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Newsletter II

SF news from Brazil After the successful ISFLA Congress in Sao Paulo, a number of important activities took place

Katzuhiro Teruya stayed in Brazil after the congress and spent about a month in Santa Catarina, Florianopolis (UFSC) working on his Portuguese and discussing theory in Belo Horizonte (UFMG). In September, Christian Matthiessen went back to Brazil from Argentina and Chile and, together with Teruya, devoted a morning to the discussion of SFL topics at PUCSP before going back home. The IVth International Symposium of Genre Studies, SIGET, took place in Unisul, Tubarao, Santa Catarina on August 15-18, 2007. Well known linguists from all over the world attended the meeting. A round-table discussion was organized with the participation of Jim Martin (University of Sydney, Australia) with the topic Genre, Ideology and Intertextuality: a Sytemic Functional Perspective, J.L. Meurer (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brasil) with the topic Searching for further interconnections between genre and context and Thomas Huckin (University of Utah, USA) who dealt with Genre and discourse: the Rhetorical Perspective. Orlando Vian Jr. and Desire Motta Roth participated with Plenaries too. After the congress, Jim Martin, Sue Hood and Helen Caple (one of Jims, students) gave talks at the PUCPSP. Adriana Pagano, from UFMG, Belo Horizonte, organized a meeting on August 3-5, with the participation of Jim Martin, Sue Hood, Leila Barbara, Tony Berber Sardinha, Adriana Pagano, Celia Magalhaes and the Argentinians Estela Moyano, Elsa Gho and Luca Natale, among others. The joint research project on systemic analysis in Portuguese and in Spanish was discussed. At the 4th DICOEN (Discourse, Communication and the Enterprise) Congress in Nottingham, UK, Carminda Silvetre (Portugal) and Leila Barbara (Brazil) presented a paper on: Use of discourse markers in business meetings in Brazilian and European Portuguese. Leila participated in the panel discussion on research methods and talked about the Advantages of Systemics as a theoretical basis and Corpus Linguistics tools as an aid. At the 8th ENIL (Encontro Nacional de Interacao em Linguagem Verbal e Nao Verbal) Congres in Sao Paulo, August 8-10, 2007, SFL theory was present once again. Last week in October, there was an internal meeting for research graduate and undergraduate students in PUC-SP, where over 20 papers on SFL were presented. The previous week for III ALSFAL Conference in Puebla, there was a meeting discussing analysis corpus tools in PUC-SP and the joint Brazilian-Argentinian research project. Leila Barbara, her group of Doctorate students, Mercedes Luciani (UNL), Estela Moyano and Luca Natale (UNGS) were the participants.


On September 4th-8th, 2006, Facultad de Filosofa y Letras, UNCUYO, Mendoza, offered an intensive course, morning and afternoon, by Christian Matthiessen: SFL: Around Hallidayss Introduction to Functional Grammar. It

was a great success. Registration was limited and many people felt disappointed for not being able to attend. As Chris stayed for several days, he also gave interviews to people engaged in different research projects related to SFL and gave a class to training college students of Systemic Functional Grammar. In April 2007 the Universidad Autnoma de la Ciudad de Mxico organized a COLOQUIO on La situacin de los estudiantes en un nuevo ingreso: un desafo para la universidad del siglo XXI sponsored by the Consejo Mejicano de Investigacin Educativa and Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento, Argentina. Estela Moyano, from UNGS, gave a workshop on La enseanza de la lectura de textos acadmicos en relacin con su contexto: una iniciacin a la lectura universitaria and a paper, Evolucin en las habilidades de lectura y escritura de estudiantes de nuevo ingreso: Anlisis de un caso. Both presentations were made from the SF perspective. Victoria Magarios, from UNCUYO, was awarded one of the five scholarships for the ISFLA Congress in Odense, Denmark, July 2007. She presented a paper on SFL in Lexicography:a Learners Dictionary of Spanish as a Foreign Language where the usefulness of the SF approach to writing dictionary definitions is highlighted. Vicky was also responsible for the writing of the 34th ISFLA Congress minutes. On October 4th-6th, 2007, the Escuela Normal Superior General Jos de San Martn organized a course called Language and Culture where Cristina Boccia participated lecturing on Narratives in the EFL Classroom: Its all about Culture. Ana Hansen and Cecilia Montorsi presented a paper on The Wine Commercial in English, which is very much related to the local wine culture. Both presentations were made from the SF perspective. As Systemic Functional Linguistics is a course included in the Masters Degree Programme in Applied Linguistics, also at UNCUYO, there have been dissertations defended from this approach. In Mendoza, there are at least four Teacher Traning Colleges that include SFL courses in their undergraduate syllabuses, so much so that Mendoza undergraduate students are already acquainted with this theoretical frame. The National University of Crdoba and the National University of Ro Cuarto, both share a Masters Degree Progamme in Applied Linguistics in which SF approach is included. The colleagues that are responsible for those courses are Lucrecia Berrone, Liliana Anglada and Griselda Bombelli. Estela Moyano, Elsa Gho and Luca Natale attended the SIGET Symposium in Brazil and also the post-congres meetings. E. Moyanos paper was selected for publication in the SIGET Book, coordinated by Chuck Bazerman: Negotiating Genre: Lecturers Awareness In Genre Across The Curriculum Project At The University Level. This paper is based in SF and comes from a current actionresearch monitoring a Genre Across the Curriculum Institutional Program at Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento.

ISFC 34, Odense, Denmark, July 2007 ALSFAL was represented at the Odense Congress by Gillian Moss, from Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla, Colombia. Her report on the Annual General Meeting to the ALSFAL Committee is below: ISFC 34, Odense, Denmark, July 2007 (as reported by Gillian Moss)

The 34th ISFC was held at the University of Southern Denmark from 15th to 20th July 2007 and was a great success. Some 300 scholars from all over the world converged to exchange ideas in the supportive and collaborative atmosphere that characterizes SFL gatherings. ALSFAL members from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico were present and, of course, the current ISFLA president, Cecilia Colombi, is also a member of ALSFAL. Plenary lectures were given by Christian Matthiessen, David Banks, Theo van Leeuwen, Bodil Hedeboe, Elke Teich, Michael OToole, Michael Toolan and Jim Martin. There were also parallel papers and workshops. The organization, by a team led by Uwe Helm, was impeccable; everything ran to time, the facilities were ample and comfortable and the lunches delicious! At the AGM, held on July 19th, the following points were addressed: 1. Apologies (including, for ALSFAL, Leila Barbara and Ana Hansen) 2. Minutes of the ISFLA AGM from 2006 in Sao Paulo 3. Report on ISFC upcoming congresses: a. 35th ISFC Sydney, Australia, 2008 b. 36th ISFC Beijing, China, 2009 c. 37th ISFC Vancouver, Canada, 2010 d. 38th ISFC Lisbon, Portugal, 2011 (this motion was passed during the meeting) 4. The Halliday Centre for Intelligent Applications of Language Studies (HCLS) upcoming institutes and conference 5. Constitution: regional members electorate process 6. Membership: website 7. Treasurers reports: Australia, North America, Europe 8. Region representatives reports: Australia, North America, Germany, Japan, U.K., Latin America 9. Issues concerning upcoming international and regional congresses in Europe. As Ana Hansen was unable to attend, ALSFAL was represented by Gillian Moss from Colombia. She provided information about the upcoming conference in Puebla and invited all to participate. Jim Martin proposed a motion that regional conferences not be held in years when the International conference is held in the region. The motion was not carried but it was proposed that the issue be discussed in the regional associations and a decision taken at next years AGM. Gillian Moss informed that ALSFAL has already taken a decision in this sense last year when the ISFC was in Brazil, we did not hold a regional conference. Bernie Mohan proposed a motion to set up an ad hoc committee to organize low-cost or free SFL courses for beginners on the internet. The motion was carried and Bernie was designated as coordinator. ALSFAL Regional Congress at Puebla- Report From November 26th to 30th, the 3rd ALSFAL Conference, El Estudio y la Enseanza de los Gneros Discursivos en el Marco de la Lingstica Sistmico-Funcional took place in Puebla, Mxico, very well organized by Mtro. Gerardo del Rosal Vargas. For the first time in ALSFAL, only one of the workshops was conducted by non LatinAmerican professors: Jim Martin and David Rose. The rest of them were by Leila Barbara, Celia Magalhes, Helloisa Collins, Elsa Ghio, Estela Moyano, Gillian Moss, and Salvio Martn Menndez. Plenaries by: David Rose, Jim Martin, Martn Menndez, Gillian Moss There was also a Round Table on La LSF en Amrica Latina: razones de su expansin y dificultades de insercin. Estrategias de difusin y relaciones entre universidades, which gives information about the main countries that have representatives in the Association. 56 papers were presented during the week.

Several decisions were made during the ALSFAL Meeting: Next ALSFAL Conferences: 2008 - Florianopolis, September 29th to October 3rd in Universidad de Santa Catarina, Florianpolis, Brazil. 2009 Mar del Plata, Argentina. Convenor: Martn Menndez. 2010 Gillian Moss agreed to consult with colleagues in Uninorte, Colombia, about organizing ALSFAL Conference 2010. There was a discussion about sharing time and place with ALED Conference in Mar del Plata. The proposal was made by the President of ALED, Ana Mara Harvey, who is also member of ALSFAL. ALED has many people working on SFL and they would have the opportunity to join ALSFAL too. The decision made was that this kind of agreements can be done time to time, but under the condition of maintaining a clear difference between Conferences and Associations. So, the proposal was to have first ALSFAL Conference, then the Workshops and after them the ALED one. In this way, people who could be interested in both conferences can save money to participate in the two Conferences. Furthermore, some relationships with big Associations in LatinAmerica can help expanding SFL in Spanish and Portuguese. Jim Martin proposed a motion that regional conferences not be held in years when the International Conference is held in the region. ALSFAL re-confirmed this decision made in 2006. CALL FOR ELECTIONS: They will take place in February 2008. Members will be invited to present their lists and voting via e-mail in March. Martn Menndez proposed to re-elect the same Committee, but there were not enough people to vote this motion, so the Committee members present, giving thanks, declined the proposal. Thinking of a Logo for ALSFAL There is the idea of making a call to ALSFAL members and non-members also, to submit the layout of a logo for the Latin American Association. There will be a competition and the members of the ad-hoc board would proclaim the winning proposal. 1. Everybody interested in participating shall be entitled to do so. In case he/she is not an ALSFAL member, he/she should be introduced by an active member of the association. 2. ALSFAL logo should envisage the goals and principles that motivated the existence of the association. 3. The logo should represent language as an instrument for communication and knowledge, and highlight its universal nature. 4. ALSFAL logo should advocate respect for aboriginal peoples and multiculturalism. 5. The proposals shall be submitted via e-mail to the official e-mail address of the Asociation: lasfla@gmail.com 6. The proposed ALSFAL logos shall be exhibited www.pucsp.br/isfc/alsfal 7- The members of the selection committee will be appointed by the Executive Committee.

There are no restrictions as to color and size provided they can be handled by the software at hand. Anyhow, simplicity, clarity and an obvious reference to ALFAL are recommended. Future events Sociedad Argentina de Lingstica (SAL) XI Congreso, April 9th-12th, 2008, Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias, Ciudad Universitaria, Santa Fe, Argentina. Leila Barbara was invited to be one of the plenary lecturers. Local Coordinator: Hctor Mario Manni. In the framework of the above congress there will be a SFL Colloquim on April 10th. Dr. S.Martn Mendez will give a plenary lecture in the morning and in the afternoon there will be workshops and discussion tables. Dr. W. Greaves, from York University, Canada will lecture on phonological issues from a SF perspective. Papers shall be submitted before the end of February. Contact: gcharpin@gmail.com and fernandezmariadelia@fibertel.com.ar Course Intonation in English taught by William Greaves at the School of Languages, National University of Crdoba, Argentina on April 16th 19th. Drawing on Halliday-Greaves Intonation in English (in press), participants will learn to carry out intonation analysis and to relate this analysis to lexicogrammar and to semantics. They will also be introduced to two computer programs, PRAAT and CORPUS TOOL. Jornadas Internacionales de LSF y Enseanza de Lenguas at Universidad del Aconcagua, Mendoza, Argentina on April 23rd-26th. Invited Plenarist: William Greaves, from York University, Canada, on Intonation in SFL. Deadline for papers: February 29th. Coordinator: Gloria Ginevra: ginevrag@uda.edu.ar Regional Congress 2008 in Florianpolis, Brazil. Coordinator: J.L.Meurer, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina Regional Congress 2009 in Mar del Plata, Argentina 2009. Coordinator; Salvio Martn Menndez. Election of a New Committee All ALSFAL members are invited to participate in the renewal of the Executive Committee by submitting lists with the names of candidates up to May 30th 2008 . The lists shall be sent to lasfla@gmail.com and will be published on the web-list and sending by e-mail. The positions to be renewed for two years are: President Vice-President Secretary (2 positions) Newsletter editors (2 positions) Web coordinators (2 positions) Votes must be sent to lasfla@gmail.com from June 2nd to 15th, 2008.