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Feature: Decompressed Storytelling


Nathan Edmondson (Where is Jake Ellis?) is currently writing the 4-issue Ultimate Comics Iron Man exploring the origin of the Mandarin. Unlike independent comics, playing with the Marvel Universe means keeping the main character alive as he goes up against his adversary. Tony Stark is two issues into the series with no idea on the identity of the Mandarin. At a price point of $3.99 each, the first two issues seem to be a costly waste of paper. Each story arc is decompressed so it can be collected in a future hardcover or trade. More comics need to be designed to be read as monthlies.

2013 Upcoming Highlights

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The new year brings comic events and movies like the sequels to Star Trek, Iron Man, Thor, G.I. Joe and the Hobbit. Marvel Comics has the AGE OF ULTRON which has been building up since last years Free Comic Book Day. DC Comics brings us the first crossover of the New 52 titled TRINITY WAR. Valiant Entertainment introduced their characters in 2012 and is planning on worldbuilding in 2013 with events like X-O Manowars PLANET DEATH and HARBINGER WARS. The sequel to the G.I. Joe movie is coming out this summer and IDW Publishing is gearing to relaunch their titles beginning with a new G.I. Joe #1.

DEVIL COMICS PULL LIST DC Comics February solicitations

February marks beginnings and endings of several story arcs as well as bringing in top writers on several books. The majority of the Before Watchmen books come to a close with great success. The Justice League and Aquaman books reach their conclusions following the THRONE OF ATLANTIS Jeff Lemire takes over with Green Arrow #17 following the success of the CW series Arrow Geoff Johns and David Finch begin Justice League of America with 54 variant covers Two of the Justice League of America characters gets their own series in cluding Katana and Vibe GORILLA WARFARE comes to a conclusion as the New 52 Zoom appears in The Flash Scott Snyder concludes DEATH OF THE FAMILY in Batman #17 The Green Lantern books begins the WRATH OF THE FIRST LANTERN in Green Lantern #17 ROTWORLD comes to a conclusion in both the Animal Man and Swamp Thing books

DECEMBER HIGHLIGHTS 2012 - Uncanny X-Force: Final Execution Ends - Amazing Spider-Man #700 Final Issue - The Hobbit hits theaters - Man of Steel and Star Trek Trailers Hit


DC Comics December Solicitations (Continued from page 1)

The Superman books change as Grant Morrison ends his run on Action Comics as Andy Diggle and Tony McDaniel take over. Morrison tried to bring a modern take to the Man of Steel however it has not really jelled together. Now after HEL ON EARTH concludes there will be a new status quo which will erase what Morrison tried to build up for 17 issues.

Marvel Comics December Solicitations

As Brian Michael Bendis prepares for the AGE OF ULTRON event, Marvel continues to add more titles including Nova, Uncanny X-Men, Secret Avengers, as well as the Season One graphic novels Iron Man and Avengers. The titles worth collecting are listed below. Guardians of the Galaxy due to the upcoming movie in 2014 Uncanny X-Men by Brian Michael Bendis giving the same impact as Avengers in 2004 Avengers by Jonathan Hickman (Fantastic Four) and Adam Kubert leading to Avengers #700 Indestructible Hulk by Mark Waid and Leinil Francis Yu Superior Spider-Man by Dan Slott after the events of Amazing Spider-Man #700 All-New X-Men by Brian Michael Bendis who brought the original X-Men to the future Ultimate Comics Spider-Man by Brian Michael Bendis with Miles Morales in the lead role

COMIC CRITIQUES Spider-Man: Danger Zone Premiere HC

Peter Parker gives a demonstration to Midtown High School students concerning his Parker Particles. Tiberius disengages the safety measures and puts everyone in danger including Andy Maguire. The experiment changes Andy Maguire and gives his super powers. Af ter being examined by the Avengers and the Fantastic Four, Reed Richards reveals to Peter that Andy is an Alpha-level threat and his power will continue to grow to become an Omega-level threat. Spider-Man trains Alpha until the Fantastic Four calls him for help with dealing with Giganto. Alpha arrives thinking it was a test for him and stops the creature. Meanwhile the Jackal watches seeking both the Parker Particles and the Alpha energy. The Jackal kidnaps Alpha and his family and Spider-Man tracks him down by his Alpha-Energy tracker. The Jackal has cloned multiple Alphas however they are ultimately defeated after Alpha breaks free. Alpha believes its time to fly solo and Peter decides to try and take away the Alpha-Energy away from Andy Maguire. SERIES HIGHLIGHTS - The Avengers and Alpha take on Terminus and his staff redirects Alphas energy - Spider-Man uses the staff to depower Alpha after endangering several thousand lives - Aunt May injured her leg during the attack and now stays in New York using a cane - The Daily Bugle reveals Peter Parker is responsible for supporting Spider-Man - Kingpin turns on the anti-spider signal and boosting Spider-Mans sense - The Hobgoblin grabs Peter Parker and takes him back to Shadowland - Max Modell gives the Kingpin the Norman Osborns Goblin Key in exchange for Peter

The original Hobgoblin arrives and attacks the younger one Peter and Max escape Shadowland with both Hobgoblins on their trail Peter and Max escape using the Green Goblins weapons and Harry Osborns help The Hobgoblin has been building villain franchises all over the world Norman Osborn wakes up from his coma after the events of Dark Avengers

AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #11 The 50th anniversary of Spider-Man celebration begins here with both Peter and May Parker meeting at Uncle Bens cemetery plot. The two share moments of their lives after Ben died and the responsibilities that came afterwards. This hardcover collects Amazing Spider-Man #692-697 Avenging Spider-Man #11 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 5 OUT OF 5

Chew Volume 6: Space Cakes Trade Paperback

CHEW VOLUME 6: SPACE CAKES TRADE PAPERBACK Tony Chu twin sister Toni can bite into anything and foresee the events in their lives. Chow Chu asks Toni for some help to get some payback on someone who has been stealing from him for years. Chew #27 was released one year ahead much like Images of Tomorrow scheme back in the 1990s. Tony ends up healing at a hospital after the events of Major League Chew as his fraternal twin Antonelle keeps him company. Twenty-two months earlier FDA Agents Mason Savoy and Ceasar Valenzano visited the Farmington-Kapusta International Telescope lo cated at the heart of the Amazon. At the time Toni was high on licking frogs and couldnt remember they have met before. Now Toni meets up with Jacob Butterfield who accidently bred psychedelic chogs and someone by the street name of D-Bear took all the chogs. Toni and her supervisor takes down and captures D-Bear. USDA Agent John Colby and FDA Agent Ceasar Valenzano track down a scientist who is captured by terrorist and developed exploding meet products. Next Agents Toni, John, and Ceasar team up their respective organizations to stop the vampire. Toni gets a proposal by her supervisor Paneer however she knows the outcomes is not good. The series reaches its midpoint with issue #30, as Antonelle and Paneer have their wedding however it ends with her kidnapped by the vampire. The vampire eats her left arm and two legs to possess her abilities. However Antonelle outsmarted him by eating beets. She foretold that the vampire will die at the hands of Tony. The vampire kills her and in the past Ceasar remembers a Antonelle telling him about saving the world. CHEW: SECRET AGENT POYO #1 Poyo fights his way out of hell to serve the USDA and now has to stop Dr. Albrecht Regenbogen from dropping animals from the sky. After Poyo stops and kills him, he heads back home and tends to his chogs. This paperback collects Chew #26-30 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 5 OUT OF 5


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