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08/11/97 2:55 PM Alone in the house again its so rare an event listened to music from the portable CD player

finished off with a few songs from Little River Band then on the Dan Fogelbergs Souvenirs and finally a few songs from 1927 they all seemed to reminf me of Mary for some reason love songs songs we listened to together concerts we went to Feeling hounded Darlene Tarbrough the real estate person handling this rental wants to come by and inspect the repairs I dont feel like that at all thats the least and the most of it the Unemployment police the water people IRS Mary Gail the courts the authorities it dont seem right I came to America twenty four years ago and brought more here than I have now after twenty four years I am in fact legally indebted to the IRS Mary and Gail to the extent of more than forty thousand dollars this is my experience of America for sixteen of those twenty four years I was earning a highere than average income and what I have to show for it is forty thousand dollars of debt how did it happen who has what I earned in all those sixteen years of discomfort what the system is saying to me is that those sixteen years of deprivation were not enough in fact its more like eighteen years the only periods when I wasnt working as a slave were involunatry and for the most part directly caused by those who claim the highest debts even if I had what the Denton Real Estate Company stole (with Marys help) Id still only be about neutral or less something is wrong here I am a fugitive or feel I will be soon despite those seventeen years of slavery something is wrong here Its actually much more Starting on 11/68 until 3/70 which is to start 16 months then again from 11/70 to 12/71 another 13 months In 1972 it started again from 8/72 through to about 5/82

9 years and 9 months then it began again in 1985 for more than 1 month then again in 1986 from 4/86 to 10/86 for 6 months then again from 11/86 to 4/87 for 5 months then in 1987 from 8/87 to 3/88 for 8 months then in 1988 from 3/88 to 7/88 for 4 months then again in 1990 for 1 month then from 10/90 to 4/97 for a totaL OF 6 years and 6 months A grand total of twenty years and seven months ir shall we say 20 years and one half since completing my bachelors degree with one of those years as a student. From November of 1968 and then there is summer work for another 1 year and four months which brings us up to close to 22 years that I have worked and earned a living. That leaves 27 years of my life that I wasnt earning a living while a child and a student and then involunatry

unemployment. 22 years and of course it neutralized and wiped out in 1983 when stolen by Marys in-laws with her help and went negative due to credit card bills and then later due to excessive taxes