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Xavier Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship

CLASS TEST Subject : HRM Date : 30.03.2012 Day : Friday Name : Section - A PGDM 1 (Batch 17) Term: III Duration : 15 minutes Max. Marks: 10 Roll No. :

1. Keith works as a construction foreman, and he is viewed as a reliable, competent employee. Keith was recently injured in a car accident while on vacation, and his injuries are so severe that he will not be able to return to work. Which of the following would most likely provide Keith with benefits? A) sick leave B) unemployment insurance C) workers' compensation insurance D) supplemental unemployment benefits E) group life insurance 2. SMART goals are best described as ________. A) specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely B) straightforward, meaningful, accessible, real, and tested C) strategic, moderate, achievable, relevant, and timely D) specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and tested E) supportive, meaningful, attainable, real, and timely 3. John, the supervisor of the manufacturing department at a computer firm, is in the process of evaluating his staff's performance. He has determined that 15% of the group will be identified as high performers, 20% as above average performers, 30% as average performers, 20% as below average performers, and 15% as poor performers. Which performance appraisal tool has John chosen to use? A) behaviorally anchored rating scale B) management by objectives C) forced distribution D) alternation ranking E) paired comparison 4. A fixed salary without commissions is most appropriate when a salesperson's primary duties involve ________. A) servicing small accounts B) finding new clients C) meeting sales quotas D) pushing hard-to-sell items E) fostering relationships with customers

5. The indirect financial and nonfinancial payments employees receive for

continuing their employment with a company are called ________. A) reimbursement B) compensation C) salary D) benefits E) remuneration 6. Jill works as a cashier at a grocery store. She earns $10 an hour (or $400 for a 40-hour week). Last week, she worked 46 hours. What is the minimum amount that Jill earned last week if overtime is paid at 1-1/2 times the normal rate? A) $430 B) $460 C) $490 D) $520 E) $550 7. Which of the following is NOT one of the forms of equity related to compensation issues? A) group B) internal C) external D) individual E) procedural 8. ________ focuses on helping an employee make long-term career plans, while ________ addresses an employee's short-term job skills. A) Mentoring, coaching B) Coaching, mentoring C) Recruiting, coaching D) Recruiting, mentoring E) Mentoring, recruiting 9. The best method for reducing the problems of leniency or strictness in performance appraisals is to ________. A) keep critical incident logs B) adhere to EEO guidelines C) require multiple appraisals D) impose a performance distribution E) reconsider the timing of the appraisal 10. Which of the following is most likely NOT a role played by the HR department in the performance appraisal process? A) conducting appraisals of employees B) monitoring the effectiveness of the appraisal system C) providing performance appraisal training to supervisors D) ensuring the appraisal system's compliance with EEO laws E) giving advice to supervisors about the proper appraisal tools to use