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‘pD mS) f Ges Bo SB tet alia) |O we Q Oo ao STranslation with commentaryby. i ic Bhaktivinoda Thakura Simul Bhaga The living entities are eternal. ‘Therefore, their propensities are eteral nd their activites are also cternal. The aevities ‘of the conditioned souls are materially designated and the activities ofthe erated soulsare transcendent All activities of the conditioned souls are temporary and materially designated. And, all the activities of those sho have never heen conditioned by matter ‘or who have hecome freed from the infuence fof matter are purely transcendental The ‘pure activities of the pure spirit sous are called bhakti and che mundane activities of the conditioned souls are called karma. As Jong as the living entities remain in the conditioned stage, they will have to perform karma. The constitutional function of the living entities i to lve the Supreme Lord. ‘This is their natural propensity. Therefore, this propensity ie also necessarily prevent in the conditioned souls. But, due to the prominence of godless activities, this propensity is now dormant. When aversion to the Supreme Lord is diminished by the association of devotees, the living entities! propensity for serving the Supreme Lord is awakened. When this service propensity ecomes stronger, the desire for fruitive activities automatically is destroyed. the introduction by: Srila Bhaktivinoda hak Cower it sen [Bi ipee, Speman a bse 2 FEC Cotegs airing at ad sry psec i9 th atria Hs [feces Swan rate oe Fon Regio sic care a Be 5 ‘ioc 166 the hispid over 20 pints Tempcyand ton uct she he plese 09 te cover of this book dics E hearig fe Sanity stot Suissa ks Wisner he [ ‘Translation with commentary by la Bhaktivinoda Thakura ‘The confidential purport of the iis that one's ‘qualifications are determined accordi ature, and tat one should eultivate Krgpa consciousness along with engasingintheduties prescribed for him according to his qualifications. This will award him ‘spiritual advancement. There sno possibility for aconditioned soul to attain the Absolute Teathby giving uphis natural social position. Learned scholars who have seen the truth say that ¢ spire Because the simple cultivation of knowledge is devoid of the propensity for relishing ecstatic lve, it creates many anarthas. When Cultivation of knowledge is aimed ax devotional service, iti alled devotional service mixed with jiina, and when the propenity of jfiina is checked by an abundance of love of God, it is ealled pure devotional service ‘Transendentallow of Go isthe esential characteristic of devotional ‘service. Although iti dificult to comprehend for the conditioned oul, fr those who have developed faith is enlyreallaed, Oly those whocaltivate devotional rice witha tan fore gllagup the propensity for posing dey arguments, understand the acience of devotional service. i ion by: Sella Bhaktivinoda TThakura Ras Poa Lacan ‘Bazan (id @ rN > Seo SSR, Sr oe