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This character class combines many of the attributes of Warrior, Thief, and Outlaw (with quite a bit of Trader
tossed in for good measure). Prerequisites for characters of this type are a "cruelty factor" of at least 75%; a
minimum STR score of 12: an EGO of 15 or more and a streak of sheer cussedness that could curl the toes on
an Orc!

Elves and Dwarves can never be Slavers, but oddly enough, occasionally a Hobbitt will, and when they are they
tend to be the worst kind Imaginable. Rogue Phraints also occasionally enter "The Trade" as it is called.

Slavers trust no one, ever, and are "mental loners" even though they like to surround themselves with mercenary
guards and other assorted cutthroats who do most of their dirty work. Paranoid describes them perfectly.

By inclination and training, Slavers wield nets and bullwhips at +20 ABF and prefer brigantine, leather or light
chain mail armor, without shield. They can wield other weapons, but only at -10 ABF so they seldom do so,
with the exception of falchions and scimitars, with which they are even on.

By custom, all Slavers wear colorful turbans and shirts of fine silk or satin. The gaudier, the better. They also,
by custom, wear earrings, thumb rings, and even an occasional nose ring or plug.

Slavers earn Experience Points just as a Warrior does, but also by the capture and sale of slaves.
They receive 150 EP per each El of the captives and 10 EP per each 100 G.S. they bring on the auction

Slavers are generally legal in most fantasy worlds, or in parts of them, just as they used to be here on Earth and
still are in remote areas. The GM should be sure to treat them accordingly as they have a rich and powerful
guild that will do its utmost to protect its own so long as no laws are broken.

They frequently travel in groups of adventurers in the hopes of capturing outlaws, Orcs, Goblins, and others
they can sell and will not bother their fellow adventurers. A share of the loot helps, too! Finally, many Slavers
maintain large harems as a status symbol: the more in the harem, the better.
Special Abilities of Slavers

EL Special Ability Gained

1 Ability to construct level one and two locks.
2 Acquire Thief lock picking abilities with a 20% base success chance + 1% per El hereafter.
3 Acquire Thief Con Artistry ability with a 3% base success chance +2% per El hereafter.
4 Acquire Thief lying ability with a 15% base success chance +2% per El hereafter.
5 Add +5 ABF to all whip attacks.
6 Acquire Thief Hiding ability with a 5% base success chance +2% per El hereafter.
8 Add +5 ABF to all net attacks.
10 Add +5 ABF to all scimitar or falchion attacks.
12 Ability to construct level three locks.
15 Ability to brew up herbal knockout potions that affect all up to 35 HP. +5 HP per EL hereafter.
20 Ability to concoct knockout gas that affects all up to 35 HP, +5 HP per El hereafter.
25 Add another + 10 ABF to all whip attacks.
30 Add another + 10 ABF to al1 net attacks.
35 Ability to construct level four or five locks.
40 Ability to construct level six through eight locks.
50 Add +5 ABF to all D.QD.-net or whip attacks.
75 Become able to construct up to +5 chains and cages.
100 Become able to construct up to + 15 chains and cages.

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