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Lesson/Description of task Introduction to demand. Presentation on demand. Students complete KWL chart. Students assigned market survey assignments. *See lesson 1 for presentation details* Demand Continued. Marginal Utility simulation. One student comes to the front of class and eats a donut. He/she tells us their utiles (enjoyment) of the donut. They continue this process to show how utility diminishes over time after each product is consumed. Marginal Utility quick-write for homework. Introduction to supply. Presentation on supply. Students begin main idea chart (given under lesson 4 graphic organizer). Students will not complete the chart, but will continue the following day. Supply continued. Determinants of supply presentation. Continue main idea chart. Students should finish the chapter and the entire chart. Introduction to commentary (multimedia project). Students will be introduced to the multimedia project for the unit, which is a commentary. Students are given student samples and then come up with their own ideas. Students are reminded that the unit is not complete and that a topic they may want to use will be introduced in the coming days. Students should brainstorm ideas of what they wish to write about. Then, the class will go to the library or computer lab and students will begin their search on different publishing websites (newspapers, articles, etc). Commentaries are individual assignments and the presentations should be approximately 5 minutes. *see lesson 2 for samples and more details* Supply and demand graphing. Students placed into groups, given white boards. Students practice making graphs and working on shifts in demand and supply. Students will be given a scenario and will be expected to correctly draw the graphs and their shifts in supply and demand. Students will be called on to go up to the main board and give their findings, citing their reasoning for the choices they made. This will continue all class period, as making graphs is an important skill to learn for the unit and can take some time. Introduction to elasticity. Presentation on elasticity. Students will take notes on presentation. Library day. Students work on webercise activity (given under webercise tab) Review day. Student questions, common assessment given. Start commentary presentations. Commentary presentations. Students will be prepared to give their commentary presentation. Commentaries should last no longer than 5 minutes. Unit Exam