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Multimedia Writing and Rhetoric (WR13300) Evaluation Sheet for Movie Reviews

Created and Revised by Angel Daniel Matos Name: Jack Dyro CATEGORY DESCRIPTION
The movie review begins with an effective rhetorical hook. The introduction contains the movies essential information. The introduction provides a concise summary. The body of the review discusses details such as the performances, the setting, and the plot without spoiling the film. The review discusses the unique particularities of the film (what sets it apart or makes it special). The review offers a thought-provoking evaluation of the film as a whole. The reviewer discusses the highlights of the film and the target audience. The reviewer explicitly states his/her position towards the film and provides a justification for this position. The review provided a rating based on a scale of 0-10, 0 meaning that the movie is not recommended, and 10 meaning the movie is a highly recommended. A concise yet thoughtful response was written for a movie review written by another student. The response is insightful and informative. The movie review demonstrates artful and effective command of the English language. There are few grammatical/spelling errors. The introductory sentence, the tone, the content, and the style of the review demonstrate outstanding creativity.


Three (3) Points

3 3 4 1 2 2 2 2 1

Supporting Details
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Five (5) Points

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General Instructions
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The movie review follows all of the instructions given by your professor (word count, format, content, etc.).

One (1) Point Score: 20/25 (B-)

A link to the YouTube trailer of the reviewed movie was attached to the review.

Jack Dyro WR 13300 Angel Matos September 7, 2012 The Batman without Batman: The Dark Knight Rises In 2008, movie producer Christopher Nolan released the second in his trilogy of Batman movies, The Dark Knight, one of the most successful and widely-loved films of all time. That film, which starred recently-deceased actor Heath Ledger in an Oscar-winning performance as the Joker, met with unprecedented commercial and critical success. Nolan followed up The Dark Knight in 2010 with a the mind-bending thriller in Inception, which earned an 86% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and earned $292.6 million. By July 2012, fan enthusiasm for Nolans next film, The Dark Knight Rises, was at ridiculous levels. Fans were so excited for the film that when initial reviews came out ahead of the films release, those critics who reviewed the film negatively were met with death threats from insulted fans, fans who had yet to see the movie but were so sure that The Dark Knight Rises would be great that they reviled the idea of a negative review of it. SOURCE? The Dark Knight Rises was burdened by absurd expectations, but still managed to deliver an epic, thrilling action movie, which effectively balanced enormous scale and human feeling. The Jokers replacement is the little-known villain Bane, played by a masked yet chilling Tom Hardy. Bane descends on Gotham with an underground army of orphans and nobodies, opposed by a sluggish and cocky police force and an absent hero in Batman. Bane is the opposite of the Joker in many ways: always calm and lacking expression, he carries a foreboding sense of evil which hooks the viewer in in the very first scene. This first scene was a visually stunning mid-air hijacking, which was a beautiful demonstration of Nolans skill in filmmaking. What made The Dark Knight Rises stand out from its predecessors was its scale and its focus. While the previous two films were very much about Bruce Wayne as Batman battling Gothams enemies, this film is largely about other characters, including the city of Gotham itself. The true star of the film is Anne Hathaway, who gives a stunning performance as Selina Kyle, a thief desperate for a fresh start. Hathaway is by far the best aspect of the movie, providing a lighter, humorous edge to the dark landscape of Nolans Gotham. Christian Bales performance is more reserved than the past movies, as his character deals with a grim post-Rachel, post-Batman world. You couldve been slightly more illustrative in this portion of the review. In The Dark Knight Rises, Nolan attempts a difficult feat: not just following up one of the most loved movies of all time, but bringing a satisfactory ending to one of the most successful franchises of all time. The scale of the movie is huge, as it tells the story of the whole city of Gotham, but Nolan balances a long plot (the movie ran at over two and a half hours) with appropriate bouts of action and romance, so that the movie avoids becoming stale. The movie failed to reach the greatness of The Dark Knight, (why so? Explain in more detail) but it was the second best movie in the trilogy and a more than satisfactory ending to an incredible series of films. Rating: 8/10