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Design. Deploy. Operate. Improve.

Application Development

What we do:
SoftEx Systems, a division of SoftEx Worldwide, utilizes the best technology and people to deliver customized application solutions which deliver measurable business value. By utilising mainstream technologies as the core building blocks and a wide range of vertical market experience from Banking to Construction and Retail to Not-For-Profit, the SoftEx team has enabled its customers to: Increase revenues by improving on-line sales and back-office processes Help organizations convert data into knowledge and enable tight integration of business processes, systems and data Drive down the cost of technology by utilizing cost-effective off-the-shelf solutions and Open Source technologies, as well as extending the life of existing solutions.

How we do it:
Employ high quality analysis skills to understand the clients business and specific challenges and goals Maintain a portfolio of software vendor alliances to ensure that we can provide customers with the right blend of products and services to match their specific needs Utilize product based solutions and a mix of on-shore and off-shore development teams to drive down costs and shorten the time to deployment Work with client IT staff to transfer knowledge and skills Deliver solutions as a fully managed service where required


Delivering Real Business Benefit

Whatever your business needs, SoftEx business solutions makes it easier for you to do business with your customers, staff, and partners; integrating solutions to help you maximise efficiency and gain competitive advantage. SoftEx Business Solutions addresses the following business needs:

Engagement Approach Benefit

Business Case Development
SoftEx will assist in defining direction on where technology can best impact your organisation and assist you in gaining buy-in from senior management and budget holders.

Development Review

We will review an existing application already deployed that may need remedial action, and ensure a solid technical base from which you can develop further. We will work with you to implement a fast (5-10 day), low risk trial to resolve business issues, showcase the products capability and to prove value.


Full-Cycle Solution

Will perform business analysis, technical design, development, test, production readiness and all post-implementation stages to build a complete solution. We can work hand-in-hand with your existing technical team or offer low-cost outsourced solutions as appropriate

Technology Aligned to Your Business Needs.

SoftEx has a history of delivering technology solutions that enable you to focus on what you do best - your core business. Key to this success is aligning the chosen technology to your business needs. This is achieved by a pragmatic view of the technology, the project constraints, user requirements, product or platform maturity and easy of support. With these factors in mind, SoftEx can help you chose and deliver the right technology choice for your business.

Microsoft or Open Source, That is the Question.

SoftEx believes the right technology choice is critical to the success of your business - thats why we always match the technology choice to your business needs. SoftEx designs, deploys and operates technology solutions from both the Microsoft suite and Open Source world.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Microsoft .Net Framework Microsoft Business Intelligence Microsoft Enterprise Project Management Microsoft Dynamics CRM Microsoft Office Communications Server Java, PHP JBoss MySQL

Application Development
Business User Experience delivered through a familiar interface
With its ISO9001 accreditation, combined with a track record of delivering on time and to budget, SoftEx is committed to managing projects via the highest quality standards in order to minimise risks and ensure delivery on time. The SoftEx Integrated Development Framework (shown and described below) is the proven approach typically taken to design and deploy application solutions and is derived largely from Rational Unified Process (RUP) principles. Aside from detailing key activities and deliverables over a number of key phases, it also details the relationships and dialogue points between the delivery disciplines that comprise SoftEx application development and integration:

SoftEx Provides:
Business Analysis - analyses the problem domain and business requirements and provides business and software solution specifications for you. User Experience - ensures that the solutions that SoftEx provides to you is user centred. Applies User Centred Design (UCD) techniques - user targeting, profiling, task modelling, user process design and user validation. Graphic Design - defines and develops all visual assets for solutions, including branding, look & feel, interface and animation components. Technology Development - analyses and defines technical requirements and provides specific technical inputs into specification. Responsible for development, deployment, testing and support of the technical solution. Project Management - responsible for overall management and delivery of activities, change control and associated project controls.

SoftEx tailors its standard framework to your project requirements to ensure fit-for-purpose and maximum value for time. Every service or solution designed and developed by SoftEx is done so with operate in mind, so no matter if it is designed for you to manage inhouse or for SoftEx to manage as a managed service you can be sure that the same high standard approach, procedure and quality control have been applied.