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slant bed cnc lathe frame

slant bed cnc lathe frame used for making cnc machine; We provide machine frame and structure for DIY purpose; lathe frame used for making cnc machine; We provide you frame and structure and buyer builds it well by himself. We have cnc lathe frame for CK6130X300, CK6140, CK6150, etc. Despite of cnc drill mill frame, we also provide cnc lathe frames which customers can build flat bed cnc lathes by themselves.

cnc lathe frame

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VMC 550L mini cnc vertical millinging machine frame

Quick Details Place of Origin: Type: Processing: Precision: Workpiece and Weight:

Shandong China (Mainland) Vertical Milling Machine High precision Instrument Machine Tool

Brand Name: CNC or Not: Usage: Processing Types:

GOOD CNC Thread processing Metal

Standard fittings:
VMC550L XYZ axles linear guideways Taiwan-made spindle Highly rigid resin sand casting Taiwan-made linear guideway Precise ball screw Taiwan tools cylinder Taiwan precise cap nut

Stainless steel dust-proof mask Automatic intermittent lubrication system Adjustable horn Japan NSK bearing

NO. ITEM Specification 1 Table size L(mm)W(mm) 800320 2 T slot QTY /width/interval distance(mm) 3-14-100 3 Maximum load(KG) 300 4 X travel (mm) 550 5 Y travel (mm) 340 6 Z travel (mm) 460 7 Spindle nose to table (mm) 100-470 8 Spindle center to column (mm) 380 9 Spindle taper BT40 10 Max. spindle speed (Rpm) 8000 11 Main motor (kW) 5.5 X torque(N.M) 5 Y torque(N.M) 6 12 Feed motor Ztorque(N.M) 6 Max. install size 5.5 13 Rapid moving speed (m/min.) 12/12/10 14 Cutting speed (mm/min) 1-5000 15 Ball screw (diametermm/pitch )mm 32/10 Positioning accuracy (mm) 0.016 Accuracy 17 Repeatability accuracy (mm) 0.008 18 Tool changer Funnel type (optional ) BT40 10 or 16 19 Air pressure Mpa 0.6 Frame 2000 20 Machine weight (kg) Complete machine 2500 1600x1860x2100 Machine overall size : Frame 21 L(mm)W(mm)H(mm) Complete machine 2200x1600x2300 Tengzhou City Good CNC Machine Co., Ltd. Company Name:
Operational Address: Website: Website on alibaba.com: Telephone: 86-632-5555900 Mobile Phone: 8615866238443 No. 455, Tengfei West Road, Tengzhou, Zaozhuang, Shandong, China (Mainland) http://www.good-mc.com, http://www.minim.cc http://minim.en.alibaba.com

ZX7050/I Bench drilling and milling machine

We can use it for as a multi drilling for crank cases and side covers

Quick Details
Place of Origin: CNC or Not: Drilling capacity: Spindle taper: Drive: Zhejiang China (Mainland) Normal Cast:50mm Steel:45mm MT4 Belt Brand Name: Condition: End milling capacity: Travel of spindle: Colour: Aishi New 32mm 150mm Blue and white

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail: Delivery Detail: Wooden Package ; Machine dimension : 825*1140*1635mm 45-60 Days

ZX7050/I cnc milling machine frame is featured in large torque,capable of fulfilling the tasks such as boring.

Bench Model: ZX7050/I Bench Drilling and Milling Machine Adopting gears as the main transmission approach, ZX7050/I Bench Drilling and Milling Machine is featured in large torque,capable of fulfilling the tasks such as drilling,hole slash, reaming and milling.The drilling capability of the machine is unique. The gears are lubricated with oil-immersion method,which ensures the smooth running and reduces the noise. The technology of advancing system in ZX7050/I Bench Drilling and Milling Machine is a patent of the enterprise. The extraordinary performance of the manual feeding mechanism shall effectively reduce the cost of the production for the users. The stroke mechanism is another patent of the enterprise,which combines the rig-adjusting and fineadjusting,resulting in convenient operation and esthetic appearance.

drilling and milling machine, cnc milling machine frame .

Model Max. Drilling capacity(cast) Max. Drilling capacity(steel) Max. tapping capacity Max. end milling capacity Max. face milling capacity Spindle taper Max. travel of Spindle Max. distance from spindle nose to worktable Max. distance from spindle axis to column Spindle speed range Spindle speed steps

ZX7032 / 31.5mm M12mm 22mm 80mm MT3 130mm 460mm 202.5mm 96-2107r/min 12step

ZX7050 Cast:50mm Steel:45mm / 32mm 100mm MT4 150mm 600mm 310mm 40-995r/min 6step 800240mm 575190mm 130mm 1.1kw 720560 1635mm 340kg *X,Y,Z power feed

ZX7050/I Cast:50mm Steel:45mm / 32mm 100mm MT4 150mm 580mm 290mm 60-1160r/min 6step 800240mm 575240mm / 1.5or2.2kw 720560 1635mm 400kg *X,Y,Z Power Feed

ZX7540 / 40mm / 28mm 80mm MT4 150mm 500mm 235mm 40-1545r/min 12step 730210mm 500210mm / 1.1 kW 11701100 1880mm 440kg Power feed

Dimension of worktable (LW) 730210mm Max. travel of worktable (XY) Diameter of column Main motor Machine dimension (LWH) Net weight Assembly options 500180mm / 1.5kW 10501010 1100mm 275kg Power feed

Packing size Model 1 Z4050 Packing size 7009801500 shelf and cover packing /

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

Z5032 Z5050 ZK5016 ZK5040 Z4040 ZK4040 Z4640 ZK4640 ZX7032 ZX7050 ZX7050/I ZX7540 ZXK7516 ZXK7540 ZXK7516A ZXK7540A ZXK7035 ZXK7035A

6509602000 70010501950 80012402150 102014102000 157014802000 76010701143 82010501500 90010801500 104011102040 137014802185 168013802250 139012702060 145013002200 include 890400820 / 1760930560 /

Company Contact Information

Company Name: Operational Address: Website: Website on alibaba.com: Zhejiang Aishi Machine Tool Co., Ltd. Shifo Industrial Zone, Fengqiao Town, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China (Mainland) http://www.cnaishi.com http://aishi.en.alibaba.com