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Climatic change VIII-11

Dear Carlos Garca Herrera, We are pleased to deliver your requested table of contents alert for Climatic Change. Good news: now you will find quick links to the full text of the article. Access the article with only one click! Volume 107 Number 3-4 is now available on SpringerLink Register for Springer's email services providing you with info on the latest books in your field. ... More! In this issue: Environmental policy under model uncertainty: a robust optimal control approach Michael Funke & Michael Paetz Abstract Full text PDF

Some thoughts on the role of robust control theory in climate-related decision support Robert Lempert & Shawn McKay Abstract Full text PDF

Long memory in temperature reconstructions William Rea, Marco Reale & Jennifer Brown Abstract Full text PDF

On long range dependence in global surface temperature series Michael E. Mann Abstract Full text PDF

Predicting the time of green up in temperate and boreal biomes Jrg D. Kaduk & Sietse O. Los Abstract Full text PDF

Photosynthetic performance of lichen transplants as early indicator of climatic stress along an altitudinal gradient in the arid Mediterranean area Stergios Arg. Pirintsos, Luca Paoli, Stefano Loppi & Kiriakos Kotzabasis Abstract Full text PDF

Predictability of the spring rainfall in Northwestern Iberian Peninsula from sea surfaces temperature of ENSO areas M. Nieves Lorenzo, J. J. Taboada, I. Iglesias & M. Gmez-Gesteira Abstract Full text PDF

Reconstruction of annual winter rainfall since A.D.1579 in central-eastern Spain based on calcite laminated sediment from Lake La Cruz

Lidia Romero-Viana, Ramon Juli, Martin Schimmel, Antonio Camacho, Eduardo Vicente & M. Rosa Miracle Abstract Full text PDF

Indigenous perception of changes in climate variability and its relationship with agriculture in a Zoque community of Chiapas, Mexico Maria Silvia Snchez-Corts & Elena Lazos Chavero Abstract Full text PDF

Probabilistic evaluation of climate change impacts on paddy rice productivity in Japan Toshichika Iizumi, Masayuki Yokozawa & Motoki Nishimori Abstract Full text PDF

Negishi welfare weights in integrated assessment models: the mathematics of global inequality Elizabeth A. Stanton Abstract Full text PDF

Ecological sensitivity: a biospheric view of climate change Jon C. Bergengren, Duane E. Waliser & Yuk L. Yung Abstract Full text PDF

Modeling soil respiration and variations in source components using a multifactor global climate change experiment Xiongwen Chen, Wilfred M. Post, Richard J. Norby & Aime T. Classen Abstract Full text PDF

Modeling soil thermal and hydrological dynamics and changes of growing season in Alaskan terrestrial ecosystems Jinyun Tang & Qianlai Zhuang Abstract Full text PDF

The reluctance of resource-users to adopt seasonal climate forecasts to enhance resilience to climate variability on the rangelands N. A. Marshall, I. J. Gordon & A. J. Ash Abstract Full text PDF

Predicting the effects of climate change on reproductive fitness of an endangered montane lizard, Eulamprus leuraensis (Scincidae) Sylvain Dubey & Richard Shine Abstract Full text PDF

Exploring the orientations which characterise the likely public acceptance of low emission energy technologies Simone Carr-Cornish, Peta Ashworth, John Gardner & Stephen J. Fraser Abstract Full text PDF

Economic instruments for mitigating carbon emissions: scaling up carbon finance in Chinas buildings sector Jun Li & Michel Colombier Abstract Full text PDF

Extensive glaciers in northwest North America during Medieval time Johannes Koch & John J. Clague Abstract Letter Observational and model evidence of global emergence of permanent, unprecedented heat in the 20th and 21st centuries Noah S. Diffenbaugh & Martin Scherer Abstract Letter Regional modeling of dry spells over the Iberian Peninsula for present climate and climate change conditions Enrique Snchez, Marta Domnguez, Raquel Romera, Noelia Lpez de la Franca, Miguel Angel Gaertner, Clemente Gallardo & Manuel Castro Abstract Letter Can developed economies combat dangerous anthropogenic climate change without near-term reductions from developing economies? Stephanie T. Waldhoff & Allen A. Fawcett Abstract Full text PDF Full text PDF Full text PDF Full text PDF

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