please contact your Reseller of Kodak products or your local Kodak Service & Support organisation.
As an Energy Star Partner, Eastman Kodak Company has determined that these products meet Energy Star guidelines for energy efficiency.

Service & Support

For more information visit: www.kodak.com/go/getyourScanMate

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