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Mindanao State University COLLEGE OF HEALTH SCIENCES

Name of Student: Clinical Instructor: LEOPOLDS MANEUVER Purpose: _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ Equipments: __________________________________________________________________________ Score: _________________ Date: _________________

PROCEDURE PREPARATION: 1.) Get the obstetrical history of the patient. 2.) Explain the procedure to the patient. 3.) Instruct the client to empty her bladder. 4.) Perform hand washing. 5.) Position the woman supine with knees slightly flexed. Place a small pillow or rolled towel under one side. 6.) Screen and cover the client with bedsheet. 7.) Assist the client to expose the abdomen. Rub both hands together or submerge in warm water before touching the patient. ASSESSMENT: 8.) Observe the womans abdomen for longest diameter and where fetal movement is apparent. Check the fundal height.
Prepared and Compiled by: LGA Oanes, RN; C.E. Opalia RN; A. Macabada, RN


9.) Perform the first maneuver: (Fundal Grip) a. Stand on the foot of the client, facing her and place both hands flat on her abdomen. b. Palpate the superior surface of the fundus. Determine consistency, shape, and mobility.

10.) Perform the second maneuver: (Umbilical Grip) a. Face the client and place the palms of each hand on either side of the abdomen. b. Palpate the sides of the uterus. Hold the left hand stationary on the left side of the uterus while the right hand palpates the opposite side of the uterus from top to bottom. Then hold the right hand steady, and repeat palpation using the left hand on the left side. 11.) Perform the third maneuver: (Pawlicks Grip) a. Gently grasp the lower portion of the abdomen just above the symphysis pubis between the thumb and index finger together. Determine any movement and whether the part is firm or soft. 12.) Perform the fourth maneuver: (Pelvic Grip) a. Place the fingers on both sides of the uterus approximately 2 inches above the inguinal ligaments, pressing downward and inward in the direction of the birth canal. Allow fingers to be carried downward.

13.) Cover the exposed abdomen and

Prepared and Compiled by: LGA Oanes, RN; C.E. Opalia RN; A. Macabada, RN

assist patient in a comfortable position. DOCUMENTATION: 14.) Compute for the AOG (Age of Gestation) using the McDonalds rule. 15.) Correctly compute the EDC (Expected date of confinement) using the Naegeles rule. 16.) Assess for the fetal heart rate and its location. 17.) Document the procedure done. 18.) Perform after care.

Prepared and Compiled by: LGA Oanes, RN; C.E. Opalia RN; A. Macabada, RN