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‘The ensuing is a comprehensive overview of legends, ideas, Understandings, rites & rituals held and practiced by those men and women who are beholden tothe organic pre-Christian faith of the Nordic Arya, called by the name of Odinism. The passages within this book are extracted from an audience ‘given by a Highland member of an arcane, mystic onder known a5 the Odin Brotherhood —devoted to the deals, exercise, and advancement of Odinnie science. This incisive and revealing work presents the ‘opportunity to serve as a guide for those initiates pursuing instruction in the Odinnic Mysteries and practices thereof. ical Guide "THE BIRTH OF THE BROTHERHOOD, w GRASPING ODINISM: va ‘Tie EDDAIC DEITIES 1% ‘GODLY ENCOUNTERS. xi ‘THE FAVORED GODS & GODDESSES oe xa SOUL AND AFTERLIFE xx opiNist DESTINY xxi RAGNAROK: DOMNICIDE OW a COSMIC LEVEL, xxl RITUALS & CEREMONIES INITIATION RITUAL: SOJOURN OF THE BRAVE. xxv ODINIST PRAYER “4 XXX (CEREMONY HONORING THE GoDs. THE RITE OF BRAGL xxx ODINIST MARRIAGE CEREMONY: ‘THE BEATITUDE-OFFRIGG soul ODINIST NAMING CEREMONY: THE RITE OF FREYIA xxv DEATH RITUAL. RITE OF NANNA ow xaxy Teachings of the Odin Brotherhood THE BIRTH OF THE BROTHERHOOD Odinisr is all that was called wisdom when the world was new and fresh. Odinism is an ancient religion that acknowledges the gods by fostering thought. cour- age, honor, light, and beauty ‘The Odin Brothe:hood is a se- «ret society for all extaondinary mortals, men and women who possess an epic state of mind, Wwho embrace the principles of Odinism. Although Odinism is the primeial religion, the Broh- xhood itself is only five cent ries old, It was established dur- ing the Exa-of-Humittasion; the time whea Odinism was the vic- ‘of premeditated crvlties by the tant vassals of Christ—t retical Chuistians who were black with hate. In the beginning they tried 10 landermine Odinisin with pefab- lcated slanders. Odinists were denounced as vile devil-war- shipers who consecrated their souls to anthropomorphic mon sters. They were the ravings of Incandescent bigot However, their slanders were Ineffective. Odinists continued to honor the old gos. Exasperated by their lack of suevess, the truant vassals of Chast tursed to a more lethal scheme. Odinists were mur- dered, and Ouinist temples and altars were profaned and annii- lated. However, the perseeution coly made Odinism stronger. ‘The Christian terrorism caused cedinary morals 10 abandon the ‘ld gods, and this gave Odinism 4 fantastically intensified purity Odinism became a roligion for hheroes—the young, the stroag, the Lving—and The Odin Brot ferhood was born, ‘The Odin Brotherhood was Inaugurated in an obseure vil- lage built owt of gray mud and brown thatch. Inthe legends, the place is called The-tieartof- The-White-Darkness. ‘The process that would ini- tiate the Brotherhioed stated in 1418 when an ugly and venom- ‘ous Christian priest arranged the execution of a young widow called The-Shrouded-One-of- Odin ‘The priest had seen the young ‘widow honoring the old gods in 1 remote grotto. Tn the twisted words of the fiendish nonseuse Vv Odinnic Rituals that was then called law, “mur- uring heathenish incantations and performing pagan rites” meant death by burning. ‘The priest did afferto save her from the stake sf she would give hher body to his impure and sub- terranean desires, but the young widow scorned fis obscene ad vances. But the young woman ‘would not give her honor to a man wom out by vieo and crime "The refusal angered the priest ls fury was as boundless as his lechery, Black with hate, the priest then inflamed a mob of peasants in the village with his eloguent Vehemence, and they slaugh- tered the young widow. In the legends, the mob is called The- Hundred Soulless-Authoritis. Fist, they cut her beautiful eyes from her head. Then they bbumed ber quivering body on a pyre constructed from green ‘Wood, for it burns slowly and prolongs the agony of the vic- ‘The widow's immoltion was a ghastly spectacle, and her tho young children... A boy the leg fends call Mocking-Defiance, & girl who is known as The-Poseer- v and Ceremony of Innocence, and another boy ‘who is called Desive-To-Rebel, were forced by order ofthe priest to watch, ‘And as the children witnessed their mother's sufferings, they ‘were goaded by the priest and his diseased imagination. These were his words: “Hear the cous bellowings of the harlot who gave you birth? Soon— very soon—she will be groaning inthe deepest pit of ell with her counterfeit gods, If you do not become children of the ono «rue chureh—if you do not learn to kneel, believe, and obey—the devil will one day make you shace her pain and her grief.” However, they were not afraid of supernatural terrors: they did not fear a fictional bel, a scare crow called the devil or the other spurious horrors conttived by extinct theologians. Why fear the webs left by dead spiders? ‘The children did not resis the priest; they were to0 clever for that. “They realized the priest could not harm theis souls, but he could annoy and torment their bodies. So, to save their lives from the Christian menace, the children protended to embrace ‘he iniquitous fallacies that were