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Russian English mining and metallurgy glossary

Andrey Yasharov

(") duck
emergency argon lance
automated timbering
automated complex
self-measuring device of flotation reagents,
automatic reagent metering feeder
automatic device
for continuous measurement of gas dew point
- coal truck
( -) ladle furnace
calcium aluminate
thermocatalytic methanometer with
remote measurement
screw-type anchoring, screw-type roof bolting
lignamon anchoring
automatic control systems and
automation equipment
safety lining
( 63 280 )
substation explosion-proof induction motor (with axis of rotation being between 63 and 280 mm high)
( ) automated control system
proximity switch
- concrete-mixing plant
(, ) impact zone
- team leader
storage hopper
electrohydraulic drill
drilling rig with remote adding of rods
drilling rig
- - rotary percussion
drilling rig with electric drive
drilling machine with hydraulic feed

drilling and excavating equipment

drilling and loading machine, drill-loader
quick-release coupling
fast make-up connection
- leading engineer
explosion-proof mine electrical equipment

explosion-proof induction three-phase squirrel-cage motor
vibrating chute
- - -vice-president (legal and administrative
secondary treatment
secondary steelmaking
water cooled duct
water conditioning
( ) trumpet bell
miniature limit switches
valve block
high-voltage switch
automatic geological altimeter
chemical gas analyzer
- gas cutter
- gamma-absorption ash meter
explosion-proof mine
surveyor gyrocompass with torsional suspension
- chief accountant
- senior engineer
- chief mechanic
- chief specialist
- chief economist
heading machine, tunnelling machine
hydraulic mining heading machine
hot-dip galvanized steel
hot-rolled steel
trommel with spiral screening
- informatics team
delivery pressure
responsible person electrical

electrode support
dynamo steel
- quality management director
- production director
- economic security director
steel carbon content refining
slotting machine
bottom blowing
- crushing and screening installation
( ) - EAF (Electric Arc Furnace)
flue gas fan
direct reduced iron (DRI)
() charging bucket
parallel equalised valve
checking the temperature of metal
steel temperature measurement
- deputy commercial director
dummy bar ( )
radial pick
tooth-cutting machine
detector with self-contained power supply for multi-strand steel ropes
airtightness tester
induction reader
afterburner chamber
combustion chamber
tilting cradle
turning cooling bed
vertical turning lathe
open-pit excavator, mine excavator
EBT inner block
tilt the furnace
oxygen breathing respirator
valve stand

button control station
coke fines
shortwall combine, cutter-loader; shearer
control equipment system
mechanised plough complex
cutting complex for combines
complex of equipment for pumping
water into a coal seam
stoping complex, longwall set of equipment

1140 set of explosion-proof electrical equipment for high-output
areas of coal mines (rated at 1140 V)
mobile mine pneumatic air conditioner
air-core electromagnetic contactor
- superviser
- test instrument
- control foreman
limit switch
proximity dummy bar
market conditions
boiler house
electrode support
blacksmiths shop
belt conveyor
sheet products
casting crane
mine surveying instruments
foreman for the preparation section of the rolling
ladle foreman
shift foreman
permanent-mold casting machine
/ flame cutting machine
- crane driver
- cranes operators
billet specific cut length
- portable methanometer
wire products

( ) continuous casting machine (CCM) or continuous

close the roof
reheating furnace
( ) roll in a thread
inclination (tilting) of the furnace
tilting of the furnace
cutting-up complex, roadcutter system
grease pump
recarburizing agent
- head of engineering department
- head of sales department
shift engineer
- shiftman
no-level mine surveyor alignment sight
alignment sight with self-aligning sighting
roughing mill
roughing mill
coal preparation equipment and instruments
cutoff pieces
overall efficiency
refractory material
- refractory man
- operator
ring support
micrometer theodolite
- settling and filtering centrifuge
sample taking
rotate (open) the roof
output power
- heating and cooking unit
- security guard
stoping equipment
- - senior vice-president
transfer bogie
mobile anchoring machine, mobile roof-bolter
mobile dust collecting installation, mobile dust-collecting
() tap changing device

bridge, jumper
electrode slipping
electrode slipping
furnace (EAF = electric arc furnace )
- ladle furnace (LF)
-ladle furnace (LF)
calcium fluoride
target figure
flat rolled steel
pneumatic hammer, pneumatic pick
ladle turret
swinging runner
ladle turret
( , ) ladle turret
CCM ladle turret
loading machine
loading tractor
movable (mobile) duct
movable duct
movable stop
movable stopper
power input
- train preparer
lift the roof
mobile explosion-proof mine substation
hoisting equipment
polymer anchoring
- grabbing crane
strip rolled steel
- assistant head of EAF shop
porous plug
charge steel into a furnace
oxygen consumption
straightening roll
safety valve
- chairman of supervisory board

- chief executive officer (CEO)

self-rescue apparatus airtightness tester
portable capacitor-type exploder
integrator for monitoring operations of coal
mining machines
pinch roller
PLC (programmable logic controller)
/ purging/aspiration
purging block
company production figures
- production foreman
grain-oriented steel
pre-painted rolled steel
- rollerman
heading machines, sinking equipment, tunnelling equipment
control room
explosion-proof reversible magnetic starter
working door
/ working/slag door
discharging roller table
- caster
reagent distributor
/ junction box
boring machine
oxygen consumption
water flow meter
respirator for auxiliary mine rescue teams
power control unit
rock cutter
hot metal shearer
threaded coupling
Bucholz relay
- mechanical repair shop
roller table
rotary coupling
rotary bucket excavator

mine battery locomotive

bag filter
self-propelled drilling rig
coal face explosion-proof light fixture
explosion-proof portable light fixture
mine surveying optical range finder
touch monitor panel
three-product heavy-media separator
horizontal screw separator
methane alarm, firedamp alarm
miniature methanometer
spray cooling system
DDS (dedusting system)
carbon injection system
mould cooling system
ferro-alloy plant
telemechanics system
ferro-alloy plant (stock-conveying system)
scrap bucket car
- maintenance man
- - repairman
- shift production foreman
solenoid valve
rolled sections
1- - import specialist of rank I
- steelmaker
ladle car
steel-tapping hole
steel-teeming ladle
steel ladle
steel zone
machine operator
control station
end brick
- senior foreman
chief foreman for refractories
shaft sinking combine

tundish tilting station

ladle turret
oscillation table
tundish bogie
tundish cars
telescopic drift conveyor
load cell
thermal blanket
heat exchanger
- heat treater
accident prevention and mine rescue work
turning machine
current lead
current lead
pusher type furnace
- gunned castable
transport facilities
transformer steel
tube-casting shop
- withdrawal-straighting aggregate
pulling roll
coal pumping unit, coal pump
mine surveying tacheometer inclinometer
coal-mining machine
stoping machine with hydraulic transport
coal mining plough-type machine, coal plough
shortwall stoping machine, narrow-web cutter-loader
standardized automatic control, monitoring and communication equipment
- management
spirit level
drying and preheating station
tundish preheater
withdrawal unit

device for protection against electric shocks in contact lines of electric locomotive mine haulage
trackless vehicle section
steel ladle refractory section
metalware section
apprentice turner

milling machine
refractory lined vessel
refractory lining
piston stroke
cooling bed
cold-rolled steel
idle running
idle running/ no load
metalware shop
aluminum ingots
walking excavator
roof support
self-rescue apparatus
mine interferometer
mine trolley locomotive
slide gate
slag zone
cross transfer car
header unit
explosionproof water-cooled monolith-insulation motor
electrode arms
- electrician
(N- ) electronic
control computer (Nth standard equipment set)
- electronic fluid-pressure scales
- electric welder
electrical grid
electrical steel
- power engineer
EBT inner block
eccentric bottom tapping (EBT)
cubical, control box