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Project Synopsis


Submitted for partial fulfillment of award of

Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology

SUBMITTED BY : Ashish Bhandari 81103113008 IT, 8th Sem


Acknowledgement is not mere formality but a genuine opportunity to thank all those people without that active support in this project would not be able to be possible. I am thankful to Mr. Pankaj Gupta and Sahil Sharma of Netmax Technologies for their valuable time they devoted to us and give us a lot of knowledge and help regarding our project. During our last semester in the curriculum of B.TECH. I feel obliged in taking the opportunity to thank Mr. Harish Kundra (H.O.D. Computer Science & IT).


The web-application aims at provides the candidates ability to register to this application and search for jobs, manage their accounts. As this is a well designed and easy-to-use communication system will certainly give the job portal an edge over the other job portals with outdated and manual communication system, with manpower doing the bulk of data transfer in the form of files and paper documents. With automatic features like getting candidates information, company information, getting job vacancies this web application turns out to be a very suitable one for any type of company which requires an efficient and secure communication among the candidates.

The existing system work manually. The existing system has got lot of intricacies within itself and need lot of human effort and paper works. All above the data need to be maintained on ledgers and maintaining this is a tedious and risky process. As the transactions increases ,so the data too. So the task of maintaining them increases exponentially. To view a data may need lot of paper to be searched.
Some of the negative aspects of the existing system are as follows:

Time Consuming: Course of action is time consuming. Wherever a need for search arises, the process evolves search through paper records. Readability Problem: Readability of records is constrained. All the records may not be handled or written by the same person. So the format and style of records differ and hence it is difficult to understand. Reliability: Paper records are easily damaged in course of time. The life time of paper record is unreliable less that it easily gets spoiled. Man Power: Expenditure is high. Manual system needs added man power. Security Problem: Prone to corruption by unauthorized users. Securing of manual system is not fully guaranteed. Inaccuracy can be expected. Data can get easily scratched.


Online job portal is a web application built in java. It provides the candidates ability to register to this application and search for jobs, manage their accounts. Each candidate will have their own account with their own home page. On the other hand companies that are willing to publish the jobs for their company to candidates can register to the job portal and get their own account created and can post jobs to portals database . Registered companies can add or remove jobs and these jobs can be seen by various candidates and they can contact the company person for the job. Main aim of this web application is to make a good web application that can make this job search option easy and accessible to everyone who are interested .

Technologies Used:


(1) Registration module. (2) Login module. (3) Posting job and removing or modifying job. (4) Searching for posted job and account management.


DFD SYMBOLS: In DFD there are four symbols:

SQUARE defines the originator or the destination of the system data.

An ARROW identifies the data flows in motion. Its a pipeline thru which information flows. A CIRCLE or a BUBBLE represents the process that transforms incoming data flow(s) into outgoing data flow(s). Note that DFD describes what does flow (logical) rather than how they are processed, so it does not depend on hardware, software, data structures, or file organization. The key question that we are trying to answer is: what major transformations must occur for input to be correctly transformed into output?

Registration Module:Company Register Candidate Registered Candidate Registered company

Login module:


Company Home page Login Candidate


Invalid Username and Password

Home Page


Registered Company

Job Posted Post job

Remove or edit job posted


Job edited or removed

Account changes Reflected


Registered Candidate Serach for job Listing of available jobs

Edit information

Information updated


Processing Environment: The programming language and development tools are the critical factors in the functioning of the developed system, so proper attention has to be paid while selecting these tools. Following are the minimum requirements for installation and making use of the software package:

Hardware requirements: Processor: Pentium RAM: 128MB

HARD DISK: 40GB Printer: Any compatible printer

Software requirements: JDK 1.5 MYSQL

Introduction to Java

Java is the purely object-oriented language that is receiving wide attention from both industry and academia. Java was developed by James Gosling and his team at Sun Microsystems in California. The language was based on C and C++ and was originated intended for writing programs that control consumer appliances. The language was the first called Oak, named after the oak tree outside of Goslings office, but the name was already taken, so the team renamed it Java.

Basically java is divided into 3 editions as Core java (J2SE = Java 2 Standard Edition) Micro java (J2ME = Java 2 Micro Edition) Advance java (J2EE = Java 2 Enterprise Edition)

Features of OOPS-

Emphasis is on data rather than procedure. Programs are divided into parts what are known as objects data structures are designed such that they characterize the objects. Methods that operate on the data of an object are tied together in the data structures. Data is hidden and cannot be accessed by external functions. Objects may communicate with each other through methods. New data and methods can be easily added whenever necessary. Follows bottom-up approach in program design.

JAVA includes

Class Object
Inheritance Abstraction Encapsulation Polymorphism Abstract Classes Interfaces Packages

Java Environment

Java environment includes a large number of development tools and hundreds of classes and methods. The development tolls are part of the system known as Java Development Kit (JDK). Applet viewer( for viewing Java applets) Javac (Java complier) Java( Java interpreter) Javap ( Java dissembler) Javah(for C header files) Javadoc(for creating HTML documents) Jdb(java debugger)

Java Program Structure

Documentation Section Package Statement Import Statements Interface Statements Class Definitions Main Method Class { Main Method Definition }


The following books are being used to fulfill the requirements of the proposed project and are helpful in the understanding, development and the maintenance of the project:

1. Software Engineering 2. java 3. Database System Concepts 4. Structured Query Language

Roger S. Pressman K.A. Mugal Henry F. Korth Ivan Bayros

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