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Working Title: Pirates, Politics and Science

Keywords: epistemic cultures, knowledge networks, criminal appropriation of technology, postcolonial theory, subaltern studies, SCOT, cultural cognition

Topical Data Social Theoretical Research Why Now? How Prepared? Bias? Fields of Work? Funders?
Area Sets Questions? Questions?
Criminal 1. Archival 1. In what way 1. Did the 1. Explores a * I have applied for * Is it a bias to * Transatlantic * HASS
s analysis and does deviance majority of pirates new dimension of a SSRC pre- go in thinking Studies
(Pirates) discourse impact social have specific Transatlantic dissertation that your * NSF
and STS analysis. I am outcomes? knowledge of history that has fellowship hypotheses is * Postcolonial dissertation
contemplating scientific been overlooked. correct? studies improvement
participant 2. How has instruments or did * I have done a grant
observation, but deviance made they use other 2. Answers decent amount of * I think * Criminal
that is unlikely. contributions to methods of Sandra Hardings background work on pirates are appropriation of * SSRC
science? navigation? call for more whether or not this is pretty cool, butTechnology dissertation
* Analysis of work in issues of a doable project it is entirely development
journals, court 3. How have voices 2. Did pirates postcolonial (which it seems to possible that * Cognition in the fellowship
records and from outside have a higher science. be). they were wild/Cultural
transcripts, established literacy rate than horrible people cognition * SSRC pre-
captain's logs, epistemic networks the general 3. Addresses the * I have done – I need to dissertation
etc. been silenced? population, knowledge gap in research into avoid idolizing * Social Science of fellowship
general sailors, or the construction transatlantic studies. them. History
Locations: 4. Why have enlisted men? of Western Association * National
1. Library of deviant voices been science. It * I need to learn * I am a white Humanities
National silenced? 3. What was the acknowledges about archival middle class * Anthropology Institute
Maritime relationship that some of the analysis. female – this with a focus on
Museum, 5. How does between pirates roots of does not bode social deviance.
cultural cognition and local institutionalized * I possibly need to well for
2. British bring new communities? Was science lie within improve on my participant
National meanings and there a knowledge the activities of reading observation of
Archives, interpretations of exchange between social groups Spanish/French contemporary
deviance and indigenous people who are generally criminal
3. The Public criminality in Central credited with * I have contacted groups.
Record Office American and the making little to individuals at other
in Kew, 6. I am interested Caribbean no beneficial institutions working
in how those within regarding ship contributions to on related projects,
4. Library of deviant groups building and society. as well as various
Congress interpret their navigation – or archives.
contributions, but I other aspects such 4. This case
* Analysis of am not sure if the as health, study can be used
contemporary archival records medicine, food to provide
drug trafficking exist to answer this supplies and additional
and modern question. preperation. support to
piracy cases discussions of lay
(Colombian 4. What role did contributions to
drug submarine pirates/piracy play scientific
& Somali in the development knowledge; it
pirates) of colonial science also makes a
- more specifically significant
* Participant cartography and contribution to
observation of the natural the study of
modern piracy sciences? experts/expertise
(West Africa) and how
5. Viewing ships expertise relates
as “technology” to Western
that marginalized science practices.
social groups had
access to, how 5. Since pirate
were these communities
marginalized were of mixed
groups able to ethniticities and
gain an economic cultures and they
stronghold in a had close contact
global economy? with indigenous
Did marginalized peoples, pirate
groups play a knowledge
definitive role in networks have
the development ofadded a distinctly
colonial science? non-Western
perspective to the
6. Given the development of
resources (money modern science.
and manpower) of
the British Navy, 6. Pirates are a
how was it the topic the public is
piracy was able to enamored with
unchecked for
several hundred
years in the

7. Can criminal
(pirate) epistemic
communities be
grouped under the
heading of cultural