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Sex with a disability

Overcoming stigmas and

dispelling myths
by Andrea Harris
Fulcrum Contributor

IN HIS 1987 autobiography Wheels in the Fast

Lane … a blessing in disguise, former Albertan
legislative assembly member Percy Wickman
explores a question posited by many, if not all,
disabled people: “Would anyone be interested in
what I could do physically?”
There is a common stigma associated with
people with disabilities and sexual activity. Ac-
cording to a 2001 Statistics Canada study, 13.5
per cent of Ontarians believe that disabled peo-
ple are asexual beings.
This stigma may contribute to people with
disabilities finding it difficult to form relation-
ships or sexual partnerships with others. Many
experts on disability agree that one of the most
difficult aspects of forming a relationship, or
even a sex life, is finding a person to develop
one with. Notably, a 2003 study entitled Re-
lationships, Sexuality and Adjustment Among
People with Physical Disability highlighted that
illustration by Martha Pearce
hindrances for people with disabilities include
“social attitudes towards physical disability, variety of people—slim and heavy, able-bodied it is for able-bodied individuals. For Wickman, mosexuality and all those unique characteristics
over-protective parents, a lack of privacy, a de- and disabled—around the globe, he contends who was left paralyzed as a result of a serious spi- that make each one of us who we are as a man
pendence on others for care, and inaccessible that this isn’t always how sex goes down. nal cord injury from a car accident, it has been a or woman.”
homes and meeting places”. “The problem with sex these days is assump- mind-expanding experience. He contended that
While considering these important aspects, tions,” said Silverberg. “People assume that sex becoming disabled allowed him to get in touch The Centre for Students with Disabili-
a close relationship—sexual or not—is still should be conducted in a certain spontaneous with certain aspects of both his body and mind ties, located in room 211F of the Unicen-
very much possible for a person with a dis- way between people who fulfill certain qualities, which had been ignored before. Prior to his pa- tre, is a friendly, safe space that offers infor-
ability. and that is just not how it is in real life.” ralysis, Wickman said that he “used to equate mation on disabilities, including sexually
“Most [disabled] people think it must be Although it may be difficult for sex to happen sexuality with sexual intercourse; now I believe related materials. No appointments needed. Visit
them, that there is a problem with who they spontaneously, many disabled people still en- sexuality is a blending of sexual behaviours, to find sex toys
are as a person,” said Cory Silverberg, co-au- gage in sexual activities. Whether one is suffer- lifestyle, self-esteem, body image, knowledge, that can be adapted to a particular
thor of The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disabil- ing from cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, or feelings, male/female roles, heterosexuality, ho- disability.
ity: For All of Us Who Live With Disabilities, must use a catheter, sex is possible. As a result of
Chronic Pain and Illness and co-owner of To- chronic pain or mobility restrictions, the major-
ronto adult fun store Come As You Are. “But ity of sexual encounters may have to be planned
the truth is that there is nothing wrong with out in advance. Experimenting with and using
you as a person; it is how society views you sex toys is one way of asserting one’s own sexual
[as an asexual being] that makes it difficult to nature, as vibrators and dildos are also excellent
find someone.” ways to overcome limited mobility issues. Most
One myth that Silverberg addresses in his sex toys (for men and women) can be adapted to
book is the way disabled people interact sexu- include extendable remote controls or stretch-
ally, tackling the misconception that disabled ing arms or rods, suction cups or straps and
people don’t have ‘real sex’. He challenges the harnesses so mobility, stretching, and reaching
definition and predominant depiction of ‘real is made easy.
sex’, noting that the most prevalent representa- To some, living with a disability can prove
tion in society is sex between two slim, attrac- exceedingly difficult and discouraging, but sex
tive young people. However, with the diverse is just as important for a healthy relationship as

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S2\\ Sex\\ 01.29.09 \\

Restricting sex in Canadian media We’re talking about anyone that masturbates, uses a sex
Q&A with Marcus McCann toy, has premarital sex, or isn’t marriage-minded at all,
people that have casual sex, or sex where it’s not just two
by Jaclyn Lytle people. Obviously it extends to same-sex activity. If you
Fulcrum Staff add up the people that have somehow broken some sex-
ual more or norm, we’re the great bulk of people, I think
MARCUS MCCANN IS the associate publisher and man- across most age brackets.
aging editor of Ottawa’s Capital Xtra!. Published every
three weeks, the gay and lesbian newspaper is the largest How do you feel readers should approach material that
and most widely read alternative publication in the na- deals with the issue of sex and sexuality in the media?
tion’s capital. The Fulcrum alumnus spoke about strict
representations of sex and sexuality issues in Canadian I think once you come to terms with the fact that sex isn’t
media. something people should be ashamed of, then it changes
the way you read about sex and sexuality.
Fulcrum: What is the importance of having an alterna-
tive news resource like your publication in the city? What do you think is the impact on readers when they
absorb material that presents limiting views so fre-
Marcus McCann: Our primary mandate is gay and lesbi- quently and subtly?
an issues, but we do approach that from a sexual freedom
perspective. That incorporates all kinds of things. There’s I don’t think it seriously affects how people behave, [but]
a broad basket of sex and sexuality issues that we deal I think it sometimes affects how they feel about how they
with. I think it’s fair to say that most media approach it behave. I’m not trying to preach that people have more
from the same angle and that their perspective tends to be threesomes, or casual sex, or whatever. It’s just that people
a pretty conservative one. As far as I know, we’re the only ought to feel less ashamed or embarrassed about the kind
publication—or our chain is at any rate—the only news- of sex that they’re already having. I think that’s one of the
paper chain that writes from a sexual freedom perspective possible outcomes of a more sex-positive attitude in me-
... There are other gay and lesbian publications, but they dia, if we could get that to happen.
photo courtesy Alex Eady tend to approach reporting from an equality-based rubric
rather than a sexual freedom rubric. Writing from a sex-positive perspective and keeping
Marcus McCann, associate publisher and managing editor of Ottawa’s
sexual freedom in mind throughout the paper must
Capital Xtra!, speaks to the Fulcrum about sex.
How do you feel that issues of sex and sexuality are gen- lead, on occasion, to issues of criticism and censorship.
erally treated by more conventional news media? How do you approach negative reactions to your pub-
“THE RING” AND “DISTURBIA” I think [these issues are
handled] in two ways: I Attacking ideas, I think, is
think that, from time to great. Criticize, yes. Write
THE MOST SHOCKING ENDING time, there are explicit con- letters to the editor, write
YOU’LL EVER EXPERIENCE! demnations of certain types “I think once you come to blog posts, try to get on the
of sex and sexual practices,
and they’re overt. They’re re-
terms with the fact that radio talking about it. There’s
the famous American quote
ported on usually as things sex isn’t something people that “Sunshine is the best
that are criminal, [or] if not disinfectant”. You [give] the
criminal then as things that should be ashamed of, then people who you disagree
are immoral or untoward in
some way. [Or], there’s often
it changes the way you read with a chance to respond
and to some extent [keep
some implicit anxiety on the about sex and sexuality.” the discussion about] it in
part of the [writer] or edi- the public eye. If you really
tor when dealing with issues do believe that your opinion
of unconventional sex and is the right one, and you can
sexuality. I think [the latter forcefully argue your point,
is] probably harder to root then I don’t see what you
out, and, because they’re invisible, they can have a huge have to be worried about. People are pretty clever; they
effect on the way readers think about the topics that are can figure it out, and if you really are on the right side of
being discussed. it I think that people will come around.
I just get upset about people who want to end the dis-
Do you feel that this apprehensive, traditional attitude cussion and clamp down on speech when it’s something
is reflective of the way our society thinks about sex? they disagree with. There is some [negativity towards the
publication] and it doesn’t surprise me. You can’t legis-
I really do wonder about this. I think in some ways that late social tolerance. People are entitled to their opin-
news organizations are behind the times, that they’re ions, and I don’t feel compelled to make everybody like
more prudish than people at large. I think that most Ca- me.
nadians are with it. It may not be their cup of tea but they I don’t even need them to respect me, especially. The
understand that, if it doesn’t affect them, there’s really no idea of monitoring somebody’s privately held beliefs is
reason to get upset about it. I don’t know where this [atti- [insignificant] in my mind. Things that are high on the pri-
tude] comes from but mainstream newspapers take pains ority list are getting bad anti-sex laws off the books, [and]
to imply that a lot of different types of sexual arrange- ending discrimination in the workplace and schools. In
ments are somehow unconventional. Almost everybody terms of strategies of resistance, I think the best defence
fits into this paradigm [of sexual practices] somewhere. against oppression is living a full and honest life.

Staff meetings.


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muse // 01.29.09 // Sex// S3
Dear Di Ad
If you have a question for Di, email

Six years of student sex

My first column appeared in the Fulcrum on Sept. 26, 2002,
so it’s been a little over six years since I first started giving sex Dear FFF,
advice. Even though my inbox is stuffed, I’ve decided to cel- Asexuality—that is, indifference to sexual be-
ebrate and take the week off. Instead of the usual new Q&As, haviour and lack of sexual attraction—might
below you’ll find my handpicked favourites from my time at the be seemingly abnormal, but it is quickly gain-
Fulcrum. If you’d like to come out for drinks with me and ing credibility in the medical world and social
celebrate, I’m going dancing with the rest of the Fulcrumites scene. Scientists have examined asexuality in rams
this Saturday night at Pub 101. Come find me on the dance (2–3 per cent go without the nookie) and rats and gerbils
floor. I’ll be wearing my red fuck-me pumps. And, yes, I’ll be (an impressive 12 per cent won’t touch rodent rod). Asexuals
looking to pick up. defend their behaviour as a true sexuality, like hetero or homo.
Love, It’s best to straight-up ask the guy what his sexual preference is.
Di If he is asexual, it’s probably not something your potential boy
toy can change, so you should probably give the flirting a rest
Dear Di, until you find out if he’s a Morrissey or a Johnny Marr. Or you
I found a pocket pussy in my boyfriend’s room! Is our sex could always give it a shot and try a meaningful, non-physical
life that awful? Could he be cheating on me? Help! relationship. Good luck.
—Real Pussy Love,
Di (02/01/07)
Dear RP,
While I can’t answer your first question, your second is pretty Dear Di,
easy: No. Plastic chick burgers are not a threat. They don’t have My boyfriend and I have tried all the role-playing sugges-
your breasts, ass, personality, or intelligence. Just thank your tions you doled out in one of your columns last year. We are
lucky stars he’s not rubbing his dick between his mattress and stuck in a farmer/farmer’s wife rut (there are only so many
boxspring into a moisturized sandwich bag. The fact of the mat- ways you can milk a cow). The bedroom scene is getting a bit
ter is, no matter how often you two fuck, he’s still going to mas- stale again, and we aren’t nearly as creative as you. We need
turbate, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with him spelunk- new material. What’s new in your role-playing repertoire?
ing a silicone snatch—so long as you two are still humping like —Bored in the Bedroom
bunnies, he’s meeting all your needs, and blah blah blah. Until
you find a $7000 Real Doll in his closet, I think things will be Dear BITB,
just fine. The farmer/farmer’s wife rut is notoriously hard to escape
Love, (once you shear the sheep, you never want to go back). Here are

at the Ka
Di (10/11/07) a few that I’ve been fine-tuning:
• Lawyer and defendant
Dear Di, • Baker and baker’s assistant
I just started doing anal sex with my gf last week. While the • Woody Allen and his adopted daughter, or alternatively,
first few times were very successful (it was painful for her at Angelina Jolie and her brother
first, but she’s taking it better now, and I climaxed quickly), • Dendrophiliac and balsam fir
the last time it happened was awful. I guess she had just gone • Lonely parking lot attendant and your exhaust pipe by Hisham Kelati information about a w
to the bathroom…and at some point when I pulled out my • Oedipus and Jocasta Fulcrum Contributor conduct of the first w
Johnson there was actual fecal matter surfacing to her rectum. • 9/11 survivor and firefighter other wives (becoming
I nearly gagged. I want to continue the ass-pounding, though • Bumblebee and flower THE KAMA SUTRA is the comprehensive text new wives), courtesans
… Is there anything I can do to decrease the damage? on human sexual behavior. It’s an ancient In- or old lover), and attrac
—Full of Shit Give some of these a shot and let me know how they turn dian text written sometime between the fourth improve yourself physic
out. Have fun. and sixth century AD by Indian scholar and The book’s most h
Dear FOS, Love, philosopher Vatsyayana. There is limited his- about section is the seco
Your letter neglects any mention of having worn a condom, Di (10/05/06) torical data on Vatsyayana, but it was surmised al Union”, and its 10th c
which is an important primary precaution for any anal sex. by writer and psychoanalyst Sudhir Karkar in and depicts how to part
Without the condom, you can contract some nasty bacteria Dear Di, his book, The Ascetic of Desire, that Vatsyayana sex and foreplay, sugge
on your tool. For your girlfriend’s sake, use plenty of lube to My boyfriend keeps suggesting we try wheelbarrow style. spent the majority of his childhood in a brothel tions—all 64 of them—
soften up the entry and withdrawal process, because without I’m too embarrassed to admit that I don’t know what it is, so where he lived with his aunt. Seeing as how the best sexual experience
it, it’s much too painful. Her sphincter is like a bouncer who I keep avoiding his requests. How do I do it like a wheelbar- entire manuscript displays an encyclopaedic partners.
doesn’t let anyone come in through the back of the club un- row? Fill me in, Di! knowledge of all things sex-related, this makes The Kama Sutra is ve
less you dress nicely and tip him a little. The use of a condom —Wide Load sense. explicit pictures provid
and lubrication with, of course, sensibility, will considerably One of the four main goals of life in Indian tion give Hustler and P
facilitate the sex. Unfortunately, with ass comes feces, and Dear WL, philosophy is Kama, the esthetic and erotic money. But, it’s actuall
if she’s willing to let you go that way, reciprocate the open- Filling you in is your boyfriend’s job, but I can still give you pleasure of life. Its complete and total prac- alongside the pictures t
mindedness. some helpful advice. Remember when you were a kid in sum- tice is required in order to reach the highest heavy. With chapter hea
Love, mer camp and you had wheelbarrow races? Your partner would of the four goals, Moksha—the end of the In- the way of Love to be
Di (03/10/05) hold your legs while you supported yourself on your hands, face dian death and rebirth cycle, more commonly to women of different c
down. It’s exactly like that, except you are naked, you aren’t run- known as reincarnation. The Kama Sutra offers various ways of striking
Dear Di, ning, and it’s your boyfriend’s dick instead of your camp coun- the sexual tips needed to successfully complete propriate to them”, this b
Recently I’ve encountered a problem that I’ve never had be- sellor’s. It allows for easier G-spot stimulation. The downside is Kama while incorporating the strict rules of In- of heart or the prudish.
fore. I’m almost positive the guy I’m into is asexual. It’s not that it’s totally uncomfortable and you can potentially break your dian philosophy. With ample detail o
only that he’s not into me, but he’s not into anyone—man, face during orgasm. But hey, love knows no bounds, right? The Kama Sutra has a total of 36 chapters your woman (“When, in
woman, or animal. What should I do? Is there any hope of Good luck! grouped into seven sections: the introduction the half of it into his mo
breaking him? Love, (aims and purpose of the book), sexual union and sucks it, this is ca
—Fiending for the Forbidden Fruit Di (11/30/06) (teaching foreplay, oral sex, sexual positions), fruit’”) and comprehens
the acquisition of a wife (forms of marriage), best ass can be found (“Th

S4\\ Sex \\ 01.29.09 \\

deep, The science of smell
Pheromone research still controversial

ing look

ama Sutra
wife (specifics about the
ife), the acquisition of
are fond of foul pleasures, and have not good
manners”), the sexual union section is the un-
by Alana Sucee
Fulcrum Contributor
photo by Muse Mohammed

existed long before humans even evolved. Francke recognized

that chemical communication no longer plays an important
role in new human interaction, but that it still affects people
g acquainted with your deniable gem between the two covers. SOME MAY CRINGE at the idea that the smell of some- who know each other well. Furthermore, Gabriel and Rolf
s (trying to find a new Notably, some of the more experimental po- one’s sweat could possibly be sexy. In fact, most people are Frobose state in their book, Love and Lust: Is it More Than
cting others (learning to sitions provide different ways for partners to si- opposed to natural body odours, fighting to cover them up Chemistry?, their belief that beneath our verbal and visual
cally). multaneously gain from the sexual experience. with processed scents and falsified fragrances. Aromas have communication, we are also equipped to give off and receive
ighlighted and talked These are known as “The Penetrating Eye”, become big business. One simply has to turn on the TV, “molecular fragrance messages” that still influence our spe-
ond section, “On Sexu- “Climbing the Tree”, and “The Butterfly”. While open a magazine, or walk down the cosmetics aisle of any cies today. The debate has not subsided.
chapter, which explains accompanied by visuals—pictures are worth store to realize how widespread and marketable smelling On the other side of the argument is Dr. Stuart Firestein, a
take in stimulating oral a thousand words—the guides themselves are good has become. There are scents to fit every mood, every biologist who studies the science of smell at Columbia Uni-
esting the sexual posi- explanatory enough. season, every occasion. But as we dose our bodies in an ar- versity. In a 2005 interview with 20/20, Firestein contended
—that will provide the For example, take “suspended congress”: ray of scents, are we really just covering up our natural ani- that pheromones might not have as much influence as some
possible between both “When a man supports himself against a wall, mal scent, overriding nature’s primal cologne and dimin- people believe.
and the woman, sitting on his hands joined ishing our true sex appeal? The concept of sex pheromones “We use all sorts of cues. A pheromone alone is unlikely to
ery descriptive, and the together and held underneath her, throws her suggests that we are. do it. It’s part of a whole package,” he said.
ded in the original edi- arms round his neck, and putting her thighs According to Drs. Kohl and Francoeur’s book, The Scent of Charles Wysocki, a behavioural neuroscientist at Monell
Playboy a run for their alongside his waist, moves herself by her feet, Eros, “subliminal odours, known to scientists as pheromones, Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, agreed with Firest-
ly the thorough guides which are touching the wall against which the are major influences on genes in nerve cells that secrete a ein.
that get you all hot and man is leaning.” hormone which regulates the sexual development and the “We can demonstrate the effects of what are putatively
adings like “Biting, and As a whole, the Kama Sutra is a revealing sexual behaviour of animals from insects to mammals, in- pheromones, but we haven’t been able to pin down the chem-
employed with regard and detailed read on the Indian belief system cluding humans.” ical identity and show this particular compound or small set
countries” and “On the of reaching erotic fulfillment, starting with Sex pheromones, specifically, are thought to be chemicals of compounds are responsible for outcome A, B and C,” he
g and of the sounds ap- the most primal needs. And for those who are emitted by an individual through sweat that are detected by said in a January interview with Live Science.
book is not for the faint looking for a deeper level of intimacy both another person. This detection is said to help in causing a How much easier it would be if we could simply let our pri-
spiritually and physically, the Kama Sutra can certain sexual response—positive or negative—from that mal scents do the talking. We wouldn’t have to stumble over
on how to go down on help you get there. Then there are those who person. But the importance of sex pheromones themselves in our words, drink to break the ice, and suffer through awk-
n the same way, he puts are just looking for tips for a good lay, which effecting initial sexual attraction is controversial. ward silences. Instead, we would simply skip a few showers
outh, and forcibly kisses the book also provides. If you follow the steps Dr. W. Francke is a researcher and professor at the Univer- and let our sweat do the rest. Sadly, until the mystery of sex
alled ‘sucking a mango and reach your maximal erotic capabilities, sity of Hamburg. According to his research on pheromones, pheromones is more clearly defined and supported by fur-
sive guide to where the you may end up finding yourself partaking in there are chemical sensors beyond our five senses that have ther research, no such primal answer can be assured.
The women of Avantika a deeply spiritual ride. // 01.29.09 // Sex // S5

Planning ahead before bed The best way to avoid picking up something
A quick look at nasty is to use a condom. It works as a bar-
rier contraceptive, blocking the exchange of
the Pill, condoms, bodily fluids. As most condoms are made of
latex, it is important that they not be used with
and menstrual cycles oil-based lubricants such as Vaseline or baby
oil because the latex will rip easily. Instead, a
by Ania Bula condom-safe, water-based lubricant should be
Fulcrum Contributor used. For those allergic to latex, polyurethane
condoms are also available. Male condoms
SCREAMING BABIES, HERPES, and that nas- are more commonly used and less expensive
ty butt rash—sex can have consequences if you than their female counterparts, so they are
don’t plan ahead. Understanding how the birth usually the most common condom found in
control pill works, knowing that condoms are students’ drawers. Remember that in addition
the best way to prevent sexually transmitted in- to the standard condom, a variety of novelty
fections, and being familiar with the menstrual condoms (flavoured, ribbed, and numbing, to
cycle is essential before getting down and dirty. name a few) are also available.
The birth control pill is an oral contraceptive Among the less commonly known contra-
that contains hormones that mimic pregnancy ceptives is the intrauterine device, or IUD. In-
and suppress ovulation. It has to be taken every serted by a medical practitioner directly into the
day at the same time to prevent pregnancy prop- uterus, it can prevent pregnancy for five to ten
erly, and is 99.1 per cent effective. Other similar years. This contraceptive, however, can make
contraceptives include the Patch (placed on the for heavier and more painful menstruation. An-
upper torso, abdomen, or butt), which has to be other form of birth control is spermicide, a gel
replaced once a week, and the Shot (given by a that is inserted into the vagina before sex. Less
health care provider), which is given once every effective than other methods, it’s a good option
three months. One thing to keep in mind is that, to use in conjunction with others. illustration by Maria Rondon
according to a 2005 Health Canada study, all Finally, sexual health experts recommend
three of these contraceptives have been linked that every young woman learn about her body well as learning to detect signs of fertility such as conjunction with using condoms is the best way
to an increase in osteoporosis and blood clots, and know her menstrual cycle before hopping cervical fluid consistency. Before ovulation, the to prevent against pregnancy and STIs.
and have been known to cause liver problems. into bed with a man. Using the calendar-based fluid becomes similar to egg white—clear and
Further, consuming medications such as antibi- rhythm method, it’s possible to predict the ex- easily spread between fingers. But remember: For more information about contraceptives and
otics, and alcohol can decrease the effectiveness act time at which a woman is most and least engaging in sex when you’re not ovulating isn’t STIs visit the Health Services Resource Centre in
of all three. While highly effective at preventing fertile (go to for a reliable method of contraception. Cycles can room 203 in the Unicentre. It is open Monday to
pregnancy, none of these contraceptives protect a comprehensive guide). The rhythm method be deregulated by stress, alcohol, certain medi- Friday, 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m. Free condoms are
against STIs. involves keeping track of body temperature, as cations, and lack of sleep, so taking the Pill in available for students.

Dirty word dictionary

by Tom Cruizin’
Fulcrum Contributor “Felching”:
The process of licking somebody’s ass after ejac-
ONE NIGHT YOUR lover may sweetly whisper ulating in it.
one of the terms below into your ear and you
won’t have a clue what it means. To save you “Lucky Pierre”:
from awkward silence and embarrassment, the A man who is doing his partner up the ass while
Fulcrum has compiled a list of obscure, raunchy he, himself, is getting it up the ass.
sexual terms that you should get familiar with
ASAP. Please note: The Fulcrum does not con- “Punching possums”:
done dangerous acts or behaviour that involves A woman or man who has a series of one-night
forgoing consent. stands and gets the reputation of being a dead
weight in bed.
“Blood hound”:
A man or woman who is a fan of sex or carpet “Puerto Rican fog bank”:
munching when women are menstruating. This While performing 69, one of the duo lets one
is also known as the “Moses”, after the Biblical rip straight into the mouth and nose of their
figure who parted the Red Sea. partner.

“Danza slap”: “Ram”:

Before Tony Danza became famous on prime- While doing his woman doggy style, the man
time in Taxi, it was rumoured that he starred in proceeds to ram her head into the wall to allow
porn and was known for slapping his co-stars for deeper penetration. Caution: can cause in-
in the face with his penis. He may be a D-lister jury.
now, but the Danza Slap isn’t.
“Dirty sanchez”: A lesbian who puts her strap-on on her forehead
After a satisfying romp up the ass, the man pulls and screws her partner.
out and with his dick or his hand, wipes the
discharge on his partner’s upper lip, creating a “Woody Woodpecker”:
‘moustache.’ While getting his balls sucked, the man taps his photo by Martha Pearce
cock on his partner’s head. Down to the basement, lock the cellar door, and baby, talk dirty to me.

S6\\ Sex \\ 01.22.09 \\

State-of-the-art sex toys
by Sarah Leavitt need to begin exploring the exciting world of
Fulcrum Staff BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism, and mas-
ochism). For a relatively low price, the kit con-
SEX TOYS WERE all the rage at the 2009 tains a blindfold, a leather paddle, a set of wrist
Sexapalooza in Ottawa with sex stores from restraints, as well as eight feet of nylon rope. A
across Canada displaying the best of the best booklet instructs you on all the safety tips that
in sex. The following sex toys were some of the are necessary in BDSM, as well as how to use
fastest-selling gadgets at the trade show. each object in the kit.

Jolly Jack Smart Balls

Butt plug, $30 Vaginal balls, $29.95
Butt plugs are great sex toys for both men and Smart Balls are marble-sized hollow balls with
women interested in anal play. Made of hypoal- weights inside that are put in the vagina for
lergenic, latex-free silicone, the Jolly Jack is a stimulation. The balls have two great functions:
ribbed butt plug which has the added feature of when sat on, their contours and the movement
combining an anal plug with anal beads. Its long of the weights inside the balls provide a sensa-
shaft with three balls on top of each other makes tional vibration for women, and because the
for a smooth but exciting entry, and its flared pelvic muscles are needed to keep them in place,
base allows for easy control and mobility. Ideal it provides a great workout. Smart Balls come
for butt plug virgins. with two balls and a string to retrieve them in
case they go in too deep. These balls are great for
Roper solo masturbation or oral sex because they won’t
Cock ring, $9.95 get in the way of the clitoris.

This cock ring sits at the base of the penis around We-Vibe
the scrotum and temporarily restricts the blood
flow out of the penis. This keeps things flying
Vibrator, $129
at full mast and maximizes sensation. The great While on the expensive side for a vibrator, the
thing about this ring is that it works like a lasso, We-Vibe is all the rage in sex-toy land. Sex stores
adjusting to different sizes. No more embarrass- all across Canada were unanimous in voting this
ing measurements in the store. So next time you toy as their top pick and it won “Most Innova- photo by Martha Pearce
want to be the cowboy, use the Roper. Just re- tive Product of the Year” at the 2008 Interna- A veritable smorgasbord of apparati to augment your orgasms.
member not to use it too long; you don’t want tional Venus Awards. This U-shaped silicone
something to fall off. toy belongs in its own category of sex toys as it the vagina, while providing that tight squeeze All these toys and more are available at various
is neither a dildo nor a vibrator. Worn by the that everybody loves. Because of its shape, the sex stores around Ottawa. They include: Venus
Get Into Bondage woman during sex, this toy fits nicely into the We-Vibe requires no hands and its sleek look Envy (320 Lisgar St.), Classixxx Adult Store
BDSM starter kit, $69.95 vagina while its two prongs vibrate to stimulate
the clitoris and the G-spot simultaneously. It is
won’t upset your grandma when she finds it in
your room. Fun fact: the We-Vibe was created
(1724 Bank St.), and The Adult Fun Superstore
(1565 St. Laurent Blvd.).
This sex-toy starter kit includes everything you small enough that a penis can still fit nicely into by an engineer from Ottawa!

Aquarius (Jan. 20–Feb. 18) Gemini (May 21–June 20) Libra (Sept. 23–Oct. 22)
You might utter the words, “You’ve been a bad bus driver” You start a competitive sex league. As league commission- Ninety per cent of the postings for sex on craigslist are
over the course of the next week. Oh, the strike will still er and team captain, tryout weekend is fuckin’ fantastic. fake. Five per cent are just gross. Three per cent are too
be on, but you might as well get dressed up and let some You die a happy man or woman at the end of the season, far away, and 1.5 per cent involve robots. But that magi-
of that frustration out on your significant other. Bring bus when you are assassinated by the NFL for blatant and hi- cal 0.5 per cent left over comes from some of the most
tickets, if you know what I mean. larious copyright infringement. incredible shuffle boarders you’ve ever seen. Fuck them.

Pisces (Feb. 19–March 20) Cancer (June 21–July 22) Scorpio (Oct. 23–Nov. 21)
There are three components to a happy relationship: Did you know that despite its name, the Corsican Hare is Monkey knife fights are not an appropriate way to decide
trust, communication, and my wonderful invention, the not native to Corsica and is rarely found on this Mediter- who has to be the wingman at the bar later in the evening.
UpUrBum. It does exactly what you think, no matter what ranean island today? One day, this fact will get you laid. Those monkeys have feelings, just like you. You won’t like
you’re thinking. Pick one up at the Fulcrum office for it when they make you fight.
$39.95. Leo (July 23–Aug. 22)
Sagittarius (Nov. 22–Dec. 21)
Aries (March 21–April 19) You spend the whole day searching for Trudeau’s gold,
hidden under the centre block of Parliament. Little did In anticipation of a hot date later in the week, you shave
No one ever told you the difference between the white you know this ‘gold’ was the location of Ottawa’s best your whole body. You never realized the world was so
pages and the yellow pages. Luckily, Gary T. Sexstore strip club, in the bowels of the Peace Tower, operating ev- itchy and judgmental. But luckily, your date did the same
knows exactly what you like. ery Wednesday night from 10–11 p.m. thing. Find some oil and have a slippery blast.

Taurus (April 20–May 20) Virgo (Aug. 23–Sept. 22) Capricorn (Dec. 22–Jan. 19)
You start a blog chronicling your sex life. It’s like Sex and Your friends told you not to eat anything out of your girl- You invented a new sexual position: the pencil sharpener.
the City, except the ‘city’ is Ottawa. And what people friend’s ass. Now you’ve got superpowers. Way to go, I’ll let you visualize that for a moment. Yup, it’s just fuckin’.
told you was ‘sex’ was actually chronic masturbation. It jerk. You put your book on hold.
doesn’t get as many hits as you thought it would.
illustrations by Samnang Touch // 01.29.09 // Sex// S7


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