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Interdimensional Rescue Bubble

Unknown Author

First published in this website on March 6, 2005. Original in Spanish, translation to English by Luis Prada.

INSIDE THE BELT, THE NULL ZONE Notwithstanding in this cycle, the Supreme Creative Force (God) has established that the Solar System go into an Interdimensional Rescue Bubble that will launch it outside the PHOTON BELT through the Fifth Dimension and will position it at about 3 light years from the Sirian Star System. (At present Sirius is, approximately, at 8.3 light years from Earth). This bubble will be reached at about the years 2012- 2013 when the Earth's orbit be totally inside the BELT. There is an enormous barrier called the Null Zone around the PHOTON BELT that contains a region of incredible energy compression. It is a place where the magnetic fields are so strongly intertwine among themselves that it is impossible for any type of third dimensional magnetic field to go through without being altered. This fact means that the magnetic field of Earth and Sun must be transformed into a new type of interdimensional magnetism. Consequently you should expect a change in the electric, magnetic and gravitational fields of Earth, such change is currently happening. In the last decades Earth's magnetic field has been gradually diminishing almost to zero. Many humans have used this phenomenon to prove that there will be a noticeable change of the Earth's polarity towards the end of the century. However, this Council and its Sirian scientists can assure you that it will not happen such change of polarity. The change is in the Earth's magnetic field, a secondary effect of the pressure exerted over your Solar System by the PHOTON BELT. When the Photon Belt manifests totally will not allow any electrical appliance to work. This means that not even the accumulators of energy or batteries, nothing electronic, will operate when the Earth is inside the Belt. You will require a new form of energy photonic to make your electrical appliances work, which will soon be altered. Another significant development that is expected to occur as you get closer to the Null Zone is an increase in the pressure on the planet's atmosphere and over its surface. This aspect also is starting to be noticed in the increment of the seismic activity all over the planet. Since 1960 the Earth has registered and entered into a period in which the seismic activities have increased all over the planet. RADICAL CHANGES The same can be said in relationship with volcanism. Also there was a change in the climatic patterns of the planet which increase the pressure of the traditional water cycle. Consequently the dryness of California, the African Sub Sahara (the Sahal), South Central India and part of the Northeast of Chile are examples of how the strong winds and the inner streams of the oceans have been altered by this event. Additionally, the rupture of the ozone layer at the end of the seventies and begining of the eighties points to another critical change created in part by the Photon Belt as it gets closer. Much more important is the effect of that next event over the cycle of solar spots and their deep effects over all the Solar System and even over the total temperatures of the Sun's surface. Let's have a look at the Sun and see what it has been going through. In 1987 and 1988 the Sirian changed the polarity of the subtle bodies of the Sun in a way that the Photon Belt could not affect the Solar System in an adverse manner. First they changed the polarity of the subtle solar bodies realigning them with the new webs that are being created by the "Lords of Time" (the Supervisory Force of GOD that is in charge of the continuous creation of this physical universe). This will allow for a safe entrance of Earth into the Photon Belt. Secondly, the scientists of the Galactic Federation changed the synchronization of the solar spot cycle to facilitate the Sun

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adaptation to this new alignment of the subtle bodies. In an effort to create solar harmony they created a new type of Sun. This new Sun responded with an increment in the activities of the solar flares and with a general stellar cooling. By achieving this action the vast pressures of your Solar System have been eliminated. There were two reasons by which the Sun was adjusting and positioning itself safely so that it could go directly into the Photon Belt. First, the Belt is an interdimensional event that requires that the Sun penetrate it in a position of approximate phase (the Sun must be at a level relatively low in activity and must be in conditions to easily adapt to the rapid changes that imply entering the Belt). Secondly, Earth must be supervised and procedures that align the interdimensional energetic bodies of your planet to the degree of the rapid changes that will take place before and immediately after entering the Belt must be executed by means of the use of an interdimensional hologram. Without this change the Sun would have been destroyed by the Null Zone of the Photon Belt and the Earth would have been vaporized. In consequence, as the entrance of Earth into the Belt comes closer, you can feel at ease by the fact that your Sun has been changed in a significant manner and now it is able to successfully enter into the Belt. This interdimensional Light cover was placed around your Sun to properly align the Solar System with this new event (the Belt) and also to use the hologram to successfully regulate the entrance of Earth into the Belt. The hologram will be used then to translate your Solar system to its new position near the star of our System (Sirius). In consequence, we had to adjust the entrance fields of the Sun enlarging the hologram of your planet in a way that it would include the Sun and the Solar System. This adjustment would allow a safe entry into the Photon Belt as well as into its new position in this galaxy. These procedures were achieved by two important processes. First, the Sun polarity was changed. Second, the Galactic Federation has placed several atmospheric research spaceships and prepared scout personnel teams who integrated their activities with the actions of the interdimensional hologram of Earth. Their only purpose is to watch the ozone layer hole and be sure that it won't become intolerable for life on your planet. Besides, these spaceships and their crew are capable of supervising and correcting seismic activities that are showing up now as your planet and the Solar System approach and enter the Null Zone of the Photon Belt. What may seem for you a waste will be really a benefit that will allow that the photon energy fields be altered at the subatomic level and will become the source of basic energy for your Solar System. Since all atoms and molecules change, the human beings will have modifications in their selfsame nature. You are becoming something totally different, upgraded, in an exciting way with respect to what you currently are. THE TRANSFORMATION PROCESS HAS BEGUN You will enter in the Null Zone and will start the process of transformation. Not only you are in the dark but none of your electrical appliances will work. When the pumps stop operating and the water tanks get empty, water won't run and bathrooms won't function. Automobiles won't start. You'll find yourselves in a completely new world. Spite of these incredible difficulties, something will have happened in your bodies, something marvelous. FIRST DAY THE BODY ATOMS WILL BE MODIFIED When the collapse of the planetary magnetic and electric fields occur a great change of darkness will be experienced as we approach such zone; suddenly the level of penumbra will be replaced by total darkness, sun and stars disappearing due to the Null Zone compression exerted over the solar and star light. As the acceptance of the shock produced by the darkness is initiated we will see the inoperability of the electric appliances, batteries and automobiles, etc. A change in all atoms of Earth will show up. The atoms of your body will be modified to form a semi etheric body and the veil of consciousness around you will be lifted. Now you'll be humans that live in the galactic light reality, with physical and extrasensory faculties that you should have had since the moment in which humans left for the first time the Lyran constellation to spread their knowledge and protection across all this galaxy. You'll have started the process of "returning home" to the Fifth Dimension. SECOND DAY ALL BECOMES DENSER When the atmosphere start to compress, around the second day, you will experience the sensation of being compacted by the Null Zone pressure in the Earth gravitational field and will feel dull, however, this dullness will last for only about two days. As your atmosphere is compressed and all materials turn denser, the great danger will be that presented by the nuclear materials since there is the possibility that chain reactions or lethal and radioactive explosions of the fusion elements start. This compression of nuclear energy could cause massive fire storms, besides explosions around the planet. Therefore, to avoid this risk, the Federation will allow the landing of special ships and technical personnel so that these potential nuclear dangers can be eliminated. COLD OF THE ICE AGE The next change you will feel will be a cold caused by the complete absence of Sun. (This drop in temperature will be so deep as in the type of cold of an Ice Age). This will happen since the Sun will be subjected to a change in its Interdimensional Polarity which will prevent its heat from arriving Earth surface. THIRD AND FOURTH DAY However around the third day you will start to see a glimpse as a dawning surrounding your planet. At this moment you will have the beginnings of the "Photonic Effect". This effect is very important since it will allow you to have a new source of energy. This new source of energy will also allow you to end your dependency on fossil fuels. It will also allow the alternative of space travel since the photonic technology is the drive system for all spaceships used by the Galactic Federation; it will be the technology that will be employed in all human functioning and tasks. At about the third and fourth day you will have reached the moment of your introduction to the photonic energy, although in a slight way. SUMMARY OF CHANGES DAY ONE DAY TWO DAYS THREE AND FOUR DAYS FIVE AND SIX ENTRANCE INTO THE NULL ZONE COMPRESSED ATMOSPHERE A NEW DAWNING IS GLIMPSED
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PSYCHIC AND TELEPATHIC ABILITIES WARM CLIMATE HUMANITY WILL BE INVIGORATED PHOTONIC EFFECT/PHOTONIC ENERGY As the fourth day approaches, the climate starts to warm in a fast pace and the brilliant light will return. The Photonic Effect that started towards the end of the third day will be now in its plenitude. You will be able now to use photonic energy equipment. All living beings will be invigorated by the photons that spring up from the main part of the Belt; you will have entered into a New Age with a new body. You will be ready for the next phase in which your extrasensory abilities will be enhanced by the Photonic Effect. This photonic energy not only will allow your bodies the maximum efficiency in the use of energy, but also will be used to supply your homes and industries. You will enter into the Photon Age. In this moment the space trips will become something totally simple and are the favorite means of transportation. Once you start living in the Photon Belt you will be in a totally developed Space Age. With the drive given by the photonic energy the stars and the other planets soon will appear to be so close as a field trip to the other side of the city. With this new energy will be so easy to travel to Sirius or any other near star as it is currently to travel from California to New York. Besides, now you will have among you those who for so long you have called "the extraterrestrial" who are your elder brothers, your guides and advisors during this transitional period. The return to the space family will mark an important change in the space relationship of Earth with the Universe. The Lords of Time that control this particular entryway in the Photon Belt will be sure that this planet have a change both in consciousness and in physical relationship. UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF SIRIUS The change of a mainly three dimensional world into one of Fifth Dimension is an enormous gift, thanks to this change you will pass from the control of the Pleiades to place yourselves under the influence of Sirius. This reality of Fifth Dimension means that you will be closer to Sirius so you can adopt the Lyran-Sirius culture and to be under the protection of Sirius as you were in the times of Lemuria some 25,000 years ago. As you reflect over the true history of Earth you will learn too about the Galactic Federation, how to use this new space relationship that gives you access to the Fifth Dimension. Therefore your society is approaching an almost indescribable Golden Era that has been foretold by prophets of various religions in the last 2,000 years. This next Golden Age is one in which all humans of Earth will have the opportunity to become all that they have the potential to be. The Photon Belt that is coming closer will mark the end of your current civilization in terms you know it so far. Even more, with the coming of the Belt the period of 10,000 years of limited consciousness with a negative governmental control (that has existed since the end of Atlantis) will conclude and will be in the final phase of a global civilization of the Piscean Era that will take you to really marvelous times. These new marvelous times you are about to enter will allow you to develop your totally conscious potential. This fact is foretold in the biblical revelations and it is an epoch in which you will speak and walk with all those who have lived on the planet. It is a time in which you will be united with the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth. It is also an era in which you will come back to work in cooperation with the cetacean of the planet to be the co-guardians of the Earth and, finally, of the solar system now rehabilitated. You are also at the point of discovering your true identities and these ones are capable of comprehending and utilizing many extrasensory capacities. Yes, abilities such as telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance, etc. You will also be heirs of new concepts about how you should relate to each other, to ecological organizations, or to any aspect of the human development and the preservation of life, on how to get together and network among yourselves sharing with other people in harmony and how these correct human relationships will determine constructive practices to govern your society in a pacific manner, taking care of everybody. With these personal and social changes new technologies and a
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new science will come too that can be known and applied in a safe manner. In fact, a planet, a galactic civilization and a totally new galactic human being are about to be born. We ask you also to unite and establish dates and schedules for your meditations. Formulate actions also based on your cooperative consciousness that give you trust and assurance. Be prepared to act in unison for the good of humanity in thought and deed, since an enormous number of humans is not required to act as a unified group around your globe to achieve this great energy of change and of consciousness for the planet and to allow it to be anchored in a safe manner so that it gives support to all, even to those who still refuse to participate. Now be ready for an incredible era, even better than the one you created in Lemuria. By helping the Spiritual Hierarchy of this Solar System you will return to your spiritual axis as true guardians of all life on Planet Earth as well as of the other planets of your Solar System. THE HOUR TO PARTICIPATE IN THE GALACTIC HAS ARRIVED The coming of the Photon Belt is causing a great expectation and a great "stress" in all the Solar System. There will be three sources of help for the crucial moment: 1. - From the great spiritual helpers and angels of the many dimensions. 2. - From those in human form that help the Heavenly Forces. 3. - There have been established energetic protective patterns around the planet. All this ensemble minimizes the seismic activity. But there is another point also important for you to understand: You are at the brink of these changes and of new beginnings due to our future landings of "First Contact" in you planet. This Spiritual Hierarchy and the First Contact, led by the Sirian, will help the whole solar system to take its place in the Galactic Federation in a way that they become all we just finished describing, a galactic civilization. Through the Love and wisdom applied here on Earth you can be sure that at some moment in the future you will be able to share your knowledge with other star systems and then the sharing will continue before the ever-growing presence and power of God. Really, you are at the brink of an amazing and marvelous time. EACH MARCH 21 OUR PLANET REACHES A POSITION DEEPER WITHIN THE PHOTON BELT, AND THEREFORE IS A SUMMIT OF VIBRATION IN THE LIGHT UNTIL THE DAY IN WHICH WE ARE TOTALLY IN ITS INTERIOR.

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