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Throughout life a man makes many descions which determine the way his life will be lived and

the way it will end. All choices a man makes in his life have consequences and each man must account for them. In life, every man must reap what he has sown. The values a man holds to be important in his life govern the choices he makes. The epic Beowulf is a good example of this truth. In the story, Beowulf is a god-like human who possesses a strength and warrior spirit unmatched by anyone. The choices he has made resulted in this power and it is also those same choices that play a part in his end.... Beowulf The epic poem Beowulf is a story of heroes and monsters, good and evil. The poem tells about the accomplishments and deeds of a legendary Geatish hero who first rids the Danish kingdom of Hrothgar of two demonic monsters: Grendel and Grendel's mother. Later in the story, Beowulf meets a dragon, kills it with the help of Wiglaf, but dies of wounds. No one knows who wrote Beowulf. It was not really written in the way that literature is written now. It is an epic poem, meant to be spoken aloud, very few of them were ever written down, and very few of them survived into modern times.... Revenge of Beowulf Beowulf is an epic poem that, above all, gives the reader an idea of a time long past; a time when the most important values were courage and integrity. The only factors that could bestow shower fame upon a person were heroic deeds and family lineage. Beowulf, as the paradigm of pagan heroes, exhibited his desire to amass fame and fortune; the only way to do so was to avenge the death of others. This theme of retribution that is ever present throughout the poem seems to color the identities of its characters.. Beowulf: Shared Values Then and Now The values and characteristics which were held ideal in the epic Beowulf can still be found in today's culture if one knows where to look. Gangs have become commonplace almost everywhere in the world. The similarities between modern gangs and tribes of ancient anglo-saxon warriors is quite pronounced. To many gang members being part of the gang is like a status quo. The gang member believes he or she is

now part of a larger family. Many would-be gang members look up to gangs as if they are a role-model of some sort, wanting to someday be a part of this elite group who inspires fear in many people.... After each of encounters with the monsters, Beowulf gained possession of more treasure and wealth, either as form of booty or reward of the good deed. Praises were given to those who wore the precious jewels, armor, and carried the valued weapons. Treasure and wealth were distributed in the poem as rewards and gifts to those who accomplished something courageous, they also serves the purpose of assuring loyalty and allegiance. The possession of treasure and wealth symbolize honor and eminence, and one pursues treasure and wealth because of what they symbolize... Most people hear the word hero and think of the stereotypical individual with an incredible appearance, outlandish brawn, and a smile to die for. This is not always accurate; some of the most legendary heroes from Greek mythology take advantage of many other traits. Loyalty, craftiness, intelligence, and keen observational skills are needed to escalate a heros stature. In name of book reflects both heroes with assumed features and elevated characteristics of a true hero. Oddyse demonstrates a multitude of different skills that many other heroes do not poses.... Beowulf Attacks the Dragon. Beowulf makes his final boast. He says that, even though he is old, he shall still seek battle, perform a deed of fame by killing the dragon. (Norton59) He doesn't know how to grapple with the dragon, like he did with Grendel, so he will use a sword and shield. He tells his men that the outcome will be with us at the wall as fate allots, the ruler of every man. (59) He tells them to let him fight the monster alone, By my courage I will get gold, or war will take your king, dire life-evil. (60) *These three quotations indicate pagan elements of glory, not Christian.* eowulf approaches the barrow....