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1 Mobile: +962 777 419 665

E-mail: fadi_ju@yahoo.com

Fadi AL-abbadi
Personal data: Name: Fadi Nassir AL-abbadi
Date of birth: 30th of March 1982
Nationality: Jordanian
Religion: Islam

1999-2000 Graduated from Al-Russiefa secondary school and passed the

certificate of general secondary education exam (Tawjihi) with an
average of (93%), in the scientific stream.

2000.2005 B.Sc. degree in Industrial Engineering, University of Jordan.

2005-2008 Masters Degree in “Industrial Management”, University of Jordan.


 March 2008- Present

JorAMCo/ Jordan Aircraft Maintenance Limited

Job Title: Sales Control Manager / Special Projects Consultant

• Preparation of standard contracts and general trade agreements
• Preparation of calculations offers and quotations
• Monitoring of ongoing Projects, Layovers utilization
• Preparation of price statistics
• Sales Target monitoring and control
• Preparation of weekly/annually reports for sales projects and
follows up
• Acts as an internal consultant to assigned projects “Special
Projects”, in terms of specifying, managing and implementing
these projects
• Facilitating the development, and leading the implementation
of special projects inside the organization
• Evaluate business processes in order to continually improve
efficiency and effectiveness
• Provide coaching and consulting to team members

Last Update: 04/02/2009

2 Mobile: +962 777 419 665
E-mail: fadi_ju@yahoo.com

Fadi AL-abbadi
 Jul. 2006 – March 2008

Y-Consult/ Business-IT Consulting Company

Job Title: Business Consultant


• Provide Business Process Management

• Conduct business process modeling, business process
reengineering, presentations and training activities
• Provide quality management consultancy
• Provide business analysis
• Pay field visits to existing clients for the benefit of reviewing
potential increased requirements and further leveraging of
existing needs
• Participate in proposals writing

Official Projects:

• TAWASOL; Business Analyst; Quality Assurance team leader

• ADC (Aqaba Development Corporation); Business Process
Mapping, and Services Assessment
• Jeddah Municipality Business Process Re-engineering project;
off-site consultant
• KSA e-Government: Develop and translate awareness material,
including booklets and presentations, for the e-government
program for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Internal Projects:

• Develop Balanced Scorecard methodology

• Participate in developing HR procedures and manual
• Develop and update the Business Process Management
• Initiate the automation of Y-Consult’s leaves processes on the
portal by analyzing the business side and creating the e-model
• Conduct internal training for the employees -“Analysis tools”

 Jun. 2006 – Jul. 2006

Team Engineering and management consultants

Job Title: Management Consultant -Part Time

• Design and build quality management system (ISO9001 / 2000)


Last Update: 04/02/2009

3 Mobile: +962 777 419 665
E-mail: fadi_ju@yahoo.com

Fadi AL-abbadi
- Mobility innovations / KADDB; King Abdullah II for Design &
Development Bureau
- Irbid District Electricity Company
• Supervise on the implementation of quality management
system for:
- Al-Mass International Company

 Apr.2006 – Jun. 2006

Free lancing

• Process Re-engineering for chemical manufacturing company,

studying and analyzing the processes to come up with a full
package of activities and requirements in order to start
• Research and evaluation officer: Conduct research to determine
the international standards for the provided services within
(banking and telecommunication companies ) and the best
practice as well, design Mystery shopping surveys, participate
in mystery shopping visits and data collecting, analyze and
evaluate the collected data, and benchmark the results against
the best in market companies

 Feb.2005 - Apr.2006

Sayegh Group /National Paints Factories

Job Title: Quality Assurance Officer (Management Representative for

National Paints Factory, Canning Industries Company, and
Remalux factory)

• Play a key role in setting Group strategy
• Supervise setting objectives and plans by the Group factories
• Establish and maintain quality manuals, procedures, and related
• Ensure that processes needed for the quality management
system are established implemented and maintained
• Analyze work processes and identify areas of improvement and
set work plans for implementing these improvements
• Reporting to top management on the performance of the quality
management system and any need for improvement
• Audit work processes in accordance to ISO9001, 2000

 Establish and implement KAIZEN at (Sajedah Company for Islamic


Last Update: 04/02/2009

4 Mobile: +962 777 419 665
E-mail: fadi_ju@yahoo.com

Fadi AL-abbadi
 Participating in KAIZEN implementation project at (Japan Tobacco
international Jordan Ltd.).
 Training (2 months) at al (Ayoubi Furniture Steel Company).
 Mystery shopper for (quality Experts Company and Philadelphia consulting
 Questionnaires conductor.

Computer literacy:

 Microsoft applications: Windows series. Office: Word, Excel, Visio, Project,

PowerPoint, share point and FrontPage.
 Minitab
 Matlab
 Internet
 Programming languages: good notions about C++

Workshops and Courses:

 Strategic Planning, By Dr. Ibrahim Al-Rawabdeh

 Project Management, preparation course for PMP certificate. By Dr.
Ghaleb Abbasi
 Knowledge Management, By Dr. Samih Al shihabi
 Internal Quality Auditor Training Course, by SGS. August 2005
 Balanced Scorecard workshop in the (Univ. of Jordan) with Eng. Zakareya
 KAIZEN workshop with (outreach consultation unit at the Univ. of Jordan)
Eng. Kou
 Marketing and promotion sessions in the (King Abdullah II development fund)
with Mr. Basem al-khaldy
 Attended Injaz workshop (Successful Skills) with Eng. Talal Yaaish.
 Neuro linguistic programming workshop in the (King Abdullah II development
 Attending the 5th Jordanian quality conference
 Attending many seminars and sessions in the (Jordanian society for quality)


 Arabic (mother tongue)

 English-Excellent
 Spanish-good notions

Available upon request

Last Update: 04/02/2009