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TEFL-QUT Bina Insan Guru 2012 Tanjung Uda River Resort, Sitiawan, Perak EQUIPMENT COMMITTEE REPORT

Before Equipment committee members were selected and structured in order to have representatives for each BIG participant group, each activity and representatives for other committees. Members met together to discuss and brainstorm the things needed to be requested for loan from the college. Committee members also consulted BIG lecturers in regards to equipment needed for activities. After list of things and equipment needed were made, the list was then forwarded to En. Affiq of Jabatan Kokurikulum, who then prepared and inspected the things and equipment before participants departure to the camp destination.

During On the departure day, the committee supervised and delegated work between all participants to carry all equipment out from the store to be loaded into the buses. All equipment were safely transferred to the buses quickly and without a problem. Upon arrival at the campsite, all equipments transition from the buses to its specified purpose was Equipment Committee - BIG

TEFL-QUT Bina Insan Guru 2012 Tanjung Uda River Resort, Sitiawan, Perak monitored in order to make sure that nothing would be lost or misplaced. For every event and other committee that required any equipment use, the committee was able to successfully provide everything that was needed. On the final day of camp, the committee made sure that all things loaned and brought to the camp site from the college were loaded into the buses for transport back to the college. Everyone else other than the committee members were very proactive and showed great support and cooperation in loading the buses, which made the equipment loading very quick and smooth. Upon arrival at the college at about 8.00 p.m. on Friday, all equipment was safely transferred from the bus into the store in only about 15 minutes.

After Reflecting upon the responsibilities and challenges that we have overcome during our position as equipment committee members, we will never be able to sufficiently express how important preparation is in order to avoid difficulties that can surface at any point of the camp. Having equipment was very important in every activity during BIG. We cannot imagine how unpleasant and troublesome the camp would turn out if there were to be shortages or loses of equipment. Fortunately, no event of this sort occurred as everything went well as planned. We are very thankful and we believe we have learned a lot from this experience, which would be very useful for our future careers as teachers.

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Equipment Committee - BIG

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