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Simona Agoston

Define and understand what a business is and how a company works in order to generate profit k i d t t fit Identify the steps that you need to follow in order to set up your o own co pa y company Explain which is the role of each department in a company Outline the basic management functions

The external environment of a company and its h l f d stakeholders Types of companies and steps for setting up a company Management functions D Description of various departments of a i i f i d f company: Human Resources Marketing and Sales Production, acquisition and logistics Accounting, f finance and investments d Other departments

Bovee, C., Thill, J., Mescon, M. (2005) Excellence in Business, Prentice Hall, USA

and additional materials which will be d ddi i l i l hi h ill b distributed during the semester

Guest speakers At the end of some courses you will receive a short test only good answers will be counted testfor the final grade Business Today- in the last 15-20 minutes of the lecture students will present the business headlines from the last week on business headlines national and international business scene (34 articles/topics) EXTRA POINTS

Romanian and international journals and magazines and specialized Internet pages E.g: www.wall-street.ro www.capital.ro www capital ro www.money.ro www.businessmagazin.ro www.dailybusiness.ro www dailybusiness ro www.zf.ro The Economist, http://www.economist.com/ The Economist Intelligence Unit Unit, http://www.eiu.com/public/ Financial Times, http://www.ft.com/home/uk

TV programs Ora de business- Moise Guran, TVR 2, Mo Fr Mo-Fr 20:30 Arena Leilor- TVR 2, Mo 19:30 Money Channel, http://tmctv.money.ro/emisiuni.html p // y / BBC, CNN News

Final exam (Lecture) -50 Points Open questions

Seminar -40 Points

Active participation- 10 points participation Test- 10 Points Project- written part 10 Points - presentation 10 Points Granted 10 Points

Active participation at lecture and seminars is strongly encouraged: Extra points Seminar assignments: Case studies, S i i t C t di exercises, project

Week 01-07.10.2012 08-14.10.2012 15-21.10.2012 15-21 10 2012 22-28.10.2012 29.10-04.11.2012 05-11.11.2012 12-18.11.2012 19-25.11.2012 26.11-02.12.2012 03-09.12.2012 10-16.12.2012 17-23.12.2012 07-13.01.2013 14-20.01.2013 *

Lecture Introduction External environment of a company and its stakeholders Types of companies and steps for setting up a company Types of companies and steps for setting up a company Management function Guest G t speaker k Human Resources Human Resources Marketing and Sales Guest speaker Production acquisition and Production, logistics Accounting, finance and investments Guest speaker Final exam

Seminar Introduction Library tour Case study Practical exercises Case study + Practical exercises Practical exercises Case study + practical exercises Test Case study + practical exercises Project presentations

Project presentations Project presentations Questions + Evaluation

The schedule and the content is subject to amendment by the instructor during the semester. It is the students responsibility to remain informed about changes and adjustments announced during the semester.

The presentation of a company- each department Small and middle companies (SMEs) S ll d iddl i (SME ) A company where you have direct access (preferable) Teams of 4-5 persons- in alphabetical order Written part- by email by 1st December- no prints 10-12 pages with bibliography, font TNR 12, line spacing single Oral presentation- 15-20 minutes No theory

Structure Title page (Name, Faculty, Group, Professors name, Titl (N F lt G P f Subject, Location, Calendar date ) Table of contents Text Annex References

1. Introduction 2. Short history of the company 2 Sh t hi t f th 3. Description of each department of the company ( g (e.g. Marketing, HR, Financial Department g, , p Accounting, etc.) 4. Key indicators 5. Conclusions and recommendations 5 C l i d d i

Uniform rules (same format, font, etc.) Text numbering: 1. AAA 1.1. aaa 1.1.1. 1 1 1 aaa 1.1.2. aaa 1.2. aaa 2. BBB 2.1. bbb 3 CCC 3.

Tables and figures numbering

For issues regarding lecture and seminar: Simona Agoston g Email: simona.agoston@yahoo.com THANK YOU!