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ACI Dealing Certificate ACI Operations Certificate ACI Diploma

For 15 years Finance Trainer has been one of the leading training partners of ACI offering exam preparation courses for the entire range of ACI certificates.

What does the ACI do? ACI is a leading global association of wholesale financial market professionals. It contributes to the market development via education and certification programmes, market practices (The Model Code), technical advice and networking events. Pushing education and maintaining the level of professional competence are the two main objectives of this voluntary association. Membership is personal and interests are represented
independent of institutions. One of the most important concerns of the umbrella association as well as the national ACI associations is the education and training of financial markets traders in order to support them in their efforts to master the permanently changing challenges of todays banking environment. The first step of education leads to the ACI Dealing Certificate and ACI Operations Certificate, respectively. As a second step, candidates approach the ACI Diploma exam.

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Who is responsible for the official ACI exam? The official ACI exam is held by the ACI, or by Prometric on behalf of the ACI. Our training programmes are designed as preparatory courses and a pass in the Cyber*School programme does not constitute a pass in the official ACI exam. You will find all relevant information on the ACI International website / Education - Certification. One does not have to be an ACI member in order to be able to take ACI exams. Prometric provides test centers worldwide where you can sit the ACI exam via computer. Costs for ACI exams (subject to change, as per March 2012): ACI Dealing Certificate: ACI Operations Certificate: ACI Diploma: EUR 250.00 (or equivalent in USD) plus VAT EUR 250.00 (or equivalent in USD) plus VAT EUR 350.00 (or equivalent in USD) plus VAT

Where can I sit the ACI exam? On / Locate a Test Site you can locate a Prometric the closest test center: Select country and ACI Financial Markets Association Exam: select exam and language (Please note that the ACI Diploma is not listed here as it requires a successful DC exam as a prerequisite to admission. However, it is safe to assume that all test centers offering the ACI Dealing Certificate exam also offer the ACI Diploma exam.) A list of all Prometric test centers in the selected country is displayed.

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How do I register for the official ACI exam? For registration for the official ACI exam we recommend the following telephone numbers as published by ACI International:
Country Austria Belgium Denmark Eastern Europe Finland France Germany Ireland Israel Italy Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Russia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey United Kingdom All others Toll-free 0800 298 582 0800 1 7414 802 40 830 NONE 800 93343 0800 807790 0800 1839 708 1800 626 104 180 9242007 800 878441 0800 0227584 800 30164 00800 4411321 0800 203589 (+7 495) 580 9456 900 151210 0200 117023 0800 556 966 800 44914073 0800 592 873 Direct +31 320 23 9893 +31 320 23 9892 +31 320 23 9895 +31 320 23 9895 +31 320 23 9895 +31 320 23 9899 +31 320 23 9891 +31 320 23 9897 +31 320 23 9895 +31 320 23 9896 +31 320 23 9890 +31 320 23 9895 +31 320 23 9895 +31 320 23 9985 +31 320 23 9895 +31 320 23 9898 +31 320 23 9895 +31 320 23 9894 +31 320 23 9895 +31 320 23 9895 +31 320 23 9800 Language of call available in German German, French, English, Dutch English English English French German English English Italian Dutch English English English English Spanish English German, French, English, Italian, Spanish English English

Via these telephone numbers you can locate a test center, arrange for an exam appointment and discuss the payment arrangements (usually either voucher or credit card). Please keep ready the Prometric Code for the particular ACI exam: (that is three-i-zero) ACI Dealing Certificate ACI Operations Certificate ACI Diploma 3I0-008 3I0-010 3I0-009

(Note: for registration to the ACI Diploma your personal Prometric-ID of the ACI Dealing Certificate exam is also required. You find this ID on the test statistics copy you have been handed by the test center after the DC exam so please make sure not to lose it!)

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Which items are allowed to bring in to the ACI exam? You are allowed to bring in some items to the ACI exam. Please discuss this with the test center prior to your exam in order to avoid problems on the exam day! The following documents and objects are allowed at the official ACI exam in a Prometric test center: A handheld calculator, e.g. HP calculator. Generally all handheld calculators that can store formulae but cannot scan complete text passages are allowed. In the exam, an onlinecalculator will be available, too. The ACI Formula Sheet which you can find at: ( - Certification/Suite of Examination/Other Topics/Formulae Sheet) During the exam, an on-screen version will be available. A dictionary, if necessary

Not allowed are blank sheets of paper, all other documents, pens, drinks, food, personal objects such as mobile phones, etc. The test center will provide each candidate with a wipeable white board and a suitable pen.

What can I do if I encounter difficulties during the ACI exam or if I fail the exam? Should you have problems with the questions during the ACI exam you can state comments to the particular exam questions. The ACI has promised that these comments will be discussed by the ACI Appeals Board within 14 days and that you will be informed as soon as possible. You have to send your appeal via / Education Certification/Other Topics/ Appeal After completing the exam at the test center you will be immediately informed about whether you have passed or not. The test center provides you with a statistic as confirmation of your result make sure not to lose it! Please forward your detailed results to Finance Trainer (Fax: 00352 34 83 55), so that we are able to improve our preparation. Should you fail the exam you can register and re-sit the examination as soon as you feel competent to do so but you will have to pay the exam fee again.

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Tips for the ACI exam Attention: contrary to general market convention, the ACI exam money market interest rates are quoted in the English way, i.e. offer-bid! Attention: contrary to general market convention, repos are quoted bid<offer! in the ACI exam (You buy the repo on the money side resp. you get the lower interest rate for the invested cash amount.) In repo calculations the initial cash amount is already given, i.e. you do not have to compute the dirty price first. The ACI Model Code constitutes a substantial part of the questions asked in the ACI Dealing Certificate and Operations (Settlements) exam. For an optimal preparation we recommend to read the original ACI Model Code which you can find at The ACI Model Code Especially for the ACI Dealing Certificate exam: please make sure that you train all questions in the ACI Dealing Certificate Cyber*School / chapter Advanced Money Market Calculations, particularly the repo calculations. Syllabus: on the following pages please find the format of each exam, for further information please refer to / Education - Certification /Suite of Examination / DC resp. OC resp. Diploma Should you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us anytime.

All the best for your ACI exam! Your Finance Trainer Team

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Exam ACI Dealing Certificate Format: The examination consists of a single paper of 2 hours duration divided into the following 9 topic baskets:

Questions Basic Interest Rate Calculations Cash Money Market Cash Money Market Calculations Foreign Exchange Foreign Exchange Calculations Forward-forward, FRAs and Money Market Futures & Swaps Options Principles of Risk The Model Code Total maximum score 5 5 5 10 5 10 5 5 30

Marks 5 5 5 10 5 10 5 5 30 80

The overall pass level is 60% (48 marks), assuming that the minimum score criteria for each of the topic baskets is met. There is a minimum score criteria of 50% for the Model Code section and 40% for each of the other topic baskets. Grades Pass 60% - 69.99% Merit 70% - 79.99% Distinction 80% and above

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Exam ACI Operations Certificate Examination Procedure Format: The examination lasts 2 hours and consists of 80 multiplechoice questions. Some questions will require the use of a basic calculator. The latter will be provided on screen.

Minimum scores for each subject area apply as listed below: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Topic section

Questions related to the topic 5 8 10 10 5 10 8 8 8 8 80

Minimum of correct answers 2 3 4 4 2 4 3 3 3 3 Average

Overall financial market and front to end treasury view Deal capture, trade entry and confirmations Settlement, netting and clearing Reconciliations and investigations Treasury systems and data management Risk management, controls, compliance and documentation Foreign exchange Money market Derivatives Short term bonds and notes Total

40,0 37,5 40,0 40,0 40,0 40,0 37,5 37,5 37,5 37,5 38.8

Grades Pass Merit Distinction 50.00% - 64.99% 65.00% - 74.,99% 75.00% and above

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ACI Diploma Examination Procedure



Marks per Question 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Calculation s 6 6 6 4 4 4 4 -4 38

Marks per Question 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 -2

Total Marks

Foreign Exchange Money Market Fixed Income Options Futures Forward Rate Agreements Swaps Fundamental and technical analysis Risk Management Total

9 9 9 6 6 6 6 12 6 69

21 21 21 14 14 14 14 12 14 145

Scoring Part 1 Conventions Part 2 Berechnungen 69 Single Choice Questions of 1 point 4 answers available; 1 correct answer 38 Complex Calculations Single Choice questions of 2 points 4 answers available; 1 correct answer Total marks Pass Pass with merit Pass with distinction

Marks 69 76 145

50 % per topic; minimum 60 % of total marks (87 - 101 marks) 70 to 79.99 % of total marks (102 - 115 marks) > 80 % of total marks ( 116 marks)

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