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Universities Worth the Expense?

Recession Teenagers and Sport

Sexual Health

Documentary Ideas

Drug Abuse

Video Games Contributing to a different generation

Smoking Addiction or Lifestyle Choice

University- Worth the expense? Pros: Experts, Interviews will be easy to source. Simple target audience Currently a large talking point in society Statistics will be easy to find Cons: Very general Already a lot of documentaries on this topic, been done before.

Sexual Health Pros: Experts, again, will be easy to source, statistics will also likely be easy to obtain Good mise-en-scene opportunities. Cons: Not many people will want to talk about sex related topics on camera, so vox pops will be difficult to find. Doesnt need must investigation, not showing our best skills.

Video Games Pros: A topic that is often discussed in the media, with a wide variety of pressure groups out there to try and make the government create tougher legislation Research may be less difficult than other topics. Cons: A lot of footage may be found footage because in order to convey the violence shown in video games wed need to prove it, thus this will need a lot of footage that isnt our own Children will not want to discuss this topic because they are not the ones who are raising the point about the violence, its their parents/guardians etc Experts may also be difficult to find. Conclusion: Simply because of the lack of experts and proof of this topic, as a group we opted not to choose this topic for our documentary.

Conclusion: Such a large topic to talk about, not all universities charge the top rate of fees, student loans etc, different universities have different housing costs, so overall very general.

Conclusion: The sensitivity of this topic alone, made this topic an easy no-go for our group, collectively we agreed that while expert interviews will likely too simple to obtain and be very excellent, a public opinion would be difficult to obtain.

Recession- Saving Money Pros: Huge topic in the media currently, with all the deficit reduction and so on. Large number of statistics in order to back up statements we are making


Abuse: Drugs Pros: A lot of different opinionated interviews, from medical professionals, teachers, students etc. Statistics will be easy to source. Easy to get vox pops.

Pros: Experts would be fairly simple to find, doctors, nurse, psychologists etc. Statistics would also be easy to find. Often in the media, as weve seen in Australia it was and is still a large talking point for the public, i.e. smoking ban in public places, Australians bans on certain packaging, ban on cigarette advertising in the United Kingdom. Cons: Money saving experts who are willing Cons: Many documentaries on this to talk on camera may prove difficult. previously, we would need something extra Only aiming it at adults as they are the only special in order for ours to really stand out ones who are interested in this topic, younger and appeal. people will find this topic, most likely, boring. Conclusion: Because of how mundane this topic is we decided not to choose this for our documentary, the lack of experts was also a factor in not choosing it. Conclusion: Our group almost decided to choose this topic however we thought that many documentaries had already covered everything that we could possibly say about it, also in comparison of seriousness with drug abuse, smoking is less harmful, albeit harmful.

Cons: Some people may not want to talk on camera about drugs.

Conclusion: As a group we chose to do this topic as our documentary, we felt that it was the most interesting and wont restrict us to a limited target audience which will make it easier to produce, the easiness of sourcing the statistics and interviews was also a major factor in us choosing this topic.


Topic: Abuse: Drugs Our topic will be more to do with the illegal drug abuse, rather than pharmaceutical drug abuse. Target Audience: 16-30 Gender: No specific gender Ethnicity: All Social Class: D, C2, C1, and B Channel: BBC Three Time/Day: Post watershed- 9pm and weekends.