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Punjab National Bank

Letter of request for Registration as Corporate SMS Alerts Subscriber (Important: No field /column to be left blank)
Sole Proprietor Partnership HUF Private Ltd Company

Public Ltd Company



Others (Please write constitution)

(Please tick as applicable)

The Incumbent Incharge Punjab National Bank B.O.: ______________

Dear Sir/Madam 1. I/We M/s __________________________ (Name of account) request for enrolling me/us as Corporate SMS Alerts Subscriber in respect of the following mentioned accounts. I/We undertake that the registration as SMS alerts (tick the right option) facility, is subject to my/our acceptance and abiding by the terms and conditions as contained in the brochure provided to me/us, and the latest terms and conditions as in force from time to time which are exhibited on the website of Punjab National Bank (https://mobile.netpnb.com). 2. Account details :

Customer-ID Account Type (SF/CA/CC/OD) Account Number

(Please use separate sheet, for more accounts)

3. Present Address (Office)

Pin Code
Telephone No (with STD code) FAX(with STD code)

e-mail address

4. S.No.

I/ We authorize Bank to provide SMS alerts facility to following users: Name of User Mobile No. Signature of user

5. Only 10 persons (maximum allowed) for one Customer Id in a corporate will be provided with the facility of SMS alerts delivery. It is the responsibility of the corporate for the authenticity of the above mentioned mobile numbers. Yours faithfully,

6. Full Name of Authorised Signatory (ies): 1 2 3 4 7. 1 Signature of Authorised Person(s) with office seal/stamp 2

Signature and details verified

For Internal Use SMS alert facility permitted

Authorised Official Authorised Official Date (GBPA No ) (GBPA No ) _______________________________________________________________________________________

The facilities proposed to be provided for SMS alert Services Online Alerts
Return of cheque (bounced) for specific amount for SF/CA/CC/OD accounts Realization of cheques above a specific limit. Realization of bills above specific limit Third party account transfer for specific amount RTGS / NEFT or any other inward remittance in the account above a specific limit NEFT / RTGS outward remittance Cash withdrawal above specific amount On withdrawal at ATM above specific amount Execution of standing instructions Stop payment of cheque Offline Alerts Release of lien information under share trading mechanism. Greeting to customers. Alert on renewal/payment of fixed deposit on maturity above specific amount. Alert on Internet Banking Transaction password expiry Closure of SMS services Alerts on new schemes Renewal of CC/OD account limits. Alert for installment due of retail loans. Alert reminding on overdue on installment amount of retail loan

Specimen of Board Resolution for SMS alerts Resolved that the company do avail the SMS alerts Services for the accounts opened / to be opened with Punjab National Bank at their various Branch (es) and the company do accept all terms and conditions of Punjab National Bank and further/do accept such terms, regulations, conditions, stipulations laid down by Punjab National Bank from time to time for the purpose. RESOLVED FURTHER THAT the following officials be hereby singly/jointly authorized to accept sign, execute, deliver and complete all documentation, agreements, accept and abide by the modifications, in order to apply for and avail the Corporate SMS Alerts facility provided by the Punjab National Bank. S.No. Name of authorized official Designation

Any change in the above mandates shall be by a fresh resolution passed by companys Board and by intimating the same to Bank. RESOLVED FURTHER THAT Punjab National Bank be and hereby authorized to accept all instructions for subscribing/modifying the Corporate SMS Alerts Services singly or jointly from any one of the above authorized official in respect of Companys account/s. The company does agree to hold Punjab National Bank harmless and their interest protected on account of it executing such instructions by the above authorized officials in the manner provided. FURTHER RESOLVED THAT a copy of this resolution be and hereby be submitted to Punjab National Bank duly certified by the Chairman of Board or Company Secretary of the Company.