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G61 Series 5 Star High Efficiency Gas Ducted Heater

the luxury of

Outstanding Efficiency
With a 5.3 Star (94.1% AFUE) efficiency rating, your biggest saving will be on energy bills. Offering the ultimate in temperature control, it has two levels of heating to minimise energy swings within your home. Its really like two heaters in one the first stage is for mild days & the second stage acts as a larger heater for extremely cold days. Not only does the G61 Series save you money, it helps to preserve the environment by producing up to 50% less CO2-e pollution than a conventional electric heat pump system.

Exceptionally Versatile
The G61MP is built as one sturdy furnace that can fit roof spaces or cupboards in either horizontal, up-flow or down-flow applications (see footnote overleaf for model exception). For all round comfort, Lennox offer factory matched refrigerated air-conditioning, electronic air cleaning and humidification to provide you with a complete comfort system. G61E is suitable for installation outdoors & is ideal for adding Lennox refrigerated cooling components. Blower speed ramping is used to enhance dehumidification. Exclusive to the G61 Series.

Guaranteed Quality
The G61 Series is built tough with heavy-duty components encased in a robust cabinet. Constructed to the highest standards of design and engineering, the Duralock Heat Exchanger inside is made of patented AurmorTuf steel, providing extended life backed by a 10 year parts only warranty. G61 MPVT High Efficiency Gas Ducted Heater Variable speed motor maintains specified air volume from 0-200Pa static range.

Quiet Operation
So quiet you wont believe your ears. Unique sound absorbing insulation in the G61 Series outer casing reduces noise & provides peaceful operation. Its slow, continuous low speed fan operation provides quiet heating. Unique, high strength hot surface ignitor for safe, reliable operation.

Superior Capacity
Luxury homes these days are larger than ever & often require two heaters to cover the whole house. With 35.7 kW of power, the G61 is the largest residential heater available on the market, providing enough capacity to heat most large homes with one single efficient heater.

G61 Series High Efficiency Gas Ducted Heater

5 star choice
We have been at the forefront of innovation and design since manufacturing the first home heating furnace in the world more than 100 years ago. So you know when you choose Lennox, you get more than just a piece of equipment. You get a complete luxury system from a manufacturer that is committed to providing you the best in quality home comfort, with the benefit of optional extras. Optional Extras G61M (internal) Concealed in roof space or cupboard. G61E (external) Located outside home.

Model No.

Star Rating

Input (MJ)

Output (kW) High Low

Dimensions (mm) Height Depth Length

Maximum Size (kW) Add On Cooling

Air Flow (l/s) Low High

G61MPVT-36B-070 G61MPVT-60C-090 G61MPVT-60C-110 G61MPVT-60D-135 G61EVT-36B-070 G61EVT-60C-090 G61EVT-60C-110

5.3 5.3 5.3 5.3 5.3 5.3 5.3

69.6 92.8 116.1 139.3 69.6 92.8 116.1

17.9 23.7 29 35.7 17.9 23.7 21

12.6 16.9 21.1 25.5 12.6 16.9 21.1

446 533 533 622 1097 1097

724 724 724 724 543 543

1016 1016 1016 1016 1387 1397

7.0 - 12.2 12.2 - 17.6 12.2 - 17.6 12.2 - 17.6 12.2 - 17.6 12.2 - 17.6

360 505 510 535 360 505 510

660 1020 1045 1035 660 1020 1045

By-Pass Humidifier

Electronic Air Cleaner

Add-on Refrigerated Cooling

As air conditioning and heating specialists, Lennox products will always deliver the ultimate in efficiency. So now you can enjoy the luxury of our 100 years experience.

Add On Cooling Capacities listed are ARI Gross ratings (26.7/19.4 air on & 35C ambient) obtained from actual test results in Lennox Industries R&D laboratory. For Nett Capacity ratings calculated using MEPS HP Rate simulation software refer to Lennox Technical Bulletin - MEPS Ratings or www.energyrating.gov.au. Air flow in l/s @ 100 Pa -. static pressure. Optional LPG available. The G61MPVT-60D-135 cannot be installed in horizontal left or up-flow configurations.

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Due to the outstanding efficiency of the G61 Series & commitment to energy saving innovation, Lennox received recognition from the Environmental Protection Agency, by winning the Energy Star Partner of the Year. Lennox Gas Ducted Heaters come with a full 5 year (10 years on heat exchanger) parts and labour warranty on all domestic installations (limited only by the requirement for regular maintenance).

the luxury of

Email: lennox@heatcraft.com.au Web: www.lennoxaus.com.au

Due to Lennox ongoing commitment to quality specifications, ratings and dimensions are subject to change without notice and without incurring liability. Issue July 2005 CYCLEN013 0405 3M