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Relieving a dying nation with
band-aid solutions

Along mercury drug stores, people can be noticed lining up

with the hope that Go Bingo Cards will alter their fates. These
lines seem to be the mirror image of the only hope left in the
hands of most Filipinos nowadays.
The prices of commodities especially rice and oil create their
line in the graphs of the economy and industries— a line that
has recently been sloping steeply upward.

Fall in Line
Under a sea of umbrellas, young and old mostly from urban
communities line up sweating in expectation of the NFA rice that
is cheaper than commercial rice.
“There is rice shortage”—this has been claimed by the
administration as reason for the hike in rice prices.
According to the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI),
rice prices are likely to keep rising for some time as production
of the popular cereal fails to keep up with soaring demand.
Dr. Robert Zeigler, director general of IRRI, said the
Philippines has secured import supplies from Vietnam and other
countries last April. The Kyodo News agency also reported that
Japan plans to send 200,000 metric tons of rice from its stock
as emergency exports to the Philippines. Zeigler added that
if ever our country experienced problems in importing rice, it
could consider crops such as kamote and gabi as alternatives.
IRRI trustees stressed that the issue is mainly on “rice-price
crisis” not “rice shortage.” Problems on the food budget among
households nowadays, IRRI believes, are caused by the soaring
prices of rice.
The rice industry also stumbled upon hoarding among rice
producers. According to an article published in the Philippine
Daily Inquirer (PDI), Central Mindanao, which is one of the
regions that used to be a leading source of rice, faced the
problem of such hoarding. Main rice producers argued that they
are just securing their business.
The administration tries to fulfill rice sufficiency plans for
the next years in order to realize their responsibility amid rice
price problems today.
President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo announced a P43.7-
billion Fertilizer, Irrigation and Infrastructure, Extension, Loans,
Dryers and other post-harvest and post-production facilities,
and Seeds (FEEDS) program, which they claim to be a support
package for the agriculture sector aimed at food security. Later,
the government showed this complementary Rice Self-sufficiency
Plan with the intention of boosting local rice yield that would
match the country’s consumption by 2010.
United Opposition spokesperson Adel Tamano, however,
expected the government to do what is needed rather than

continue resorting rice imports from abroad and long-term food

security plan.
Another article from PDI states that the Philippines is one
of the world’s top rice importers and it has been struggling to
secure sufficient rice supply in the face of rising commodity
prices. However, this particular problem is not only prevalent in
our country but all over the world, sparking violent protests in
other countries such as Haiti and Egypt.
Meanwhile, the National Food Authority (NFA) is providing
additional stocks to accommodate the long line of people who
cannot afford to buy commercial rice because of inflation.
According to Anna Paje, BS Development Communication
’08, the increase in the price of rice truly affected her family. PUMP(ED UP) PRICE.
“Problema talaga siya. Kahit kasi sa bahay, nakikita ko ‘yung Oil prices continue to escalate together
parents ko na nag-aargue pa sila kung sa’n bibili; pipila pa ba with other commodities such as
para sa NFA rice o dun na lang sa mahal? Kasi tinitingnan din rice and electricity --forcing the masses to
namin kung worth it ba kung pipila pa para sa mura,” she said. further tighten their belts.

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SR vows systemwide support
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How (not) to get lost in UPLB
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HPPaano tumawid sa isang ilog
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UPLB Perspective UPLB Perspective
2 VOLUME 35 | ISSUE 1 | August 1, 2008 NEWS NEWS VOLUME 35 | ISSUE 1 | August 1, 2008 3

USC, orgs decry campus repression Tambayan ‘eviction’ threatens orgs anew
SR vows systemwide support Nikko Angelo Oribiana The UPLB Heritage Tree Committee of Bernardo stressed that the CHE of student organizations based in the IBS
the UPLB administration spearheaded the administration will only allow tambayan to building were relocated to the Student
Karen Lapitan from the USC, CSCs, and a number information.
said project. be set up in front of the CHE building as Union (SU) building last February 25.
of student organizations (See related Abdulwahid, meanwhile, expressed After the tambayan of student
organizations based in the Institute The Beta Kappa Fraternity and Beta long as it can be removed after 5 p.m. daily. The administration said the position
Campus repression may not be a article on page 12). alarm on this issue. “Sa palagay ko,
of Biological Sciences (IBS) were Kappa Sigma Sorority, however, protests On the other hand, Dr. Benjamin of the tambayan, which blocks the
pleasant greeting, but the Student USC Chairperson Leo ‘XL’ Fuentes isa talaga siyang (late appointment)
‘evicted’ last February, another case of on the administration’s action. Bartolome, CHE professor and passageways of the IBS building, is in
Regent (SR) has to deal with it. said student representation suffers with malaking uri ng represyon sa student
tambayan removal welcomed a student “Hindi na kinonsult ang mga university landscaping committee head, violation of Section 9 of the Fire Code of the
During her first consultation the delay of the USC-CSC elections. He movement dito sa UPLB,” said
organization with the opening of the estudyante. ‘Yung mga ginagawa nilang said, “bawal talaga dito sa CHE ang Philippines, which states that “exit ways [of
with UPLB students, SR Shahana added that Cuevas has already given Abdulwahid.
semester this academic year. (administrasyon) represyon sa estudyante tambayan. Kaya sila nandito [ay] para buildings] should be free from obstruction.”
Abdulwahid was greeted with campus the incumbent USC and CSCs until the
ay ‘di tama,” said Mic Ivan Sumilang, a mag-aral at hindi para tumambay at
repression issues which include the end of July to stay in office. Cuevas, Not Later than 7 p.m.
Replaced by a heritage tree Beta Kappa fraternity member. magkwentuhan maghapon.” USC’s support
delayed University Student Council however, denied giving any ultimatum. Another issue raised was the
The tambayan of the Beta Kappa Sumilang said they were not warned that According to Dr. Saguiguit, the Arbeen Acuña, University Student
(USC)-College Student Council (CSC) policy allegedly disallowing student
Fraternity and Beta Kappa Sigma Sorority their tambayan will be removed. As of press organization from CHE can only set up Council (USC) Councilor, said the removal
elections, late appointment of the UPLB Late Appointment organizations to use facilities for
in front of CAS Annex 1 building (formerly time, the fraternity is using the CAS Annex I tambayan if their organization can raise of the tambayan is a direct attack to the
Perspective Editor in Chief (EIC), new Perspective EIC Christian Ray activities beyond 7 p.m. (see related
New CAS building) was removed last June building steps as their temporary tambayan. funds for constructing a gazebo that students’ right to organize.
mode of payment in some university Buendia received his appointment from article on page 4).
to give way to the “12 UPLB Heritage “Karapatan naman namin talaga amounts to Php 80,000. “Mahigpit pa rin naming kinokundena
dormitories, alleged policy disallowing the Office of the Chancellor only last Abdulwahid stressed that a
Trees,” one of UPLB administration’s UP sa pagkakatanggal noon (tambayan) na “Ipasa daw sa org namin ang ang kawalan ng democratic consultation sa
students from using university July 2, instead of last summer. His consultation with students must be
PHOTO FAITH ALLYSON BUENACOSA Centennial activity. Today, a marker with malaman before, magkaroon man lang pagpapatayo ng ganitong facility for the mga na-aalis na tambayan,” Acuña added.
facilities beyond 7 p.m., and tambayan appointment was delayed due to his held first before imposing such a policy.
an inscription stating ‘bonsai-like beauty’ sana kami ng notice,” Sumilang added. college. Ayos lang sana kung limang libo The USC is campaigning for the
phaseout. late response to Chancellor Luis Rey “Dapat kasi may proper BELEAGUERED. is seen in place of the tambayan. On the other hand, Dr. Arlene ‘yun,” Bernardo added. restoration of the evicted tambayan as
The SR consultation was part of Velasco’s inquiry if the Perspective has consultation. Hindi pwedeng magbaba Various student issues welcome Student Regent Saniano, building administrator of Subsequent to the series of dialogues part of their “continuing fight against
the Council of Student Leaders meeting been publishing financial statements of ang admin ng mga ganitong directives Shahana Abdulwahid in her first consultation CAS Annex I building, claimed that the with the IBS administration, the tambayan campus repression.” [P]

Buendia retains
held on July 1 at the Makiling Ballroom the USC. nang hindi napapakinggan ‘yung with students of UPLB last July 1 at the Makiling
university administration, not the CAS
Hall, Student Union Building. Buendia claimed, however, that the concerns ng mga students,” she said. Ballroom Hall.
administration, was responsible for the

EIC post
Perspective Charter does not state that She also stated that imposing such
payment by paying fees per semester removal of the tambayan. Though the
No elections still the publication of the USC financial a policy deprives organizations of a
instead of paying on a monthly basis fraternity was not considered a CAS-based
Regarding the delayed USC-CSC statement has any bearing on the venue to develop since their chances
since the semester started. organization, its members were still given a
elections, Abdulwahid commented that appointment of the EIC. of conducting more activities will be
MAREHA and FOREHA dormers Sugar Marie Baula copy of the rules regarding tambayan.
the USC-CSC elections “should be done He said that the USC’s financial limited.
have until the end of July to settle Dr. Saniano said, however, that the
as soon as possible.” statement “must not be used as a
their fees for the whole semester; Last year’s Editor in Chief fraternity and sorority failed to attend the
The UPLB administration, through leverage” to delay his appointment. Pay (in full) as you enter
otherwise, the dorm management will (EIC) retains his post in the UPLB meeting called by the CAS administration
the Office of Student Affairs (OSA), has During the consultation, Buendia Residents of Makiling Residence
ask them to leave their respective Perspective, leading the publication as regarding a “tambayan contract” last semester.
already decided that the 1978 version sought the support of student Hall (MAREHA) and Forestry Residence
dormitories, Fuentes related. MAREHA UP celebrates its centenary.
must be upheld despite contentions organizations in defending their right to Hall (FOREHA) face a new mode of
dormers will have to pay Php 1,406 Christian Ray Buendia, a fourth year “Removable” tambayan
while FOREHA dormers will pay civil engineering student, said he is set Even before the relocation of the

UPLB welcomes centennial freshies

Php 1,408.40 to be safe from being to make UPLB Perspective reaffirm its tambayan in the IBS, the tambayan of the
“displaced,” according to Nikko existence in the university by upholding UP Human Ecology Student Society (UP
Macalintal, a MAREHA dormer. the publication’s pro-student and pro- HESS) in front of the College of Human
Abdulwahid said the UPLB people tradition. Ecology (CHE) building was already
administration has the power to Buendia added that amid the removed last September 2007.
Harriet Melanie A. Zabala took place, participated in by recognized UP being the leading university in the decide on the changes on the mode of festivities UP launches on its centenary, “Nagpaalam kami sa dean (Dr. Sue
student organizations, fraternities and country and the university’s nationalistic payment. If additional fees are to be there are critical student’s issues to be Liza Saguiguit) namin kung pwede kaming
UPLB greeted the UP Centennial sororities, to serve as their courtesy call orientation. collected, the approval of the BOR must dealt with. magtayo ng tambayan doon. Ang naging
batch of New Freshmen (NF) last June to the NF. The participants assembled at Before the end of the parade, be secured. “We see that this is not just an usapan, sige magtayo kayo ng tambayan
18 with a string of activities that the College of Arts and Sciences Building University Student Council (USC) Fuentes, meanwhile, said the ordinary year for the publication. It is doon as long as it is removable,” Mitz ‘BONSAI-LIKE BEAUTY.’
showcased the university’s homegrown and marched to Baker Hall where the Vice Chairperson Charisse Bernadine imposition of the new system of important that we give our publishers Bernardo, BS Nutrition’04 and member of This marker replaces the tambayan of the Beta Kappa Fraternity and Beta Kappa Sigma Sorority, which
talents, introduced the administrative Centennial Welcome Concert Party was Bañez also gave a message in behalf of payment “might be a problem for some UP HESS, said. previously was the benefactor of the shade given by the tree referred to by the inscription.
something different,” he said.

Pagkalipas ng dalawang taon

officials and student leaders, and held at 7 p.m. Student Regent Shahana Abdulwahid. dormers since not all are capable of Buendia intends to make relevant
showed the freshmen the benefits and She encouraged the NF to be faithful to paying the fees in full.”

UPLB ginunita ang pagkawala

articles regarding the approval of the
duties of being an Iskolar ng Bayan. Challenge to new Isko’t Iska the Filipino people to whom they “ought new UP Charter and its implications,
To start the day with a healthy Some key persons in UPLB gave to serve”. No Space for Orgs such as further increases in tuition and
breakfast, student organizations, messages to serve as challenge to the NF. “Mataas na ang presyo ng bigas, langis After student organizations based other fees, the ecotourism project and

nina Karen at She

fraternities, and sororities prepared meals During the AlmOSAlan, University at iba pang mga bilihin, [kaya] bilang mga in the Institute of Biological Sciences other commercialization and privatization
intended for NF during the “AlmOSAlan” Student Council (USC) Chairperson Leo bagong Iskolar ng Bayan, kilalanin natin experienced relocation of tambayan last schemes for education.
organized by the Students Organization XL Fuentes said, “lalo na ngayon na kung sino talaga ang nagpapaaral sa atin,” semester, other student organizations He sees his second term as an
and Activities Division (SOAD). hindi lang freshies, hindi lang ang ating she said. have also registered complaints on the opportunity to disprove allegations like
An Opening Convocation was then held unibersidad, kundi ang buong bansa ang administration’s rule regarding their publishing “biases” by remaining loyal Rogene Gonzales ani Gng. Capadan na nagtapos ng kursong kaso nila Karen at Sherlyn. Ang writ
at the Baker Hall where the NF were oriented nasasadlak sa isang krisis pampulitika, From the participants tambayan.(See related article on page 3). to the paper’s advocacy of advancing ulat mula kina Liberty Notarte at BS Biology dito sa UPLB. of habeas corpus na isinampa ni Gng.
with the things they have to know in the dapat silang (NF) mamulat at makibaka. The NF expressed their gratitude to the Abdulwahid said the tambayan students’ rights and welfare and Nikko Angelo Oribiana Idinetalye ni Gng. Cadapan base Cadapan ay pinayagan ng korte noong
university. Chancellor Luis Rey Velasco and Sa tatlong salita dapat silang mag-aral, people behind this activity. phaseout is not an isolated case as it by sticking to what he says are the sa testimonya ni Raymond Manalo, ika-24 ng Oktubre 2007. Subalit bago
UP system Vice President Amelia Guevarra maglingkod at makibaka.” Meryl Regine Algodon, BS Applied also happens in other UP units. “May journalist’s weapons: truth and apt Makalipas ang dalawang taong ang testigong nakatakas sa kampo ipinataw ang desisyon, pansamantang
gave their messages to the NF. In the Welcome Convocation, Velasco Physics ’08, said, “Nakakaoverwhelm mga natatanggap din tayong reports analysis. Buendia aims that Perspective paghahanap sa dalawang desaparecidos, ng militar makalipas ang 18 buwan inilitaw si Sherlyn noong ika-11 ng
At 4 p.m., an intracampus parade said that being among the brightest kasi noong una, kinakabahan pa ako from other UP units na pinapatanggal this year will not only be a source of tuloy pa rin ang laban ni Linda Cadapan ng pagkakakulong, ang pagtotorture Abril 2007.
students, the NF have a pero okay naman pala, masaya, [and I’m] ang mga tambayan ng mga orgs from information but also a reflection of “what para sa pagpapalitaw ng kanyang anak kay Sherlyn. “Dinala po [si Sherlyn] sa bahay ng
big responsibility to the proud to be here.” their designated places dahil eye sore UP should be to its students and what na si Sherlyn at kasama nitong si Dagdag pa ni Gng. Cadapan, “May kanyang boyfriend sa Bulacan, dahil daw
country because part of Another freshman, Aga Vincent daw sila,” she said. students should be to UP.” Karen Empeño. panahong hindi lang ako lumuluha dahil po may dala-dala siyang sulat [na] nais
their tuition is subsidized Dominador, BS Development She related that the UP With an accumulated score of 93.36 Ang mga desaparecidos ay mga taong nasasabik kay Sherlyn ngunit para [rin] ibigay,” kwento niya.
by the government. Communication, said the event made him administration has a proposal requiring percent in the EIC selection exam, sapilitang dinukot, kalimitan dahil sa mga sa bayan na makamit ‘yung hustisya at Subalit, ‘sing bilis ng sindi ng
“You (the NF) should feel what college life actually is. student organizations to raise funds Buendia bested four other EIC hopefuls: pulitikal na motibo, na hindi pa inililitaw. mapatigil ang karahasan na ginagawa ng sigarilyo’, hindi na naiabot ni Sherlyn
not forget that you are On the other hand, the upperclassmen if they want to acquire their own Mark Vincent Baracao (BA Sociology Isang gabi ng mga pangkulturang estado.” ang sulat dahil napansin ito ng tatlong
Iskolar ng Bayan to also expressed positive comments tambayan. ‘06) with 89.39 percent, Arbeen Acuña pagtatanghal na ginanap sa Humanities Nagtapos si Sherlyn ng hayskul sa kababaihang nagbabantay sa kanya.
become Iskolar para sa regarding the event. (BA Communication Arts ‘04) with Steps ang inialay ng mga estudyante ng Makiling School, Incorporated at kumuha Maging ang writ of amparo na hiniling
Bayan,” Velasco added. Fara Faye Regis, a member of the Systemwide support 86.27 percent, Rogene Gonzales (BS UPLB sa dalawang mag-aaral na ito ng UP ng BS Human Kinetics sa UP Diliman. ni Gng. Cadapan noong ika-24 ng Oktubre
Also, Guevarra, Veterinary Students Achievers Society said Abdulwahid said she is saddened Development Communication ‘05) with upang gunitain ang kainlang pagkawala. Naging miyembro siya ng konseho ng 2007 ay wala pa ring desisyon sa ngayon.
in behalf of President “I’m quite surprised with what happened that UPLB students are faced with 85.48 percent and Carlo Angelo Cruz (BS Humigit-kumulang 80 estudyante ang College of Human Kinetics, at ayon kay Ang writ of habeas corpus ay utos
Emerlinda Roman, because unang beses lang ‘yung parade. these issues despite the university’s Development Communication ‘06) with dumalo rito noong ika-25 ng Hunyo. Gng. Cadapan, tatlong kurso na lamang galing sa korte para sa isang indibidwal o
specified Roman’s four If I would be one of the freshmen, I’ll be celebration of its centenary. She 76.12 percent. Pinaghihinalaang dinukot ng mga ang kakailanganin ni Sherlyn upang opisyal ng gobyerno na ilabas ang taong
reasons why UP is overwhelmed.” stood firm, however, in claiming that By topping this year’s exam, miyembro ng militar sina Karen at Sherlyn makapagtapos. Samantala, si Karen nakakulong upang mapagdesisyonan
regarded as a national “Very successful kasi maraming the OSR will continue to support the Buendia joins the ranks of Bayan Muna habang nagsasagawa ng community Empeño ay estudyante ng BA Sociology at ng korte ang kaso. Ang writ of amparo
university, namely, nagparticipate lalo na doon sa parade,” students and will tap the Katipunan Representative Teddy Casiño and Lourie immersion sa mga magsasaka ng miyembro ng League of Filipino Students naman ay pagbibigay tulong sa mga
PHOTO RALPH SELGA geographic importance
CENTENNIAL WELCOME. Jaet Dolor, SOAD Head, added. ng mga Sangguniang Mag-aaral sa UP Victor, who were all able to hold two Barangay San Miguel, Hagonoy, Bulacan (LFS) sa UP Diliman. biktima ng extrajudicial killings sa
The UPLB community treats the new Isko’t Iska to a grand welcome because UP campuses SOAD organized the said event, in or KASAMA sa UP, the sole alliance of consecutive terms as EIC. Moreover, noong ika-25 ng Hunyo 2006. Noong ika-29 ng Mayo 2007, pamamagitan ng pagbibigay ng malayang
featuring the university’s homegrown talent. Meanwhile, the University are almost all over the cooperation with SOAD volunteers, GABAY student councils in the UP system, to Buendia is the only student to top the “Bawat segundo, hinihintay ko ang napagdesisyunan ng Korte Suprema na pag-iimbestiga sa militar.
Student Council reminds them of their duty to ‘Serve the People’ amid Philippines, depth and volunteers, the USC, College Student launch intensified campaign against EIC exam for three consecutive years, pagbalik ni Sherlyn, mayakap muli, bigyan ng karagdagang imbestigasyon Ayon kay Mark Velasco, tagapagsalita
escalating socio-economic crisis. worth of UP education, councils and student organizations. [P] campus repression in UPLB.[P]
Buendia...ON PAGE 11 mahagkan man lang ‘yung aking anak,” dahil sa kakulangan ng ebidensiya ang UPLB ginunita...SA PAHINA 11
UPLB Perspective UPLB Perspective
4 VOLUME 35 | ISSUE 1 | August 1, 2008 NEWS NEWS VOLUME 35 | ISSUE 1 | August 1, 2008 5
Bilang pagkondena sa palalang krisis panlipunan
CDC admin restricts facility use beyond 7 p.m. Palihan ng kultura’t sining inilunsad
Rogene Gonzales Limited Use factors. Halimbawa [sa] Lecture Room, cultural night and candle lighting activity
sampung aircon ‘yan [kaya] malakas sa to commemorate the disappearance of Union of the Students of
with reports from Karen Lapitan Dr. Torres, however, declined to Nikko Angelo Oribiana
kuryente,” he added. UP students Karen Empeño and Sherlyn the Philippines –Southern
comment on the issue and told Perspective at Rick Jason Obrero
The College of Development Almazan clarified that only DevCom- Cadapan (see related article on page 3). Tagalog (NUSP-ST),
to interview the college’s property
Communication (CDC) related student activities would be granted Fuentes said that Dr. Zita Albacea, “Ang sining ay isang
custodian instead. Bilang pagpapahayag ng
administration is allegedly permission for facility use beyond 7 p.m. building administrator of the College of mahalagang porma
In an interview, CDC Property protesta laban sa iba’t ibang krisis
implementing a policy restricting He also said that it is more advisable to Arts and Sciences Building, disallowed para sa ating kabataan,
Custodian Jaime Almazan said that not na kinakaharap ng ating lipunan,
CDC student formations and hold activities on Mondays since there are them from using the building and told sa mamamayan, at sa
only students but also faculty members nagdaos ng isang kultural na
institutions from holding activities no classes. the USC to notify the OSA. OSA granted nangyayari sa ating bayan
and staff are affected by the rule. He pagtatanghal na pinamagatang Aral
within the CDC building and using permission but Albacea still denied ... upang isulong ang
confirmed that the policy was done for at Sining ng Kabataan sa Kalsada
university facilities beyond 7 p.m. ‘Isolated Case’ them access to the building’s electricity panlipunang pagbabago.”
security reasons. (ARANGKADA) ang mga mag-aaral
Meanwhile, some students from Student Activities and Organizations source, saying she has already “made her Ang ARANGKADA
“May mga cases kasi last sem na may ng UPLB at kabataan ng Timog
other colleges worry that this measure Division (SOAD) Head Janet Dolor said decision”, according to Fuentes. ay isinagawa ng mga
nawalang LCD projector pati cell phone Katagalugan na sinundan naman ng
is already implemented throughout the alleged policy is not a university-wide “Kung may mga ganitong isyu kasi miyembro ng iba’t ibang
ng estudyante at staff. Nagiging madalas isang walkout sa klase kinabukasan.
the campus. policy. She said students of other colleges na hindi nakonsulta, ito pa rin ay organisasyon at samahan
sa gabi [‘yung ganitong insidente] kaya Nagsimula ang ARANGKADA
should not worry since what happened in isang pagtapak sa kalayaan natin sa dito sa Timog Katagalugan
kailangang maging mahigpit [sa pagbibigay noong ika-10 ng Hulyo sa Humanities PHOTO CHRISTIAN RAY BUENDIA
No Memorandum gaya ng National Union
ng late permit],” he said. CDC is an “isolated case.” paggamit ng pasilidad ng university,” building na may temang “Sakbay-
of Students of the
CDC Student Council Chairperson Arjay He confirmed that the policy is University Student Council (USC) Fuentes stressed. lakbay kontra korupsyon para sa Pinangungunahan ng University Student Council at iba pang organisasyon sa
Garcia said CDC Dean Cleofe Torres told the Chairperson Leo XL Fuentes shared, He added that even if the issue is Philippines (NUSP), kampus ang halos isang daang estudyante na lumabas sa kanilang mga klase
also an energy-saving measure by the edukasyon, pagkain at hustisyang
council in a consultation last July 4 that the however, that the Office of Student Affairs “isolated,” what happened in CDC is College Editors’ Guild upang ipahayag ang kanilang pagtutol sa tumitinding krisis panlipunan.
administration. panlipunan.” Naglalayon ang naturang
policy’s goal is to improve security, as well as (OSA) “explicitly” restricted USC’s activities. “still a repression of democratic rights of the Philippines (CEGP),
“Hindi na siya tulad ng dati na malimit proyekto na mag-organisa ng kabataan
to cut on electricity expenses. Last June 25, the USC spearheaded a of students.” [P] ANAKBAYAN, Kabataang Pinoy Party administrasyon sa ganitong mga
[payagang ipagamit], kasi maraming sa pamamagitan ng pagbibigay ng
Garcia, however, pointed out the at Southern Tagalog Cultural Network. usapin (usaping pang-estudyante).”
cultural workshops at training upang PHOTO ARBEEN ACUÑA

Kabataan isinabuhay ang mga aral ni Rizal

lack of student consultation prior to the Ayon kay Leo Fuentes, University Dagdag ni Fuentes, dahil din
palakasin ang suporta sa sektor sa kampus gaya ng pagkaka-antala ng
implementation of the policy. Student Council (USC) Chairperson, umano sa mga problema ng represyon
ng kabataan sa gitna ng mga krisis eleksyon ng USC at College Student
“Early this sem, nagulat ‘yung mga ang programang isinasagawa ng sa kampus, nagsama-sama naman
panlipunan gaya ng sa bigas at langis. Council (CSC), hindi pagrerecognize ng
orgs na planong mag-conduct ng activity ARANGKADA rito sa UPLB ay kinabukasan ang halos 80 estudyante,
within the college na bawal na pala. NIkko Angelo Oribiana isang pulitikal na samahan ng mga atin.” Pahayag ni Marifel Geronimo ng dinaluhan ng 50 katao na karamihan para makibahagi sa walkout sa mga ilang mga organisasyon at pag-aalis ng
Gilas ng kultura ilang tambayan ng mga organisasyon,
Siyempre nagmanifest sila na nahirapan kabataan mula sa iba’t ibang sektor sa SAKBAYAN. ay freshmen na bahagi ng “Isko’t Iska klase. Ipinakita din ng mga estudyante
Ayon kay Pedro Jose Santos Jr. ng at iba pa.
sa new policy.” he said. Sa pagdiriwang ng ika-147 Laguna, matapos silang manggaling Ayon naman kay Edward Lansanas 2008,” isang taunang pagtatanghal ang kanilang protesta sa pamamagitan
ANAKBAYAN–Timog Katagalugan, isa sa Lumibot ang cultural caravan
He added that student organizations kaarawan ni Gat. Jose Rizal noong ika- sa paradang bayan na inorganisa ng mula sa Calamba Youth Organization, sa pangunguna ng USC at ng Teatro ng pagmamartsa mula Humanities
mga tagapag-organisa ng ARANGKADA, ng nasabing programa sa Timog
are discouraged from holding activities 19 ng Hunyo, nagsama-sama ang mga Munisipyo ng Calamba. ang pagsama ng kanilang organisasyon Umalohokan, Inc. na tumatalakay sa building hanggang sa Junction, College.
“Ang gawaing kultura ay isang effective Katagalugan na nakahikayat ng
inside the building during class hours kabataang kinatawan ng labindalawang Pinatampok sa programa ang sa mga programa gaya nito ay isa lamang mga usapin sa ating lipunan.
way para maipakita ang kasalukuyang mga lumahok sa “people’s State of
because these may disrupt classes. organisasyon sa Timog Katagalugan kasalukuyang kalagayan ng edukasyon sa maraming paraan ng pagtupad sa Para kay Vladimir Recidoro, BS Pahayag ng protesta
nangyayari [sa pamamagitan ng] the Nation Address”, isang kilos-
Garcia said Dr. Torres even pointed (TK) upang muling ipaabot sa mga at agrikultura kasabay ng mga usapin mensahe ni Rizal para sa mga kabataan. Agricultural Economics ‘08, “Ang Nilalayon ng magkasunod
theater arts, music, visual arts - ganun protestang sumalubong sa State of the
out the absence of a rule allowing kabataan ng kasalukuyang panahon ang gaya ng Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Dagdag pa ni Vanesa Alporha ng Save pakikilahok ng mga freshmen sa na aktibidad na ipaalam sa mga
ang laman [ng ARANGKADA].” Nation Address ni Gng. Arroyo sa ika-
organizations to hold activities beyond 7 hamon ni Rizal na “ang kabataan ang Program extension at pagtaas ng matrikula Our Education Movement-Batangas, bilang ganitong mga aktibidad ay mahalaga estudyante ang mga usapin ng
Saad naman ni Rayan Brozula, 28 ng Hulyo. [P]
p.m. in university buildings. pag-asa ng bayan.” at iba pang bayarin sa eskwelahan. mga kabataan ay “kailangan manghikayat upang mabago ang opinyon ng ating umano’y represyon sa mga estudyante
Pangkalahatang Kalihim ng National
“Pero wala rin namang official policy Nagsilbing hudyat ng pag-uumpisa Bilang pagtugon umano sa mga ng ibang kabataan para makatulong sa

REPSA naghapag ng mga hinaing

[noon] na nagsasabi na bawal maghold ng ng programa ang pagdating ng mga isyung ito, binigyang buhay ng Kulturang ating bayan.”
activities beyond 7 p.m.,” Garcia said.
Mark Andrianne Ng, head of UPLB
kinatawan ng Kabataang Pinoy Party, Ugnayan Alay ng Kabataan para sa Sabi naman ni Nyka Serrano ng Congrats sa mga
Development Communicators’ Society, said
Bayan (KULAYAN),
isang organisasyon na
ANAKBAYAN-UPLB, ang naganap na
programa ay nagsilbing daan para bagong miyembro ng
that holding activities outside is less safe naglalayong ipahayag maipaabot sa kinauukulan ang boses aming [P]amilya: Mark Angelo Ordonio gumawa ng ibang klase ng guidelines,”
than inside the campus. ang kanilang mga ng kabataan. Ayon kay UPLB REPS President
He related that their organization is hinaing sa pamamagitan “Hindi dapat i-confine ang pag-aaral Danny Mendoza, “[Ang] classification dagdag pa niya.
Michael Angelo Clabita Ayon kay Ted Mendoza, mula sa
having difficulties securing a venue for ng pangkulturang sa loob ng eskwelahan. Maging aware Naging pagkakataon ang ng REPS na tinuturing ng
activities and even for regular meetings. pagtatanghal, ang mga [tayo] sa issues na kinahaharap ng ating
Samantha Isabel Coronado nakaraang flag ceremony nitong unibersidad na parte ng academic P20M na inilaan ng Department of
The alleged policy has made them resort aral ni Rizal tulad ng lipunan,” dagdag pa niya. Gerica Patricia Rejinald de Chavez ika-16 ng Hunyo para sa Research, staff [ay] parang nawala.” Budget and Management para sa
to intensive income generation to afford “pagmamahal sa bayan” Para naman kay Resty Frado na Alvin de Los Santos Extension and Professional Staff Nais din nila na magkaroon ng nakaraang promotion, P37M ang
rental fees of venues outside campus. sa pamamagitan ng mga naniniwala sa iba pang bayani tulad ni Estel Lenwij Estropia Association (REPSA) at All-UP REPS Regent sa UP Board of Regents, nagastos na, at nanatiling tanong
“Hindi namin ramdam na college org malikhaing skit at tula. Andres Bonifacio, kailangan na umano Workers’ Alliance, ang alyansa ng ang pinakamataas na tagapaglikha ang pinagmulan ng dagdag na P17M.
Katrina Elauria Gayundin, wala pa ring kasagutan
kami dahil hindi kami makagalaw sa sarili “Dapat tingnan nating labanan ang mapagsamantalang All UP Workers Union (AUPWU) at ng mga desisyon at polisiya ng UP, at
naming college,” he stressed.
Jarienill Daquioag Namit REPS Representative sa bawat komite hinggil sa sinasabing hindi
natin [si Rizal] bilang dayuhan at ang mga nakikipagsabwatang All UP Academic Employees Union,
Garcia fears that other colleges may isang modelo kasi mga politiko na dapat ay nagbibigay ng Rick Jason Obrero upang iparating ang kanilang ng unibersidad. pagkaubos ng pera para sa merit
soon be affected by this policy. “Madalas matanong siya, kritiko hustisya sa ating bansa. Yves Christian Suiza mga petisyon sa kasalukuyang Layon nilang mapasama ang promotions. [P]
kasi ang admin inuuna ang pag-implement siya sa Kastila. Ngayon Sa hanay ng mga tagapag-organisa Andrea Velasquez administrasyon ng UP. kanilang sektor sa pagkakaroon ng
Ang UPLB REPSA ay sumusuporta sa mga
ng policies sa CDC tulad na lang ng i-apply natin siya sa ng programa, si Pedro Santos Jr. ng Ang REPSA at All-UP Workers’ aktibo at regular na partisipasyon sa

sumusunod na kahilingan na isinusulong ng
income generating projects for the UP nangyayari ngayon, ANAKBAYAN-TK ay nagpahayag na hindi Alliance ay kapwa mga sektor ng pagbabalangkas at pagpapatupad ng
PHOTO AARON JOSEPH ASPI wala ngang mga Kastila All-UP Workers’ Alliance:

Centennial celebration.” man umano ganoon kalaki ang bilang ng unibersidad na binibigyang pansin mga polisiya ng unibersidad.
Buendia... FROM PAGE 3 Rizal sa Makabagong Panahon. pero nandiyan naman mga dumalo sa programa, “well represented” ang pagtataguyod ng demokratikong Isa pang mithiin ng REPS ay ang 1.P20,000 minimum centennial bonus para sa lahat

exam for three consecutive years,

although he was not appointed when he
Pinananatili ng mga progresibong kabataan ang pagmamahal sa bayan - isa sa
mga turo ni Gat Jose Rizal - sa kanilang protesta laban umano sa kahirapan.
ang administrasyon na
siyang nagpapahirap sa
naman umano ang iba’t ibang organisasyong
pang-estudyante ng Laguna. [P] Magpalaya. karapatan at mga kapakanan ng mga
empleyado sa buong UP System.
pagkakaroon ng patas na pagbabahagi
ng mga benepisyo katulad ng merit
ng kawani ng UP
2. P1,700 na rice subsidy para sa bawat kawani
ng UP
Iminungkahi ni Chancellor Luis
3.10 araw na karagdagang sick leave benefits
first topped the exam. UPLB ginunita... MULA SA PAHINA 3 Rey Velasco ang pagkakaroon ng isang Ayon kay All UP Academic
para sa REPS at Administrative Staff
Employees Union President Ted
A selection committee with members
appointed by the Chancellor administered ng ANAKBAYAN-Timog Katagalugan, sa
In our special election issue dated DARE TO WRITE. multi-sectoral forum kasama ang
REPSA at All-UP Workers’ Alliance Mendoza, ang hatian ng alokasyon
4. 50-50 na hatian ng alokasyon para sa merit
the EIC exam conducted last April kabila ng hindi pagpayag ng Office of
Sa kabila umano ng hindi pagtugon
ng gobyerno sa mga pakiusap ni Gng.
July 11, 2008, the last paragraph of Nikko
Angelo Oribiana’s article titled “USC vice DARE TO ACT. upang mapalawig at mas mapag- para sa promotion noong 2005 ay 80
proportion (50% para sa Faculty at 50% para
sa REPS at Administrative Staff)
16. This year’s committee was headed
by Dr. Bella Cruzana of the College
Student Affairs at Building Administrator Cadapan, nagpasalamat siya sa suportang chair accused of ‘gross misconduct’” was DARE TO STRUGGLE. usapan umano ang ilang mga isyu bahagdan para sa 4,500 faculty staff at
20 bahagdan lamang para sa mahigit
ng College of Arts and Sciences Building na truncated. It should have read “As of press (tignan ang sidebar). Bukod dito, mithi ng UPLB REPSA ang mga

natatanggap mula sa iba’t ibang non-
of Veterinary Medicine. Other faculty gumamit ng kuryente mula sa Humanities, government organizations tulad ng time, the SDT has not yet decided whether Ngunit ayon kay Assistant to the 9,000 REPS at administrative staff. sumusunod:
members include Dr. Jovita Movillon naging mainit ang pagtanggap ng mga mag- KARAPATAN, human rights watchdog to dismiss [the case] or give Bañez any Chancellor at Office of the Alumni Sinabi rin ni Ted Mendoza na mula -Makatarungang pagkilala ng kasalukuyang
sa mga bilang na nabanggit “makikita

of the College of Engineering and Agro- aaral ng UPLB kay Gng. Cadapan. ng Pilipinas, mga taong-simbahan at disciplinary action.” Relations Director Dr. Emmanuel administrasyon ng UP system sa ambag ng REPS
Industrial Technology and Dr. Emilia Visco “Sina Karen at Sherlyn ay hindi kaiba To clarify arguments in the editorial Rodantes Abraham, wala pang na parang lop-sided ang allocation.” sa pagtupad ng mandato ng unibersidad,
estudyante mula sa UP.
of the College of Human Ecology. Beverly natatanggap ang administrasyon na Ayon naman kay Danny Mendoza, partikular sa RDE at serbisyong propesyonal
sa atin, pareho silang nakararanas ng mga “Sana ay mas palalawakin pa ng mga published in the same issue, the UP
-Pagkakaroon ng “makabuluhan, makatarungan

Christcel Laguartilla of the College of problema dahil sa krisis sa edukasyon at estudyante ang kampanya na mailitaw ‘yung Code, not the 1978 Student Organization pormal na petisyon mula sa dalawang hindi naging malinaw ang isyu ng
at malinaw na pamantayan” sa pagsuri ng REPS’
Economics and Management and Aaron naghahanap din sila ng mga solusyon para dalawang UP students,” ani Gng. Cadapan. constitution, gives legal mandate to the nabanggit na grupo maliban sa merit promotions noong 2005.
Joseph Aspi of the College of Development sa mga problemang iyon,” ani Velasco. Nagkaroon ng candle lighting Office of the Student Affairs Director to impormal na pahayag ng mga ito sa Isa sa mga sinasabing dahilan -Patas na pagbabahagi ng mga biyaya at

Communication served as student Ayon naman kay Joyce Ann Therese ceremony at mensahe mula sa University serve as the USC’s ex-officio adviser. naturang flag ceremony. nito ay ang papalit-palit na mga benepisyo (merit promotion, rice subsidy, atbp.)
representatives, both from last term’s Oracion, BS Development Communication Student Council sa pagtatapos ng Also, the 1978 Student Organization Gayunpaman, sa flag ceremony na patakaran, na sa pagkakaalam ng -Maayos na dokumentasyon ng GSIS at PAG-IBIG
UPLB Perspective. ’08, isa ang aktibidad na ito sa mga programa. Isinasagawa ang aktibidad Constitution states that the council should iyon ipinahayag ng REPSA ang ilan sa REPS, sadyang hindi sapat ang pondo membership records at UP service record
The EIC exam is based on the nagbibigay ng pagkakataong mamulat ang only “coordinate” its activities with the mga hiling nito gaya ng makatarungang para sa promotions. -Aktibo at regular na partisipasyon sa
na ito sa iba’t ibang kampus ng UP sa We are in need of News, Features and Culture writers, pagbabalangkas at implementasyon ng mga
following criteria: editorial writing (40%); isang indibidwal sa kung ano ang tunay na pamumuno ng ANAKBAYAN, LFS at Chancellor, not “secure” his approval. pagkilala sa kanilang ambag sa “Kung ang ibibigay na pondo ay
Layout Artists, Graphic Artists, polisiya ng unibersidad (magkaroon ng REPS
news writing (30%); front page layouting nangyayari sa bansa. Gabriela-Youth. [P] Our apologies. pagtupad ng mandato ng unibersidad, talagang magkukulang, syempre iisip
Managing, Business, Copy Editing and Web staff. Regent sa UP Board of Regents at REPS
(15%); and interview (15%).[P] ~UPLB Perspective tulad ng serbisyong propesyunal. ng paraan ang administrators natin na representative sa bawat komite ng unibersidad)
UPLB Perspective UPLB Perspective
6 VOLUME 35 | ISSUE 1 | August 1, 2008 FEATURES FEATURES VOLUME 35 | ISSUE 1 | August 1, 2008 7

LIFELINES: Relieving a dying nation

with band-aid solutions

FROM PAGE 1 more and more difficult to cope with the

Because of the P 10 increase price increases, dimming their prospects
in price of commercial rice in the for a better future.
market, many Filipinos still As a result, those who want to consume
choose to spend hours falling goods at lower costs tend to form long queues,
in line for NFA rice to satisfy
their primary need for food
competing with other people to get goods that fit
their salaries. As an added burden, the increase
UPLB Perspective has long stood its ground as one of the student institutions in the university. For the longest
while maintaining an intact in the prices of oil and rice also affects the costs of time, it has reflected and served as a venue for students’ opinions, provided analyses of both national and
other staples in the market.
domestic budget.
Due to the soaring costs of People temporarily curb their problems regarding local issues and also maintained to be the conveyor of truth. Given the paper’s long existence, many would
rice, carinderias were forced to increase their domestic budgets by catching the crumbs dished out have placed the paper as a long held tradition for the university. This long standing institution not only has it
by the government.
the price of a cup of rice— from P5 and P6
to P7 and P8. glorious moments to ponder and bask on; for the most part, it also has gone through struggles and conflicts to
As much as there are those who Looking for a lifeline
Manila Electric Company (MERALCO) and National Power
become the campus paper everyone has come to know. Tracing the history of Perspective would render how
dare to struggle with inflation there
Corporation (NAPOCOR) signed a settlement in 2003. This time and events have shaped the nature which the publication has taken on at present.

are also those who bear with it. Gegi
Irong, BS Economics ’07, said he agreement is related to electricity purchases that the company
understands that this problem has contracted to buy from the state but did not. According to In the midst of repression
NAPOCOR spokesperson Dennis Gana, MERALCO had stopped
its role, it also underwent a series of
is not only rampant here in our The Marcos Regime has been
country but also in other countries making purchases from the said corporation three years before modifications. This was manifested in
its expiration in 2004, as provided for by a ten-year supply deal. highlighted for its repression of the the years 1994-1996. UPLB Perspective’s

in the world.
“Naniniwala ako na meron at Gana said this is because MMERALCO had started buying from its media. In a national perspective, staff became more involved with the
meron pa rin namang solusyon ang independent power producers (IPP) that started deliveries in 2001. it could be noted that the regime production of the paper in terms of
problema na ‘to sa price ng rice ngayon. MERALCO’s logic behind the settlement and why consumers suppressed what could be regarded as layout and editing.
Naniniwala akong bababa pa rin ang should shoulder additional electricity charge is still questionable.
the “true” exposition of truth. Towards For two years, the UPLB Perspective
MERALCO has the highest distribution charge among all power

presyo ng bigas,” he added.
companies in the country: P 2.44 per kilowatt-hour against P1.48 in the latter part of Martial Law, there published weekly. Previously, the paper
The rising price of rice has drawn
various reactions from individuals—some Cebu, P 1.64 in Davao and P 0.91 in Bataan according to an article in were countless cases of human rights was releasing issues every other week.
still hope that the price will go down; others PDI. violations amid political and economic The roles of the paper’s staff were
are starting to forget the real worth of waiting One article also pointed out that MERALCO has a sister company First turmoil. These very conditions have also changing. From the year 1995,
for prices to shrink. Gen Corporation, which made “ghost deliveries” fully paid for by MERALCO. urged the various institutions to put
The said corporation is led by the Lopezes. MERALCO’s income tax tucked
the staff of the paper began doing the
forth actions that both expose and

Maintain the line into our electric bills’ “Meter fees”. The electric consumption of MERALCO is layout. During the earlier years, the staff
This crisis is also worsened by the oil crisis that charged to consumers. condemn the intolerable acts done by was only concerned with design; the

yokes the majority of countries at present. Petroleum Because of the issues and questions it faced for charging such the regime. actual layout for the paper was done
products have been rising almost every week since the amount, the government ended up providing P500 subsidy for Among these institutions are previously by the printing press.
latter part of May. electric users consuming not over 100kwh. On June 6, the Land campus publications that have been In the year 2002-2003, the paper
A P1.50 increase in pump prices was the single biggest Bank of the Philippines was ready to reimburse the surplus exposed to the prevailing injustices at
charges levied on their consumers.
was faced yet again with another
increase imposed twice in a row during the first two weeks of the time. These publications were driven controversy surrounding its EIC

June. The subsidy is part of President Gloria Macapagal-
to provide the necessary information selection process. The controversy

The impact of the fuel price increase has been greatly felt Arroyo’s “Katas sa VAT: Pantawid Kuryente”. The P 2
especially by the tricycle drivers and operators. billion funds for the “Katas sa VAT” were taken from the that the masses are being deprived revolved around the validity of the
“Batid naming ang 14 beses na pagtaas sa halaga ng gasolina earnings of the expanded value added tax from imported of. Various publications such as the decision provided for the post of the

mula pa noong 2007 ay hindi nakatulong sa antas ng aming petroleum products. Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye, Philippine Collegian (UP Diliman) and EIC. Nonetheless, Nicolo Masakayan
pamumuhay. Bagkus ito ay nagdulot ng kahirapan sa aming however, stressed that this subsidy of P500 is “a one-
the UPLB Perspective participated in the was named as the paper’s EIC instead of
pamamasada, ni singko sentimos na diskwento ay wala kaming time assistance.”
Those qualified for the subsidy would just have to unrelenting advocacy for free exchange of Zyra Marie Lopez, the one who topped
nakuha, ganundin sa mga reporma at pagbabago ng batas sa mga
ahensya at kumpanya,” said the Kongreso ng Tricycle Operators go to Land Bank branches with their latest MERALCO ideas and information. UPLB Perspective the examination. Under Masakayan’s
and Drivers Association. bill and a valid identification card. was once a part of the “Mosquito Press” term, the paper’s membership in the
The said sector also added that this soaring fuel price has Some individuals who lined up for P 500 subsidy that President Marcos himself had College Editor’s Guild of the Philippines
been affecting their sector since the start of the year. planned to use the money to pay their electric bill, but dubbed. The name Mosquito was also
among them are the ones who lined up to get money
was withdrawn. The following year,
Oil price increases, however, do not only affect the public a manifestation of the repression and
transport sector but also the people who commute everyday, to buy rice. The very first concern among households when Karen Dagñalan took the post
particularly students. The minimum fare boosted from P today is the budget allocated for food, not to mention
negative attribution of the Marcos regime as the EIC, the membership was
7.50 to P 8.00—raising the discounted fare for students the concern on everyday transportation. to the media that time. reestablished.
and senior citizens from P 6.00 to P 6.50. In the battle for continuous
Meanwhile, the increase in fare has taken its toll on Line up, still publication and dissemination of Continuing the fight
the students. Most experts agree that the government must not information, student journalists were
only focus on “quick fix” solutions that they have been
Over the years, UPLB Perspective
James Bryan Gandia, BS Food Technology ’08, said once put under perilous situations. The
his budget is affected by the increase in the minimum resorting to. Distribution of crumbs in the middle of grappled with the same line of issues
Historical Pump Prices of Gasoline and Diesel (In pesos/liter) fare in jeepneys and buses. “Sa tingin ko, hindi na rin a crisis creates a long line of people who try to curb Marcos regime has been extremely together with its first Associate Editor two consecutive terms. After Casiño’s such as budget cuts and selection
Period Gasoline Diesel bababa ang presyo ng gas. Halos every week na nga hunger and budget shortage brought about by the stringent in permitting articles given Engelbert Peralta. term, Ma. Lourie Victor was appointed process controversies. Despite the
1975-1995 average 5.99 3.98 nagtataas,” he added. soaring prices of primary needs. to the public. Many student journalists Although the paper has had its as the paper’s EIC. Serving from the constant hammering on the paper, UPLB
The imminent crisis calls for actions that The line gets longer and the hope of people were hunted down. There was a long reestablishment after Martial Law, academic year 1992-1993, Victor was
April 1996 9.50 7.03 Perspective has always stood its ground,
can sustain people in the middle of crisis. remains. But consider yourself a dot in the middle
January 2001 16.56 13.82 struggle for press freedom towards the it still faced setbacks such as budget chosen again to head the campus fulfilling its purpose of presenting the
As Renato Reyes, Jr., secretary-general of of all others in a line, and try to look at the dots
behind you—there you will see how other dots end of the regime. UPLB Perspective has problems. Particularly because of the publication, becoming the second EIC to issue, rendering the truth and taking on
2003 average 18.52 15.71 Bagong Alyansang Makabayan stated, “The
nation is facing grave crisis. The relentless persevere to benefit from the relief provided taken on a more essential role for the lack of funds, the UPLB Perspective hold two consecutive terms. Victor was the voice of the students. For the last 30
2004 average 23.55 20.10 rise of student publications after Martial
price hikes have become unbearable. by the government today— only today. under the editorship of Ma. Victoria also nominated for the post of Student years the paper has upheld its editorial
2005 average 31.91 28.74 Unless the government provide Law. In the year 1973, after the release Ortega-Espaldon launched the “Piso Regent at that time.
Government must step in now to stop the policies, “serving as a staunch defender
2006 average 39.27 34.48 weekly round of prices increase and to long-term solutions and prioritize of its first issue, UPLB Perspective para sa Perspective” in the year 1980. UPLB Perspective also faced budget of truth and of the people’s inalienable
October 2007 average 42.45 36.95 remove the oppressive value added tax basic social services such as
health, employment, education
became the first student publication in Dr. Espaldon is now the dean of the drawbacks during the year 1992-1993. right to information.” It also presented
June 28, 2008 59.47 52.48 on oil and power.”
He added that people demand and housing, the Filipinos’ action again. School of Environmental Science and UPLB Perspective was not able to “its nature as an alternative newspaper,
Source: Department of Energy immediate economic relief and lifelines will continue to falter. Management (SESAM). release its series of regular issues that serving as the voice of the marginalized
Philippine Daily Inquirer (May 21, 2008) change in policies, not just dole- Again, lest this government Regaining impetus Teddy Casiño added his name to year. The paper resorted to posting wall sectors of the society, especially the
http://www.gmanews.tv/story/99724/Series-of-protest-actions-planned-over-govt-failure-to-curb-weekly-oil-price-hikes retrieved last June 6, 2008 outs and band-aid solutions that forgets, the people, when Following the year after, the UPLB the roster of UPLB Perspective’s EICs news for news and editorial, as well as students.”
http://gmanews.tv/story/99799/Presyo-ng-produktong-petrolyo-tumaas-tumaas-muli-ng-P1.50/L retrieved last June 7, 2008 only shows they are treating the pushed to their limits, will Perspective constitution was ratified
http://www.gmanews.tv/story/100098/Tricycle-groups-also-want-a-piece-of-gov’t-fuel-subsidy retrieved last June 9, 2008
always know how to draw the
when he assumed editorship for the opinion section alternately. Feature and And as the university celebrates its
http://bulatlat.com/2008/06/pessimism-and-hope-surge-oil-prices retrieved last June 7, 2008 people like beggars. on May 30, 1974. In the same year, the
http://bulatlat.com/2008/06/crisis-management-arroyo-style retrieved last June 6, 2008 What makes the oil price line between being satisfied academic year 1989-1990. The following culture articles were the ones mass- centennial, the paper has but one goal
http://beta.ph.news.yahoo.com/gma/20080611/tph-govt-s-p500-power-subsidy-draws-prai-d6cd5cf.html retrieved last June 8, 2008
hike burdensome is the with a hand-to-mouth campus paper was able to name its year he was again appointed as the produced and distributed. and that is to reaffirm UP’s tradition
http://www.gov.ph/news/default.asp?i=21136 retrieved last June 6, 2008
http://opinion.inquirer.net/inquirer-opinion/metterstotheeditor/view/20080628-145270/Meralcos-distribution-charge-is-highest-in-Philippines retrieved last June 6, 2008 simultaneous increases in existence and struggling first Editor in chief (EIC), Rogelio Sese, EIC, making himself the first EIC to hold As the paper progressively took on of dissent. [P]
rice, pork and other food for a just and humane
prices. People find it society. [P]
8-9 UPLB Perspective
VOLUME 35 | August 1, 2008 CULTURE


K ung naiyak man ang magulang

mo dahil sa mahal na matrikula
sa UP, hindi mo na kailangang
umiyak sa mga unang araw mo sa UPLB.
Maraming good samaritans na handang
tumulong sa mga pagkakataong hindi
mo mahanap ang mga building na dapat
mong puntahan sa loob ng campus.
Malas lang dahil binago ng admin ang
ruta ng jeep kaya mapipilitan kang mag-
”walkathon” para makarating sa klase—
rain or shine. Sobrang malas mo na 5. HUMANITIES BLDG (CAS bldg na ngayon)
lang kung magkakalayo ang buildings na Sa harap ng building na ito nakadestino si Oble.
kailangan mong puntahan, dahil baka Ito rin ang nagsisilbing meeting place ng mga tibak
(aktibista) para sa mga mass-up at snake rally.
wet look ka na bago ka pa makarating
sa susunod mong klase. Mukha man itong nagmamakaawa para sa isang
major renovation, dito nagkaklase ang social
At dahil hindi praktikal na science at humanities subjects. Bago ito naging
komunsulta sa Google Earth sa tuwing Humanities Building, ito ang nagsilbing Main
mawawala ka sa campus, makatutulong Library ng UPLB.
ang isang freshman survival guide sa Ang UHS o Infirmary siguro ang isa sa mga hindi
pagkilala sa UPLB. malilimutang building ng mga freshies. Dito
isinasagawa ng medical check-up na requirement
1. CARABAO PARK 6. OBLATION bago ka mag-enroll sa university.
Dito makikitang nakatambay ang walong Ang nakahubad na pigura ni Fernando Poe, Sr. na Para sa upperclassmen, Infirmary ang nagsisilbing
tamaraw na nagpapanggap na carabao. Dito rin gawa ng National Artist Guillermo Tolentino ang melting pot ng best actors and actresses para
matatagpuan ang Man and the Beast of Burden nagsisilbing simbolo ng UP. Ang hubad na machong makakuha ng medical certificate na kailangang
(a.k.a. ang mama at ang kalabaw) na madalas ito na may dahon ng kataka-taka somewhere (read: ipakita sa instructors o professors kapag lumiban
itanong sa mga quiz contest ng mga orgs. censored) ang nagsisilbing simbolo ng pagsisilbi sa sa klase. Malaking tulong ang Infirmary para sa
Karaniwang Carabao Park ang meeting place ng bayan ng mga Iskolar ng Bayan. ‘di afford magpacheck-up sa pribadong ospital
mga group meeting. Dati itong pinupuntahan dahil libre ang check-up para sa mga estudyante
Makikita si Oble na may damit, streamer, o ng UPLB.
ng ambulant vendors dahil sa dami ng taong
anumang abubot kapag may matinding isyu na
tumatambay dito pero hindi na ngayon dahil na
kailangan tugunan ng mga Iskolar ng Bayan.
rin sa pagbabawal ng admin na maglako sila saan
Minsang nang nakita si Oble na may dalang timba 16. FORESTRY
man sa loob ng campus.
dahil sa kawalan ng tubig sa dorms. Nakita na Ang upper campus ng UPLB ay mas kilala bilang
Main attraction rin sa Carabao Park ang fishpond ring nakasuot ang gigantic UPLB ID kay Oble nang Forestry. Bukod sa College of Forestry, dito
na walang fish at tubig na nagsisilbing dorm ng ipatupad ng admin ang compulsary wearing ng ID makikita ang ilan sa mga paboritong spot para
mga lamok kapag tag-ulan. na umani ng protesta mula sa mga estudyante. sa field trips gaya ng Makiling Botanic Gardens
at Museum of Natural History. Pangarap din ng
2. DEVCOM BUILDING admin na maglagay ng cable cars dito. Siguro dahil
Bago naging ganap na kolehiyo ang Development relevant talaga sila sa isang academic community
Communication noong 1997, ang gusaling ito (read: sarcasm).
ay dating nakapailalim sa College of Agriculture
(CA). Para sa mga hindi nakakaalam, ang kursong Ang orihinal na harapan ng gusaling ito ay ang
Development Communication o Devcom ay dating parte na nakaharap sa Post Office, kaya baliktad
ang pagkakasunod-sunod ng Wing A, B, at C. Dito 17. TBA
nasa ilalim ng CA at nagsimula bilang Agricultural Ito ang building na hinding-hindi mo dapat
Communication. Sa ngayon, sa Devcom building ginaganap ang mga klase ng Statistics, Computer
ipagtanong sa upperclassmen. Kahit 10 years kang
matatagpuan ang LB FM 97.4. Ang College Science, Physics at Chemistry.
umikot sa campus para maghanap ng building na
of Devcom ay itinuturing ng Commission on may pangalan na TBA, hindi ka magtatagumpay.
Higher Education bilang Center of Excellence for Ang TBA o “to be announced” ang madalas na
Communication. pag-umpisahan ng trippings ng upperclassmen sa
8. MAIN LIBRARY freshmen.
3. ACADEMIC HERITAGE MONUMENT Kung feel mong mag-review habang nasa isang
mala-sauna na lugar, this is the place to be.

Ayon sa alumni, ito ay nagsisilbing commemorative Dito ka rin makahihiram ng ibang references na
monument, pero mas nakilala ito bilang “kwek- required sa klase mo na madalas na nakalagay
ung ma-home sick ka man sa mga
kwek” tower dahil na rin sa itsura nito. Ginastusan sa Reserved Section. Kung minamalas-malas ka, unang linggo mo sa UPLB, hindi
ito ng milyong piso bilang pag-aalala sa kwek- makahihiram ka ng kulang-kulang ang pages dahil ito dahilan para magmukmok ka
kwek... este academic heritage ng UP College of
Agriculture (dating pangalan ng UPLB).
pinilas ng mga dating humiram nito (tsk..dala sa apartment o dorm mo. Sa taas ng
marahil ng kahirapan na pagpapa-photocopy). matrikula na binayaran mo, dapat lang
Sa Main Lib ka matututong maglaro ng hide and
seek kasama ang mga libro. Dahil high-tech na ang 11. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND AGRO- 13. MATH BUILDING
na sulitin mo ang stay mo dito sa UPLB.
4. INSTUTUTE OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES BLDG kasalukuyang era, matatagpuan sa Main Lib ang 10. STUDENT UNION BUILDING INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY (CEAT) BUILDING Isinusumpa ng mga allergic sa Math ang building Kasabay ng pagtutuon ng oras sa acads,
Kahit parang malaking canteen ito sa ngayon
Kilala bilang BioSci, ito ay matagal na panahong Online Public Access Catalogue na madalas nga dahil sa mga private concessionaire na pinapasok Ang CEAT ay dating nasa ilalim ng CA noong na ito. Ang mismong biulding na ito ay ang dating kakabit nito ang hamon na tumugon sa
naging tahanan para sa BioSci-based orgs bago lang ay offline (as of press time). ng admin, ang SU building ay isa sa mga 1912 at naging ganap na kolehiyo noong 1983. UP Rural High School (UPRHS), bago ilipat ang mga issue na hinaharap ng unibersidad
Ang gilid ng Main Lib ay lugar para sa group at org Nagbukas ang Civil Engineering, Electrical huli sa Bay, Laguna. Ito ang dating Women’s Dorm
sila pinalayas papuntang Student Union Building
meetings. Ang likod ng Main Lib ay di maikakailang
pinakonkretong katibayan ng militansya sa UPLB.
Engineering, at Chemical Engineering nang
sa ngayon gaya ng Tuition and Other Fee
noong nakaraang semestre. Parang refugees na 9. FREEDOM PARK Dito matatagpuan ang opisina ng University bago ito naging UPRHS.
Increases (TOFI), jeepney re-routing,
lumipat ang mga orgs dahil umano sa pagiging fire madalas tambayan ng mga holdaper at ng iba Kung feel mong magmuni-muni, magpaka-emo, na Fertility Tree. As the name implies, ang Student Council at ang UPLB Perspective. Ang USC sumunod na taon.
hazard ng mga tambayan nila ayon sa IBS admin. pang may “criminal tendencies” sa tuwing sasapit makipagdate sa jowa, o mahilig ka lang sa amoy ng punong ito ay may kinalaman sa “fertility.” Hindi at Perspective ang dalawang pinakamahalagang 14. UNIVERSITY POLICE FORCE (UPF) HQ pagpa-paalis sa ambulant vendors, ang
Ayon sa Los Banos Fire Department, ang BioSci ay ang gabi. damo, magandang tambayan ang Freedom Park. recommended para sa mga menor de edad na student institutions sa UPLB. 12. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING (EE) Ito ang nagsisilbing opisina ng mga UPF o “pigoy” nakabinbing University Student Council-
walang fire exit plan at ang tambayan eviction ang Ang building na ito ay donasyon ng SEARCA sa Mamamangha ka rin sa ganda ng damo kapag tumambay dito dahil sa mga posibleng makita. Tuwing magsisimula ang semestre, mapapansin na BUILDING in layman’s term. Bago pa man nauso ang blue College Student Councils Elections, at
UPLB noong 1970s. Ang disenyo ng gusaling ito Patnubay ng magulang ay kailangan. Tinaguriang “mall” sa loob ng UPLB dahil sa itsura guards at CSB na bantay ngayon sa karamihan sa
naging tugon ng IBS admin.
ay gawa ng National Artist na si Leandro Locsin.
malapit na ang graduation. Binubuo ng upper at
Dahil feel yata ng admin makiuso sa Pinoy Big
halos araw-araw ay may mahabang pila sa isa mga
nito. Bukod sa engineering subjects, dito rin
iba pang usapin. Sa paglahok sa mga
lower fields, ang Freedom Park ang nagsisilbing sa opisina sa SU. Ang pilang ito ay para sa filing ng mga building, UPF ang nangangalaga sa seguridad
Sa BioSci ka rin pwedeng bumili ng palaka kung Itinuturing itong pinakamalaking agricultural venue para sa taunang graduation at February Fair. Brother, naglagay sila ng surveillance cameras sa loan para makapag-enroll dahil na rin sa taas ng nagkaklase ng PE1 simula nang maipatupad ang sa loob ng campus. Unti-unti nang lumiit ang
kampanyang ito tunay na masusukat ang
kailangan mo ito sa Biology class o bored ka lang library sa buong Asya na may mga libro mula pa Freedom Park para mamboso.. este pangalagaan matrikula. Noong nakaraang enrollment, parang large lecture class scheme. Makikita ito sa malapit bilang ng UPF dahil pinalitan na sila ng blue guards pagiging Iskolar ng Bayan. Maglingkod sa
at feel mong mag-disect on your own. noong 1910. Sa Freedom Park din matatagpuan ang sikat umano ang seguridad dito. box office hit rin ang pila sa STFAP appeal. Pili Drive. at surveillance cameras. sambayanan! [P]
10-11 UPLB Perspective
VOLUME 35 | August 1, 2008 FEATURES

Gains of student movement on death throes the university. Student leaders initiated
the drafting of a new constitution that
safeguards students’ fundamental rights,
is the 1984 UPLB-SC Constitution that Preamble of the 1984 Constitution of the UPLB Student Organization

while constitution remains besieged

will give due mandate to an “autonomous, has been used for 20 years now.
representative and democratic” student
council. It was during the term of an No room for compromise
“We, the students of the University of the Philippines at Los Baños,
interim body, which assumed its post on Both camps – the student leaders’ cognizant of the vital role of the youth in nation building, and conscious
January 11, 1983, that this constitution and the administration’s – claim that of its historical role in contributing to the task of social transformation,
MARK VINCENT BARACAO and CHRISTIAN RAY BUENDIA was drafted. they are pro-student. Yet amid the desirous as establishing an autonomous, representative and democratic
even stated the fact that, given the socio- percent plus 1 of the total number of votes Through a plebiscite conducted on intensifying threat of commercialization student Council that will unite the whole UPLB Studentry, promote
political milieu of the pre-EDSA years (a cast during a plebiscite. August 22-23, 1984, 94.89 percent of and privatization of UP education, the closer relationship with other sectors of the society in order to instill nationalist
The so-called ‘crisis’ on the University Student period of growing unrest and defiance Anachronistic the total 1,760 UPLB students favored students, who certainly knows the nitty-
consciousness for the advancement of the Filipino people, bind ourselves in
Council-College Student Council (USC-CSC) elections has to the Marcos regime), it mustered the The disparity between the 1978 and the new student council constitution. gritty of their condition, would certainly
support of an overwhelming number of Bañez said the students “deemed that it stand up for the 1984 Constitution that commitment to these ends and hereby ordain and promulgate this constitution.”
now escalated into an almost unsolvable clash between students and administrators. Then by
1984 USC Constitutions can only be fully
was necessary during that time to have more vigilantly furthers their legitimate
grasped when read in the context of the
what the student leaders assert the true “autonomous, consent, the Constitution of 1984 becomes existing social and political conditions a student council that will represent the rights. ARTICLE II
representative and democratic” constitution of the legitimate. obtaining during the time these charters genuine interest of students… ’yun nga “Malinaw na malinaw na mas DECLARATION OF PRINCIPLES AND OBJECTIVES
In other words, as Bañez said, were drafted. It is only in this manner ay ma-restore ang demokrasya sa ating democratic, representative at autonomous
student council and what the administration maintains “[the] 1984 Constitution is not just an that we can establish the bases for our bansa dahil kung ganun ang tatanganin na constitution—mas progressive na
Section 1. The UPLB Student Council subscribes to the following principles:
the ‘legal charter.’ amendment of the 1978 Constitution. It arguments. ng konseho, kailangan nito by itself Constitution ang 1984 Constitution,”
was a revision, and it replaced the 1978 Democracy’s death toll sounded [maging] autonomous, representative and incumbent USC Chairperson Leo ‘XL’
The administration has already It is the weapon that has been used Constitution not in part but in whole.” with the declaration of Martial Law on democratic.” Fuentes said. a. That education is a right and not a privilege and it should be
initiated the selection of representatives by students for more than 20 years to September 21, 1972. Student councils, In an article titled Ang Munting While we commend the afforded to everyone;
for the College Electoral Board (which will further their legitimate interests. Assaulted Autonomy publications and organizations all Barikada noong 1984 published in the administration’s initiative to proceed with b. That education should develop man’s physical, mental,
facilitate elections on the college level) and Charisse Bernadine Bañez, incumbent The need for that more militant over the country were immediately UPLB Perspective in 1989, Penny Calara the USC-CSC elections by implementing
the search for volunteers for the elections. USC Vice Chairperson, said “Lagi nating recounted the militancy of UPLB students the constitution they deem to be their
social and cultural potentials in order to realize his part in social
student council could only have spurred banned as President Ferdinand Marcos
Meanwhile, the USC and CSCs, clamoring tinatanganan na ‘yung 1984 Constitution the makers of the 1984 Constitution to exhausted every possible means to stifle in 1984. The writer highlighted that “sanction,” they should not have change;
for a halt of election preparations and the ay nasulat doon sa intensyon na remove provisions and dilute statements the intensifying dissent of the people. 1,700 students marched to Malacañang preempted the students, precisely because c. That education should enhance critical thought and ability to
conduct of elections using the 1984 UPLB magkaroon ng autonomous, representative that allow the intervention of the Organizations went underground, and the Palace June that year to condemn the 169 it is a students’ issue and the students make informed judgment, free of dogma and myths;
Student Council (UPLB-SC) Constitution, at democratic na University Student administration in council affairs. reign of “white terror” continued to hound percent tuition increase. A few months must resolve it first. Administrative d. That UP as a state university, is and educational institution,
has elevated the issue to system-wide level. Councils at College Student Councils.” Article III Membership, Section 2 of the the people’s right to organize. after, thousands of students also protested intervention on this crucial student issue supported by the wealth of the Filipino people, and therefore it
The debate continues on, and while This intention means a lot. Granting 1978 Constitution, for instance, states that In 1974, the early signs of a recovering through snake rallies and class boycott. is a blatant disrespect of the student
there is a pressing need to guarantee but never conceding that the 1984 Once in November 1984, students even institution that was fought for, and even
should carry out its foremost obligation to promote and advance
members of the Student Body Organization militancy in UPLB came with the
the students’ right to representation, Constitution is an offshoot of the 1978 shall “abide by all the provisions of this reaffirmation of academic freedom and barricaded all known exits of UPLB died for, by thousands of students. a humane Filipino Society;
we cannot afford an uncritical conduct Constitution (we will later prove that Constitution and the rules and policies democratic rights in UPLB manifested by community — UP gate, PCARRD, and IRRI. What’s more, as the university e. That UPLB, as part of the UP system pursuing its thrust for rural
of elections for the sake of compromise. this is not so), the former embodies the promulgated by duly constituted authority the formation of the Council of Student “Because the students during that celebrates its centenary, students need, development should carry out its responsibility towards the genuine
The move by the UPLB administration to aspirations of the studentry which the (this and subsequent emphases ours).” Leaders (CSL). The CSL, composed time are calling for the abolition of Martial now more than ever, a student council upliftment of the people’s condition in the country side;
promptly administer student elections latter can only state in uncertain terms. Nowhere in the Constitution was the by student organizations, led the re- Law at nakikibaka para sa demokratiko at that will truly safeguard their long-held
f. That in pursuing the tasks of the UP system in general, and in UPLB
using the 1978 Constitution of the UPLB Moreover, Article II Declaration of phrase ‘duly constituted’ defined. Thus establishment of the UPLB Perspective batayang karapatan hindi lamang ng mga principles.
Student Organization (UPLB-SO), wittingly Principles and Objectives of the 1984 it can be rightly or wrongly interpreted. through its series of dialogues with the estudyante kundi ng buong sambayanan “Malinaw sa tindig ng konseho sa in particular, the university community should first and foremost
or unwittingly, brings in grave implications Constitution includes such provisions What’s worse, it can be abused and used Office of Student Affairs (OSA) in the lumalakas ‘yung student movement,” kasalukuyan na hindi ito ‘yung student uphold a meaningful education that is nationalist, scientific and
on the shape of the students’ fight for their characterizing the principles and tasks to incapacitate the council in its dealings same year. The students also succeeded Bañez said. council na inaakala ng administrasyon na pro-people in orientation.
democratic rights will take. of the USC (see sidebar). These are with the administration. in forming the Katawang Tagapag-ugnay The “new” constitution, which mapagkumpromisong student council kasi i. Nationalist because it must liberate our thinking
crucial provisions, precisely because they In fact, there are other provision in ng mga Mag-aaral (KTM) as a student embodies an “autonomous, representative malayo na rin yung inabot ng laban na and values from the bonds of colonial mentality
False dilemma recognize that a “nationalist, scientific and the 1978 Constitution that uses such assembly. But unlike a self-governing and and democratic” student government and ito,” Fuentes added. [P]
pro-people” education in orientation is a
and advance the genuine aspiration of the Filipino
The two constitutions under scrutiny words as ‘confirmation’ and ‘coordinate.’ representative student council, the KTM
are distinct entities, and the nature of both right and not a privilege. Even in budget matters, the College was only given limited autonomy as it was Preamble of the 1978 Constitution of the UPLB Student Organization people;
student formations sets the most apparent A few significant dissimilarity stems Student Council shall “make its own strictly monitored by OSA. ii. Pro-people because it must promote an education
differences. from the organizational structure of the budget which will become operational The KTM, however, served as a We, the students of the University of the Philippines at Los Baños, in attuned to the real needs and interest of the majority
The 1978 UPLB-SO Constitution entities described in the two constitutions. upon confirmation of the Dean” (Article transition body that later on became the of the society; and
In the former Constitution, the CSC
order to have a duly mandated body that shall embody our ideals,
considers all bona fide UPLB students as IV The College Student Council, Section UPLB-SO. With the same aspirations, iii. Scientific because it must develop and enhance
members of the Student Organization, is composed of “at least two elected 3g). Article XII Funds of the Organization, UPLB students organized the first recorded promote our general welfare, protect our rights, foster a closer fellowship
and they shall be governed by the USC representatives from each of the Freshmen, among the students and other sectors of the society, train us to be critical and objective thought responsive to actual
Section 4 states that “actual disbursement campus-wide protest in the university
and CSC for their respective colleges. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors in the of the funds can only be made after the three years after the KTM was established. active and responsible citizens of our country, and instill in us the spirit conditions in the present Philippine Society.
On the other hand, the 1984 UPLB-SC college” and at least “two representatives approval of the budget by the respective Held in 1977 and attended by around of nationalism, do hereby ordain and promulgate this constitution. g. That through collective effort and cooperation, we can
Constitution provides legal mandate for each of the masteral and doctoral councils and after confirmation by the 3,000 students, the protest opposed UPLB effectively work for the fulfillment of our goals, of the educational
for the establishment of USC and CSC students” in the Graduate School. The Chancellor.” administration’s new bracketing scheme of sector in particularly and the large society in general.
as the highest governing bodies whose officers of the CSCs are selected within the
Article II
The CSC also must “coordinate the grants-in-aids program.
constituents are all bona fide UPLB college concerned. These officers will then with the Dean of the College on student The students eventually held a DECLARATION OF CONVICTIONS AND OBJECTIVES
students, thus establishing a self- vote among themselves those who will take matters, affairs and activities” (Article IV dialogue in front of the Administration
Section 2. The UPLB Student Council shall, at all times, strive:
governing student institution. a council position: four from each colleges The College Student Council, Section 3c) building. One of the gains of the Section 1. We stand on the following convictions:
A common ground of both and one from each of the masteral and while the USC shall “coordinate with mobilization is the immediate conduct of a. To uphold a truly representative, autonomous and democratic
constitutions is that their members or doctoral students. Members of the USC the UPLB Chancellor and other duly elections for student representatives the a. We believe that man is a rational and a political being. Student Council;
constituents are the students. The two will vote for a Chairman, Vice-chairman, constituted authorities in student following year. b. To serve as an active forum for student ideas and sentiments;
constitutions vary, however, in the rights Secretary and Treasurer. matters, affairs and activities” (Article V The UPLB-SO, founded on August 28,
b. We believe on the intellectual and physical development of man.
Meanwhile, the 1984 Constitution c. We believe that the University is a microcosm of a larger society c. To uphold and ensure democratic participation and
and duties given to the students. The The University Student Council, Section 1978 through the 1978 Constitution, was
1984 Constitution recognizes students’ stipulates an elections-at-large for the 2e). indeed progressive considering that such and that we should, therefore, work for its interest. representations in any policy-making body which directly affect
individual and collective rights as it officers of the USC and CSCs. The USC is The 1984 Constitution effectively an organization existed during the Martial d. We believe in truth, justice, and freedom. student rights and welfare particularly in the university;
includes provisions that guarantee distinctly removed from the CSC in that impairs the hands of intervention Law period when the government prohibits e. We believe that through collective efforts and cooperation, we can d. To promote and safeguard the rights and welfare of the UPLB
freedom of speech, due process of the law, it has organizational autonomy and only in student matters through resolute organizations. The 1978 Constitution in students in particular and the Filipino people in general;
the college representatives serve a “liaison
effectively work for the fulfillment of our goals.
and confidentiality of academic records, provisions. Compared with the 1978 nature, however, conforms to the political e. To uphold the ideals and principles of the university that are
among others. The 1978 Constitution, on between the University Student Council Constitution, which in essence is a atmosphere during that time.
the other hand, merely ensures suffrage and the College Student Councils.” Section 2. The objectives of the organization shall be: geared towards ensuring a well-rounded, intellectual, social,
toothless and compromising charter, the Consequently, Bañez said the period
and organizational participation of All these differences point out that former asserted that “a copy of the budget shaped the very character of the 1978 cultural and physical development for every students;
students. This is so, again, because of the the essence of the 1984 Constitution (of the Student Council) shall be sent to Constitution: “compromising” to the a. To serve the interest of the UPLB students in particular and the f. To develop social awareness and responsibility geared towards
repressive socio-political context when the is actually a protest against the 1978 the Office of Student Affairs Director for administration and “less autonomous” Filipino people in general; the development of a nationalistic spirit bounded on democratic
latter constitution was ratified. UPLB-SO Constitution. Why? Because the notation” only (Article IX Funds of the compared with the 1984 Constitution. principles;
Even in the simplest statements 1978 Constitution has already outlived
b. To promote and safeguard the rights and welfare of the UPLB
Student Council Section 3). Being so, the UPLB studentry remained g. To seek and engender educational reforms for the full
the striking differences between the its purpose – to be a means of securing We have not even mentioned how the in asserting genuine autonomy of their students and the Filipino people;
two constitutions surface. For example, our most basic rights amid a dictatorship Constitution should be amended based council in the succeeding years. c. To serve as an active forum for students’ ideas and sentiments; development of human potentials that respond to social realities
the preamble of the 1978 UPLB- – and the need for a militant council, on the 1978 Constitution. Article XIII And in the eve of social unrest after d. To provide representation or participation in policy-making bodies and promote academic freedom;
SO Constitution pushed for by the with the advent of the EDSA Revolution, Amendments of the aforementioned states the assassination of Benigno Aquino of the University which directly affect student rights and welfare; h. To forge unity with other sectors of the university and society
administration pales in comparison becomes pressing more than ever. that amendments “shall be presented in 1983, the societal condition during e. To develop social awareness and responsibility geared towards the towards the fulfillment of these objectives.
with that of the 1984 UPLB-SC Then if it was a ‘revolutionary to the Chancellor by representative of that year fired various student actions
Constitution. It lacks the operative Constitution,’ intending to supplant a the University Student Council in open in UPLB. While struggling alongside the
development of a nationalistic spirit;
phrase “autonomous, representative politically weaker charter, why should discussions, for his confirmation,” while basic sectors of society to topple the f. To uphold the ideals and principles of the University; and
and democratic,” a phrase with far-flung it follow the rules on amendment based the 1984 Constitution only requires the dictator, UPLB students also fought to g. To unite and mobilize the students and other sectors of the UPLB Complete copies of of the 1978 and 1984 Constitution
repercussions and inestimable gravity. on the 1978 Constitution? We have not ratification through the affirmation of 50 reaffirm fully their democratic rights in community towards the fulfillment of these objectives. are available at the UPLB Perspective’s Office Rm. 11 2/F SU Bldg
UPLB Perspective UPLB Perspective 13
12 VOLUME 35 | ISSUE 1 | August 1, 2008 OPINION GRAPHICS VOLUME 35 | ISSUE 1 | August 1, 2008

This space is allotted for comments, suggestions, rebuttals,

Isang Bukas na Liham para sa mga

public apologies, and what not. We reserve the right to edit
for brevity and clarity. Only signed letters will be published but

ni Chino Carlo Aricaya

Iskolar ng Bayan ng UP Los Baños

names can be withheld upon request. e-mail us at
uplbperspective0809@gmail.com or drop by the [P] office.

Isang mainit na pagbati!

The Iskolars ng Bayan were endowed not just with rights, but at the same
time saddled with the great responsibility of serving the Filipino people. The
Lubos na nagpapasalamat ang University Student Council-UPLB sa inyong
Ano ang masasabi mo sa
naudlot na USC-CSC
pakikiisa at pagsuporta sa ating kampanya upang tutulan ang represyon sa
University of the Philippines, which nurtures these scholars, should be a place
loob ng kampus at tuluy-tuloy na makibaka para sa ating mga demokratikong

of liberty and of mass-oriented education, not of lust for power, repression and
social injustice.
Nahaharap tayo ngayon sa sunud-sunod na mga anti-estudyanteng mga
We, the members of the UPLB Sociology Society, concretize equality and
polisiya at atake mula sa panig ng administrasyon. Tampok dito ang pagka- “Nakakalungkot na naudlot ang elections kasi
fundamental rights of students through the organization. And now, as one
kaantala ng halalan para sa mga panibagong miyembro ng konseho dahil sa malaki ang parte na ginagawa ng USC sa atin,
of the oldest academic organizations in UPLB, we are coming out of a larger
pagkwestiyon ng administrasyon sa legalidad ng Konstitusyong ginamit ng mga nawawalan tayo ng boses sa university. Sana
society, which is the University, to fight for our rights during this time of
estudyante ng lagpas 20 taon na. matuloy [ang eleksyon], kasi importante ang
Kung babalikan natin ang kasaysayan, kasabay ng pagpapatupad ng Martial USC.”
Since 1975, the UPLB Sociology Society’s tambayan has existed in the Social
Law noong Setyembre 21, 1972, ipinatigil ng diktadurya ang pag-iral ng mga ~Patricia Demdam | BA Communication Arts ‘05
Sciences Wing of the Humanities building (now, CAS Building). But with the
institusyong pang-estudyante tulad ng mga konseho, dyaryo, at organisasyon.
issue of tambayan phase-out, which became known late last semester as a “Problematic na hindi nagkaroon ng election.
Ngunit dahil sa sama-sama at malakas na pagkilos ng mga estudyante at iba’t
general plan of the landscaping committee in line with the “ecotourism” project As we all know, it’s a part of how student
iba pang sektor noong panahong iyon, napagtagumpayang maibalik ang mga
of UPLB in UP’s centenary, we fear that petty reasons of “fire exit management” representation is being addressed. Pero in
demokratikong karapatan ng mga estudyante at muling maitatag ang mga
or centralizing tambayan in a mini park will repress our basic rights.
institusyong pang-estudyante na pangunahing nagtatanggol sa mga naunang terms of legalities ng election, hindi namin siya
We are alarmed because the case of tambayan phase-out in the Biological natitingnan as the only basis for the hampering Dahil sa biglaang firedrill noong July 17 sa Physci,
tagumpay ng kanilang pagkilos. Marapat nating tandaan na ang mga ito ay
Sciences Building, removal of the tambayan of UP Human Ecology Students’ of elections. Sana nagkaroon ng compromise R U L A YA E L G O N G O R A naisip ng mga estudyanteng mas mahalaga ang firedrills
hindi ibinigay ng basta na lamang bagkus ay pinagbuwisan ng buhay ng mga between the administration and the USC kaysa sa pagkaklase...
Society, Beta Kappa Fraternity and Beta Kappa Sigma Sorority resulted
naunang Iskolar ng Bayan. para magkaroon ng ganitong form of student
from the administration’s futility in exhausting all means of democratic
Kabilang sa mga demokratikong karapatan nating mga estudyante ang
consultations to seek students’ consent on matters concerning their
makapag-organisa. Ang konkretong manipestasyon ng mga karapatang ito ay
~Ranie Catimbang | BA Communication Arts ‘05 Sketchpad
The Backseat kiss
tambayan—as if a token dialogue is enough, as if the administration’s “Hey, Megan.” It was Janus. Gone was the boyish grin he
ang pagkakaroon ng mga tambayan, paglulunsad ng mga aktibidad, paggamit
authority automatically gives them the privilege of executing arbitrary used to display every time he greets me. His Beatles-like hair-
ng mga pasilidad sa loob ng pamantasan at pagkilala ng unibersidad sa mga ito “Parang ‘yung election naman ay hindi
decisions. This kind of leadership has been the trend for the past years after ko talaga nararamdaman. Hindi naman cut is unusually unkempt. His clothes, which are supposed
bilang mga institusyong nagsusulong ng kagalingan ng mga estudyante. Dagdag
the UPLB administration favored the skyrocketing tuition increase and the to be predictably smoothened (we often tease him as an
pa rito, karapatan nating mga estudyante na makonsulta sa lahat ng polisiyang nagpaparticipate ‘yung mga estudyante kaya It’s just a crumpled paper under Sid’s bed—with Sid’s pen- Fe lover), looks as if he failed to press them—or maybe he
eviction of ambulant vendors, jeepney rerouting and large lecture classes. ok lang. Meron man o walang [eleksyon], manship and Sid’s “trademark” doodles on the sides. For
makaaapekto sa atin at sa pamantasan. Gayundin, may karapatan ang mga just couldn’t care less. Aah... the cruelty of depression out of
Meanwhile, the UPLB administration has not yet released an official parang wala pa rin.” an instant, I thought I smell Sid, too; through this scratch losing your best friend.
estudyante sa impormasyon at malayang pahayagan. Lalo’t higit, tayo ay may
statement denying or confirming the issue of tambayan phase-out. ~Jayson Vedad | BS Chemistry ‘06 from his notebook.
karapatang bumoto at magkaroon ng representasyon sa pamantasan upang ka-
Lest the administration forgets, a tambayan, like an office, is a social Heck, me and my imagination. Following him were the rest of the band and Patricia, Sid’s
gyat na matugunan ang ating mga hinaing at kilalanin ang Konstitusyon ng mga
identity of an organization. This means two things: first, the members of the “Parang pinapatagal lang lalo nila girlfriend. I never liked her. When Sid introduced her to us,
Konseho ng Mag-aaral na maka-estudyante at maka-mamamayan. THE BACKSEAT KISS we asked if we could call her Pat or Trish but she snorted,
organization have undergone a long recruitment process to belong to the (administrasyon). [Kaya] lalong nag-iinit yung Sid. Drums. Wow. That’s… well…
Sa kasalukuyan, muling inaatake ang ating mga demokratikong karapatan Ian- vocals “No. I hate nicknames.” We were like “Oookay...” We got
organization which they share their ideals; and second, they have asserted a emosyon ng mga estudyante, so dapat i-push Janus- guitars pretty nostalgic.
sa sunud-sunod na pagtatanggal ng tambayan ng mga organisasyon, pag- through na [ang eleksyon] kaagad.” no idea why Sid was with her; she’s so demanding and tact-
space in the university as a social reward for having the initiative to organize Glen- bass Being their band manager has less. She’s a real pain. But today, I set aside my dislike of her.
babawal na gumamit ng mga pasilidad upang makapaglunsad ng mga aktibidad ~Michelle Montiel |BS Development Communication, ‘07 Sid- drums
themselves for the full realization of what and how they have learned inside nothing to do with how much I Maybe her attitude stinks but true enough, Patricia is dra-
at pagkaantala ng recognition sa mga varsitarian at religious organizations. admire this kid. It definitely got nothing to do with friend-
classrooms. These are because student organizations were in the forefront of matically beautiful even in her messy brunette locks, plain
Bukod sa pagtataas ng matrikula at iba pang bayarin noong 2006, marami pang ship and other mushy crap.
shaping the foundation of the century-long advocacy of UP—safeguard the
polisiya ang naipatupad sa loob ng pamantasan na hindi dumaan sa tunay at Ano ang masasabi mo sa *bang clothes and blank eyes. I can’t help but pity her. Though we
can’t really get along, we have to admit that among Sid’s
country’s democracy and sovereignty and its citizen’s rights through a liberal,
nationalist and mass-oriented education.
demokratikong konsultasyon sa panig ng mga estudyante at iba pang sektor sa pataas nang pataas na Sid is screaming with talent and appeal. Well all the
boys are good, but Sid... he’s a different story. He was girls, she was the only one who’s sincerely keen on him. We

presyo ng mga bilihin?

pamantasan. Madalas ding pinagpapasa-pasahan ng mga opisina ng adminis- always hidden behind banging the drums and you’ll have no concrete basis on this of course; we just bloody
And our tambayan has been in existence for almost 32 years, serving a vital feel it to our bones that sometimes, it oddly scares us.
trasyon ang publikasyon at konseho sa tuwing hihingi ang mga ito ng dokumen- see fans facing hell just to have a closer look of him. He
role to each and every member who joined the organization—whether resident, barely talks on press releases but he never fails to get the
to at iba pang impormasyong nararapat malaman ng mga estudyante. Hindi na My boyfriend Glen came near and kissed me lightly on the
non-resident, alumni, honorary, or ex-officio—who would eventually come back spotlight. Without any bias, I can tell that Sid’s the most
rin bago ang panghihimasok ng administrasyon sa pagpili ng punong patnugot “Two things: Una, magaling magpaikot ang cheeks. Aside from his emphasized eye bags, he looks quite
to that tambayan on Humanities Building. popular Backseat Kisser.
ng UPLB Perspective. Sa katunayan, muli na namang naantala ang pagkaka- gobyerno na mas masensationalize ang normal to me—still very good-looking in rugged clothing,
Therefore, attempts to restrict or hinder student organizations in the GIG @ LB SQUARE (our 1st): at least in my opinion. But... oh, his shoulder length hair is
luklok ng punong patnugot ngayong taon. Dagdag pa rito ang pagkaantala ng mga hindi importanteng issues upang hindi Yeah, we got no
exercise of their rights to organize and of freedom of expression mean the
eleksyon ng mga Konseho ng Mag-aaral dahil hindi kinilala ng administrasyon mapag-usapan ang mga isyu na dapat ay freedom there. The *we have no freedom here... hehe. carelessly tied up today. I can see strands coming out from
direct disregard of these rights. However, as our three decade-old history 1. Take Care- A Change of Pace places and if he is in his normal form, he would fix it. Glen.
ang kasalukuyang Konstitusyon ng Konseho, ang konstitusyong buung-buong pinagtutuunan ng pansin. Pangalawa, dahil sa sponsors just handed 2. Devil in Jersey City- Coheed and Cambria
contributed to UP’s 100 years of service to the Filipino citizenry, such efforts of us the line-up of He’s always this way—acting as if everything’s okay. But he
pumalit sa ginagamit ng mga konseho noong Martial Law. mga ito, dapat tayong mag-unite as Filipinos to 3. Let It Happen- Jimmy Eat World can’t hide from me; we’ve been together for almost two
the administration to repress us, students, the UPLB Sociology Society firmly songs. Too bad.
Ang pag-atake sa mga institusyong pang-estudyante ay katumbas ng make our country a better place for the future years. There was an urge to embrace him, just to let him
stands for a mass-oriented education that is further nurtured outside the four If the boys were in charge of what to cover, they’ll go old
tahasang pagtapak sa ating mga demokratikong karapatan lalo na ang karapa- generations.” school for sure. But the third on the list is a favorite. know that I’m aware he’s miserable inside. But I found it
corners of the classroom. ~Eena | BS Electrical Engineering ‘04 inappropriate to so I just stared at his sad brown eyes and
tan nating magtamasa ng makamasa, makabayan at dekalidad na edukasyon.
Together with the University Student Council, our very voice and I smiled at the realization that my music preferences are dif- forced a smile. Maybe he got the message...
Marapat nating tandaan na ang dahilan sa pag-iral ng mga institusyong ito ay
representative, and our fellow student organizations, the members of “Syempre ramdam ko ang krisis. Pero mas ferent from the band I’m handling.
upang magsilbing tagapamandila at tagapagtanggol ng ating mga demokratikong Ian who is normally sunny and loud with his blue-gray dyed
UPLB Sociology Society and its Alumni Association appeal for all of the natuto akong mamaluktot sa mas umiikling This is more like it—this is the music that the boys “worship”,
karapatan. Muli tayong hinahamon ng panahon upang tindigan ang ating mga even though hair (he changes his hair style every semester) and actual
students’ unheard sentiments. We express our condemnation of the UPLB kumot.” rock star physique (tall and bony) lost his cool as he stared
karapatan at patuloy na tutulan ang represyon sa loob ng pamantasan ga- BATTLE OF THE BANDS @ TANAUAN CITY: didn’t even
administration and its undemocratic governance and inefficient leadership. We ~Chara Lois Tallada | BS Nutrition ‘06 *talo! haha anxiously on the piece of paper I was holding. Sid is his older
yundin ang pagkokomersyalisa sa edukasyon dahil sa papaliit na pondo para put them on
condemn tambayan phase-out. We call for the immediate elections of student 1. I Wanna Be Sedated- The Ramones the list finalists brother; it hurts to notice that he resembles him a lot.
sa edukasyon. Panghawakan natin ang mga aral mula sa kasaysayan na sa “Lagi nang tumataas ang bilihin at madaling 2. Promise Her the Moon- Mr. Big
councils and we condemn the late appointment of the editor in chief of the on that par-
sama-samang pagkilos natin makakamit ang tagumpay. Nawa’y sa pagpasok ng i-approve ‘yung presyo ng gasolina, so 3. I Believe in a Thing Called Love - The Darkness “Is... is that a suicide note?” Ian stuttered. He looks like as if
UPLB Perspective, which both repress (or delay) our right to representation and ticular contest.
Unibersidad ng Pilipinas sa kanyang sentenaryo, panatilihin natin ang tradi- pagdating dun sa ganun, hindi naman And as far as everybody’s concerned, Sid is a self-proclaimed he wants me to say ‘yes’.
information. We condemn the banning of organizational activities, including
syon ng militansya at pakikibaka para sa ating mga karapatan lalo’t higit ang tumataas ang suweldo ng mga manggagawa, Mr. Big fan. He must be really pleased with this line-up. I
meetings, in all campus premises beyond 7 p.m. at [kung meron] konting taas lang. “I’m sorry... it’s not,” I handed him the piece of paper and
mga karapatan ng batayang masa. Tanging ang paglubog sa masa at pag-aaral remember Sid commenting that night, “Okay lang. Nakapag-
Militancy reveals the best of our dissent, and against campus repression, it pasikat naman tayo. Haha!” all of them peered on it. A mixture of disappointment and
ng lipunan ang makapaghahatid sa atin sa pinakamataas na antas ng kama- Kinakailangan talaga ng malakihang pagkilos.”
is the worst for the administration. exhaustion spread on their faces after checking it out.
layan. Ang patuloy at sama-samang pagkilos ng mga organisasyon at iba pang ~Oscar Bartolome | BA Communication Arts ‘07
Oh God. Sid’s hearty laughter.
estudyante ay konkretong hakbang upang mapanatili ang mga batayang insti- Then there was an effortless silence in Sid’s room. I know
NO TO TAMBAYAN PHASE-OUT! “Dahil sa pataas nang pataas na presyo ng what they’re thinking; I think so, too.
tusyong mangangalaga sa ating interes at kagalingan. Marapat nating tandaan I scanned, then flipped the paper to see more lists of gigs.
STOP CAMPUS REPRESSION! bilihin, napapansin ko hindi lang sa akin kundi
na anumang pagkilos natin upang makamit ang makamasa, makabayan, at Then somebody entered Sid’s room.
UPHOLD DEMOCRATIC AND CONSULTATIVE DECISION-MAKING! maging sa ibang estudyante sa UPLB na kulang Sid left us clueless.
dekalidad na edukasyon ay ambag natin sa sambayanang nakikibaka para sa ang isang libong budget sa isang linggo.”

panlipunang pagbabago. ~Efren John Buno | BS Industrial Engineering, ‘08 Where is Sid? Could this be just one of his star antics? --or could this mean something grave? Could be. could be not.
Isang taas kamaong pagpupugay!

“Hindi naman siya bagong isyu, kumbaga.
Established 1975
Bounded by allegiance. Pride through tradition. Known for excellence. University Student Council-UPLB Syempre ang matatapakan lang ulit diyan Ano ang tingin mo sa
ay ‘yung mga nasa lower class kasi [ang]
nangyayari nga [ay] tumataas nang tumataas SONA ni PGMA?
ang mga presyo [ng mga bilihin], wala namang

Join the [P]

mo’y mahalaga. 2.
nangyayari sa mga sahod. Iindahin at iindahin

Download [P] in PDF!

din ng mga mamamayan ngayon ‘yung Ano ang masasabi mo sa
ONLINE NETWORK! epekto ng krisis na ito. Based na rin naman sa
experience, mukhang haharapin na naman ng
matindi ng mga tao ang bagong hirap na ito.”
maiden centennial issue
http://uplbperspective0809.deviantart.com http://uplbperspective.multiply.com ~Dan Michael Sadia | Instuctor, Dept. of Civil Engineering Mag-text sa 09164298055/09187463168. ng UPLB Perspective?
14 UPLB Perspective
VOLUME 35 | August 1, 2008 OPINION OPINION UPLB Perspective
VOLUME 35 | ISSUE 1 | August 1, 2008 15

noong bakasyon, siguro narinig mo na ng nasabing patalastas na makahingi ome people, when talking about And it is here that we came to build our
naipasa na ang bagong UP Charter. Naging ng donasyon para sa 5 bilyong UP Fund their poverty, tend to shy away castle - later on became the sole witness
usap-usapan ito maging sa Multiply at sa para sa mga programa ng UP sa kanyang and become reserved, as if their to the deterioration of our castle’s empty
Peyups.com. sentenaryo. very destitution makes them lesser rooms and lonely towers.

Paano tumawid sa isang ilog Living in our castle

Ang ibang mga Iskolar ng Bayan “’Pag tumaya ka sa UP, tumataya ka beings. And maybe I, too, who have The recollections of my childhood
ay natuwa sa pagpasa ng bagong UP sa bayan.” Parang pabingo o lotto ‘ata ang little business of saying these things days are blurry, as if I’m peering
Charter dahil na rin siguro sa pagiging panghikayat na linyang ito sa mga gustong here, writing under a false name, through a car’s window where the rain
FAITH ALLYSON BUENACOSA magbigay ng donasyon. Kung ganoon nga would have to curl up and wrestle
“Pambansang Unibersidad” ng ating makes a distorting liquid curtain. But

Tila nakatatak na sa tradisyon ng lahat ang gusto nilang iparating, ano kaya ang myself to give it out to you, to put *crypticpoet
abi ni Heraclitus, hindi pwedeng mahal na pamantasan. Ayos! Kalebel I see the image of our life then as a life
tumawid ang isang tao sa parehong ng mga gimikero’t gimikera sa UPLB ang na ng UP ang bangus, sipa, tsaka baro’t premyo sa pagtaya sa UP? my condition under your scrutiny. devoid of worries of not having enough. the point of fracture, all that matter myself become absorbed with other

ilog ng dalawang beses. Dahil sa Huwebes bilang “official gimik night.” Ngunit saya. Gayumpaman, kalakip ng pagiging May ilan ‘atang nakalimot na Stephen King once wrote that “the And we began to build our castle. starts to fall apart. things – studies, friends, writing – and
pangalawang pagkakataon, iba na ang matatapos na ‘ata ang masasayang araw Pambansang pampublikong paaralan most important things are the hardest We worked hard so that it might stand I cannot say categorically when I began to invent excuses not to go home.
nila, o para mas angkop, masasayang pa rin ang UP sa kabila to say, because words diminish them.” on hopes and dreams of a better life, on
Ang iba ay
taong tumatawid sa ilog at iba na rin ang Unibersidad, came to understand, or rather made I became more reserved, and when my
ilog na tinatawiran. Sa isang unibersidad gabi nila sa pagpapalit ng “rest day” ng responsibilidad ng pagdiriwang ng Yet in most cases an unremitting promise to understand by social forces, our parents would ask me how am I, I would

nagpapadala ...I realized

na napakalakas ng pagragasa ng tubig, unibersidad. Taong 2006 nang magsimula na rin ng UP ang ating centennial year. circumstances of freedom from want. We condition. It just happened. And while I give only noncommittal replies.
ang bawat Iskolar ng Bayan ay may kani- ang Four-Day Class Policy sa buong UP paggawa ng paraan Hindi ba’t pangahas at force you to speak threw in infinitely many hold on as much as I can to our castle,

that I have
This continued on for a long time,

lamang sa agos
kaniyang paraan sa pagtawid. System. Isinagawa ito bilang isa sa mga upang magkaroon konkretong halimbawa up, because rooms and skyscraping it starts to crumble away under my until I decided to become an activist.
paraan ng pagtitipid ng unibersidad. Mula ng pondong ang pagpapalabas silence is the only towers for good measure. slightest touch. In the beginning I thought I have
Unang hakbang sa rumaragasang ilog sa Biyernes na swak na swak sana sa mga panggastos. Paano
sa kabila
ng patalastas sa thing that stands
known all along We made sure that the It is such an unfortunate irony that successfully evaded the castle, but

that the castle

komersalisasyong between you and

ng walang
Isang bagong batch na naman ng mahilig gumimik at gustong umuwi ng niya ito gagawin? mess hall must not see our imagined castle that is supposed then, I realized that I have known all
freshmen ang pumasok ngayong taon. Sila maaga sa kani-kanilang mga bahay, inilipat Magagawa niya ito nagaganap sa loob the articulation of scarcity, the hallways to shelter us and bring me closer to along that the castle would not let go

would not
ng UP system? Hindi the personal truths

kaalaman sa
ang pangalawang batch na naging biktima ng administrasyon ang “rest day” ng Lunes. sa pamamagitan ng must not be dank and my family should force me to distance of me because, because you see, I am

let go of me
ng 300 porsyentong pagtaas ng matrikula. Simple lang ang lohika. Dahil madalas nang paggamit ng mga naman mali ang you want people to smelly, and everywhere myself from them. Slowly, I took on the the castle.
Dahan-dahan na ‘atang nasasanay (at inililipat ang mga holiday mula sa orihinal idle assets sa loob ng paghingi ng donasyon understand. there must be lots and mindset that I was destined for a better I am still in a constant battle with
sinasanay) ang mga kasalukuyang Isko’t na araw nila patungo sa kasunod o naunang
Lunes sa linggong dapat ay ipinagdiriwang
unibersidad. At dahil
patutunguhan ngunit hindi ba’t
responsibilidad ng
My family, after
a couple of hesitant because,
lots of candles so that
we may not trip on our
life, and the ghosts of lost opportunities myself to return to the castle and once

Iska na makakita ng mga UPCAT passers at sa nagaganap na began to haunt me. again knock on its empty rooms where

because you
kanilang mga ina na umiiyak sa panahon ito, sinakto na ng administrasyon na Lunes paggamit ng mga ito, pamahalaan na advances and way to the dungeon or to I could not, would not, look at what I would have to catch at elusive dreams
ng enrolment dahil hindi nila kayang na rin ang rest day natin. bukas na bukas ang bigyan ng pondong flinging stops, finally the cellar. We took pains our castle has become. My eyes could I chose to abandon. And I will do this

see, I am the
bayaran ang matrikula sa pinapangarap Ang pagpapalit ng “rest day” sa UP para sa mga pribadong institusyon na pantustos ang unibersidad? Ako naman ay came to Mamatid in constructing the moat, not linger for more than a few seconds without quitting activism, precisely
nilang unibersidad. unibersidad ay parte lamang ng Holiday gustong “tumaya” dito. nagtatanong lang. At panigurado tulad ko, Cabuyao, Laguna so that poverty would be at the peeling wall paints, the disorderly because it is this activism that redeems
Sa pagbabayad ng mahigit P20,000
kada semestre, hindi naman masamang
Economics, na pinatupad noong nakaraang
taon pa, para hindi makaapekto sa
Isang pampublikong institusyon ang
UP at responsibilidad ng pamahalaan
marami rin ang mga naghihintay ng sagot. when I was a year
old, and maybe castle. permanently kept at bay.
As I grew up, I did my
cooking pots and plates, the rotten
ceiling slabs, and the cold, uneven and
me and brings me closer to the castle.
I still have a lot to learn about
magtanong kung saan ito napupunta. ekonomiya ang pagdiriwang ng mga na tustusan ang mga pangangailangan Pagtanaw sa tinawid na ilog because of the share in completing the unwelcoming floor. I could not even bear poverty, inequality, fascism,
Matapos ang isang taong implementasyon holiday. Ngunit sa kabila ng pagtulong nito ng bawat pampublikong institusyon. Iba’t iba ang paraan ng bawat tao nostalgia the rustic atmosphere stirs castle. I went to school as a child who seeing my siblings, for each time I look imperialism, my family and myself,
ng ToFI, hindi na nakilala ng mga bagong sa ekonomiya, nagkakaroon naman ng Sa paggamit ng mga idle assets para sa pagtawid ng isang ilog. Ang iba ay up, decided to settle there. My parents feels secured and satisfied, always giddy them in the eye, I see another castle but I have set out, with stubborn
freshmen ang mukha ng kadiliman sa pagkwestyon sa epekto nito sa pagdiriwang magkaroon ng pondong panggastos ang nagpapadala lamang sa agos sa kabila assumed then the optimistic attitude to return to our castle. tottering on the edge of a reflected light. determination, to understand them all.
UPLB na naghahari noon. Hindi na rin ng nasabing holidays. May ilang nagsasabi UP, pinababayaan nito ang pamahalaan ng walang kaalaman sa patutunguhan couples have, at least, at the start of Maybe the gnawing effects of poverty I decided that if I were to let go of our And I will, because my heart is filled
nila mararanasang maglakad (lumangoy na nawawala ang tunay na diwa ng na talikuran ang responibilidad nito nito. Ang iba naman ay nagpapakasaya their relationship. become more evident with increasing castle, I must also be rid of the things with the hope that when I am ready, I
at madulas) sa gitna ng Freedom Park. pagdiriwang kapag inililipat ang araw na na suportahan ang pinansyal na sa paglangoy nang hindi nalalaman na Our lives were like the lives of other maturity, and the reality, the painful that helped me build it. will only have to look wistfully towards
Ngunit isa sa mga bagay na hinding-hindi ipagdiriwang ito. May iba namang nagsasabi pangangailangan ng unibersidad. tinatangay na sila ng agos. people in that peaceful town: a constant reality, must pounce at you from within. When I entered UP, I found the our castle, where my family is waving
‘ata magbabago sa unibersidad ay ang mga na kawalan ito ng respeto sa tunay na Ngunit ang ilan ay sumasalungat sa grapple with the exigencies of simple life. It nags at you until you give in, and at chance to escape from the castle. I let me back home. [P]
librong amoy amag at naninilaw na. dahilan ng nasabing holiday. Tila ipinagpalit Ang huling hakbang patawid: daluyong. Pinababagal sila ng rumaragasang

ang mga importanteng araw sa kasaysayan Napakalayo pa rin sa katapusan tubig ngunit hindi nila ito alintana sapagkat option of generating fund independent equated to funds—funds generated
Ikalawang paghakbang: sa mga long weekends at perang paambon Marami ang nagbalik buhay couch higit na malakas ang agos ng pag-asang of government assistance is considered from the students’ pockets, selling
Isang bagong araw ng pagsisimula ng mga negosyo sa ekonomiya ng bansa. patato noong bakasyon. Kaya malamang ang pagtunggali sa rumaragasang ilog a last, desperate resort. But this is not of UP assets and the like. And what
Hindi na nakagugulat pa ang dami ng ay marami ang nakapanood ng “UP ay magdudulot ng pagbabago. Nasa the case of UP. Economist’s point of view can be a better investment made

Bogus change
taong gumigimik tuwing Huwebes sa mga Malakas ang agos ng komersyalisasyon Commercial” na pinatatampok si G. Melchor pagpapasya ng bawat Iskolar ng Bayan kung blurred the reason of UP’s existence. of these funds other than investing
establisyemento sa Grove at LB Square. Kung bukas ang mga tenga niyo at ang Melchor Hall ng UP Diliman. Layunin paano niya tatawirin ang mga ilog na ito. [P] Moreover, the new UP Charter it to the people who maintain the
removed UP’s State University status high quality of UP education? The

as it posed UP as a National University. exception of the faculty staff from

what Aquino and Estrada have). Ironically, guaranteeing state subsidy,

resident Gloria Arroyo’s with the different sectors in UP. Since the Salary Standardization Law is
popularity rating dipped to a As Arroyo receives unpleasant he inevitability of change, even no matter how little this would be, seen as a means to keep the quality
the effects of the decisions made are to

negative 38 for the first quarter ratings, the present state of the how gradual or drastic, has been the new charter comes with a plan of of the education given by UP through

Steadfast dissent
be felt by the whole of UP population,
of 2008, according to the latest Social nation that she conceitedly described established as a fact, like the developing so-called “academic core providing ample benefits for its
collective decision-making will yield
Weather Station survey. This rating is as experiencing economic progress sun’s rising in the east and its setting zones” so that the “idle assets”—the teaching staff. With this exception,
the most benefit. And second, it should
sets the irony of her administration’s in the west. However, its inevitability campus areas the faculty members are
the lowest garnered by any Philippine

be maintained that UP as a public
president since democracy was slogan, “Ramdam ang Kaunlaran.” Oil MARK VINCENT BARACAO does not give one the opportunity to not included allowed no lower than 25
institution has to provide affordable

square meter
restored after Martial Law in 1986. price, one of the basic determinants make change for the mere purpose of in these core percent increase in salary.
quality education to Filipinos.
of price adjustments of other basic budget to the education and health various forms of protest, Arroyo recently making them. Ideally, changes should zones—can How dismal it is for an
Such statistics But as how the new UP Charter
passed Executive Order 731, employing be made for the advantage of the be used for institution like UP to use
in a way interprets commodities, sectors as compared with the prescription turned out, it seems that these

increased by not of UNESCO: three percent instead of the the Intelligence Service of the Armed most people. If this is not the case, leasing, selling of the these increases in salaries
the intensifying crucial points of consideration were

should and
Forces of the Philippines to “issue timely why change the existing? It will only and other as a means to sustain the

disapproval of the lower than 100 prescribed six percent for education and overlooked—perhaps, even ignored on
intelligence assessments of political and be an effort put into waste. activities to quality of its education.
percent since only 0.5 percent instead of the prescribed purpose. The new charter still favors
must utilized
Filipino people from UP is not one to be left behind in the
security developments related to the oil gain profit. However, it seems a

across different Arroyo took her five percent for health services. This amid a domineering nature of decision-
is more an

price issue and alert government offices course of change. These academic question worth asking why

social strata of the post as President the Arroyo administration’s allocation of making in the university as it retained
on the same. It shall provide advice on When the Board of Regents (BOR) core zones the charter did not give

issue of her for

government’s response in 2001. Diesel a large chunk of the national budget to the structure of the BOR, the highest
matters affecting national security.” approved the tuition and other fees will set the the university’s research

to social problems of price, particularly, military spending and debt servicing. decision-making body in the university.
Again, by surfacing its tacit reactionary increase (ToFI), the UP community was boundaries and extension personnel
the country — from increased by 177 These are long-standing contentions. In fact the BOR is further given the
nature, the Arroyo administration is taken aback thinking that this could be in terms of these same ample benefits,
the rising prices of percent during But despite these, for Arroyo to remain right to increase tuition and use these

indeed unyielding to any attempt, from one of the worst blow the government which area when they also do their
basic commodities this period. Given in power, she has to compensate - if funds for whatever purpose they see
the camps of the opposition or from those can ever give the education sector. may be used parts in maintaining UP’s

to the escalating this, the Arroyo not conceal - the inefficiency of her suitable for. The power given to the BOR
it tags as “leftist” groups, of obstructing Not to mention, of course, that the for academic purposes and which are quality education.
cost of education, than of her administration was administration to govern the country. its plans. Not to mention her resolute government cuts every year the allocated
sounds very much like the stockholders’
in a corporation, for they can decide
for income-generation. One question, Changes that will happen to UP

from the depressing unable to provide And her idea of maintaining order in efforts to stifle the protesting masses budget for education while the military however, may be raised here: Why set because of the new Charter does not
significant increase the country is to silence those who the fate of the whole university and its
health condition through calibrated preemptive response budget is escalating. up these core zones when in fact, every end here. There are some explicitly

in the minimum are critical to her administration by constituents.
to environmental and media repression. Despite these, the government has square meter of the university should stated, some implicitly and some
wage. As expected, In the new Charter, it is not
degradation. In the abusing human rights, particularly the It is in these grounds, among many something bigger in store for the new UP and must be utilized for academic could not even be fathomed, but
only the system of decision-making
same light, such the gap between deafening yet quiet tactic of political others, that the Filipino people establish freshmen: the UP Charter Change. To purposes? And with a land area as big what is seen here, just like the sun’s
that is being turned like that of a
statistics reveals the incapacity of the minimum wage and cost of living in killings. For the President who is also their declining approval of President make these changes in the UP Charter as UP’s, these academic core zones, rising in the east and its setting
corporation. The goal of the university
Arroyo administration to govern the Metro Manila is Php 444 in December the Commander in Chief of the Armed Arroyo. For the Filipinos, the state--which for the better, one may consider two figuratively, will be like small hills in the west does not assure a good
to provide affordable education for
country. Therefore, Arroyo’s popularity 2007, up from Php 244 in 2001. Forces, power becomes a stagnating deprives them of life, liberty, and pursuit things. First, the change must advocate situated in a vast field of unabated weather, the inevitability of change
Filipinos is not spared from the claws
is more an issue of her administration’s Even the basic social services element in her claws. of happiness--and the political and the principle of democracy in the commercialized academic institution. could give the most benefit or the
of commercialization. For a state-
governance than of her public charisma were not spared. Last year, the Arroyo Consequently, while the victims of economic systems that perpetuate it both university through collective decision- This unabated commercialization most detriment. Sadly, it seems we
supported institution like UP, the
(which Arroyo apparently has less than administration only alloted insufficient hunger become more indignant in their deserve steadfast dissent. [P] making that will involve consultations of UP education may then be have the latter. [P]
16 UPLB Perspective
VOLUME 35 | August 1, 2008 OPINION

In a society that abets a lopsided state of
affairs between the disadvantaged and the
ruling class, it is but imperative for members
of a publication that purports itself a vanguard
of its publishers’ interest to crumble their
ivory tower and take on the struggles of the
oppressed people.
This requires embracing in its publishers’ struggle for a
the triumphant and sorrowing truly nationalist, scientific and
realities of the people’s mass-oriented education.
existence and joining them in Such task assumes the
the realization of their genuine role of absolute obligation
hopes and aspirations. While when seen in light of UP’s
the masses are tormented by the celebration of its centennial.
social, economic and political Barely recovering from the
crises perpetuated by the status lashings inflicted by the But we cannot fulfill our decision left for it is to choose
quo, those who are deemed increase in tuition and other mandated task to protect the whether to champion students’
as the staunch defenders of fees, the democratic access rights of the students if we interest or to reaffirm the
the truth and the people’s to UP education that has remain weak and submissive to injustices of the society.
inalienable right to information defined the university’s 100 the dictates of the authorities, More so, during these times
must never be remiss in fulfilling years of existence is again because fear of dissent can when the current societal set up

their urgent task. on the defensive position. only blunt the pen we wield forces us to believe in the validity
Indeed, the current societal Indeed, with a renewed and against the unjust social order. and inevitability of a dystopic
set up allows for the exposition intensified wave of In matters status quo, cowering behind the
of the plight of the masses, and
the journalist who is in tune with
and privatization ...cowering concerning
the studentry,
false impenetrability of neutrality
becomes an assassination of the
his or her time must take every schemes, a
behind the we refuse to principles.

chance to bring the people’s heightened be ambivalent All of these will only be
issues to the fore, lambasting the vigilance is and an exercise in futility if the

very system itself in the process. required of compromising. publication will isolate itself
But doing so will never be easy, every Iskolar We can from the other sectors of society
especially in a society gripped by
the constant, nip-and-tuck battle
ng Bayan, and
the publication of neutrality never take
a neutral
and consider its fight excluded
from the fight of the people. We
between contradictions. Always, of the students becomes an stance. While must therefore humbly cast our
the conscientious journalist will must respond to
assassination we will uphold loyalties to the growing ranks of

be caught in the cross fires of the the need for a fairness by the organized masses.
war between clashing interests. potent avenue of of the promoting As we look back on the
And precisely because of the
mainstream media’s servility
Thus, the principles. responsible
university’s one century of
existence, we look back on a
to the dictates of the ruling Perspective cannot and providing hundred years of truly serving
order, as it is shackled by the be mime where sharp the people. More than anything
demand of profit, it is up to the the integrity of the university analyses of the issues that else, this year must herald
alternative media to uplift the as a bastion of democracy is hound the students in particular the continuing defense of our
dispossessed and articulate their jeopardized. Now that UP is and the Filipino people in cherished ideals and principles
grievances. gradually losing its grip on general, we will relentlessly reject that has always spurred us
The UPLB Perspective, as its role in a country under a the myth of objectivity. That a ceaselessly forward.
an alternative newspaper that neocolonial bondage, there publication wants to put into This year, we offer you a more
safeguards the interest of the is definitely no room for light certain issues is already a militant, a more fearless UPLB
students, will take the forefront capitulation. confirmation of its bias: the only Perspective. [P]

The Official Student Publication of the University of the Philippines Los Baños
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Karen Lapitan, Culture Editor; Precious Valerie Silva, Features Editor; Rogene Gonzales, News Editor; Sugar Marie Baula, Copy Editor / Production Editor;
Nikko Angelo Oribiana, Harriet Melanie Zabala, News; Mark Angelo Ordonio, Beverly May Indino, Culture; Liberty Notarte, Features;
Chino Carlo Aricaya, Kervin Gabilo, Jacob Labita, Graphics; Paul Andrew Manuales, Angelica Mendoza, Abraham Finney Santos, Layout;
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